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Grammy 2006 Thread


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I think it would have gotten boring. The 3D stuff was cool, but it didn't look real, you know? I don't know, I can't explain it. Plus, I really like Hung Up.

I'm looking forward to LPJZ performing tonight. There's some rumours going around that Nas will perform with them too.

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I have a feeling tonight is going to be a big night for Kelly Clarkson. Her album was really good.

Anyone know if the category Nine Inch Nails was in was awarded in the pre-show, or if it's going to be presented during the show? I think it's for best Rock song or shit.

EDIT: I dunno about the general population, but the Grammys are a huge deal to most singers and bands.

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I hope The Game wins the award (whatever Hate It Or Love It) is up for, just so 50 Cent and Game will have to be on the same stage.

Funny thing, on the pre-show, Game had his kid with him, and he was holding onto a piece of a Mr. Potato Head. That's really funny because someone from G-Unit said Game was Mr. Potato Head Of The Year (put together gangsta).

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So me posting again actually helped me get an answer, which means that whole

"Maybe no-one knows" thing was un-needed.

Well, I'm probably wrong, so no-one probably does know >_>

EDIT: And Tristy, MTV in the UK might show some highlights of it later in the week, why not?

Or Channel 4, on some late night programme

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