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The following contains spoilers regarding the Royal Rumble, as well as the previews for both the following RAW and Smackdown shows. For those of you that do not wish to view such things, please check back in at another time. For those of you that do, this diary uses the official previews for both RAW and SmackDown! in the week following the PPV but history will change from that point on.

WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS>> Sun. January 29. 2006

IPB Image

+ RAW's Gregory Helms def. Kid Kash, Nunzio, Funaki, Jamie Noble and Paul London to win the Cruiserweight Championship

+ Mickie James def. Ashley

+ The Boogeyman def. JBL

+ Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble Match, outlasting 29 other men

+ John Cena def. Edge to win the WWE Championship

+ Kurt Angle def. Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

The RAW Brand>> Champions

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image




Big Show*



Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters

Danny Basham



Gene Snitsky

Gregory Helms*

Hulk Hogan

Jerry Lawler

Joey Styles

John Cena

Johnny Parisi

Jonathan Coachman


Lance Cade

Lilian Garcia



Matt Striker

Mick Foley

Mickie James

Mr. McMahon

Rene Dupree

Ric Flair*

Rob Conway

Rob Van Dam



Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Stone Cold

The Rock

Todd Grisham

Torrie Wilson

Trevor Murdoch

Triple H

Trish Stratus*

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis



The SmackDown! Brand>> Champions

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image




Booker T*

Brian Kendrick

Chad Dick

Chris Benoit


Doug Basham




Hardcore Holly

James Dick

Jamie Noble



Joey Mercury*

Johnny Nitro*

Josh Mathews

Ken Kennedy

Kid Kash


Kurt Angle*


Mark Henry

Matt Hardy


Michael Cole


Orlando Jordan

Paul Burchill

Paul London


Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio

Road Warrior Animal

Scotty 2 Hotty


Simon Dean

Stacy Keibler

Steve Romero

Steven Richards

Super Crazy



Theodore Long



William Regal


The Champ is back

January 30, 2006

Hot on the heels of the Royal Rumble, “The Champ” is back as RAW rolls into Orlando, Florida, tonight.

Last night, John Cena defeated Edge at the Royal Rumble to once again become WWE Champion. After the match, Edge was irate when Todd Grisham asked him about becoming the “transitional champion” he said he wouldn’t be. Edge will have his chance to redeem himself tonight on RAW as he take on The Champ in a Royal Rumble rematch for the WWE Championship. Can Edge bounce back from a disappointing Royal Rumble?

The World Tag Team Champions, Big Show and Kane, teamed up momentarily during the Royal Rumble last night, but then focused their attentions on each other, allowing Triple H to eliminate them both. Tonight they will team up to defend the gold against Carlito and Chris Masters. Carlito got the best of Masters at New Year's Revolution in the Elimination Chamber and did the same last night at the Rumble. The two will have to patch things up if they want to become World Tag Team Champions.

Also last night, Triple H nearly went the distance, being the second-to-last man eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match after drawing No. 1. Will the Game have anything to say about his performance?

Plus, Gregory Helms shocked everyone by entering the Open Invitational Match at the Royal Rumble, outlasting five SmackDown Superstars to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. What’s next for the former superhero now that he has brought the gold to RAW?

Find out the answers to these questions and more tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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OOC: This is really the first time I'm using TEW 2005 to do a diary of any sorts, so I'm still kinda getting used to the game and the times and all that, things should flow more smoothly as I progress or atleast that is what I'm hoping for.

IPB Image




Shortly after the standard WWE opening of "The Power is back," we were greeted with a highlight package from last night's Pay Per View with Smackdown's Rey Mysterio overcoming the odds eliminating first RAW's Triple H, and then Randy Orton to win the 2006 Royal Rumble Match. John Cena holding up the WWE Title was enough to let the viewers at home who didn't purchase the event know that Cena was once again the man on RAW.

Royal Rumble Highlight Video - A Rating, (2 mins)


Once the RAW theme played "You Think You Know Me" boasted from the public address and a rather miserable looking Edge walked to the ring with Lita at his side. No pyro to kick off the show this week, but the former champ is in the ring and already the fans are under his skin reminding him that he tapped out at the Royal Rumble.

Edge: Alright, SHUT UP and LISTEN UP! Last night at the Royal Rumble I WAS SCREWED OUT OF MY WWE TITLE! I had Cena beat damn it! But ya' know what? Last night... last night was just a minor setback. I told everyone that I would not be a transitional champion, and I won't be!

*The former WWE Champion shakes his head as if he has a big master plan, and looks to Lita who shakes her head in agreement.*

Edge: 'Cause ya' see I've already envoked my rematch clause, right here tonight! But that's not good enough for me, oh no! I'm not going to wait around all night to get my title back, so Cena getch'er ass out here in this ring right now!

*Edge hands Lita the microphone and quickly rips off his jacket, he pulls at his hair a little and has a crazed look in his eyes, ready to fight. Sure enough John Cena's music hits and the new WWE Champion comes out to the ramp. Cena holds his title over his head getting a pop from the women and children in the audience.*

John Cena: Well looky what we got here! Beauty and the HO!

*Cena laughs to himself, having offended Lita once again. Edge however is calling Cena into the ring like a mad man.*

John Cena: Well Goldy locks, ya' promised everyone that you was gonna whoop my ass at the Royal Rumble, ya said you weren't gonna be a transitional champion. But here I stand with the WWE Title! And now ya gonna come out here and demand yo' rematch on the spot? Edge I knew you were opportunistic, but tonight yo' ass is just plain dumb. Let's do this damn thang!

*Cena rips off his Jersey and storms to the ring. He climbs up into the steps and into the ring, Cena and Edge are just about to collide when "Time to Play the Game" blares and Triple H, despite being heel recieves a face like pop*

Edge challenges Cena - B Rating, (7 mins.)


Triple H comes through the curtain dressed in one of his trademark suit and ties and stops at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Triple H: Woah, woah boys hold it right there.

*Edge and Cena both look at Triple H with somewhat confused looks on their faces, but neither takes their eyes off of the other for too long.*

Triple H: Now don't get me wrong, I don't give a damn what the hell you two do to each other tonight. Hell, I don't give a damn which one of you walks out of here the WWE Champion but whoever it is, whether it be you Cena or you Edge. You'd better stop worrying about the other, because you've have a bigger fish to fry. Last night Rey Mysterio whether it was divine intervention or just dumb luck got one over on me, last night Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble and took my spot in the WrestleMania Main Event. But don't you worry, come hell or high water I am going to get my shot back, because I will headline WrestleMania, it's a damn fact. At WrestleMania the King returns to his throne. It won't be you Edge, it won't be you Cena. I will be walking out with the WWE Title, because I'm THAT DAMN GOOD!

*The Game turns and leaves, Cena and Edge continue to stare each other down as RAW goes to commercial.*

Triple H adresses Cena and Edge - A Rating, (3 mins)


When RAW returns Rob Conway is already in the ring, having handed his shades to referee Mickey Jay. The crowd was rather silent for Conway but that all changes as "One of a Kind" plays over the speakers and Rob Van Dam emerges from the back fresh off of his return at the Royal Rumble. RVD claps hands with a bunch of the fans enroute to the ring where he leaps over the ropes and points to himself with the crowd chanting "R-V-D" in unison. The Conman however takes this as an opportunistic time to make his attack, clipping RVD's knee from behind with a chop block.

Conway displays just how far he has come in the past few months using an array of holds to weaken RVD's leg and knee in the early on. Jerry Lawler even mentions this as a "veteran strategy." While RVD uses the corner ropes to pull himself back to his feet Conway gets a little too cocky and taunts the crowd. When he finally turns his attention back to RVD he is met by a hard right hand, marking Van Dam's comeback. A spinning heel kick leads to the Rolling Thunder and a two count for Van Dam. RVD misses with the Split Legged Moonsault, and Conway quickly hits the Ego Trip. He covers and Van Dam gets his foot on the ropes, but Conway celebrates thinking he's won the match. The referee explains the situation, pissing off The Conman who walks right into an Enziguri from RVD. The Five Star Frog Splash seals the deal for RVD in his first singles match back from the injured list.

Rob Van Dam p. Rob Conway - B Rating, (7:42)


From RVD celebrating in the ring we go backstage where "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters is shown flexing his muscles and oiling up in his locker room. Carlito walks in with a warey look on his face, and Masters looks annoyed.

Chris Masters: tss.. What in the hell are you doing in here Carlito?

*Masters looks like he wants to kill Carlito who holds his hands up in defense.*

Carlito: Ah, come on mon' your not still mad about las' night, are you?

Chris Masters: Last Night?

Carlito: Ok, ok and New Year's Revolution.

*The Masterpiece grabs Carlito by his shirt and shoves him up against the locker room wall.*

Chris Masters: Last night you cost me a shot at the WWE Title! You cost me the Main Event at WrestleMania! You're damn right I'm mad!

Carlito: Ok mon, ok! Carlito sorry, a'right?

*Masters lets go of Carlito and just shakes his head*

Carlito: Don't you realize dat we gotta Tag Team Titles match later on tonight?

Chris Masters: A Tag Team Title Match!? How the heck are we supposed to be a tag team, I can't even trust you!

Carlito: Hey mon, Carlito say he sorry.

Chris Masters: You're sorry.. yeah right! Just get out of here Carlito.

Carlito: Fine, if that's how you want to be, Carlito can be like that. But Chris, dat's not cool!

*Carlito leaves the locker room and Masters shakes his head disappointed as RAW goes to commercial once again.*

Masters tells Carlito he doesn't trust him - C+ Rating, (4 mins.)


When RAW came back Shelton Benjamin was shown sitting on a bench in the locker room area, and standing over him was his momma, Mrs. Benjamin.

Mrs. Benjamin: Shelton, sonny youready for yo' matchup tonight boy?

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah I'm ready momma.

Mrs. Benjamin: You'd better be ready boy, I didn't raise no son that loses to no "dummy!"

*Shelton's eyes widen*

Shelton Benjamin: Momma!

Mrs. Benjamin: Don't you raise yo' voice ta' me boy, ya heard what I said.

Shelton Benjamin: Momma, just don't worry about it alright, I can handle this.

*Shelton turned and left with his momma giving him a stern eye.*

Shelton's Momma pumps him up - A Rating, (3 mins)


From there we go to the arena where Eugene is making his way to the ring and his treatment is just BRUTAL, even some of the kids are showering the guy with boos as he bites at his thumb and looks up toward the entrance. Shelton is out next, with his momma right by his side.

The match itself is just brutal, its as if the WWE was hell bent on burying Eugene tonight as Shelton just dominated him with everything he had, not allowing Eugene to get much offense in at all. Eugene didn't even have time to do his best Hulk Hogan and mount a comeback as Benjamin delivered the T-Bone Suplex for the three count. Mrs. Benjamin celebrates with her son in the ring while the crowd calls Shelton a Momma's Boy.

Shelton Benjamin p. Eugene - B Rating, (7:48)


RAW returns from commercial with a video package showing Mickie James' victory over Ashley at the Royal Rumble with a Powerbomb out of the turnbuckles. From there Mickie James is shown backstage with Trish. Mickie seems to think that because Trish counted the three last night that she proved she really did love Mickie too, before Trish could say anything Mickie gave her a big hug and ran off.

Mickie thinks Trish loves here - C+ Rating, (3 mins)


Before things went back to the arena some more clips from the Royal Rumble showed that Big Show and Kane went after one another in the match, leading to their easy elimination by Triple H. So basically they cost each other the match. Things switched over to the arena where Carlito's music was finishing up and The Masterpiece's began. He made his grand entrance, but paid no attention to his partner once he got in the ring. The World Tag Team Champions Kane and The Big Show were out next, and they looked to be on about the same page as Carlito and Masters!

Tag partners that didn't actually want to be tag team partners was the theme of this bout as Masters continually ignored Carlito and Kane and Show wouldn't stop bossing one another around. King and Coach found it hilarious but Joey Styles pointed out point blank, "one of these teams are leaving Tag Team Champions?" Show dominates Carlito much to the liking of Masters, who doesn't accept a tag from Carlito each time he reaches out. But Masters is forced into the match when Carlito runs into him and knocks him off of the apron. Masters and Carlito are both in the ring until Show dumps Carlito on the outside, Kane hits the ring and goes to boot Masters but gets Show instead, just like the Royal Rumble Match! Masters chop blocks Kane's knee and the big man rolls out of the ring. A groggy Show stumbles to his feet and the Masterpiece goes for the Masterlock, but Show shrugs him off. He can't stop the chop block though and with Show down to a knee, the Masterpiece applies his deadly hold. Carlito holds Kane from getting into the ring and The Masterlock forces Show unconscious making Carlito and Masters the new World Tag Team Champions!

Masters and Carlito def. Kane and Show for the World Tag Team Titles. - B+ Rating, (12:10)


After a brief commercial break the show returned to see Chris Masters walking in the back (towards the camera) with the World Tag Team title in his hand, and a huge grin on his face. Masters seemed to be ignoring Carlito who was jogging behind to catch up.

Carlito: Chris, we did it mon! we did it! Ha! Ha!

*Masters simply waved his hand and continued to ignore Carlito when all of a sudden Rob Van Dam came out of nowhere and caught Carlito with a standing sidekick right to the face! Carlito is down and out, as Masters jaw drops and RVD turns his attention to the Masterpiece, expecting the big man to come after him. Masters simply claps and laughs.*

Chris Masters: Woah, now THAT... That was cool!

*Masters applauds RVD, who gets into Carlito's face as he is down and out.*

RVD: Hey Carlito, the next time ya' wanna even think about using me as a stepping stone ya' better remember this, I'm Rob - Van - Dam!

RVD attacks Carlito B+ Rating, (3 mins)


From the back we go straight to even more footage from the Royal Rumble, this time the still frames show us that a little distraction from Vince McMahon outside of the ring led to a surprise appearance by Shane McMahon who entered the ring and eliminated HBK.

"Sexy Boy" plays as RAW heads back to the arena where a casually dressed Shawn Michaels comes out minus his usual spunk. Nope its an all business HBK tonight as he steps through the ropes and asks for a microphone.

Shawn Michaels: You know I like to think of myself as a man of god, and a good christian but'cha know there's only so much a man can take before he gets tired of turning the other cheek. Oh I know ol' Vinnie Mac thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants around here with his "No Tolerance" policy and all but as I said, there's only so much a man can take before he breaks, and I'll tell ya what, HBK is ready ta' break!

*Michaels rips off his jacket and tosses it to the outside. He rolls up the sleeves on his blue button up shirt before grabbing the microphone back off of the mat.*

Shawn Michaels: Now Vinnie Mac Ol' HBK knows that if he was to go back there and give ya what you deserve, ya'd just fire me in an instant. So I thought about walking out, but you'd just sue me for breach of contract 'cause you're such a great businessman and all. So then it occured to me, if there's one thing ol' Vinnie Mac doesn't back down on it's a challenge. Well Vince McMahon, at 60 years old do ya' still got the grapefruits to come and join the Heartbreak Kid in this ring one on one, cause I'm callin' you out!

*The crowd pops big time as HBK tosses the microphone. "No Chance" plays and sure enough the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon comes out but he's not alone as Shane McMahon is close behind. Vince doesn't go to the ring however, he stops at the top of the ramp.*

Vince McMahon: So you're calling me out huh? You sun of son of a bitch, you're calling me out to that ring to face you one on one. Is that what you want? Is that what you people want to see, huh? You wanna see me come down to that ring and fight Shawn Michaels?

*The crowd roar in approval, and McMahon shakes his head as if he sees their point.*

Vince McMahon: Well... there's NO CHANCE IN HELL that's happening tonight!

*Quickly the crowd turns and boos the WWE boss, while Michaels looks disappointed.*

Vince McMahon: You see I make the rules around here Shawn Michaels, that's something that you can't seem to get through your head now is it? You see Shawn, I am the boss and I will do as I please. That's why last night I had Shane eliminate you from the Royal Rumble. Anything I want Shawn, I get and I will not stop until you give me what I want, and that's the HBK of old. But to tell you the truth Shawn, I'm sick of seein' ya. Yep I'm sick of seeing you in that ring here tonight, because you've been in it far too long. About Three Minutes too long!

Vince doesn't accept HBK's challenge - A Rating, (10 mins)


Just as soon as Vince said those words, three men hopped over the barricade and through the crowd. Rosey and Jamal, Three Minute Warning hit the ring and maul HBK while Eric Bischoff, who we all thought had been fired shouts orders outside of the ring. HBK tries to defend himself but the giant Samoans are just too much as Rosey hammers Michaels with a Samoan Drop and Jamal flies off of the top rope with a Big Splash that connects with all Four Hundred plus pounds. Bischoff joins the two in the ring as Shane and Vince go behind the curtain with huge grins on their faces. Eric Bischoff and Three Minute Warning are back on RAW!

Three Minute Warning and Eric Bischoff destroy HBK - B+ Rating, (4 mins)


From there RAW heads to the backstage area where the beautiful Maria is standing by with Gregory Helms who has on a pair of shades. The Cruiserweight Title which he won under controversial circumstances rests on his shoulders.

Maria: Hi everyone, I'm here with Gregory Helms. Gregory last night at the Royal Rumble you won the Cruiserweight Title, well what do you think about that?

Gregory Helms: What do I think about that? I'll tell you what I think Maria. I think you're an idiot, and that the best thing you can do is walk yo' behind the hell on outta here!

*Maria looks sad, but walks out of view. Helms takes his glasses off and looks into the camera.*

Gregory Helms: Monday Night RAW! The flagship of the WWE, huh? Well what has RAW ever done for me? Put me in matches against half assed announcers? I paraded around this place like a damned jackass, I did whatever was asked of me and where did that get me? Did it get me to singles gold, hell no! It made me famous, but for all the wrong reasons! Well Monday Night RAW, you all can kiss my ass 'cause Gregory Helms is his own man and he's taking this Cruiserweight Title back to Smackdown!

*The announcers hype this up as a major deal, but Helms isn't done*

Gregory Helms: Oh, but the Cruiserweight Title ain't going to be the only title I'm takin' with me. Ric Flair, Nature Boy you best get ready to say goodbye to the Intercontinental Title 'cause Gregory Helms is ready to take it! How's that hit ya?

*Helms walks off as RAW beforethe show fades to break.*

Helms announces his departure - B+ Rating, ( 5 mins)


Back from commercial the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms is already in the ring and hands the title to the referee, the crowd pops big for Ric Flair who comes out in one of his black and blue trademark robes. The match itself is very good giving one the belief that a good push for Helms may actually be on the agenda. Flair puts Gregory Helms over big time throughout the match, and the Carolina native scores several near falls. An Intercontinental Title victory was not on Helms' agenda however as he eventually submitted to the Figure Four from Flair.

Flair's victory celebration is cut short however, as Shelton Benjamin makes his second appearance of the night with his momma by his side. He grabs the Intercontinental Title from the time keeper and enters the ring. At first it looks like Shelton just wants to congratulate Flair on his victory but instead he whallops Flair with the Title belt! Mrs. Benjamin seems to enjoy this as she shouts "You get him boy!" and Shelton bloodies Flair and stands over him letting it be known that he wants the Intercontinental Title back!

Ric Flair p. Gregory Helms to retain the Intercontinental Title (10:51) (B+ Rating)

Shelton Benjamin att. Ric Flair (3 mins) (A* Rating)


In one last effort to hype the Main Event of the evening even more John Cena is shown getting ready and the back, Edge and Lita are already on their way towards the Gorilla Position as RAW goes to break.

