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EWB Smackdown! VS RAW League


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<center><img src="/junky/sdvsraw.jpg%22></center>">http://www.ewbattleground.com/junky/sdvsraw.jpg"></center>

To kick things off we're going to have ourselves a tournament to crown the first champion. Looking ideally for 8 competitors although we might be able to work any number somehow.

In this thread, post your details as following (you can add me using these details):

MSN Messenger Contact: adrenalinejunky99@hotmail.com

SDvsRAW Online Username: junkd

Wrestler Name: Referee Nick Vanilla (CAW's only)

Once we have 8. I'll arrange the match-ups and to make sure there's no cheating I'll be special referee for all the tournament matches. The winner will be crowned EWB Champ and will be responsible for creating the EWB Title belt. If and when we get there, we can make more events in the future.

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MSN Messenger Contact: alldawson@gmail.com

SDvsRAW Online Username: alldawson

Wrestler Name: Adam Striker

Are we supposed to choose one wrestler we'll use throughout the tourney? And if so does it have to be a CAW? And if so, I think we should have a maximum overall rating, we don't want 99 CAWs being used against 84ers or whatever.

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I'd prefer people use CAW's, and 99 rated CAW's are pretty easy to get so if everyone has one we're on a level playing field.

The character you're choosing now is the one you'll be using throughout the tournament and possibly future events.

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You don't have to have a 99 CAW to participate... sure the people with one will have an advantage but if you're confident enough to enter without one go for it. Even if, like Burning Star, you just copy a superstar and edit them, that's fair enough.

Anyway, more sign-ups...

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That's 6 sign-ups. Two more (looking at you, Tom and Keith... unless there's anyone else) and I guess we can get the ball rolling.

Those of you who have either put in real wrestlers or missed out the field altogether. Please put in the name of your CAW instead.

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What's wrong with using real guys?

It just makes our league more unique when everyone has their own character. Millions of people probably use John Cena online. Only in our league will you see Dread X take on Livewire refereed by Nick Vanilla. <_<

Two more sign-ups needed for now, please.

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