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Puppy Bowl II


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So after the Super Bowl I was flipping through channels...and on Animal Planet it said Puppy Bowl II, so I clicked the info button and the description was somewhat like this:

The 2nd Annual Puppy Bowl which features dogs in a play area that looks like a football stadium, to provide an alternative to today's big game.

So, after reading that, I hit OK twice and to the Animal Planet I went...I could not keep a straight face, I watched this for between 5 and 10 minutes and it was ridiculous.

THere was about 8 or so dogs running around in a little play pen, AND THAT'S IT! And then every so often a brightly colored screen would pop up and a cheesy guitar riff would play and it would say "BOWL CAM" and then they'd cut to a shot of an underwater camera looking up through the bowl of water and you could see the dogs taking a drink from the perspective of the bottom of the bowl.

Did anyone else happen to see this? It was ridiculous.

- Jason (Dane Barrett)

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You expected more from Animal Planet?

The entire nation practically shuts down for the Super Bowl. I was at a Wendy's in Pennsylvania last night and all the employees still working were tucked in the back watching the game ... I luckily stopped during halftime, so a couple of people came out.

TV networks, they know nobody is watching. Which means reruns or the most retarded shit you can imagine, few will be paying attention anyway.

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Guest IncomingF5

Yeah it was out of control...

I seen the referee come in and say 5 yards for intentional grounding and then they showed a replay of a dog attacking another one it was stupid.

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Meh, I preferred the "Caveman FedEx" commercial, the Ameriquest "Don't be Too Quick to Judge", and the Career Builder Monkey commercials over that one.

Though I probably would be laughing my ass off if I saw this Puppy Bowl, I might just have to watch it next year. Who knows? Perhaps I can get some tickets>_>

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