Edge and Cena get ready - A Rating, (3 mins)


Edge had a score to settle as he looked to prove that he can in fact beat John Cena in a standard one on one matchup. The match had been heavily anticipated the entire night, and was without a doubt better than their encounter the night before at the Royal Rumble. Lita played her role perfectly, getting involved when needed to build the emotion of the match to a high. Both men score several near falls in the matchup but neither will give up. Cena looks to have the match won with the STFU, but Edge says just that and refuses to give up, eventually making it to the ropes. Cena dominates and after a spine buster, he hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He pumps up the sneaks an looks for the FU but Lita hops onto the apron grabbing Cena's attention. Just like the night before, Edge is up and looks for the Spear which connects this time. Lita grabs hold of Cena's free leg under the ropes and latches on enabling Edge to score the pinfall and win back the WWE Championship! A shocked Edge celebrates with Lita while Joey Styles stresses that Cena's leg was under the ropes. RAW comes to an end.

Edge p. John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Title (17:37) (B Rating)



Rob Van Dam p. Rob Conway

Shelton Benjamin p. Eugene

Chris Masters and Carlito def. Kane and Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles.

Ric Flair p. Gregory Helms to retain the Intercontinental Title

Edge p. John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Title


Live show B- Rating, RAW drew 211,996 viewers on Sky Sports, 2,009,036 on the USA Network, and 830,316 on TSN.





Taker In Waiting

Friday, Week One, Feb. 2006

Many questions are left unanswered as the SmackDown Superstars get set to invade Orlando, Florida, this Friday night.

At the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio went the distance, starting at No. 2 and outlasting 29 other men to win the Royal Rumble Match. With the win, Mysterio earned a championship match in the main event at WrestleMania 22. However, Rey has a choice to make; go for the World Heavyweight Championship on April 2, or cross over to RAW and go after the WWE Championship. Will Mysterio give any indication on his preference?

Also, after Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, Undertaker made his return. The Deadman made it clear that he is coming after Angle, causing the ring to collapse as the champion stood in bewilderment. Will Angle have anything to say about the supernatural occurrence?

Find out all this and more Friday night at 8/7 CT on UPN.

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This is excellent thus far, really strong start. You've got a nice, clean format, and your promos are great too. I'm really liking the results so far, too. Masters & Carlito winning the tag titles was great, it should give them something to do for a while. Benjamin turning on Flair is cool too, and Edge beating Cena for the Title is beyond awesome. This should be awesome if you stick with it for a while.

Great start! (Y)

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Guest FlyboyGJ

Overall I thought this was a good show. I liked 3MW coming back, even though they suck in the ring they are still fun for those sneak attacks. Benjamin attacking Flair was cool and I hope he wins the I-C title. I'm VERY happy that Edge won, that was a good move, I just hope the "foot under the rope" thing is to lead to a re-match, and not Cena getting the belt back next week.

I thought Carlito and Masters winning the titles sucked though, just because on WWE Kane and Big Show have been built up as unstoppable monsters and losing the titles in an unhyped match like that to a Carlito and Masters who probably won't be a team very long anyway kind of sucks. Plus its probably leading to a Kane-Big Show feud which I don't think anyone has been clamoring for.

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  • 1 month later...

Well I had to buy a new computer since my other machine blew up along with TEW and my eliscense, but be rest assured as I've gotten everything back and we're ready to roll again, betcha thought it was dead, huh?

IPB Image




Smackdown! opened up with a video package from Sunday's Royal Rumble that first highlighted Rey Mysterio's amazing Royal Rumble performance, last eliminating Randy Orton to claim a spot in the WrestleMania 22 Main Event before it showed Kurt Angle rolling up the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. The video package turned black and white as footage of the Undertaker's mysterious return played, and a bolt of lighting collapsed the ring. The package ended with the World Heavyweight Champion holding his belt tightly and looking as if he'd seen a ghost.

Royal Rumble Highlight Video - (2 mins) (A rating)


The package finished up and things went into the arena where the pyro exploded on stage. Tazz and Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show but before they could even begin to run down the night's line up, Randy Orton's music played bringing the 'Legend Killer' himself, and the final man to be eliminated from the Royal Rumble out to the ring. Orton was dressed ready for action in his tights and New World Order like RKO t-shirt.

Randy Orton: (yelling) Alright shut the hell up and listen, 'cause there's a lot I have to say!

*Orton wrinkled his face into an awkward frown, and looked around the arena.*

Randy Orton: Last Sunday night, the Royal Rumble - It was supposed to be my night! The night I reclaimed a shot at my destiny, a trip to WrestleMania 22 and a shot at the World Title. It was all laid out in front of me. I could see it, - hell I could taste it! But then something happened, something went terribly wrong.

*Orton bit his lip and looked up toward the ceiling as the camera showed some kids in the audience wearing Rey Mysterio masks. Orton's frown returned to his face*

Randy Orton: (with a deep sound of hatred) Rey Mysterio!

*He looked intently into the camera directly in front of him.*

Randy Orton: Some how, some way that little *bleep* found a way to toss me out of the ring and deny me my shot at WrestleMania! Rey Mysterio cost me my destiny! Rey Mysterio! He's not even in the same league as the 'Legend Killer!' You name 'em, I've beaten them! Harley Race, the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, oh yeah I've beaten them all. They're ain't a legend that I haven't killed and I'll be damned I got denied my shot at WrestleMania by Rey Mysterio!

What a Ruuuuuuuuuuuuush!

*The familiar sound of the Road Warriors' music played prompting the fans to cheer, Orton wasn't so joyful however and looked more upset than he had already been. Road Warrior Animal stepped out to the top of the ramp in complete LOD gear, and microphone in hand.*

Road Warrior Animal: You know Orton -

Randy Orton: Woah, hold up! Who in the hell do you think you are coming out here and interrupting me!?

*Animal smiled and brought the microphone back to his face.*

Road Warrior Animal: Well as I was gonna say Randy, I was in the back there and couldn't help but overhear you out here telling everyone that you've beaten every legend there is to beat.

*The crowd began to cheer catching onto where Animal was going*

Road Warrior Animal: Well I don't know about myself, but there's quite a few people out there that would consider me a legend. And Randy, the last time I checked you ain't ever beaten me!

*Orton shook his head, and then cracked a smile for the first time since he'd came out to the ring.*

Randy Orton: So that's what this is about, huh? That's why you interrupted me? Do you realize who I am old man? Hell, forget about it. It'd be my pleasure to add another name to the list.

*Orton tossed the microphone out of the ring as well as his t-shirt. Animal soon followed into the ring, and Smackdown! Referee Charles Robinson wasn-t too far behind.*

Animal challenges Orton - (5 mins) (A rating)


Despite his initial showing of power, Animal probably wished he'd stayed in the back as it was all Orton from then on out, and the Legend Killer added another name to his list dropping Animal in about Five Minutes with the RKO. Orton wasn't done there however, and to prove his point further he dragged Animal into the corner, and stole a page out of Bret Hart's book, applying the Figure Four off the post until security broke things up!

Randy Orton p. Road Warrior Animal - (5:23) (B rating)


As the medical staff attended to Animal in the ring, the show went backstage where World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was shown entering the building. Angle walked down the hall until Josh Mathews caught up to him in a hurry.

Josh Mathews: Kurt Angle! Kurt, where have you been? General Manager Long has been looking all over for you!

*Angle turned to Mathews and looked surprised, if not defensive.*

Kurt Angle: I got delayed in traffic, did he say what he wanted?

Josh Mathews: He was saying something about your opponent at No Way Out, apparently he wanted to tell you before he made the announcement to the fans here tonight.

Kurt Angle: Well where is he?

Josh Mathews: He was already on his way to the ring the last time I saw him.

*Angle walked off in search of General Manager Theodore Long as Smackdown! Went to the first commercial break of the night.*

Angle arrives at the building - (2 mins) (A rating)


When Smackdown! graced the television screens once again, it became apparent that Kurt Angle hadn't caught up with the General Manager because Theodore Long's music was finishing up and the GM stood in the ring with a microphone.

Theodore Long: What up, Orlando! Let me give you playas a little holla, holla!

*Long slightly paced and fixed his white jacket.*

Theodore Long: Now ya'll know that when I'm out here in this ring I got some major happenin's to announce, you know I'm sayin'? Well tonight it ain't no different. First of all The 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Rey Mysterio (big pops) has already informed me that he plans to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 22! But that's not all, after his match tonight with JBL right here in Orlando Florida, Rey Mysterio has asked for some talk time to address all of you fans. Well, I've granted him that time, ya' feel me?

*The crowd seemed happy with Long's announcement, but the General Manager wasn't done. Very briefly Kurt Angle was shown watching on a monitor backstage and hearing what was going on in the ring.*

Theodore Long: But that ain't all I'm out here fo' tonight, oh no! Last Sunday at the Royal Rumble we all saw somethin' remarkable, somethin' that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wudn't'a' believed. I'm talking about the phenomenal return of the Unda'taker!

*The fans cheered, and Long seemingly agreed with them.*

Theodore Long: If it's one thing that became clear ta' me afta' witnessin' that, it's that the Unda'taker has his eyes dead set on the World Heavyweight Championship!

*Kurt Angle was shown shaking his head, but looked focused.*

Theodore Long: Well I know I wanna see it how 'bout all you people. You people wanna see The Undertaker challenge Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title? (a tremendous pop) That's exactly what I thought'cha'd say, playas! So at No Way Out it is going to be the Unda'taker challenging Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship!


Long looked surprised as Mark Henry's video played over the Titan Tron, and the 'World's Strongest Man' walked towards the ring with Daivari by his side.

Long makes big announcements - (8 mins) (A rating)


*Daivari got into the ring before Henry and immediately got into the GM's face.*

Daivari: *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* *Arabic* !!!!

*Daivari backed off and Long brushed his jacket off with Daivari's spit flying all over.

Daivari: You're telling me that you’re giving the Undertaker a shot at the title before you give my client another? Mark Henry has Kurt Angle's number! Mark Henry is the World's Strongest Man! (Henry nods) Did you not see the match at the Royal Rumble!? He had Angle beat, it just wasn't his night! And now all of a sudden the Undertaker shows back up and he hops the line in front of Mark Henry!?

Mark Henry: That ain't right!

*Long nodded his head and then held his hand up.*

Theodore Long: Now hold up playa, I saw the match between Mark Henry and Kurt Angle, and ya' got a point. Kurt Angle had to pull out all the stops ta' beat the World's Strongest Man, you're right. So if Mark Henry wants another shot at the World Heavyweight Title he can have one -

*Daivari and Henry look pleased, and Daivari reached out to shake Long's hand.*

Theodore Long: If he can beat the Unda'taker here on Friday Night Smackdown! next week! (Daivari and Henry's eyes widened) That's right! It's gonna be the 'World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry goin' one on one with the Unda'taker in a numba' one contenda's match! The winner will face The World Heavyweight Champion at No Way Out!

*Daivari and Henry exchanged unheard words in the ring.*

Theodore Long: But that ain't all playa's I got one more announcement tonight, and that is tonight's Friday Night Smackdown! Main Event. Tonight in this very ring, right here in Orlando Florida it is going to be Mark Henry teaming up with the United States Champion Booker T to take on Chris Benoit and the World's Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, now balee' dat!

*Long had made all the announcements he'd wanted to make and tossed the microphone as Smackdown! played the RAW Rebound highlighting Gregory Helms telling everyone he was going to Smackdown and Edge defeating John Cena under controversial circumstances to win back the WWE Championship.*

Henry demands a rematch - (6 mins) (B- Rating)


Funaki stood in the ring when the video clip ended awaiting the arrival of his opponent. As it turned out his opponent was none other than the Cruiserweight Champion himself, Gregory Helms. The new attitude of Helms was well on display here as he was nothing short of brutal with the Tokyo native. Kid Kash came out to ringside and watched the match over. His presence briefly distracted Helms and lead to Funaki landing his patented running bulldog out of nowhere. He nearly stole the win, but Helms kicked out at two. Funaki's burst of energy only further angered Helms who finished Funaki off with a devastating Shining Wizard. Kash disappeared to the back as Helms received his Championship, and grabbed the microphone from Tony Chimel as well.

Gregory Helms p. Funaki to retain the Cruiserweight Championship - (7:35) (B rating)


*Gregory spat on Funaki as he rolled out of the ring, and even gave him some extra momentum out with a kick to the back*

Gregory Helms: How do you people like me now, huh?

*He held up the Cruiserweight Title and received boos from the crowd*

Gregory Helms: That's good, 'cause I don't give a damn about you people either. So this is Smackdown!, home of the Cruiserweights? Well if that's the best you've got it looks like I'm gonna have an easy stay, 'cause that's how I get it done!

*Helms taunted the crowd some more until Smackdown! went into another commercial break.

Helms rips on the people - (2 mins) (B rating)


When Smackdown came back on the air Rey Mysterio made his first appearance of the night, fresh off of his amazing victory at the Royal Rumble. The crowd gave Rey quite an ovation, but it soon died off when JBL made his way to the ring with Jillian at his side. The match wasn't actually quite bad considering that a while when these two met JBL just basically squashed Rey like a bug. It wasn't the case tonight however as JBL played the powerful big man role well, and Rey tuned in with the right counters at the right times. The Boogeyman showed up through the crowd and stood directly behind Jillian with a mouthful of worms while she tried to distract the referee long enough for JBL to use a chair on Rey, it didn't work though as Jillian backed directly into the Boogeyman. He scared the living hell out of Jillian, who clawed up to the apron and distracted JBL, chair in hand. Rey executed a drop to hold that bounced the chair off of the ropes and into JBL's skull! Bradshaw flailed about until he came to rest chest first against the ropes and Rey rang in with the 619 and West Coast Pop for the win.

Rey Mysterio p. JBL - (9:48 mins) (A rating)


The Boogeyman had disappeared while JBL and Jillian looked to make their exit. Rey celebrated in the turnbuckles, and shortly thereafter was handed a microphone for the time he had requested earlier in the evening.

Rey Mysterio: We did it Eddie, we did it! I knew you were looking over me amigo, and because of you my brother I will challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 22! I want to thank you Eddie, and I want to thank all of you fans for believing in me. At WrestleMania I promise you fans, and I promise you Eddie Guerrero that I will not let you down. I love you Eddie, thank you my brother! Thank you!

*Rey kissed his hand and pointed to the sky in tribute to Eddie, then looked to make his exit but the music that played over the speakers wasn't his own.*

Time to Play the Game!

*The arena lights flashed while Triple H's music continued to play, then the 'Cerebral Assassin' appeared dressed in workout pants and a t-shirt, but he didn't come alone he had his trusty sledge hammer in hand! Rey held his ground in the ring, as 'the Game' circled Mysterio like a shark in water, banging the sledgehammer on both sets of ring steps. Cole and Tazz asked the same question, why was Triple H there on Smackdown? When it came time Helmsley made his move and hopped onto the apron, Rey however knew he was in a kill or be killed situation and planted a dropkick to Triple H's face that knocked him off the apron and to the floor. Helmsley scrambled to his feet and Rey flew over the top rope with a press - but got caught! Triple H tossed Rey up and dropped him chest first against the barricade. Mysterio thrashed around, and Hunter returned his attention to the sledge hammer that had been dropped. He picked the weapon up and stalked Mysterio who returned to his feet only to receive a sickening shot to the head! The crowd was in awe as Hunter forced Tazz and Cole out of their seats and stripped the announce table. He rolled Rey onto the table and followed him up. Helmsley had a sickening smile on his face as he stood before Rey and watched him try and use Triple H as a brace to pull himself back up. Hunter tucked Mysterio's head between his legs and drove him through the table with a Pedigree! Mysterio lied lifeless, but Helmsley clawed his way through the debris and back to his feet before snatching a microphone.*

Triple H: Congratulation's Rey, you won the Royal Rumble. But you won't be going to WrestleMania, oh no I'm going to make damn certain of that. You call it divine intervention, Eddie Guerrero reached down from heaven and helped you pull that win out of your *bleep* huh? Well Rey I think that's a load of crap! You got lucky, that's all there is to it! But you know what? I told everyone that one way or another I was going to WrestleMania to challenge for the title, and I think I've found the way - you! Welcome to hell Mysterio!

*The EMT's rushed out to help Mysterio while Triple H looked satisfied, and Smackdown went to the back.*

HHH attacks Mysterio - (5 mins) (A* rating)


The cameras went to GM Theodore Long's office where Sharmell and Booker T looked to be getting upset. Booker was on crutches, and flailed a paper about in his hand.

Booker T: Look man, I'm tellin' ya' it says right here I ain't fit ta' compete ta'nite! There ain't no way I'm rasslin'.

Theodore Long: Look playa, I can see that you’re hurt and all that but the match has already been made. Either you go out and find a replacement fo' yo' match ta'nite, or you had betta' be in that ring.

Booker T: Yo 'dis is bull man! If I wasn't hurt I'd whoop yo' -

Sharmell: Come on baby lets go find someone to take your place. (walking off) This is ridiculous, who he think he is puttin' you in a match when he know your hurtin'?

*Sharmell and Booker walked off as the show went to commercial*

Booker can't compete - (3 mins) (B rating)


When the show came back on Tazz and Cole introduced everyone to footage that was shot 'earlier in the evening.'

*Paul London and Brian Kendrick were shown backstage with Kristal, London and Kendrick had matching hideous black and silver shorts on, and white theatre type masks resting on the top of their heads.*

Kristal: Paul London and Brian Kendrick later on tonight on Smackdown, you will be -

*Kristal stopped as Chad and James Dick walked into view with their male stripper like red chaps on, and industrial sized bottles of baby oil in their hands.*

Chad Dick: Let me guess, you're gonna ask 'em how they think they're going to do in their match with us later on, right?

Kristal: Well, no -

James Dick: (interrupting) Well don't you two bean poles think for a second you stand a snow ball's chance in hell against us.

*Chad suddenly goes from squirting the baby oil on himself to spraying his bottle all over London and Kendrick, James joins in as well with his bottle.*

Chad Dick: 'Cause no one -

James Dick: No one beats the dicks!

*They laughed and tossed the bottles on the floor before walking off. London and Kendrick, drenched in oil were in disbelief, Kristal held the microphone up to them.

Paul London: Man, those guys -

Brian Kendrick: Those guys were dicks!

Pre-taped footage - (4 mins) (C rating)


After the footage finished up things went back to the arena where the Dicks, Chad and James ripped off their chaps and performed their striptease. London and Kendrick were out next wearing those stupid masks, both charged full speed to the ring and took it right to the Dicks. The match never really got a good chance to gel as the Dicks dominated the early going, but a rollup out of nowhere by Kendrick on Chad scored his team the victory in a bit of an upset.

London and Kendrick def. The Dicks - (6:12) (C rating)


Smackdown! went to the parking lot following London and Kendrick's victory where Randy Orton was shown loading his gear into a car, Booker T and Sharmell were talking to him.

Booker: So come on man, jus' do this for me, a'ight?

Randy Orton: Look Booker, I think I've done enough for you ok? Remember Benoit? Yeah. Look I've got my own agenda of things to do, and it doesn't include helping you out. Go find someone else.

Orton got into the car and drove off.

Booker: Damn it!

Sharmell: Damn baby, he was rude! Come on we'll find somebody else.

*Booker and Sharmell hobbled off, before Smackdown! changed scenes once again.*

Orton won’t help Booker out - (3 mins) (A rating)


From there, World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was shown sitting down in his locker room when there was a knock on the door. In walked Chris Benoit. Benoit basically told Angle that he had his back, and Angle said he had Benoit's but it was apparent that Angles mind was on the Undertaker and not tonight's Main Event.

Benoit and Angle have each other's backs - (4 mins) (A rating)


When Smackdown! returned from commercial break, the Mexicools Psicosis and Super Crazy were in the ring. The WWE Tag Team Champions MNM, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury made their red carpet arrival with Melina by their side and Melina's 'unique' entrance into the ring got a 'rise' from the male audience as usual. Super Crazy and Psicosis brought their A game to the table, and seemed to have taken MNM by surprise. The more dirty tactics Nitro and Mercury used, them more Crazy and 'Cosis came back. After a Guillotine leg drop from the top rope, Psicosis surely had the match won for his team but Melina distracted the referee while wearing one shoe. The crowd counted the three, and Crazy rushed over to the referee to try and get him to return his attention to the ring. It became relevant as to why Melina was only in one boot as Mercury hit the ring. Psicosis stopped his pin and went for Mercury but got clocked with the high heel right in the eye! Nitro rolled Psicosis up, and Melina jumped down. 1, 2, 3! MNM had robbed the Mexicools.

MNM def. The Mexicools to retain the WWE Tag Titles - (12:33) (B- rating)


MNM celebrated with Melina, while Crazy checked on Psicosis who was holding his hand over his eye, the cameras then went backstage where Simon Dean stood in front of the two mountains of muscle known as the Gymini. When the camera went back Booker T and Sharmell were shown.

Booker: So look man, I need yo' help. Le'me borrow one of yo' big guys back there to take my place, and I'll owe ya' one, a'ight?

Simon Dean: (shaking his head) Oh Booker, it just so happens that we were just on our way to the gym so I'm sorry we can't help you. But you know my Patented Simon System is not just a weight loss supplement, like Milk it helps build strong bones. The way you've been doing lately Booker, you can't afford not to use my system. Here's my card, well we've gotta run.

*Booker tossed the card after Dean and the Gymini walked off.*

Booker: Well, what we gonna do now, huh?

*Sharmell thinks for a second, then her face lights up.*

Sharmell: Booker baby, I think I know just the right guy for the job, come on we gotta hurry!

*Booker hobbled after his wife the fastest he could as Smackdown went to commercial break, with the Main Event coming up next!*

Simon Dean and the Gymini turn Booker down - (3 mins) (C+ rating)


The show came back on with the 'World's Strongest Man' out first, with Daivari. Next came the answer to the question of Booker finding a replacement as the music began.

My name's Finlay an' I came to fight!

Booker and Sharmell followed behind the fighting Finlay, and took a seat at the substitute announce table. Booker seemed quite happy and confident about his replacement. Chris Benoit was next followed by the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and the match that followed was almost worth paying money for, but that's right it was free tv. The match lasted through the final commercial break of the night, Angle and Henry continued their story brawling on the outside and Finlay and Benoit just beat the hell out of each other. The ending came when Sharmell handed Finlay his shillely, and Booker screamed 'do it! Do it!' Finlay blasted Benoit with the weapon forcing the referee to call for the bell. Booker hit the ring, and he and Finlay stomped the hell out of Benoit, (so much for Booker being injured) until Kurt Angle rushed back into the ring and cleared the ring. Mark Henry wasn't finished however and returned to the ring talking trash, and getting nose to nose with the World Heavyweight Champion. Then suddenly the lights went out.

Angle and Benoit def. Henry & Finlay by dq. - (17:49) (B rating)


After the lights went out the purple took over, and the Undertaker's music played. Then the Dead Man appeared onstage with his hat on looking toward the ground and then right into the ring at both Henry and Angle. Taker rolled his eyes into the back of his head and ran his thumb across his throat, in the ring both Henry and Angle's attention was on the Undertaker and Smackdown! went off the air.

Taker spooks his opponents - (3 mins) (A rating)



Randy Orton p. Road Warrior Animal

Gregory Helms p. Funaki to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Rey Mysterio p. JBL

Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. The Dicks

MNM def. The Mexicools

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle def. Mark Henry & Finlay by DQ


Live show B Rating, Smackdown! drew 393,190 viewers on The Score, 596,044 on the Sky Sports, and 1,230,066 on UPN.



World Heavyweight Title Match

Undertaker or Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle


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Weekly News (February, week one)

Talk about shake ups in professional wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling started the week off in a literal crisis as the new creative team headed by Jim Cornette, Tony Schiavone, and Pat Patterson moved in and replaced Larry Zbyszko, Dutch Mantell, Jeremy Borash, Bob Ryder, Bert Prentice, and Bills Banks. What is TNA owner Dixie Carter thinking all of a sudden turning the company over to a new creative team? Better yet, guess what they did? They made cuts, lots of them.

Cornette and co. clean house in TNA


1. Lex Lovett

2. Johnny Devine

3. David Young

4. Jerrelle Clark

The biggest surprise of the first round of cuts had to be David Young whom TNA had seemingly found a place for in the Diamonds in the rough. Devine had been injured seemingly forever, and Lovett was only being used as an enhancement talent. As for Clark, when was the last time he was even on television? All in all the week started off with a not so shocking round of cuts, but the shocking ones soon came.


5. Cassidy Riley

6. Shark Boy

7. Sonjay Dutt

8. Roderick Strong

9. Alex Shelley

The direction that TNA will go from here is quite baffling as Wednesday we learned that the X-Division would be saying good bye to Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley. It was really too bad for Shelley and Strong as it looked as if they had finally found roles for themselves in a group with Austin Aries. On Friday TNA.com announced its final round of cuts, or so we think.


10. A-1

11. Eric Young

12. Andy Douglas

13. Chase Stevens

14. Lance Hoyt

15. Matt Bentley

16. Traci Brooks

Team Canada said goodbye to both A-1 and Eric Young, too bad for Young as many had him pegged to be the break out star of the group. The Naturals, Bentley, Hoyt and Traci where the most shocking of the cuts and it wouldn't be surprising if at least one of them gets a call from the E. Really, really questionable cuts by TNA.

Add Sting and Sabu to the dearly departed list

Early Saturday morning TNAwrestling.com broke news that both Sabu (who had not been on tv in a while) and Sting had walked out on their contracts. Things sure aren't looking good for the company when perhaps their biggest draw, Sting who had just signed with the company walks out the door.

TNA signs a number of stars

So what does the brain trust in TNA do after firing many of the future stars of the sport? Hire a bunch of ex WWE/WCW castoffs, yep that's a way to build for the future. Cornette must be out of his mind since that breakdown a while back.


1. Solofa Fatu aka Rikishi

2. Matt Wiese

3. Jon Heidenreich, fresh off of WWE release

4. Mark Copani aka Muhammad Hassan

5. Michael Buffer aka the "Let's get ready to Rumble!" guy

6. Savio Vega, wtf?

The News & Rumor Mill

*WWE has signed east coast wrestler Mike Kruel to a developmental deal. Kruel, a second generation wrestler has competed in the Super 8 and is a former ECWA Champion. He's also worked for Ring of Honor. Kruel will be reporting to Deep South as soon as he finishes up his independent dates.

*Jerry Lynn returned to action for TNA this past week defeating Apolo. Also on the card Christopher Daniels claimed the X-Division Championship in a match against AMW's James Storm after Samoa Joe was stripped of the title, Konnan defeated Raven and Christian Cage pinned NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett.

*Marcus Bagwell is reporting on his website that he has been contacted by TNA and the two sides are about to ink a deal.

*Harry Smith, son of the "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith is rumored to be in negotiations with the WWE after finishing up his dates with New Japan. The E has been interested in Smith for quite some time now.

*The "controversial" ending to Monday Night's WWE Title match that saw Edge pin John Cena with Lita holding Cena's foot under the ropes is expected to play a big role in this week's show, expect a rematch of some sort to go down.

*CM Punk has noted on his live journal that he may be getting the call up from OVW anytime now.

*As it stands right now the Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title, and Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio with Rey's WrestleMania shot on the line are rumored to be taking place at No Way Out.

*WrestleMania is expected to be headlined by Triple H vs. John Cena for the WWE Title, the Smackdown! Title Match, and Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels.

*There are rumors going around that WrestleMania 22 may also see another Cruiserweight Open.

That's all for this week.

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News and Rumors (Monday, week two)

WWE.com drops Heat and Velocity

Starting today visitors will no longer be able to view Heat or Velocity on WWE.com, but for a few weeks they can still view archived shows. Last weeks were as follows.


+ Sylvan def. Seth Skyfire

+ The Gymini def. Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki

+ Matt Hardy def. Doug Basham

+ Bobby Lashley def. Hardcore Holly


+ Ashley def. Victoria

+ Matt Striker def. Seth Skyfire

+ Chavo Guerrero def. Johnny Parisi

+ Val Venis and Viscera def. Cade and Murdoch, as well as Snitsky and Tomko in a Triple Threat Tag-team Match.

Official RAW preview

The official preview for RAW is as follows;

Judge and Jury

RAW rolls into Atlanta Georgia, and with it comes a lot of controversy. As RAW came to a close last week millions of viewers at home saw Edge defeat John Cena with Lita's help to once again become WWE Champion. However, this week the Rated R Superstar's status as Champion is being reviewed! That's right, Mr. McMahon has appointed a special surprise judge to overlook the footage of last week's Main Event, and this special someone has requested that both Edge and John Cena be present in the ring for the review.

But that's not all, last Friday on Friday Night Smackdown! Triple H made a surprise appearance and brutally beat Rey Mysterio down. The Game will be live in attendance, what will he have to say?

Three Minute Warning have returned to RAW, with Eric Bischoff at their side. We expect to hear from all three men before 3MW go heads to head with HBK in a handicap match signed by Mr. McMahon!

Plus, Carlito takes on the man who attacked him last week - Rob Van Dam! All of this tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network

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IPB Image




RAW came on the air with a video package directly after the standard “Power is back” opening, this one gave a run down of last week’s WWE Championship match between John Cena and Edge. Things went from color to black and white as Edge connected with a spear on Cena, and made the cover with Lita outside of the ring holding onto Cena’s leg so he couldn’t kick out. The package came to a close with Joey Style’s voice stressing that Cena’s foot was under the ropes.

Clips from last week’s Main Event - (3 mins), A Rating

From there the standard opening package played until things went live into the arena. The pyro show, the fans, the whole nine yards and the three man team of Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed everyone to the show. Styles announced that tonight Edge’s championship win would be reviewed by a specially appointed guest judge, and that both Cena and Edge would be in the ring at the time of the review.

“I Spit in the face of people who don’t wanna be cool!”

With the unmistakable opening of Carlito’s entrance music it was time for the first match of the evening.


Carlito came out with the World Tag Team Championship over his shoulder while the production truck reminded everyone that RVD attacked Carlito backstage last week as he was trying to catch up with his tag-team partner. Rob Van Dam got a huge ovation upon his entrance, which seemed to upset Carlito who had called RVD a “lemon” on WWE Unlimited. This match actually stemmed way back from RVD’s first night on RAW after coming over from Smackdown!, when Carlito attacked Van Dam on the set of the Cabana. Needless to say, RVD was looking to make a statement. The match itself was pretty good with both men getting just the right amount of offense in on each other. The “Masterpiece’s” music hit half way through and Chris Masters decided he’d watch the rest of the match from ringside. After getting frustrated by not being able to keep Van Dam down for the three, Carlito brought in a chair – but didn’t get to use it as Van Dam jumped up and crashed it against Carlito’s skull with a Van Daminator! RVD climbed to the top and finished Carlito off with a Five Star Frog Splash for the win. Masters shook his head and laughed annoying Carlito that much more.

RVD p. Carlito - (12:02), B Rating


From there things went back stage where we saw Ashley and Trish having a conversation, unbeknownst to them Mickie James was standing just around the corner listening in and watching on. Mickie looked angered and Ashley soon patted Trish on the shoulder before walking off in the direction of Mickie James who jumped out in front of the 2005 Diva Search winner.

Mickie James: What in the hell were you doing?

Ashley: (surprised) Jeese! Mickie you scared me!

Mickie James: I said what were you doing?

Ashley: (rolled her eyes) I was talking to Trish, what’s it to you?

Mickie James: Yeah, well I suggest you stay away from Trish alright?

Ashley: Look, Mickie I seriously don’t know what your deal is but don’t come at me like that. I’ll talk to who I want, alright?

*Ashley walked off, leaving Mickie standing in camera’s view with one pissed off expression on her face as RAW went to commercial.*

Mickie is jealous of Ashley - (4 mins), C+ Rating


When RAW returned from commercial, Todd Grisham was shown backstage and standing next to him was the Intercontinental Champion, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Todd Grisham: Ric Flair, last week after a match in which you defended your Intercontinental Championship against Gregory Helms you were viciously attacked by Shelton Benjamin. Now Ric, its plain to see that you’ve got something Shelton wants, and that’s the Intercontinental Title.

Ric Flair: (yells) SHELTON BENJAMIN! You want the Intercontinental Title!? You want to attack the Nature Boy after my match!? You wanna make an example out of the Nature Boy, huh? Well let me tell you something chump, there have been plenty of men that have wanted to do the exact same thing that you do, WOOOOOO!

Todd Grisham: Well, what do you mean by that Ric?

Ric Flair: What do I mean Todd, I’ll tell ya’ what I mean. Shelton Benjamin, you want to take this Intercontinental Title away from me? You came out here last week and you attacked me, you wanted to grab the Nature Boy’s attention? Well now you’ve got it! WOOOOOO!

Todd Grisham: So what you’re –

Ric Flair: (interrupts) Benjamin! Benjamin, next week it’s going to be you and me, punk! The momma’s boy going one on one with the Nature Boy! And Benjamin, if you think this ol’ boy ain’t still got it in him you’re goin’ to find out differently, ‘cause there’s a reason I’m a sixteen time World’s Champion - WOOOOOO!

*Flair walked off leaving Grisham the only one in view.*

Todd Grisham: Well there you have it – next week Shelton Benjamin will challenge Ric flair for the Intercontinental Title.

Flair wants Benjamin next week - (6 mins), B Rating


Our first match back from commercial stemmed from the earlier incident before the commercial break as Mickie James and Ashley met head to head. If you thought their Royal Rumble match was bad, you’d probably have liked this one better as Mickie just went psycho and beat the living hell out of Ashley. Ashley tried to mount a comeback but never really got her foor in the door as Mickie finished her off with a devastating Chick Kick. Joey Styles asked if Mickie was insane while the King said that she was just paying homage to her idol and wanted to finish Ashley with Trish’s pet move, probably the stiffest Chick Kick in history.

Mickie p. Ashley - (4:31), C Rating

*As the ladies left the ring the announce team once again talked about the ending of last week’s Main Event, and hyped up the possibilities of who the special guest “judge” was going to be. (thus giving the ring crew time to set up the ring for the segment)*


*Those in the crowd jumped to their feet as the unmistakable opening of Mick Foley’s music played, and the man himself came out through the curtain dressed as casually as he ever does. Styles and Lawler were excited, but the Coach just ranted and raved asking who would pick this guy to make an important decision. Foley climbed into the ring and soon took his position behind the podium that had been set up in the ring.*


Mick Foley: Alright, I don’t know about you people but I’m ready to make a decision right here in Atlanta Georgia!

*Foley popped the thumbs up, and got the cheap pop.*

Mick Foley: Now if I may, I call Mr. John Cena to the stand.

*Cena’s music played, and the former WWE Champion came out to a loud reception from the female population. John didn’t look to be all that impressed with not having the WWE Title around his waist and all, but still took the time to try and get the crowd on their feet.*

Mick Foley: And oh, I can’t wait for this one… would Edge please take the stand?

*Edge came out from the back with the WWE title strapped around his waist and Lita at his side. He and Cena’s eyes were locked, but once he was inside of the ring Edge snatched the microphone out of Foley’s hand.*

Edge: (furious) Alright, I don’t know who’s “bright” idea this was but it’s nothing but a load of crap! I win the WWE Title last week, and all of a sudden I get here tonight and inside of my locker is a memo telling me my Championship win is “in review,” what in the hell is that? Oh! Oh, and better yet (he looked at Foley) they appoint you to be the judge of that? I mean how much sense does that make, you’re missing an ear – how in the hell are you going to hear my argument!?

*Edge laughed to himself as Foley took the microphone back.*

Mick Foley: Well, thank you for the very astute observation Edge, but truth be told I don’t need two ears to make a decision because I have two eyes and I’ve watched the footage over and over. But just in case anyone missed it, lets play it again.

*The footage played again, and zoomed in on Lita holding Cena’s leg under the ropes.*

Mick Foley: Well it looks pretty clear to me, I don’t know about you guys?

*The fans booed Edge, and Cena wove his hands about getting them even more vocal*

Mick Foley: But just in the interest of fairness, I’m going to let you defend yourself Edge.

Edge: Defend myself, what is there to defend? Last week I beat John Cena, whether he likes it, whether you like it, or these people like it I DON’T CARE! I’m the Champion and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it!

Mick Foley: Oh, but you see Edge that’s where you’re wrong! Edge, I know you remember it but once upon a time I played a very important role here in the WWE as active commissioner. So you see Edge during that time I caught up on a few rules or so, and one just so happens to state that if someone’s leg is under the ropes while a pinfall is counted then that said pinfall is null and void. So Edge, if that pinfall didn’t happen then last week’s Main Event should have never ended. And Edge, if last week’s Main Event didn’t end that means you didn’t beat John Cena for the WWE Title! And Edge, if you didn’t beat John Cena for the title, you’re not the champion!

Edge: You son of a *bleep*!

Mick Foley: So Edge my judgment has been made! I suggest you hand John Cena his WWE Championship Title back and get ready for the rematch here tonight! Oh – and have a nice day!

Cena was pumped with the news that he was still champ, but Edge was beyond irate. He slammed the WWE Championship down and charged at Mick Foley – connecting with a spear that flopped Mick right through the ropes and onto the floor! Cena wouldn’t put up with that however and picked up the emotional Edge onto his shoulders before slamming him to the mat with the FU! John Cena picked up the WWE Championship and stood over Edge flashing the “You Can’t See Me” sign, before celebrating with the fans. Edge and Lita regrouped outside of the ring, Cena remained the Champion but would he after tonight?

WWE Title rematch is made for tonight - (10 mins), A Rating


RAW came back on the air with Eric Bischoff up close and personal with the camera. It panned out and showed the two giant Samoans Rosey and Jamal behind him. Next to the three men was Maria, ready to go with her microphone.

Maria: Eric Bischoff, last week we all saw you and Three Minute Warning make there, um… shocking! Yeah, shocking return to the WWE when you guys attacked Shawn Michaels, well why are ya’ back?

*Maria smiled here pretty little smile while Bischoff rolled his eyes, and Rosey and Jamal kept the tough look by just shaking their heads.*

Eric Bischoff: well you know Maria, despite what the dirt sheets may say I’m not back here on RAW because I kissed Mr. McMahon’s ass, no I won’t be a part of that club. No Maria, I’m back here on RAW because Vince McMahon knows that I Eric Bischoff am a true visionary in this industry, and he’s given me one last chance to make something a success. That last chance (Bischoff turns around) lies these two men, Rosey and Jamal, Three Minute Warning. You see I went to Vince McMahon and I told him of my vision, I had him bring these two animals back into the WWE because they are indeed the most ruthless, and the most vicious tag team that the WWE has ever seen. Not only will they stand at the top of that division, first they have some business to take care of. Oh and by the way, Shawn Michaels you’re three minutes are now up!

Bischoff and 3MW interview - (4 mins), B Rating


From there the Three Minute Warning theme played and all three men walked to the ring. Shawn Michaels was out next and received a massive pop from the Atlanta crowd, much to 3MW’s dismay. HBK went right at the two big men right away but was soon taken down. The referee finally regained some sense of order in the match and forced the tag format to come into effect. Unlike standard handicap matches where you’d think the single worker team would be playing the underdog HBK did his best to no sell, or better yet oversell many of 3MW’s moves. Finally 3MW were able to put HBK away with a Samoan Drop from Rosey followed by a top rope splash from Jamal, but only after HBK’s superhuman comeback came to a halt thanks to some wily interference from Bischoff.

Three Minute Warning def. HBK - (8:21), B- Rating

3MW weren’t done however and stomped away on HBK.

“No Chance… No Chance in Hell”

The familiar tune accompanied a rather happy Mr. McMahon to the ring.


Vince got into the ring and ordered for Rosey and Jamal each to hold Michaels up to his feet.

Vince McMahon: You’ll just never learn, will you Shawn? You see what happens when you cross the boss Shawn, it hurts. But you know Shawn Michaels this could all be over if you just give me what I want. You know that, don’t you Shawn?

*Michaels stared at McMahon with a rage full expression, while Rosey and Jamal pulled at his hair to keep his head up.*

Vince McMahon: Just give me what I want, just give me the old Shawn Michaels and I’ll leave you alone. So what do you say Shawn, do we have a deal?

*McMahon bent down and went to put the microphone to Michaels mouth, but Shawn spit in his face! McMahon looked shocked, and then pissed off*

Vince McMahon: Pick that son of a *bleep* up! Pick him up to his feet, damn it!

*Rosey and Jamal did so and all of a sudden McMahon hauled off and kicked Michaels right between the legs! 3MW let go and Michaels hit the deck hard.*

Vince McMahon: You are a stupid bastard, you like playing like this – fine by me, but I’ll tell you what Michaels you’re going to regret it!

*With that McMahon’s music hit and RAW went to another commercial break.*

Vince wants HBK to find his former self - (5 mins), A Rating



Michael Cole: The 619 connects, and here it comes! The West Coast Pop! 1, 2, 3! Mysterio is victoious over JBL here tonight!

Tazz: Another big win for this guy, they just keep on comin'.

Rey Mysterio: We did it Eddie, we did it! I knew you were looking over me amigo, and because of you my brother I will challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 22! I want to thank you Eddie, and I want to thank all of you fans for believing in me. At WrestleMania I promise you fans, and I promise you Eddie Guerrero that I will not let you down. I love you Eddie, thank you my brother! Thank you!

"Time to play the Game!"

Michael Cole: That's Triple H! What in the hell is he doing here?

Tazz: Oh my god, look what he has with him Cole!

Michael Cole: He's brought that damn sledge hammer!

Tazz: Triple H is stalking him like a shark in the water here Cole, slammin' that damn hammer.

Michael Cole: look at this! Mysterio knows it's kill or be killed and is taking it right to Triple H!

Tazz: Flying body press, oh he got caught. Mysterio got caught!

Michael Cole: Oh! What a sickening shot from that sledge hammer!

Tazz: This is too much Cole, he's clearin' off the table. He's going to drive Rey through the table.

Michael Cole: Alright Triple H, you've made your damn point - Man! Pedigree through our announce table. Would someone get out here and maybe give some medical attention to Mysterio?

Triple H: Congratulation’s Rey, you won the Royal Rumble. But you won’t be going to WrestleMania, oh no I’m going to make damn certain of that. I told everyone that one way or another I was going to WrestleMania to challenge for the title, and I think I’ve found the way – you! Welcome to hell Mysterio!


Replay of HHH attacking Mysterio on Smackdown! - (1 mins), A* Rating


RAW went live to the arena where Triple H stood laughing and in his gear ready for action.

Triple H: That was a thing of beauty wasn’t it? (fans booed) Last week I stood out here and I told everyone that one way or another I would be going to WrestleMania to challenge for the WWE Title, but none of you took me seriously – you all thought I was just out here flapping my gums. Well I don’t say things that I don’t mean. Last week I had a plan from the very beginning, a plan that I put into action last Friday Night on Smackdown! Rey Mysterio? Sucks to be you doesn’t it?

*The Game laughed to himself taking a brief pause.*

Triple H: You see Mysterio you’ve got something that I want and I will not stop until I get it! You thought last week was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Rey Mysterio I am going to make your life a living hell – it started last week and it continues tonight with someone very close to that little heart of yours.

“Ooh Chavo!”

*Triple H tossed the microphone as Chavo Guerrero made his entrance with chants of “Eddie, Eddie!” accompanying him as always.*

Triple H wants Rey’s shot - (7 mins), A* Rating


This match was actually pretty fun with Triple H selling most of Chavo’s assault to a tee, but make no mistake about it this match was all about the Game trying to send a message out to Rey Mysterio – which he did with plenty of underhanded tactics throughout the match yet he still couldn’t keep the fiery Guerrero down. Chavo came back and landed the three amigo’s before going up top and attempting the Frog Splash, but Triple H rolled out of the way. The Game attempted to pull himself up with the ring ropes, but out of nowhere came Rey Mysterio much to the crowd’s delight. Mysterio caught an unsuspecting Triple H with the 619! Triple H stumbled to his feet, and Rey spring boarded off of the ropes before taking Triple H down with a leg lariat. Referee Jack Doan called for the bell.

Triple H def. Chavo by disqualification - (12:24 mins) B+ Rating


Rey quickly rolled out of the ring as Chavo took his exit to the back. Mysterio grabbed a microphone.

Rey Mysterio: Triple H, you want to come over onto my home turf, Smackdown! and make this personal? Well I just returned the favor. And as far as my shot at WrestleMania is concerned – well since you like coming over to Smackdown! so much you won’t have a problem showing up at No Way Out! Triple H on behalf of the spirit of Eddie Guerrero I accept your challenge!

*With that Mysterio dropped the microphone and stared down Triple H who looked quite satisfied with an evil smile on his face.*

Rey accepts for No Way Out - (3 mins) A* Rating


RAW came back live in the locker room area where Shelton Benjamin and his momma were having a conversation.

Shelton Benjamin: Can you believe Ric Flair – callin’ me a momma’s boy, who does he think he is?

Mrs. Benjamin: Don’t you worry about Ric Flair none boy, ‘cause after next week you gonna be the Intercontinental Champion.

Shelton Benjamin: That’s right momma, I’m gonna bring home the gold all for you! I love you momma.

*Shelton reached out and gave his momma a big hug.*

Mrs. Benjamin: Oh Shelton, you such a good boy.

Shelton don’t sweat Flair - (3 mins), B Rating


Back into the arena and it was time once again for in ring action, this time the former World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show going head to head against the Heart Throbs. Much like last week, Kane and the Big Show were not on the same page, this week they ignored the tag format all together and each tried to one up each other as Kane decimated Antonio, and show destroyed Romeo. Each man finished their guy off with a choke slam, and made the pinfalls consecutively. Kane and Show’s hands were raised in victory but it looked as if neither man even wanted to see the other.

Kane and the Big Show def. the Heart Throbs - (6:21), C+ Rating

*As Kane and Show made their exit a graphic showed up on the screen showing Edge and Lita on one side and John Cena on the other. Styles and Lawler explained to those at home who may have missed the first half what went down on Foley’s court and how we got to this point.*

“You think you know me”

Edge’s music marked his second entrance of the night with Lita by his side, and the Rated R Superstar looked to be in one hell of a mood.


Cena came out and ran into the ring, getting the match going quickly. Edge and Cena’s anger towards each other was displayed throughout this brawl disguised as a wrestling match. Edge dominated Cena in the early going but Cena would eventually mark a comeback with a Main event spine buster, and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena “pumped ‘em up” and motioned for the FU, but Lita got on the apron. John Cena grabbed Lita by the hair and dragged her into the ring before scooping her up and nailing Lita with an FU! Lita rolled out of the way and Edge charged looking for the Spear! – but Cena sidestepped and Edge caught his shoulder in the turnbuckle. The former champion stumbled out and Cena lifted Edge up and planted him with the FU for the win! Cena retained the WWE Championship.

John Cena p. Edge to retain the WWE Title - (10:55), B+ Rating

*Cena posed with the WWE Championship as RAW came to a close.*



Rob Van Dam p. Carlito

Mickie James p. Ashley

Triple H def. Chavo Guerrero by disqualification

Kane and the Big Show def. The Heart Throbs

John Cena p. Edge to retain the WWE Championship


Live show B Rating, RAW drew 208,965 viewers on Sky Sports, 1,863,346 on the USA Network, and 762,270 on TSN.



World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle versus the Undertaker

WrestleMania 22 Main Event Shot

Triple H versus Rey Mysterio


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News and Rumors (Wednesday, week two)

WWE.com posts Friday Night Smackdown! Preview

Yesterday WWE.com released the official preview for Smackdown! friday night, it is as follows;

Top Contender

Friday, Week Two, Feb. 2006

This week's edition of Smackdown is highly anticipated as the Superstars roll into Columbus, Georgia!

The top contender to the World Heavyweight Championship will be decided as the returning Phenom, the Undertaker goes head to head with the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Will the Undertaker have what it takes to move on and meet Kurt Angle at No Way Out, or will Henry's remarkable power be too much for the "Dead Man?"

On RAW Rey Mysterio came at Triple H with a challenge of his own. "You want my shot, come and try to take it at No Way Out!" Mysterio will be present, and expect to hear from the Royal Rumble winner himself.

But that's not all as the number one contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Champion will be decided when Kid Kash, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jamie Noble and Nunzio clash in a Fatal Four Way Match!

All this plus much more Friday night at 8/7 CT on UPN.

WWE Releases two No Way Out Posters

WWE has released two official posters for the No Way Out Pay Per View, one with Kurt Angle and the Undertaker, and the other features Rey Mysterio and Triple H;

IPB Image

IPB Image

Couple call it quits

Wrestlecircle.com is reporting that TNA Knockout Gail Kim and WWE Smackdown! Superstar Doug Basham have called it quits over the past week, the real news seems to be - since when were they ever dating?

Friday Night Smackdown! Spoilers

A special thanks to Glenn G. of Colombus, Georgia who sent in the following Smackdown! spoilers, if you do not wish to view the spoilers simply don't click the tab below;

Hey guys, I just got back from the arena and I've gotta say what a show! Here's a run down of what went on, or atleast what I can remember lol!

Sorry I didn't really pay attention to the dark matches so you're gonna have to find somewhere else to get those :-$

Cole and Tazz came out, and then they did the Smackdown! opening with the fireworks and all of that - then the Boogeyman came out!


JBL and Jillian came out too before the match started and joined the announce team, Boogey just killed Doug. I think he pinned him after some sort of Pump Slam but I'm not sure, sorry.

After the match Bogey grabbed a bag full of worms and dumped them on top of Doug. JBL got on the microphone and tried to say he wasn't scared of Boogey. Boogey grabbed a mouthful of worms and went to go near JBL and Jillian and they ran through the crowd! JBL isn't scared? Yeah right! Funny segment.

They showed what Orton did to Animal after their match for some reason, the audio was off so I don't know what that was about. They taped something with Orton in the back. He went to walk away, and Lashley got in his way again, I couldn't hear what was said.

The World Champ Kurt Angle came out to the ring next, and he was out to talk. He said he was a real champion and was ready to face whoever won tonight. He used the line Anytime, anywhere or something of the sorts.

They taped a segment with Teddy Long, Booker and Sharmell. The audio was fixed, and we heard Booker trying to tell the GM that he had a doctor's note saying he couldn't compete. Long didn't care and said Booker would defend against Benoit at NWO!


This match was friggin awesome! Why the heck did WWE keep Finaly in a backstage role so long, this guy is awesome! Booker came in when Benoit got Finlay in the crossface and busted his crutch over Chris's back. The match was like 20 minutes and just plain goodness :-)


Pretty exciting Cruiser Match, Kash and Noble looked the best by far. Kid Kash won with the Moneymaker on Scotty while Noble was just a second too late to break the count.

Kid Kash got on the microphone and talked trash on Gregory Helms.

Kristal interviewed Rey in the back about facing HHH at NWO.


just like last week with the Mexicools London and Kendrick looked to have the match won, but MNM used the tag titles to secure te win.

Mark Henry and Daivari hyped the Taker match


This match lasted way too long and Henry was sucking serious air by the time taker got the pin after the chokeslam. Henry was put over big in the match but I was just bored.

Angle came out and stared down Taker and thats where the show ended.

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IPB Image



Smackdown! hit the air directly after the standard "Power is back" package with the pyro show on stage, and Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed everyone to the show. The point was clear that the main topic of the night's show was without a doubt the Main Event of the Undertaker versus Mark Henry - the match that would decide who goes to No Way Out for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

When Cole and Tazz finished up, we went live to the ring where the "Boss" Doug Basham did his best to get some heel heat with the fans at ringside, but was simply being ignored. Some eerie music took over prompting the Boogeyman to make his entrance to the ring for tonight's first contest.


The Boogeyman reached the ring and placed his bag in the corner before staring a whole through Doug Basham who already had an "oh shit" look on his face. The Stock Market Bells tolled before the match could begin, and John Bradshaw Layfield with his assistant Jillian joined Tazz and Cole at the announce position. Boogeyman stared down the twosome, and Doug Basham immediately went at his unique opponent with clenched fists. Boogeyman didn't feel a thing though, and scooped Basham up before slamming him down hard to the mat. JBL's commentary was the best part of the match as he continually tried to convince Cole and Tazz that he wasn't afraid. JBL got upset when Tazz pointed out the timely manor in which the Boogeyman defeated the former WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. It was all offense from the Boogeyman in this one, and he finished off Basham with a Pump Handle Slam for the three.

The Boogeyman p. Doug Basham - 9:47, C+ Rating


The referee didn't seem to want to raise the Boogeyman's hand in victory, perhaps out of fear. That was okay with the Boogeyman though as he grabbed his bag from the corner and dumped its contents - worms - all over Basham. JBL stood atop of the announce table with the ring announcers microphone.

JBL: Hey you sick freak! Hey I'm talkin' to you!

*Boogeyman squatted down and grabbed a handful of worms, then he looked at JBL and put the whole handful in his mouth! JBL's eyes widened as the Boogeyman came toward him and Jillian with the worms hanging from his face.*

JBL: I am not afraid of you! I am not afrai -

*JBL tossed the microphone and in one step he hopped down from the table and took Jillian by the arm. JBL and Jillian high tailed it through the crowd before the Boogeyman could get close to them! Boogeyman's music hit again and the crowd seemed to love the guy, Smackdown! took its first commercial break.*

JBL claims to not fear the Boogeyman - 3 minutes, B Rating


When Smackdown! returned, video footage from last week's match with Randy Orton and Road Warrior Animal played, with Orton getting the win after an RKO. Footage of Orton's post match attack was shown as well with the "Legend Killer" utilizing a Figure Four from the ring post. Footage that was not shown last week played next revealing that Animal had to be helped from the back by the Road Agents. Michael Cole could be heard saying that as a result of Randy Orton's actions last week, Animal suffered a torn ligament in his knee and won't be back for quite some time.

Cole breaks the news that Animal is injured - 2 minutes, B Rating


From there Randy Orton was shown watching a monitor backstage. The "Legend Killer" had a smug smile on his face and was obviously proud to hear the news he had taken the legendary wrestler out of action. Orton then went to turn and leave but ran right into the solid frame of - Bobby Lashley!

*Orton backed up and arrogantly rolled his eyes, then he went to get by again and Lashley blocked his way for a second time.*

Randy Orton: (pissed) Alright, look! Do you have a problem?

Lashley stared Orton down with his arms across his chest, and then he broke his silence.

Bobby Lashley: As a matter of fact I do! What you did last week, that wasn't right.

Randy Orton: Is that right?

Bobby Lashley: Yup.

*Orton stared at Lashley and then shook his head.*

Randy Orton: heh..

*Orton walked off and the camera zoomed in on the chiseled frame of Lashley who Orton down as he walked away.*

Orton and Lashley exchange words - 3 minutes, B Rating


Back to the arena, "Medal" blasted bringing the fans to their feet and the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle appeared from behind the curtain. You Suck's galore, damn the guy is a face and he still gets those.

Kurt Angle: You know, since I came over to Smackdown! from RAW and won this World Heavyweight Title here I've faced obstacle after obstacle. If it wasn't that little rat Daivari, it's that four hundred pound piece of crap Mark Henry and now the Undertaker. But ya' know, not once have I complained. Not once have I whined or cried about it. Not once. You know why that is? (he looked into the crowd.) You know why? 'Cause I'm Kurt Angle, and I'm for real.

*The crowd cheered for the champion, who now stood in the center of the ring looking at the World Heavyweight Championship which lay in his right hand.*

Kurt Angle: This title right here? This title means that I am the best at what I do. This title means that day after day, night after night I am the number one guy on Smackdown! Me! Kurt Angle! Not Mark Henry with his ungodly strength and not the Undertaker with all that stuff he pulls. And if anyone has a problem with that they can name the time, they can name the place - Anytime, anywhere.

*Angle looked intense, and he wasn't done.*

Kurt Angle: So Mark Henry can stampede his way to the ring and stare me down all he wants to, I proved at the Royal Rumble that one way or another I get the job done. Taker? Taker can play all the mind games he wants, he can make the ring collapse all he wants, hell he can make the building collapse as far as I care 'cause none of it will matter. Sixteen days is all that separates us from No Way Out. Sixteen days, and either the Undertaker or Mark Henry has a date with the World Heavyweight Champion. The name of the game is wrestling boys - not mind games, not power lifting - WRESTLING! And when it comes to wrestling it doesn't get any better than Kurt Angle! It's true, oh it's damn true!

*The crowd popped a bit as Angle paced the ring all worked up.*

Kurt Angle: The place has been set, Baltimore Maryland. Mark Henry, Undertaker - Get ready for the wrestling lesson OF YOUR LIFE!

Angle dropped the microphone and raised the World Heavyweight championship high over his head. "Medal" played once again while Smackdown! went to another commercial break.

Kurt Angle's ready for No Way Out- 7 minutes, A Rating


When Smackdown! returned we saw Booker T and Sharmell in General Manager Theodore Long's office, Booker (who was still on crutches) and Sharmell seemed to be irate.

Booker T: Damn it man I'm tellin' ya' I can't compete! I gotta docta's note right here 'dat says so!

Sharmell: You tell him baby, right here it says so!

*Theodore Long held his hands up while Sharmell and Booker furiously pointed at the "doctor's note."

Theodore Long: Look playa, I was at Smackdown! last week and I saw what went down afta' the Main Event, and by my eyes you ain't hurtin' in the least.

Booker T: But I am man, I gotta doctor's note right here 'dat says so!

Theodore Long: That Doctor's note - that don't mean nothin' to me playa, all that matta's ta' me is that your in Baltimore Maryland for No Way Out.

Sharmell: No Way Out? What'cha mean No Way Out?

Theodore Long: I'll tell ya' what I mean. At No Way Out it's going to be Booker T going one on one with the "Rabid Wolverine" for the United States Championship, nah balee 'dat!

*Booker shook his head in disbelief*

Booker T: Dat's rediculous!

*An angry Booker and Sharmell stormed off and slammed the office door.*

Theodore Long announces US Title Match for No Way Out - 5 minutes, B+ Rating

The show went to some quick footage of last weeks Main Event with Finlay laying out Benoit with his shilalay causing the match to end in disqualification and the subsequent attack of Booker T who was supposed to be injured.

"My Name's Finlay an' I came to Fight!" was pronounced marking the Fighting Finlay's entrance to the ring. Finlay, dressed in green and black was not without his handy weapon.

"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace played, and the crowd went nuts for Chris Benoit who was on a mission here. He wasted no time getting to the ring and getting right into it with his Irish opponent.


These two put on one heck of a performance and one stiff sum-bitchin' of a match. Benoit played the angered face well, lighting into Finlay with stinging chops, and refusing to break at the referee's counts. Finlay used every dirty trick to try and get Benoit off guard - and did so eventually catching the "Crippler" in a sleeper that wore him out terribly. Benoit however would come back. He reversed Finlay's muscle buster attempt and eventually muscled on the cripple crossface! Finlay would not give up however and struggled toward the ropes. He wouldn't need to reach them though as Booker T slid into the ring and broke one of his crutches right across the back of Benoit! The referee immediately called for the bell.

Booker continued his beat down getting a major amount of heat from the fans. He placed his United States Championship on the mat and stalked Benoit who slowly went to stand up - but was taken down with a scissors kick right onto the belt! Booker talked trash to Benoit until the show cut to commercial. So much for that doctor's note, huh?

Chris Benoit def. Finlay by disqualification - 14:40, B Rating


The show came back on the air with some brief clips from last week's Cruiserweight Championship match between Gregory Helms and Funaki, a match in which Kid Kash came out and kept a stern eye on things before returning to the back.

Kash stared down Helms last week - 1 minute, B- Rating


When Friday Night Smackdown! returned it was time to see who would be going to No Way Out to face the reigning Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. Would it be the former Champion Kid Kash, Scotty 2 Hotty, Nunzio or Jamie Noble? That was the question and by the end of this exciting fatal four way we were going to find out. No tag format in this one as all four men battled it out. Some early teamwork by Noble and Kash lead things into their favor, but their alliance didn't last long as Kash chucked Noble to the outside with Scotty and Nunzio before taking an incredible dive that took all four men a while to recover from. Plenty of near falls in this one, but in the end it was the Money Maker on Scotty 2 Hotty from Kid Kash that sealed the deal while Noble came into break the count a hundredth of a second too late!

Kid Kash p. Scotty 2 Hotty to become #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Title - 13:38, B Rating


Kash received his hand raised, but wasn't through and snatched the microphone from Tony Chimmel.

Kid Kash: (slightly huffing for air) Hey Helms! You best shine that title up real good for me, cause at No Way Out that title is comin' back home to the K.I.D.! Get it? Got it? Goood!

Kash sent a shout out to Helms - 2 minutes, B Rating


After a commercial break Smackdown! came back on with the Slam of the week brought to us by Snickers;


Triple H: You see Mysterio you’ve got something that I want and I will not stop until I get it! You thought last week was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Rey Mysterio I am going to make your life a living hell – it started last week and it continues tonight with someone very close to that little heart of yours.

Joey Styles: Some brutal right hands by the Game here!

Coach: Ha, ha, ha! Triple H is sending a message to Rey Mysterio through Chavo Guerrero and I'm lovin' it.

Jerry Lawler: look at that, I told you that you couldn't count Chavo out!

Joey Styles: The three amigo's from Chavio Guerrero! Oh and look it this he's going up top! Five Star Frog Splash! Oh... no one's home!

Coach: Ha! Ha! Look at the Game, he's outsmarted Chavo!

Jerry Lawler: Wow! What was that!?

Joey Styles: That was Rey Mysterio! The 619 by Mysterio on Triple H, where the hell did Mysterio come from?

Rey Mysterio: Triple H, you want to come over onto my home turf, Smackdown! and make this personal? Well I just returned the favor. And as far as my shot at WrestleMania is concerned – well since you like coming over to Smackdown! so much you won’t have a problem showing up at No Way Out! Triple H on behalf of the spirit of Eddie Guerrero I accept your challenge!

Joey Styles: I can't believe my ears, it's going to be Triple H and Rey Mysterio at No Way Out with Rey's WrestleMania 22 shot on the line!

Clips of Mysterio on RAW - 2 minutes, A* Rating


When the Slam of the Week finished up, we were backstage where the 2006 Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio was shown standing alongside Kristal.

Kristal: Hi guys, it's Kristal and I'm standing here with Rey Mysterio. Rey we all saw what went down on RAW when you challenged Triple H to a match at No Way Out with your WrestleMania 22 shot on the line. Now you could have just challenged him to a match, why put so much up?

Rey Mysterio: Well Krystal it's like this; Triple H wasn't going to stop until he was in a position like this. He wants my WrestleMania shot. Well the way I see it I had a guardian angel watching over me the night I won that shot, so if it's meant to be Kristal it will be me walking out of No Way Out with that shot remaining. I made that challenge on the spirit, the memory of Eddie Guerrero. Kristal, I will not tarnish that memory.

Kristal: Thanks Rey, back to you Michael and Tazz.

Mysterio interview - 5 minutes, C+ Rating


Up next it was another straight time in two weeks that Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury had to defend their Tag Team Titles, last week it was the Mexicools who had a strong showing and could possibly even claim they should be the rightful Champions. This week it was Brian Kendrick and Paul London that got their shots at Smackdown's top Tag Team. Some damn good tag team wrestling in this one, as both teams worked and looked very well against each other. In the end it was the ever awesome presence of Melina that played into the challenger's downfall. Just like the week before with Psicosis, Kendrick nailed the Sliced Bread #2 and rightfully had Mercury down for the count but Nitro came in with the Tag title and blasted Kendrick. Johnny also took care of London as the referee returned to the middle and made the three count. MNM had stolen another title defense.

MNM def. London and Kendrick - 11:36, B-Rating


Before the commercial break Mark Henry and Daivari were shown walking backstage. Daivari was doing his best to pump Henry up before battle.

Daivari: (screaming) Who are you?

Mark Henry: (Snarling) I'm the World's Strongest Man!

Daivari: Who can beat you!?

Mark Henry: No one!

Daivari: Who?

Mark Henry: No one!

Daivari: Who?

Mark Henry: No one beats me!

*Henry pounded his chest and marched on as Smackdown took yet another commercial break.*

Henry and Daivari get psyched - 4 minutes, C+ Rating


Smackdown! returned it was time for the Main Event, and time to answer the question of who would be going to No Way Out to challenge Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry was out first and waited for his opponent, but it wasn't long before the lights went out and were replaced by the eerie purple lights of the Undertaker. Taker came out to an enormous reaction from the fans, and Henry did his best to stay focused. The match started out with Henry and the Undertaker staring each other down nose to nose in the ring. As you'd expect, this wasn’t a high flying or technical wrestling masterpiece - just two big burly men going at it. Those who thought, or wished that the Undertaker was just going to run through Henry were wrong as most of the match saw Henry dominate Taker. Undertaker almost slipped into unconsciousness from a Henry bear hug, but he refused and delivered some stinging shots to Henry's ears. Taker had Henry reeling, and took him to the outside with a big boot to the face! Daivari had been on the apron trying to get things going in his favor, but for his efforts Taker grabbed Daivari by the throat and tossed him into the ring! Daivari took a choke slam, but it wasted enough time for Henry to get back into the match as he knocked the Undertaker down from behind. Henry was having trouble catching his breath at this point. The ending wasn't too far after as Taker slipped out of Henry's press slam attempt, grabbed him by the throat and used every ounce of energy in his body to choke slam the four hundred pounder! Taker made the cover and scored the three, officially becoming the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!

The Undertaker p. Mark Henry - 13:16, B Rating


The Undertaker had his hand raised after the match was over, and he didn't look to be in good condition either after his collision with the "World's Strongest Man" but it didn't matter the Undertaker as Michael Cole said would be meeting Kurt Angle at No Way Out, the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania!

Cole hyped No Way Out - 1 minute, B+ Rating



The Boogeyman p. Doug Basham

Chris Benoit def. Finlay by disqualification

Kid Kash def. Scotty 2 Hotty, Nunzio and Jamie Noble to become #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

MNM def. London and Kendrick

The Undertaker p. Mark Henry


Live show B- Rating, Smackdown! drew 390,853 viewers on The Score, 580,199 on the Sky Sports, and 1,240,500 on UPN.



+ World Heavyweight Title Match

The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

+ WrestleMania Main Event Title Shot

Triple H v. Rey Mysterio

+ WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit v. Booker T

+ WWE Criserweight Championship

Kid Kash v. Gregory Helms


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Weekly News (February, week two)

The Wacky World of TNA

Many things have changed in TNA since the new booking team took over, and many people are saying things have changed for the worse. Come on now, a Pay Per View headlined by Jeff Jarrett defending the World Title against Matt Wiese (the former Luther Reigns) I mean I'd dish out thirty bucks to see it.

TNA Against All Odds Notes

In all honesty the match between Wiese and Jarrett wasn't that bad, but many of the booking decisions on the show were just god awful. BG James going over Monty Brown? Rikishi over AJ? TNA is in a serious crisis creatively.

The News & Rumor Mill

* Former WWE Developmental talent Bobbi Billard has posted on her official site (BobbiBillard.com) that she has signed another deal with the Ent. Billard once worked for the ill fated Women of Wrestling Promotion.

* Both Lance Hoyt and Tracy Brooks were contacted by the WWE, but no news as of yet has been released on how the meetings went.

* Sonny Siaki became the Deep South Wrestling International Champion defeating Mike Knox last weekend. There are talks of bringing Siaki up to the main roster soon as he is a favorite of Dusty Rhodes, who helped Siaki get signed in the first place.

* There are talks going that Chris Cage and CM Punk may be called up to the main roster as a tag team in the next coming months, Aaron Stevens is also being talked about as all three of them have been working dark matches prior to RAW and Smackdown! for a while now.

* It's official, Harry Smith signed with the WWE over the weekend. Smith will be reporting to DSW in the next few weeks.

* There are talks that the WWE will possibly be bringing back the King of the Ring PPV to replace ECW One Night Stand in July.

IPB Image




RAW kicked off with a highlights video that went over the events last week inside of Foley's Court. Edge was shown spearing Mick Foley, followed by the Rated R Superstar receiving the F-U as well as Cena posing with the WWE Title that was once again his. The package then went to last week's Main Event with John Cena emerging victorious to retain the WWE Championship.

Highlight Video of last week - 3 minutes, A Rating


When RAW went live to the arena, "No Chance" blasted and marked the entrance of the interim RAW General Manager Mr. McMahon who was accompanied to the ring by his son Shane McMahon. The crowd was very vocal tonight directing chants of "Asshole" toward the chairman and his son.

Vince McMahon: Yeah I know, that's exactly what this place reeks of here tonight!

*Shane smiled and confided to his father that Greensboro did smell of anus and the crowd gave him hell*

Vince McMahon: Now that that's out of the way, I'll get to what I came out here to say in the first place. Last week after his match with Eric Bischoff's Three Minute Warning, I made it perfectly clear to Shawn Michaels that I would continue to make his life a living hell until he gave me what I wanted. Well, first and most important Shawn Michaels seems to have forgotten just who in the hell I am. I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon! When I want something, I get it and no one stands in my way! I'm the man who bought out his competition, I'm the guy who went head to head with the United States Government and came out on top damn it!

*McMahon paced the ring, and Shane applauded his father*

Vince McMahon: And last week, after being brutally beaten by 3MW I came out to this very ring, I came out here and I told Shawn Michaels that this could all be over. It would all end right there and then if he'd just agree to give me what I want. Well what does that no good son of a *bleep* do? He spits in my face!

*The crowd particularly liked that and some even chanted for HBK*

Vince McMahon: That's right, Shawn Michaels looked up and he spit right in my face, so tonight I've decided to make a special little match for Shawn Michaels! That's right, tonight Shawn Michaels is going to be in action! Isn't that right Shane?

Shane McMahon: (laughing) that’s right.

Vince McMahon: Tonight in this very ring Shawn Michaels is going to be in action against the New World Tag Team Champions Carlito and the "Masterpiece" Chris Masters!

"You Think You Know Me"

*Before the fans could fully react to the announcement of tonight's Main Event, the "Rated R Superstar" Edge headed to the ring with Lita at his side.*

Vince signs tonight’s Main Event - 5 minutes, A Rating


Edge: I'm not out here to talk about Shawn Michaels, I'm not out here to talk about John Cena. I'm out here to talk about me! I'm out here to talk about last week! I'm out here to talk about Mick Foley!

*Both McMahon's looked a little uneasy toward Edge who was visibly irate, and not in his usual in ring gear, rather jeans and a Rated R Superstar T-shirt.*

Vince McMahon: Now Edge, hold on a second.

Edge: Don't you dare tell me to hold on! Last week I lost it all, everything that I had worked my whole damn career for! My WWE Title! My Main Event Status, my place in the Main Event of WrestleMania 22! My Money in the Bank, my opportunistic moment at New Year's Revolution, all of it gone! All of it for nothing! All because of one man! One fat, earless, moron! Mick Foley!

Vince McMahon: Edge, just calm down. I understand that you're upset about last week -

Edge: You understand? YOU understand!? There's no way you can possibly understand! It's not even about that! It's not about understanding; it's not about the WWE Title, nope not anymore! This is about me and Mick Foley and what you're going to do!

Vince McMahon: What I can do? Edge what is it that you're saying?

Edge: I'm saying I want Mick Foley! I want him in this ring! I want to beat the living hell out of Mick Foley!

*Shane took the microphone from Vince*

Shane McMahon: Woah, woah. Edge, last week was a one time thing. Mick got called in for that little Foley's Court thing, he's not here. He's not even on the roster.

Edge: So what are you saying!?

Shane McMahon: I'm saying that unless Mick Foley comes out and agrees to that match, there's no way my dad can sign it.

Edge: Unless Foley accepts, huh? Oh he'll accept. He isn't going to have a choice.

*With that Edge turned around and both he and Lita left the ring. Shane and Vince still looked a bit alarmed by the aggressiveness of the "Rated R Superstar" as RAW went to its first commercial break of the night.*

Edge wants Foley - 7 minutes, A* Rating


When RAW returned some edited video clips brought us up to date on the events leading to tonight's Intercontinental Championship Match between the Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin. To say that North Carolina is Flair Country is an understatement as this crowd absolutely loved the former sixteen time World's Champion. Shelton played his heel role well, outplaying the "Dirtiest Player in the Game" at his own cheap shots. Benjamin was never without the guidance of his momma who was at ringside. Mrs. Benjamin even distracted the referee as Flair had Benjamin in the Figure Four, and her son tapped the mat. Ric became fed up with the woman's antics and confronted her outside of the ring. This paved the way for Shelton's comeback, capped off with a rollup out of nowhere and a handful of tights that saw Benjamin get the 1, 2, 3 and become the new Intercontinental Champion! Shelton and his "Momma" celebrated to major heat from the crowd. Flair was pissed, and referee Charles Robinson tried to control him.

Shelton Benjamin p. Ric Flair to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion - 10:29, B+ Rating


In the back Trish Stratus was shown in her locker room, her back facing the door as she pawed through her bag, the locker room door opened behind her and Mickie James walked into the locker room and snuck up behind the Women's Champion.

Mickie James: HEY TRISH!

Mickie grabbed hold of Trish with a big hug, and almost scared her out of her skin. Trish pushed Mickie off of here.

Trish Stratus: Damn it Mickie, you scared me! What are you doing in here, haven't you ever heard of knocking?

Mickie James: Oops, I'm sorry Trish.

Mickie rushed out of the locker room and closed the door. Seconds later she knocked on the door and barged back in.

Mickie James: There ya happy?

*Trish rolled here eyes and tossed a shirt aside*

Mickie James: Trish, what's wrong? You know I love you!

Trish Stratus: Yeah, you know Mickie that's the thing -

Mickie James: And you love me too, right? I mean you proved it at the Royal Rumble when you counted the pin for me on Ashley?

Trish Stratus: No Mickie, I don't love you. I counted the pin at the Royal Rumble because that was my job, I was the Special Referee. That's it.

Mickie James: (looking hurt) You.. you don't love me?

Trish Stratus: Look I've got a match..

*Trish walked out of the locker room with Mickie looking really hurt*

Mickie James: (looking heart broken) I'll make you love me Trish Stratus.

Trish blows Mickie off backstage - 5 minutes, B Rating


The show came back after commercial with the three man announce team hyping tonight's Main Event of Shawn Michaels going head to head with the World Tag Team Champions Carlito and Chris Masters but things soon went backstage where the new Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin was celebrating with his momma.

Shelton Benjamin: Can you believe it momma, once again I'm the Intercontinental Champion!?

Momma: You sure done gone and made me proud boy, real proud.

*Shelton's momma gave him a hug and pecked him on the cheek. She then turned and grabbed her purse before heading toward the door.*

Shelton Benjamin: Where.. where you goin' momma?

Momma: Boy, I've done all I needed to do here. You remember when I first showed up Shelton, you had turned into a loser. Now look at'cha son, you a champion. You a winna' I did all I needed ta' do.

Shelton Benjamin: You're leavin' momma?

Momma: I'm leavin' boy, you continue ta' do me proud, you hear me boy?

Shelton Benjamin: aww.. I hear you momma.

Momma: I love ya' Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: I love you too momma.

*The door closed and Mrs. Benjamin left. Shelton sat on the bench with the Intercontinental Title across his lap and no longer looked happy, actually he looked like he wanted to cry.*

Shelton's Momma says goodbye - 3 minutes, B+ Rating


RAW then went to the arena where Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria stood in the ring.

Victoria: You know how they say some people have it all? Power..

Torrie: brains?

Candice: And beauty?

Torrie Wilson: Well that pretty much explains the three of us. Now we already have it all, so we figured we might as well give some to all of you.

Victoria: That's right, because Torrie and I would like to introduce all of you to the latest Diva to pose in Playboy, Candice Michelle!

*The internet had already been buzzing about the fact that Candice had signed to pose for Playboy but this was the first "official" announcement.*

Candice: Thank you guys, and that's right I will be posing for the next edition of Playboy Magazine. And may I say it's quite the honor.

Torrie: Believe me Candice I know, and that's why Victoria and I just want to say congratulations.

*Torrie and Victoria both hugged Candice, and oh my Kissed her on the cheeks!*

Victoria: And on top of all that we already have, it's about to get even better because I'm going to be the WWE Women's Champion after I kick the crap out of Trish Stratus! So Trish get your butt on out here!

Vince's Devils announce Candice in Playboy - 3 minutes, B Rating


Trish came out and got the match underway in rather quick fashion, taking things right to Victoria who was caught a little bit off guard. Trish's aggression helped her keep control in the early going, but the presence of both Candice and Torrie Wilson at ringside would change the tied as they constantly tried to trip her up. Typical Victoria and Trish stuff here. Victoria got handed Candice's wand, and decked Trish. Torrie did a horrible job of distracting Nick Patrick though as he saw it and called for the bell.

Trish b. Victoria by disqualification - 6:34, B- Rating


Candice and Torrie came into the ring, and what was a match soon escalated into a three on one assault. Ashley ran down to the ring and tried to aid Trish, but she got decked by Candice's wand as well. Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Candice took the time to do her little spinning thing, but Mickie James soon ran down from the back and like a house of fire, she cleared the ring of all three of Vince's Devils. Trish stared at Mickie awkwardly as she got back to her feet.

Mickie comes to Trish's aid - 3 minutes, B Rating


RAW came back on the air with an awesome, and I mean awesome video package that hyped the Triple H versus Rey Mysterio feud. It covered everything that has gone on the past few weeks with the two of them, and ended saying that there would be a contract signing for the match this week on Smackdown!

Contract signing is announced - 5 minutes, A* Rating


In the ring, Rob Conway stood ready for action when the video package ended.

Rob Conway: Alright, listen up. The Con Man's out here, and he's got somethin' to say! I've sat around back there for long enough watching everyone jump ahead in line while I just sat back and hoped for my turn. Well I've had enough of that, I'm out here to prove that I'm today's WWE Superstar! John Cena you're about to go down... the con way!

Rob Conway is tired of being walked on - 2 minutes, B- Rating


John Cena came out to a mix of boos and cheers, but anything was better than the dull reaction Conway had just received. This match is pretty much a squash for Cena, but Conway is allowed to look alright in certain spots. Triple H came down to the announce position and hyped up his match with Mysterio. HHH said that it was a fact he'll be facing Cena at WrestleMania 22. Cena caught Conway coming off of the ropes for a cross body, tossed him on his shoulders and planted the Con Man with the F-U for the victory. Cena taunted Triple H just slightly after his win.

John Cena p. Rob Conway - 9:38, B Rating


Backstage the World Tag Team Champions, Carlito and Chris Masters were shown in their locker rooms.

Carlito: Ha, ha! Tonight, we are gonna expose da' Heart Break Kid for da' quitter dat' he is cause we are da' Worl' Tag Team Champions!

Chris Masters: ...

Carlito: Chris?

Chris Masters: ...

*Masters rubbed oil on his arms and shoulders, completely ignoring Carlito*

Carlito: Oh, we still playin’ that game, huh? Yeah I like how you though it was funny las' week when RVD kicked that chair into my face, and beat me wit' his Frog Splash. Dat was hilarious, huh?

Chris Masters: ...

Carlito: (getting angry) You know what Chris? Dat's not cool!

*Carlito slammed his locker door shut and threw the tag title over his shoulder. He left the room and slammed the locker room door as well. The "Masterpiece" simply continued to do what he was doing as if no one else had even been in there*

The "Masterpiece" ignores Carlito - 4 minutes, B Rating


When RAW returned the show went to Mr. McMahon's office, where the interim General Manager was joined by Eric Bischoff, and Three Minute Warning.

Vince McMahon: As I was saying, you guys proved yourselves last week, and you beat the holy hell out of Shawn Michaels.

Eric Bischoff: If - If I may Mr. McMahon, on behalf of Rosey, Jamal and myself I just want to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Vince McMahon: Why thank you Eric. (Vince seemed to have been struck by an idea) You know what? I'm going to do something for the two of you, how about that? I'm going to allow you guys a favor, anything you want anytime you want to use it. How's that sound?

*Rosey and Jamal looked at each other, both with their arms across their chest and nodded their heads. Bischoff extended his hand.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you very much Mr. McMahon and I have a feeling we'll be taking you up on that sooner rather than later.

Vince gives 3MW a favor - 3 minutes, A* Rating


In the arena the teams of Val Venis and Viscera, and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch stood in the ring awaiting the arrival of Kane and the Big Show for this Tag Team Triple Threat match to decide the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles. Kane and Show came out, and looked to be in better regards with each other than previous weeks since the Royal Rumble. Looks as they say are deceiving however as Kane and Show started this one off dominating the opposition, but soon found themselves in a shoving contest and argument. It was like they were fighting over who was the better half of the team. Kane would walk out of the match leaving Show to fend for himself. The opposing two teams briefly united in an effort to take Show out, which they did by toppling him over the ropes and out to the floor. For the next few moments it was almost as if the match was a standard Tag Team bout. Cade and Murdoch attempted a Death Sentence on Val, but Vis knocked Cade off of the ropes. A Big Splash on Murdoch followed by the Money Shot from Val scored the victory for an underdog team in this contest!

Val Venis and Viscera become #1 contenders - 10:06, B-Rating

A pissed off Big Show returned to the ring and choke slammed first Val and then Viscera which got a response from the crowd. Show let out a huge war cry, leaving the ring one pissed off giant.


Before the commercial break, Todd Grisham was shown catching up with the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels in the back.

Todd Grisham: Shawn! Shawn Michaels! I was hoping to get a word with you on your match up tonight, with Mr. McMahon putting you in a handicap match with Chris Masters and Carlito in tonight's Main Event.

Shawn Michaels: You want a few words kid?

Todd Grisham: Well, yeah.

Shawn Michaels: If Vince McMahon wants the HBK of old, he'll get the HBK of old tonight, how’s that for ya?

Todd Grisham: Well what do you mean by that Shawn?

*Michaels walked off as RAW went to another set of advertisements from the sponsors*

Grisham interviews HBK - 3 minutes, B- Rating


The next contest on RAW saw Rob Van Dam going head to head with the Former "Problem Solver", Tyson Tomko. For a guy that once solved problems, Tomko sure has had a problem recently with winning matches, and it wasn't any different tonight as RVD continued to impress since his return to the ring and pinned Tomko after the Five Star Frog Splash.

RVD p. Tyson Tomko - 5:42, B Rating


A PPV commercial for Smackdown's next brand PPV No Way Out played, hyping the matches between Kurt Angle and the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H and Rey Mysterio and finally Chris Benoit and Booker T for the United States Championship.

No Way Out commercial - 1 minute, A Rating


After the final commercial break of the evening it was time to see if Vince McMahon had indeed put HBK into another impossible predicament, or would HBK finally get one up on McMahon with a win over the World Tag Team Champions? HBK's remarks to Grisham earlier in the evening became clear as Michaels wrestled the match. "The HBK of old" was back in true form as Michaels pulled out all of the stops and landed high risk move after high risk move. After blind tagging himself in (because Masters refused to) Carlito seemed to get one over on HBK, but Masters stormed the ring with a chair, swung full force - and leveled his own partner as HBK had ducked out of the way! Sweet Chin Music from Michaels sent Masters rolling to the outside. HBK stomped the mat like a wild man, and when Carlito got back to his feet the "Show Stopper" landed a picture perfect super kick to the throat of 1/2 the Tag Champions. HBK made the cover and secured the victory, against all odds!

HBK d. Carlito and Masters - 9:41, B- Rating



Shelton Benjamin p. Ric Flair for the Intercontinental Title

Trish def. Victoria by dq to retain the Women's title

John Cena p. Rob Conway

Val Venis & Viscera b. Cade & Murdoch, and Big Show & Kane to become World Tag Team Title #1 Contenders

Rob Van Dam p. Tyson Tomko

Shawn Michaels d. Carlito and Chris Masters


Live show B Rating, RAW drew 200,532 viewers on Sky Sports, 1,705,307 on the USA Network, and 688,734 on TSN.



+World Heavyweight Title Match

The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

+WrestleMania Main Event Title Shot

Triple H v. Rey Mysterio

+WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit v. Booker T

+WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Kid Kash v. Gregory Helms


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In the spirit of feedbackery, allow me to return the favour with some of my random thoughts while reading this diary:

RAW (week one):

I always have a feeling that you can tell TEW 2005 wasn’t designed for real promotions just by reading such diaries, but we’ll see if you can break that.

Please tell me Edge is getting the belt back. Correct this horrendous error. Oh, who am I kidding, if you were really putting the belt back on Edge, you’d have changed the Rumble results.

Oh, joy, Triple H. Because God knows it couldn’t be a Wrestlemania without him.

A push for Conway, perhaps? I always liked him for some reason. And RVD going over is the right direction.


Mickie is creepy.

Masters and Carlito win the straps! Now, are they going to be Russo-style Wacky Mismatched Tag Partners Who Hate Each Other, or Heyman-style Serious Mismatched Tag Team Partners Who Merely Dislike Each Other?

I can’t help feeling that if I’d read this Vince/Shawn stuff when it was written, rather than having to sit through two extra months of TV in real life of it, then I’d enjoy it a lot more.


I love how everyone’s particular mode of speech and accent comes through in the way it’s written, especially Carlito.

No way Helms is taking the IC belt on the way out.

3 minutes of Edge and Cena just ‘getting ready’… if only that were unrealistic.

The highlighted ‘under the ropes’ means I can’t even mark out for Edge winning the belt back. We all know which way this is going.

SD! (week one):

Cursed computers. They have no appreciation for the work that goes into diaries, and just randomly die whenever it suits them.

Poor, stupid Animal.

‘Delayed in traffic’… sure Kurt. I believe you.

Teddy Long rules. Mark Henry is a waste of a lot of space.

Helms gets the cheap heel heat… like beating Funaki is such an accomplishment.

Whoa, didn’t see Tripper coming. I guess this means HHH challenges Rey for the title shot… but where does that leave Randy? I’m intrigued.

Again, I love the way these promos are being written, it’s easy to imagine Booker really saying this stuff.

Ugh… The Dicks. It would be nothing short of a modern-day miracle if you made me take those guys seriously.

Thought not. Meaningless victory for London & Kendrick.

Wow, that Angle/Benoit segment was… short and meaningless.

I know MNM are cheating heels, but they should be booked stronger than that, IMO.

Gymini? Damn, Booker’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Three guesses… Finlay, just as I thought. Hey, where’s Lashley?



Aha, the TEW vs. Real World battle continues. Of course TNA overhauls its entire creative team and replaces talented guys with useless has-beens. That’s why TEW diaries with real promotions take me out of my suspension of disbelief.

That yellow is really hard to read if you’re using the orange background like I am.

Mike Kruel… never really saw him except as the Embassy’s muscle in ROH, hopefully he’ll spend some time in development and get repackaged.

Harry Smith… CM Punk… I’m interested to see what you do with this new talent. Punk has been used so often and so generically in other WWE diaries, you’ll have your work cut out making him stand out.

Good move ditching Heat and Velocity… having them as anything more than super short recaps is overkill when you’re putting out two shows a week.

RAW (week two):

Carlito losing in the opening match? Das not cool.

I like the little headings you give each segment, it’s a neat touch.

Flair is written perfectly. Not only can I hear him saying that, but I can’t read it without hearing him saying it.

Foley… and Edge… I think I see where this is going…

HBK’s time is running out… 3MW rule.

Chavo’s gonna die.

Here comes Rey. I’m not sure I’m liking the idea of Triple H going after Mysterio’s title shot… after all, they’re on different brands. Hunter could get the Raw title shot a different way, and probably a lot more easily.

Aww… Shelton is a good boy.

Kane vs. Big Show… book it.

Gah, Cena regains the belt. Again. But there is so little that can be done with the title scene on Raw, WWE have booked themselves into a corner… a corner where giving the belt to HHH is the only logical route, conveniently enough.

SD! (week two):

Those are some awesome posters there. They read the wrong date, I guess, unless the PPV really is on a Friday, but the fact that it reads ‘Friday Week Two’ like that makes any sense at all as a date is awesome.

‘Spoilers’ are a neat touch.

Gail Kim and Doug Basham… I know they’re always listed in databases as going out, but still…

Basham should be ‘The Bash Man’. I always thought that was a cool (albeit stupid) nickname for him.

Boogeyman… why?

You tell him, Lashley.

‘I’m Kurt Angle, and I’m for real’. Sounds like Benoit.

His name is Finlay, and he loves to fight!

That Booker’s so dastardly.

Wait, is Kid Kash a face now? Hmm.

Still exploiting Eddie’s death… I just can’t get into Rey talking about having a guardian angel and stuff.

MNM are so dastardly.

I loved Daivari psyching Mark Henry up, sounds exactly like what you’d do if you were managing a guy like the World’s Strongest Man.

Taker wins, no surprise there.


Again, TNA looks ridiculous because it’s TEW. The worst part is that while you’re writing ‘TNA is in a serious crisis’, they’re probably gaining public image more quickly than ever.

Again, it’s good to see you focusing on the developmental talent and hopefully you’ll bring them up to the main roster soon.

You should definitely bring back King of the Ring, I miss it.

RAW (week three):

Evil Vince… we’ve seen it so many times before.

Aha! Edge vs. Foley. Just as it should be.

Putting the belt back on Shelton was the sensible thing to do, just like in real life. He needs it, and Flair doesn’t.

Wait, where’s Momma going? I hope we get serious Shelton back. Or at the very least, some convoluted and possibly insane angle where Shelton starts losing on purpose to get his Momma’s attention… since I’m brainstorming.

The Trish/Mickie/Vince’s Devils stuff just isn’t getting my attention right now.

Argh, Conway getting squashed by Cena. His promo makes it sound like he’s about to join Generation Next, actually.

Carlito/Masters DISSENSION~!

It is nice to see Vince actually making use of Bischoff for a change rather than humiliating him.

Not much of a tag division at the moment, hopefully you can strengthen it, perhaps with some of that developmental talent.

RVD’s building up a win streak, but I think he needs to start beating guys a little higher up the food chain than Tomko.

You made the jobbing out of the Tag champs in a handicap match seem reasonable enough – they obviously weren’t on the same page.

Overall Diary Thoughts: What I like most about this diary is that it doesn’t deviate too far from reality. So many diaries seem to instantly sign up indy stars and push them to the moon or act like they’re starting over from scratch. You’re continuing the existing storylines and using the people on the roster already, so when you do bring in new guys and start new storylines, it won’t be such a jarring break from reality. I can easily picture most of this stuff really happening (and some of it, like Shelton winning the IC title, really did happen). That’s especially important in a TEW game where every other promotion is going to hell (I dread to think what ROH is like in your game). Like it says, you’re on the road to Wrestlemania, and you’re building it up very well at the moment. I’ll be following this diary, and I’m looking forward to No Way Out.

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Now that's the kind of feedback a guy likes to see! I should have the official Smackdown! show results up tomorrow or atleast no later than Tuesday.


News and Rumors (Wednesday, week three)

* Marcus "Buff" Bagwell has infact inked a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as the company's website has already informed everyone. Bagwell should be making his debut with the company as soon as the next iMPACT! tapings, most likely debuting as one of the new members of "Jarrett's Army" that Double J has been talking about.

* TNA has also contacted "Dr. Death" Steve Williams in regards to a spot in the company, most likely as a road agent.

* Rumors are continuing that there may be another Cruiserweight Open at WrestleMania, as well as the return of Money in the Bank with the latter being the more likely of the two.

* WWE has been very impressed with the work of Dave "Fit" Finlay since his return to in ring action.

* It is likely that both Tracy Brooks and Lance Hoyt will sign with the WWE, if it does happen both will most likely spend time in wither DSW or OVW.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Preview

WWE.com posted the following for Friday's WWE Smackdown!


With just two weeks away from No Way Out, the superstars of Smackdown! head into Norfolk Virginia!

For weeks prior to the Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio and RAW's Triple H have been embroiled in an inter-brand rivalry that has known no boundaries. Tonight the match will become official as Triple H and Rey Mysterio will set down in the middle of the ring and sign the contract for their matchup at No Way Out!

In the night's Main Event the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton teams up with the United States Champion Booker T to take on the undefeated Lashley and the man Booker T will have to defend his title against at No Way Out, the "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit. Lashley made it clear last week that he didn't like Orton's antics, and Booker and Benoit's rivalry has been fierce. It all comes to a head tonight at the Scope!

Plus Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms takes on Nunzio, the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and his opponent for No Way Out the Undertaker will both be present. You won't want to miss a minute of the action!

All this plus much more at 8/7 CT on UPN, its tv that's changing Friday Nights!

Smackdown Spoilers

A big thanks to Chris in Virginia who sent in the following Smackdown! Spoilers, if you do not wish to read them simply don't click the tab below.

Hey everyone, just got back from the scope after attending Smackdown! so I'll share everything that I wrote down with you. I kept pretty good track so...

Dark Matches:

William Regal and Paul Birchall defeated CM Punk and Chris Cage

Punk and Cage are working some sort of skater gimmicks as a tag team, they both wore skate shoes, and denim style shorts. Punk was shirtless while Cage kept a t-shirt on, don't bother asking me what it was 'cause I couldn't tell you. They also had cans of spraypaint with them. It was a pretty decent match, Regal won with a Regal Stretch on Cage.

The Mexicools def. The Dicks

Lots of flippy stuff from the Mexicools, Psicosis wore a patch over his eye I think from getting hit with Melina's shoe a couple weeks ago. Super Crazy pinned one of the Dicks with the Triple Moonsault.

After that match Cole and Tazz took their seats at ringside followed by the pyro and Smackdown! opening


- The show started off with Orlando Jordan taking on Hardcore Holly, and its scary but Holly actually got quite a pop on his way out. Orlando rolled through Holly's attempt at the Alabama Slam and rolled him up with a handful of tights to get the win.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

- They did an angle with the Mexicools, Paul London and Brian Kendrick in the back. Both teams were irate over how their Tag Title shots went over the past few weeks so long signed a Tag Title Match at No Way Out - London and Kendrick v. The Mexicools v. MNM in a Triple Threat Tag Match.

- They filmed JBL and Jillian going into Orlando Jordan's locker room. This was a pretty good bit with JBL bringing up the Cabinet and their past to con Orlando into facing the Boogeyman at No Way Out. Not sure if Orlando said yes 'cause of some fat fuck who wouldn't stop yelling behind me.

- Scotty too Hotty and Finlay had a match that was all Finlay. When Scotty or Funaki are out you know whats coming next.

Winner: Finlay

- The Undertaker came out and did his usual schtick claiming that at No Way Out Kurt would Rest in Peace - this didn't set well with Angle who came out and informed Taker that it wouldn't be so easy.

- Booker and sharmell were shot backstage in the locker room, Booker was pissed about having to wrestle and said the should start a petition to have Long fired.

- Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms wrestled Nuzio, Kid Kash joined Tazz and Cole on commentary. Helms won with the Shining Whizard.

Winner: Gregory Helms

- Daivari and Mark Henry came out, and Daivari did his best to try and tell us Henry wasn't a glorified jobber, my words not his. Funaki came out and we all knew where this was going.

Winner: Mark Henry

- The Main Event saw Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley against Randy Orton and Booker T. Orton was amazed at Lashley's power as the undefeated juggernaut caught him off guard. Lashley and Orton brawled away, and Booker ended up getting caught in Benoit's Crossface. Having no other choice the US Champion tapped out.

Winners: Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley

- the final segment of the night was the contract signing for No Way Out's match featuring Rey Mysterio and Triple H for Rey's WrestleMania 22, it was pretty standard stuff with Rey and Triple H doing the ol' intense staredown. After both men had signed the contract Triple H informed Rey that Eddie Guerrero wouldn't be able to watch over him up in heaven because at No Way Out Mysterio was going to hell. I'm pretty sure they were ending the show here with the staredown.


Kurt Angle and the Undertaker defeated Mark Henry and Randy Orton

WWE actually gave us the Undertaker in a match before the trip home, what got into them? Pretty good Tag Team Match here with Taker getting the chokeslam on Henry, a move that looked to have secured the match but Randy Orton came in with a chair and all hell broke loose causing a DQ. Angle made the save leaving he and Taker in the ring for a staredown. Two staredowns in one night, jeese.

Biggest Pops:





Biggest Heat:





Edited by Idolized
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Alright, I'm doing this as part of that diary buddy thing that you proposed in the P&Q subforum. I'll take it show by show and start off with the first show, Raw.

Right off the bat I'm digging your Edge. I won't give you to much credit for that one because Edge's beginning portion of that promo seemed like it was taken almost verbatim from his real post Rumble promo. But, I know you were working from the official WWE preview so I can't really give you too much grief for that. Beauty and the Ho? Yeah, that line just doesn't work. I know Cena does the "ho" schtick but Beauty and the Ho? Come on, you can do better than that. Also, that's implying that one of them is a beauty and one of them is a ho. So Cena obviously thinks Edge is beautiful. Yikes.

This is half a nitpick and half a fantasy booking, but you didn't really get the cerebral aspect of Triple H's character down. Triple H is supposed to be the cerebral assasin, which kind of indicates that he's always a step ahead of his opponents. Now why would he stop Cena and Edge from fighting? And, on another matter, why would Cena and Edge decide to wait till later just because of Triple H? If you really wanted to play to Triple H's gimmick, you should have had him come out after Cena vs Edge ended. Both men would have been completely spent, with no energy left. Have him give whoever the winner is a Pedigree, and then cut his promo about taking the title at WrestleMania. That definitely would have been a better fit for HHH.

Shitty in match booking for RVD vs Conway. Common sense would indicate that you would want to make a returning upper mid carder look strong in his first singles match back from being injured. You had Conway dominate almost the entire match, and nearly win the thing. The way you ended it with Conway turning into the Enziguri out of nowhere, really made it seem like RVD's winning was a fluke. Probably not a good thing, especially if you want RVD out of the midcard.

That Carlito/Masters segment was a little off. First of all, Carlito isn't Jamaican. So the mon' shit can stop now. And second of all, it was almost the exact same segment from the post Rumble Raw, except yours wasn't humorous.

Just a suggestion, but you should really take the match ratings into account when you write them. Like you said Shelton vs Eugene was brutal, but it got a B rating. Unless the B stands for Brutal, I don't see how that could have been a brutal match.

As of now your booking seems very shortsighted. Shifting the tag titles from one team that isn't getting along to another team that isn't getting along isn't really the brightest move, as it'll probably just lead to more of the same. And the RVD attack after the match kind of had me wondering. RVD barely was able to beat Conway, but he effortlessly took out a guy who just won the tag titles from Kane and the Big Show? It doesn't add up and hopefully you fix this in the future.

Eric Bischoff doing McMahon's bidding after McMahon had him thrown in a garbage truck and taken off of Raw is very illogical to say the least. Maybe you didn't research this enough. I like 3MW coming back, but it would have been much better had it not been with Bischoff at their side.

I liked Helms' promo, but I can't say that having him lose a match before going to Smackdown really helps him. He's all business, no gimmicks needed, kicking ass and taking names. Nobody can stop him because he's not some retard in a mask anymore... and right away he loses. I know Flair put him over throughout the match but I just think you would have been better off with finding a different opponent for Flair.

Edge taking the belt back from Cena really has me scratching my head. Two title switches on free TV one day after a pay per view? I think you would have been better off just editing into the Rumble results that Edge retained the belt over Cena. Did not like that move at all.

Alright, so there's my feedback for show number one. It was a little rough around the edges, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a little bit of improvement in your booking.

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Alright, onto show number 2. Your first Smackdown, and it starts out with a pretty good Randy Orton promo. The summary of his match with Animal was a little bit short for my liking, but personal preferences aside, it did a decent enough job of making Orton look strong and pissed off. I'm sure I'm correct in assuming that's what you were going for.

I think you were trying to show Angle as being afraid to come face to face with the Undertaker. That would explain the whole "late in traffic" explanation. It makes sense and all, and I got the jist of what you were trying to say, but maybe next time throw in a few more adjectives. Angle looking over his shoulder warily, or jumping back when Mathews snuck up on him would have been a nice touch.

I didn't like Daivari saying that it wasn't Henry's night. A heel monster like Mark Henry should be hyped up by his manager as always being unstoppable. Daivari is a heel, so make him lie. Say that Angle won because he cheated, say that the ref was crooked, hell say that Henry grabbed the ropes or something, but don't just say that Angle was the better man.

Helms would have looked a lot stronger if he didn't lose to Flair on Raw. See, you can't bill someone as a future star and then job them out to a geriatric and still expect people to take him seriously. Doesn't work that way.

The rest of the card was solid, but somewhat uneventful. Nobody cares about The Dicks, so putting London and Kendrick over them won't do much. And the main event seemed like filler. It looked like you were just trying to get straight to the aftermath. But, I still see this show as an improvement over Raw.

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I have just been spending around half an hour to an hour reading this. Right now , its one of the better WWE diaries for sure , your shows have been entertaining , you have a nice format etc but there are still problems you have.

- Some of these booking decisions are far too familliar to the real WWE , and lets face it , who want's to be today's WWE ?. I respect that you like being realistic and you have done a good job doing that but it's way too much like real WWE. The NWO card is very familiar and the storylines - with a few exceptions - liek HHH vs. Rey which IMO is your best fued. But all fo this from RVD's bad booking to Booker needing a substitute is the same old stuff from February.

I suggest that you eventually mould this diary into something more than what the WWE gives us in real life on tv.

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This is half a nitpick and half a fantasy booking, but you didn't really get the cerebral aspect of Triple H's character down. Triple H is supposed to be the cerebral assasin, which kind of indicates that he's always a step ahead of his opponents. Now why would he stop Cena and Edge from fighting? And, on another matter, why would Cena and Edge decide to wait till later just because of Triple H? If you really wanted to play to Triple H's gimmick, you should have had him come out after Cena vs Edge ended. Both men would have been completely spent, with no energy left. Have him give whoever the winner is a Pedigree, and then cut his promo about taking the title at WrestleMania. That definitely would have been a better fit for HHH.

I see your point here and that was actually a debate I had with myself while planning the show, but ultimately the way I wrote it comes down to wanting to keep Triple H away from the title before his time to challenge (if that happens) while still keeping the cowardly heel aspect of his character. I was going for more of a "waste yourselves all you want, it won't matter in the end because I'm taking the title anyway" sort of thing. I see your point though and that is a major flaw when dealing with HHH, so I'll have to take note.

First of all, Carlito isn't Jamaican. So the mon' shit can stop now.

I undertand what you mean here and that's actually a bluff on my part. It's a little tricky trying to get the characters dialogue down as if they'd say it, and I knew Carlito's "man" certainly wouldn't sound like the way you and I would say it, but at the same time the way I wrote it sounds like the jamaican accent. Big bluff on my part, and I'll have to be a bit more choosy on the talking.

Just a suggestion, but you should really take the match ratings into account when you write them. Like you said Shelton vs Eugene was brutal, but it got a B rating. Unless the B stands for Brutal, I don't see how that could have been a brutal match.

This is actually the funky part about TEW that I don't really understand. I booked the match exactly how I wrote it "decisive pinfall finish, Shelton to dominate, bury Eugene and short match time." Basically I booked a squash match and after I ran the show the rating came out to B. I guess the fans really liked seeing Eugene get his ass handed to him.

Eric Bischoff doing McMahon's bidding after McMahon had him thrown in a garbage truck and taken off of Raw is very illogical to say the least. Maybe you didn't research this enough. I like 3MW coming back, but it would have been much better had it not been with Bischoff at their side.

This is a big goof on my part, as I've watched every episode of RAW for the last five years, yet I totally forgot how Bischoff was escorted out in the garbage truck. Totally a goof on my part, but I hope you'll forgive that as I do have plans for the threesome.

I didn't like Daivari saying that it wasn't Henry's night. A heel monster like Mark Henry should be hyped up by his manager as always being unstoppable. Daivari is a heel, so make him lie. Say that Angle won because he cheated, say that the ref was crooked, hell say that Henry grabbed the ropes or something, but don't just say that Angle was the better man.

I will definitely take that into account.

- Some of these booking decisions are far too familliar to the real WWE , and lets face it , who want's to be today's WWE ?. I respect that you like being realistic and you have done a good job doing that but it's way too much like real WWE. The NWO card is very familiar and the storylines - with a few exceptions - liek HHH vs. Rey which IMO is your best fued. But all fo this from RVD's bad booking to Booker needing a substitute is the same old stuff from February.

I suggest that you eventually mould this diary into something more than what the WWE gives us in real life on tv.

Trust me on this, things are very familiar right now because I wasn't about to drop everything the WWE was doing at the time and start things over as I would want them to be. Many of the matches, ala Angle v. Taker at No Way Out had to happen because lets face it with the way the Rumble ended it would have been disappointing if the match didn't happen. As you can see by this show, things are taking a different route than they had in real life. Alot of guys such as RVD sort of have to be floating around right now for what I have in store for them, and other guys such as Edge I want to feud with Foley because I think it will be a very beneficial feud and I hope to make my own spin on it. Trust me, I'm not copying what the WWE is doing.

It's nice to get a mixture of both positive and negative feedback, and this really helps. I should have already by now, started a review of yours soon Essa, the whole 20 pages :o

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IPB Image



The opening video, the pyro display, Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside - the usual opened up Smackdown! this week. Michael Cole and Tazz hyped up tonight’s contract signing between RAW's Triple H and Rey Mysterio for their match at next Sunday's No Way Out with Mysterio's WrestleMania 22 Title shot on the line. That wasn't all though as they also hyped tonight's Main Event that had "just been signed" with the "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit and the undefeated Bobby Lashley teaming up to take on the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton and the United States Champion Booker T.


The opening contest of the night's show saw Orlando Jordan taking on Hardcore Holly. The tough as nails veteran Holly went right to work on Jordan at the start of the bell with clenched fists and well placed dropkicks that Tazz aptly dubbed the "best in the business," aptly named because Holly nearly won the match after connecting with one as Jordan slingshot off of the ropes. Sadly it was only a two count. Holly dominated the match, with Jordan only getting a spree of offense in after having hung Holly neck first across the ropes. Hardcore Holly connected with a running forearm and then scooped Orlando up for the Alabama Slam, Jordan frayed around however and rolled through catching Holly's legs and with a handful of tights the former United States Champion secured the victory.

Orlando Jordan def. Hardcore Holly - 7:34, C+ Rating

As Hardcore Holly plead his case to the referee the announce team hyped tonight's contract signing between Triple H and Rey Mysterio, from there things went to the back.


The cameras picked up backstage in Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long's office where the rather irate teams of Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and Psicosis (with his eye bearing a medical patch, a result of getting hit with Melina's high heel a few weeks back) and Super Crazy were having what looked to be a shouting contest with the GM himself.

Super Crazy: *Spanish!* *Spanish!* *Spanish!* *Spanish!* *Spanish!* *Spanish!!!!*

Psicosis: *Spanish!* *Spanish!* (points to eye) *Spanish!* *Spanish!* *Spanish!!!*

Brian Kendrick: What are you two dudes talking about? We deserve a rematch for the Tag Titles!

Paul London: Yeah, last week we had MNM beat but they hit us with the belt! We deserve another shot!

*The four men shouted back and fourth in each others faces, until Long finally intervened*

Theodore Long: A'right! A'right! Hold it there playas!

*Super Crazy, Psicosis, Paul London and Brian Kendrick stopped momentarily and looked at the GM who was dressed in a white suit and stood behind his desk.*

Theodore Long: Nah look here! Psicosis and Supa' Crazy - da' two of you were cheated outta yo' match fo' the WWE Tag Team Titles, and 'da way I see it playas, the two of you deserve a rematch...

*Crazy and Psicosis' hands met in a high five, quite happy of the news while Kendrick and London both looked upset*

Theodore Long: But... Paul London an' Brian Kendrick, 'da two of you were also cheated outta yo' match for the titles, they'fo' the two of you deserve a rematch...

*London and Kendrick now looked happy while the Mexicools looked a little confused*

Theodore Long: So, here’s what we gonna do. At No Way Out it is gonna be the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM putting up the gold against Paul London and Brian Kendrick...


AND Psicosis and Super Crazy in a Tag Team Triple Threat Match! Nah balee' dat! ya' feel me playas?

*Both teams seemed satisfied with Long's announcement as yet another matchup was added to the card for No Way Out.

Long signs a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles at No Way Out - 4 minutes, C+ Rating

A match graphic reminded us that in tonight's main event Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley would be taking on Randy Orton and Booker T before Friday Night Smackdown! went to its first commercial break of the night.


When the show came back on Orlando Jordan was shown in the locker room finishing getting changed when John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Jillian Hall stepped in.

JBL: Orlando! Great match out there old buddy, how ya been!?

*JBL had his million dollar smile in Orlando's direction, clearly he was sucking up. Orlando finished pulling the bottom of his t-shirt down and looked at JBL funny*

Orlando Jordan: Yeah thanks man, I've been good. You ain't doin' too bad yo'self now I see...

*Orlando looked in the direction of Jillian, insinuating that there was more going on between the two than a "business relationship"*

JBL: Yep, I've been pretty good.

*JBL stood in awkward silence for a moment*

JBL: You.. you remember the Cabinet, right? You and me.. we had some pretty good times didn't we?

Orlando Jordan: Yeah John.. good times.

JBL: Boy, did we. You know, I was thinking about reforming it.

Orlando Jordan: Were you?

JBL: Yeah

Orlando Jordan: Look John, is there somethin' you want? Somethin' I can help you with?

*JBL looked shocked that Orlando was assume such a thing, and looked to Jillian. Finally JBL broke down and came out with it.*

JBL: Alright, I came to see you Orlando because I've got the Boogeyman on me, Orlando! Wherever I go there's.. there’s worms.. and.. and dirt, and bugs.. the guys a freak!

Orlando Jordan: And?...

JBL: And I want you to take him out at No Way Out! Look Orlando me and you, we go way back and I did a lot for you kid and now I'm asking you for something in return...

*JBL whipped out his wallet, and drew out a couple hundred dollar bills*

JBL: Look, here's a little incentive. I want you to take out the Boogeyman!

*Orlando put out his hand, but rejected JBL's money*

Orlando Jordan: John, John... if you wanted me to take out the Boogeyman for ya' all ya' had ta' do is ask, I don't need yo' money.

JBL: You'll do it then?

Orlando Jordan: Fine by me. That sick freak wants ta' scare people, let him try an' scare Orlando Jordan.

*Orlando tapped JBL on his shoulder and walked out of the locker room*

JBL: I always knew those good things I said about you were true kid! (to Jillian) He's gonna do it!

*JBL and Jillian smiled before Friday Night Smackdown! headed back to the arena.*

JBL charms Orlando Jordan into facing the Boogeyman at No Way Out - 5 minutes, C Rating


Back in the arena it was time for the next contest of the evening, this one featuring the "Fighting" Finlay going one on one with Scotty 2 Hotty. Since his debut with Smackdown! Finlay had been nothing short of dominant in his matches, even against top notch foes like Chris Benoit and tonight was no different as the Irishman physically dissected the former Tag Team Champion with an array of punishing holds, and vicious suplexes. When Finlay grew tired of admonishing such a heavy beating he hooked up Scotty and planted him with his patented Muscle Buster to score the fall. Nothing short of domination...

Finlay p. Scotty 2 Hotty - 7:34, C+ Rating


Finlay added a few insulting kicks to his opponent before snatching the microphone out of ring announcer Tony Chimmel's hands.

Finlay: Let m'ay get a little su'ntin straight with you people! M'ay name is Finlay an' I don' care how big, how small, how strong, how quick they come! I am the best darn fight'a' here on Friday Nigh' Smackdown or RAW fo' that matta! It don' matt'a'! An' the sooner you all realize that the betta'! I said it once, an' I'll say it again! M'ay name is Finlay an' I came here ta' fight!

*Once more Finlay planted Scotty with a hard boot to the side of the head before Smackdown! changed scenes.*

Finlay on the microphone - 2 minutes, C Rating


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vince McMahon: That's right, Shawn Michaels looked up and he spit right in my face, so tonight I've decided to make a special little match for Shawn Michaels!... Tonight in this very ring Shawn Michaels is going to be in action against the New World Tag Team Champions Carlito and the "Masterpiece" Chris Masters!

"You Think You Know Me"

Joey Styles: Here come Edge and Lita, what business does the "Rated R Superstar" have with the WWE Chairman?

Edge: I'm not out here to talk about Shawn Michaels, I'm not out here to talk about John Cena. I'm out here to talk about me! I'm out here to talk about last week! I'm out here to talk about Mick Foley!... Last week I lost it all, everything that I had worked my whole damn career for! My WWE Title! My Main Event Status, my place in the Main Event of WrestleMania 22! My Money in the Bank, my opportunistic moment at New Year's Revolution, all of it gone! All of it for nothing! All because of one man! One fat, earless, moron! .... I want Mick Foley! I want him in this ring! I want to beat the living hell out of Mick Foley!

Shane McMahon: Woah, woah... unless Mick Foley comes out and agrees to that match, there's no way my dad can sign it.

Edge: Unless Foley accepts, huh? Oh he'll accept. He isn't going to have a choice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Carlito: Ha, ha! Tonight, we are gonna expose da' Heart Break Kid for da' quitter dat' he is cause we are da' Worl' Tag Team Champions!

Chris Masters: ...

Carlito: Chris?

Carlito: Oh, we still playin’ that game, huh? Yeah I like how you though it was funny las' week when RVD kicked that chair into my face, and beat me wit' his Frog Splash. Dat was hilarious, huh?... You know what Chris? Dat's not cool!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shawn Michaels: If Vince McMahon wants the HBK of old, he'll get the HBK of old tonight, how’s that for ya?

Todd Grisham: Well what do you mean by that Shawn?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joey Styles: It's the Main Event... HBK takes on the World Tag Team Champions Carlito and Chris Masters, can HBK overcome the odds here tonight?

Coach: No! Come on Carlito! Come on Masterpiece!

Jerry Lawler: Look at that!

Joey Styles: The Showstopper is pulling out all the stops, the elbow connects! I don't think there's any question about it, the old HBK is right here tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Oh look at that!? The only way for the Masterpiece to get ahead is to grab a chair, they're nothing but a bunch of cheaters, they already have the numbers advantage!

Joey Styles: Carlito holds HBK and the Masterpiece swings... OH MY! HE Just leveled his partner!

Coach: I can't believe it!

Joey Styles: Sweet Chin Music sends the Masterpiece out of the ring, and now HBK is tuning up the band for Carlito... Carlito is on his feet.. HBK measures him up and.. Sweet Chin Music for Carlito! HBK covers, 1, 2, 3! Shawn Michaels has overcome the odds and beaten the World Tag Team Champions here tonight on RAW!

RAW video highlights - 3 minutes, A Rating


When Smackdown! returned to the arena the familiar "Hell's bells" tolled marking the entrance of the Undertaker, that got the crowd on their feet quickly. Taker made his entrance complete with black light and all. Once all of his trademark poses were through the "Dead Man" grabbed a microphone and somberly paced the ring.

Undertaker: Kuuuurt Angle!

*The trademark long winded and deep voice of the Undertaker shined through, and after rolling his eyes back into his head he continued on.*

Undertaker: Kurt Angle just nine days remain. Nine days until you dance face to face with the Prince of Darkness... Nine days until you look into the eyes of the Undertaker and you realize your own mortality! Kuuurt Angle you bill yourself as the wrestling machine, you bill yourself as someone who is indestructible.

*Taker lifted the brim of his hat so that his entire face was now visible to the viewing audience*

Undertaker: Indestructibility Angle is a trait reserved for only that of the Undertaker. Kuurt Angle at No Way Out you will stare into my eyes and you will realize that you are not half the man you claim to be. When you look into the eyes of the Undertaker you will see what so many before you all saw. You will see that indestructible you are not. You will realize that you are not of machine, but mere mortal. And Kuurt Angle you will realize that champion you most certainly arrrrre not. Angle, at No Way Out you will Rest in .......

*Suddenly "Medal" took over the public address and the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle came out from the back looking rather wary into the ring at the man who stood before him*

Taker hypes No Way Out - 5 minutes, A* Rating


Angle stopped at the bottom of the ramp.

Kurt Angle: Undertaker, ma-make no mistake about it you are without a shadow of a doubt a legend, an icon and one scary S.O.B but there is one thing that you are not...

*Angle looked timid and tugged the championship title that now rested over his shoulder.

Kurt Angle: You know what that one thing is?

*Angle grabbed the Championship and lifted it over his head*

Kurt Angle: It's this right here, The World Heavyweight Title! I'm the World Champion, and you're not!

*Angle had raised his voice and was becoming, or so it seemed a bit more comfortable and less uneasy.*

Kurt Angle: Undertaker, ever since the Royal Rumble I've sighted in on your little game you've got goin' on, oh don't you dare think I haven't. I'll admit it, for the first couple of weeks I was walking around this place looking over my shoulder. You ride out on a white horse and you do that weird thing with the lightning and collapse the ring just to try and get into my head! Well it's not gonna work anymore! Oh no! I see right through it, pal! And then... and then you have the audacity to come out here and you say I'm no machine?

*Angle got into the ring, and once again returned the microphone to his face.*

Kurt Angle: Well you're damn wrong buddy! I'm Kurt Angle and I am the UNSTOPPABLE WRESTLING MACHINE! You come out here and you tell everyone that I'll be resting in peace at No Way Out, huh? Well you've got one hell of a mountain to climb to make that happen pal, Oh it's true! IT'S DAMN TRUE!

*Angle stood eye to eye with the Undertaker for a few moments, the crowd waited for any moment that Angle and Taker would collide. The champion and the challenger stood eye to eye, and unlike weeks prior Angle now looked fearless. A brawl had not ensued, instead Taker brought the microphone to his face.*

Undertaker: Weee'll see!

*With that Taker's music played once again, and with the champion and challenger for No Way Out eyeballing one another Smackdown! went to yet another commercial break.*

Angle's ready for No Way Out as well - 7 minutes, A* Rating


When Friday Night Smackdown! returned to the air, Michael Cole and Tazz reminded everyone of the huge Tag Team Main Event match tonight. Once they had finished up, the music of Kid Kash played and the number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship headed to the ring - or so we thought as Kash instead walked over to the announce position and grabbed a head set.

Michael Cole: Well it's a pleasure to have Kid Kash joining us here for this next match, welcome aboard Kid Kash.

Kid Kash: You see this man right here? (Kash pointed to Tazz) If you've got a question you ask it through him, you just shut your mouth Cole!

Tazz: Woah! You heard the man Cole!

Michael Cole: Yeah... I heard. Well fans, up next its the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms one on one with Nunzio just nine days from his showdown with Kid Kash at No Way Out!

Kash joins Tazz and Cole on Commentary - 2 minutes, B Rating


It's funny, since Gregory Helms came over from RAW his new super heel persona makes it so that other heels such as his opponent tonight, Nunzio who is a heel seem like a face when you compared the two. Such could be noticed when you review the fan reaction on the wrestler's ways to the ring. Nunzio, accompanied as always by Vito recieved almost a face pop having came out after the hated Champion. Helms and Nunzio dazzled the fans with a mat based match to start things off, but Helms' eye was never off of his challenger at No Way Out, Kid Kash who constantly taunted the champ from the commentary table. Helms' lack of attention on the task at hand lead to Nunzio dominating most of the beginning portion of the contest and into the commercial break. When the show came back from commercial break we leard that Nunzio had taken a nasty spill on the outside courtesy of a Helms' back body drop and from there on out the Cruiserweight Champion unleashed the most impressive moves of his arsenal, minus the Vertebreaker of course and finished Nunzio off with the Shining Wizard for the three.

Gregory Helms p. Nunzio - 11:08, B- Rating

While Gregory Helms was handed the Cruiserweight Title he and Kid Kash didn't remove their eyes from one another. Kash promised he'd be taking the title back while Helms talked trash in the ring that wasn't audible on television.


Backstage Booker T was shown aggressively lacing up his boots, while his wife Sharmell stood beside him shaking her head. The couple looked very unhappy to say the least.

Booker T: Man! Can you belie'dat foo'!? Who he think he is bookin' me in a match at No Way Out, much less ta'night!?

Sharmell: I know baby! There's gotta be some sorta law against this sorta crap! You got a damn docta's note!

Booker T: Yeah, I know! Theodo' Long bookin' da' Book Man against Chris Benoit... we need ta' start a petition or suntin.

Sharmell: A petition? A petition fo' what baby?

*Booker looked at Sharmell as if to say "What the hell do you think I mean."*

Booker T: A petition ta' get dat foo' fired, dawg!

Sharmell: You right baby, I hear ya!

Booker T: Yo damn right 'choo know I'm right. Here I am wit' another injury dat I suffa'd at da Royal Rumble and his punk ass don' even care! Man dis is bull! This.. this is discrimination!

Booker wants Theodore Long fired - 3 minutes, B Rating

*From there the show switched back to the arena where Michael Cole asked the question "Discrimination?" before he and Tazz further hyped the contract signing between Triple H and Rey Mysterio for later tonight. With that, Friday Night Smackdown! took another commercial break.*


When Friday Night Smackdown! returned, the WWE World Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury stood in the interview set with Melina and everyone's favorite Smackdown! interviewer, Kristal.

Kristal: Hello everyone, it's Kristal and I'm backstage here with the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. Hey guys we all saw Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long sign a Triple Threat match for the WWE Tag Team Titles at No Way Out putting you guys, MNM against Paul London and Brian Kendrick and the Mexicools. What are your thoughts about this match?

Joey Mercury: What are our thoughts, heh.. hey Johnny she wants to know what are thoughts are...

Johnny Nitro: Heh.. Melina, she wants to know what our thoughts are on the match at No Way Out...

*Nitro and Mercury both looked at Melina who in turn rolled her eyes and snatched the microphone out of Kristal's hands.*

Melina: Yeah.. Kristal is it? Kristal... this is the part of the feature where extras such as yourself take a hike. OK?

*Kristal looked offended for a moment then thought it best just to walk away shaking her head.*

Melina: (rolling her eyes) Now that that's taken care of, MNM need to set something straight. What is the deal with all of the doubt that has recently been surrounding my men?

Johnny Nitro: Yeah I mean, we're the stars of this show, we're the featured act! So what's up with two teams who aren't even in our league getting a shot at our titles at No Way Out?

Joey Mercury: Yeah... like they should be totally happy we have even let them play a supporting role up to this point!

Johnny Nitro: Exactly Joey!

Joey Mercury: Hey I got one for ya Johnny! Our reign as WWE Tag Team Champions is like a picture!

Johnny Nitro: Why man? 'Cause it'll last forever?

Joey Mercury: Totally man! How'd you guess that?

*Nitro and Mercury walked away having amused themselves while Melina sort of rolled her eyes and shook her head*

Melina: (Shaking her head) Like a picture!???

*She walked away as well, MNM had seemingly little doubt that No Way Out was going to be a breeze.*

Interview with MNM - 4 minutes, C+ Rating


The show returned to the ring where music was playing and the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry stood in the ring with his arms crossed. Daivari was right beside him and grabbed the microphone out of Tony Chimel's hand.

Daivari: Alright, that is not the reception we want to hear! Each of you! Each and every one of you rise to your feet and give this man, Mark Henry the reception he rightfully deserves!

*The fans of course do the opposite of Daivari's demands and boo Henry all the louder*

Daivari: This man is an athlete like no other! The power that he possesses is unparalleled and unlike anything ever before seen in the WWE! Kurt Angle, Undertaker if you think that your days are through with the "World's Strongest Man" you had better think again! Mark Henry is a monster! Mark Henry is an animal, and dare I say Mark Henry... is unstoppable!

*Daivari handed Henry the microphone*

Mark Henry: An' if ya' think he's kiddin', jus' watch 'dis!

*Henry slammed the microphone down to the mat and some Japanese type music started playing, prompting the entrance of Smackdown!'s #1 announcer, Funaki to the ring.*

Daivari hypes Mark Henry - 4 minutes, C+ Rating


As soon as you read who came out you shouldn't have expected much of a match in this one and if you didn't, well you'd be happy to know that you were right. This was just basically a maiming by the "World's Strongest Man" who was looking to get some sort of steam back after losing both his title match and number one contender's match in the past few weeks. Henry just decimated Funaki with clubbing blows, and power moves before he locked him into a bear hug and strangled the former Cruiserweight Champion to near death. A HUGE Splash finished this one off in less than four minutes, everyone of them dominated by Henry.

Mark Henry p. Funaki - 3:51, C+ Rating

Before yet another commercial break, and yes there had been plenty tonight Tazz and Cole remind everyone that coming up next is the Main Event that will see the undefeated Bobby Lashley team up with Chris Benoit to take on Randy Orton and the United States Champion Booker T.


Back on the air, and it was time for the main event. All four men made their entire entrance, further prolonging the match to take place, but alas once all four men had taken their places the match began. Chris Benoit and Randy Orton started the match off, picking right up where their feud left off before the Royal Rumble. Benoit had the advantage in the opening moments thanks to his flurry of aggressive blows and stinging chops to the third generation star's chest but a well timed low blow (out of the referee's view) turned things into the heel's favor. Orton tagged in Booker who talked a shit load of, well... shit to his challenger at No Way Out, and he and Orton would dominate the largest portion of the match with quick tags and dirty tricks well into the commercial break. To top it off, each time Lashley would try and save Benoit, the referee would hold him back. Not only did this allow Orton and Booker to further the damage on Benoit, it built up the anticipation for the inevitable showdown between Lashley and Orton that the fans had seemingly been itching to see since their run in with each other a week ago. After playing the face in peril for most of the match, Benoit finally was able to make the hot tag to Lashley and the big man charged at both of his opponents with great tenacity. While Lashley tossed Booker T - the legal man over the top rope, Orton snuck up behind the undefeated big man and waited for him to turn around. Lashley did so and Orton jumped up for the RKO... but Lashley countered by shrugging Orton off and into the ropes. Orton propelled back and Lashley lifted the "Legend Killer" up into military press position. To further show his strength, Lashley lifted Orton up and down, up and down before slamming him hard on his back. The crowd ate it up, and Orton rolled out of the ring selling the move as if it had shattered his spine. Orton looked in horror at Lashley in the ring, taken back by his power. The "Legend Killer" began walking to the back, so Lashley tagged Benoit back in and chased after him. Booker and Benoit would exchange over the next few moments but the tide turned when Sharmell tried to aid Booker with the United States Title. Booker swung at Benoit, but the "Rabid Wolverine" countered and locked in the Crippler Crossface right in the center of the ring! Booker struggled and struggled to get to the ropes, but finally gave in and tapped out giving Benoit the victory!

Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley def. Randy Orton and Booker T - 14:56, B Rating

The crowd cheered for Benoit who now had a submission victory over his opponent, just nine days before they would meet for the US Title. Smackdown! then went to the final commercial break of the night.


When Smackdown! returned, we saw footage labeled "Moments ago" that showed Theodore Long standing in his office.

Theodore Long: How's it hangin' playa's? Now I know ya'll just saw what happened durin' that match... don't ya' think fo' one moment that I missed it. An' let me tell you playas sumthin' else, you want to see those two go at it about as bad as I do. So here's how its gonna go down, at No Way Out it's gonna be the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton goin' one on one with the undefeated Bobby Lashley. No I know ya feelin'!?

*Long ended the footage with a smile, having signed another matchup to the No Way Out card.*

Long signs Orton v. Lashley for No Way Out - 1 minute, B Rating


Smackdown! went back to the arena where inside of the ring a desk was set with two chairs at opposing sides. Tazz stood in the ring with a microphone, and a clipboard with the contract attached.

Tazz: Well we might as well get right to this, first I'm gonna call out Rey Mysterio to the ring.

*Rey Mysterio's music played and the 2006 Royal Rumble winner received quite the pop on his way out. Mysterio slapped hands with the fans on the way out, and a few of them were shown holding up signs that read "We miss you Eddie" and "RIP Latino Heat." Mysterio came into the ring and shook Tazz's hand before sitting in the chair that faced the rampway.*

Tazz: Now allow me to introduce the man that will challenge Rey Mysterio for his WrestleMania 22 Title Shot at No Way Out, RAW's Triple H...

*"The Game" played over the speakers and Triple H came out to less than a warm reaction from the crowd. Helmsley was dressed in suit and tie and stared directly at Rey Mysterio on his way to the ring. He had no bottle of water, so that meant no spitting before getting into the ring therefore Triple H just took the rest of the time staring at Mysterio without saying a word and took the open seat.*

Tazz: Now we all know how this goes right? (he looked around at the fans) I hold here in my hand the contract for this match at No Way Out. Now tonight we're gonna make this official. Triple H, since you are the challenger I'm gonna have you sign first, man.

*Tazz handed Triple H the clip board and pen. Helmsley had a smug smile on his face as he looked at Mysterio who still hadn't broken his ice like stare. Triple H scribbled his signature on the contract and handed it back to Tazz.

Tazz: Alright Rey, now its your turn.

*Tazz slid the material over to Mysterio who picked up the pen and scribbled his name down, not once breaking his cold stare at the "Game."*

Tazz: Alright it's official at No Way Out it is going to be Rey Mysterio putting his WrestleMania 22 shot on the line against Triple....

*Triple H had stood up and grabbed Tazz by the arm. He said a few things that no one at home could hear and then grabbed the microphone.*

Triple H: (to Mysterio) Now-uh hold on a second, I'm goin'tuh give you a few moments to think'uh'bout what you just did.

*Mysterio wasn't phased by Triple H's words, still he said nothing, still he stared a hole right through the man he would face in just nine days.*

Triple H: Fine.. allow me to inform you of what you just did'uh. What you did right there Mysterio, when you scribbled your name down on that paper.. you didn't just sign a contract to face me at No Way Out'uh.. no! What you just did was.. ya' signed your own damn death warrant!

*Triple H's face was now as serious as ever and both men were now staring directly into each other's eyes. Triple H leaned over the table inching closer to Mysterio as he continued.*

Triple H: Ya' know'uh.. I thought it was funny, you runnin' around here these past couple'uh weeks and tellin' everybody how Eddie Guerrero reached down from Heaven and helped you win the Royal Rumble. Well Mysterio let me let'cha in on'uh 'nother little secret. In nine days Eddie Guerrero isn't going to be able to help you, the pope isn't going to be able to help you, hell whatever other dead son of a *bleeep* you wanna try and bring back, none of them are gonna be able to help you out! Because Rey Mysterio, at No Way Out... You're going to hell!

*Triple H finished snarling the last of his words and Mysterio got to his feet, it seemed as if they were going to come to blows but instead Mysterio just continued to stare intensely at the "Game" as Smackdown! came to a close.*

Mysterio and Triple H sign the No Way Out Contract - 7 Minutes, A* Rating



Orlando Jordan p. Hardcore Holly

Finlay p. Scotty Too Hotty

Gregory Helms p. Nunzio

Mark Henry p. Funaki

Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley def. Booker T. and Randy Orton


Live show B- Rating, Smackdown! drew 335,661 viewers on The Score, 532,684 on the Sky Sports, and 1,070,108 on UPN.



+World Heavyweight Title Match

The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

+WrestleMania Main Event Title Shot

Triple H v. Rey Mysterio

+WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit v. Booker T w/Sharmell

+Randy Orton v. Bobby Lashley

+WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Kid Kash v. Gregory Helms

+WWE Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match

MNM v. The Mexicools v. Brian Kendrick & Paul London

+The Boogeyman v. Orlando Jordan w/ JBL and Jillian


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Okay, now we're onto the Raw from week 2.

Carlito vs RVD was a good enough match. It wouldn't have been out of place on a pay per view, but it certainly fit the bill as far as hot openers go. My only gripe with this match is Carlito getting a chair kicked into his face, getting five starred and still being conscious enough to really be bothered by anything, let alone Chris Masters laughing. But still a good match.

The beginning of the Ashley/Mickie segment was a little off. Mickie had kicked Ashley's ass about 6 million times before this segment, and "Jeese! Mickie you scared me." implies something like "Wow I didn't see you there." not "Please don't kick my ass again". Basically if you really wanted to get Mickie's psychopathic character over, it would have been a nice little touch to have Ashley be somewhat afraid of Mickie. But that's your call. I just think that would have tied in better with the current storylines. But at least in the end Mickie squashed Ashley.

Your Flair promo was really good. No complaints by me there.

I'm liking your Edge character. The line about Foley not being able to hear his argument was top notch. That was a very well put together segment.

And, from really good to really bad. Your writing for Maria was as bad as your writing for Edge, Foley and Flair was good. I know she's not a major character or anything, but if you're going to use her and the lovable idiot gimmick that she has, at least put a little work into it. The "um....shocking" line really didn't do anything for me to keep her gimmick going. It made me think she was a fucking dumbass, and not in the funny way. In recent months she's provided us with some of the funnier moments on Raw. She turned my thinking of her as just another Diva search girl to someone that actually adds something to Raw on a weekly basis. So yeah, I'd like to see you put some more effort into her. And the Bischoff aspect of the promo was weak too, if only for him saying 'dirt sheets'. It's more of a personal gripe, but even though the WWE is more net friendly these days, I don't like dirt sheets being mentioned.

I won't comment on the match, because it kind of confused me. He didn't sell anything, but he oversold a lot? What the hell does that mean? The aftermath with Vince kicking him in the balls was good enough. Certainly played to McMahon's character.

Triple H vs Chavo was a logical step for your feud with H and Rey. But, the WWE did the exact same thing so I won't comment much on it. But I do like the whole feud with Triple H and Rey. That's probably the most interesting thing you've got going on now.

Kane & Big Show vs the Heart Throbs was done this exact same way on the October 31 Raw.. Kane would throw Romeo, and Show would throw Antonio harder. Going back and forth trying to see who could do more damage. So it was kind of a repeat, and it really didn't do a damned thing for either of the four men involved. But I guess that last bit isn't that bad. Not every TV match has to have a greater purpose to it.

The main event was okay. It was nothing special, but at least Cena retained. So now we don't have to keep seeing Cena and Edge trading the title back and forth.

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SD! (week three):

Orlando Jordan getting pushed... again? Come on...

Triangle Tag Title match was the logical route.

JBL sucking up to Orlando again was done perfectly, exactly how I picture him doing it in reality.

Finlay squashed Scotty for 7 minutes?! What the hell? And even that wasn't enough for him, beating Scotty after the bell.

Undertaker is sounding very strange... 'Indestructibility'? 'Weeeee'll'? Sounding kind of like Warrior.

Who's the face and who's the heel between Kash and Helms?

I loved all the movie references MNM made, although they did sound a bit... stoned.

Mark Henry destroys jobbers, pretty much the only thing you can do with him.

The Orton/Lashley feud looks a bit cookie-cutter, but should make an interesting match.

A contract signing full of intense staring and threats is the only kind worth doing.

And for the people saying this is too close to the WWE's real storylines, it is, but that's a good thing. I hate diaries that instantly and massively deviate from what's happening in reality without a good reason (hell, that's why I started my diary like eight months into the future). It totally takes me out of it. This diary stays pretty true to reality, which means I don't have to make as much of a mental shift, but at the same time is branching out to do its own things (HHH/Mysterio, for example, or putting the tag straps on Carlito & Masters). It's a transition stage that makes the diary easier to follow, I think, so I'll be sticking with this for now.

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