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I'm Looking To Increase My CD Collection

The Hardcore Canuck

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Basically I'm looking to increase my CD collection, but I'm not sure what to get. The question is that I'm not quite sure if I should get more CDs of the bands I know about (and like) or should I get other stuff. The list below is my CD collection so far and if anyone has suggestions mucho thanks.

A Perfect Circle (eMOTIVe)

Apocalyptica (Cult, Inquistion Symphony)

Bucket Truck (Bucket Truck, Favour The Bull, Waiting To Talk)

Cannibal Corpse (Gore Obsessed)

Coal Chamber (Coal Chamber, Chamber Music)

Deftones (White Pony)

Disturbed (all albums)

Drowning Pool (Sinner)

Fear Factory (Archetype, Demanufacture, Digimortal)

Flybanger (Headtrip To Nowhere)

Glassjaw (Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence)

Godsmack (Awake)

Hatebreed (all albums)

In Flames (Lunar Strain, Subterranean, Reroute To Remain)

Incubus (S.C.I.E.N.C.E.)

Insane Clown Posse (Bizaar, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers)

Killswitch Engage (The End of Heartache)

Korn (all albums)

Lacuna Coil (Comalies, Unleashed Memories)

Lamb of God (Ashes of the Wake)

Machine Head (The Burning Red, The More Things Change)

Marilyn Manson (Holywood, Mechanical Animals)

Metallica (Black, ReLoad)

Mnemic (The Audio Injected Soul)

Mudvayne (L.D. 50, Lost and Found)

Mushroomhead (XIII, XX)

Nightwish (Once)

Nirvana (Greatest Hits, With The Lights Out)

Nothingface (Pacifier, Violence, Skeletons)

Otep (House of Secrets, Sevas Tra)

Pain (Nothing Remains the Same)

Pearl Jam (Greatest Hits)

Rage Against The Machine (Renegades, The Battle of L.A.)

Rammstein (Mutter, Reise Reise, Rosenrot, Sehnsucht)

Refused (The Shape of Punk to Come)

Sepultura (Nation, Roots)

Sevendust (all albums)

Six Feet Under (True Carnage)

Slayer (God Hates us All)

Slipknot (all albums)

Snot (Get Some)

Soulfly (Dark Ages, Primative, Soulfly)

Static-X (all albums)

Strapping Young Lad (Strapping Young Lad)

System of a Down (all albums)

Taproot (Gift, Welcome)

Tool (all albums)

Within Temptation (Mother Earth)

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The most I can suggest is that you add more to your Slayer collection. Get the albums Reign in Blood and Undisputed Attitude.

Other than Slayer, I'm not a fan of anything else you have on your list. Of course, I'm not here to critique your taste in music. However, I do believe everybody should be exploring new avenues in music, so get your hands on anything and everything. Since you seem like a metal type of dude, I'll say off the top of my head you should check out Unsane (a personal favorite) and Orange 9mm.

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Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn/Tomb Of The Mutilated (my favourite albums from them)

Lamb of God - the rest of their albums (New American Gospel, As The Palaces Burn)

In Flames - The Jester Race

Eh, that's all I have for the moment, just adding on to what you have.

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You could check out DevilDriver, featuring the vocalist from Coal Chamber as well as a somewhat more metal outlook. "The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand" is a great album, better than their self-titled debut, but both should be enjoyable.

No Deicide or Cannibal Corpse albums makes me a sad panda, seeing as you have Six Feet Under on there and all. From Cannibal Corpse, I'd recommend "Tomb Of The Mutilated" and "Butchered At Birth", as well as their "Live Cannibalism" live disc if you can find it. Deicide albums that you need are "Serpents Of The Light" and "Legion", that'd mostly be it.

Knock yourself some Pelican as well. "Australasia" and "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw". Mellow, uplifting prog metal, and completely instrumental.

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I would recommend completing the Metallica section.

And Justice For All and Ride The Lightning should be present in every CD collection, and of course don't forget Master Of Puppets, probably the greatest album of all time. There's also Kill Em All, Load and St Anger to get, as well as the Covers album Garage Inc, and my favorite of all, the live album with orchestra; S&M.

But yeah, if you just want to pick one up, go for Master of Puppets.

Also your Rage Against the Machine album seems to be lacking the self titled album, which I suppose is also a contender for greatest album ever. Evil Empire is worth having as well, and if you've got money to burn Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, and Live and Rare.

Yeah, and as for stuff you don't have...

If you like Metallica, get some Megadeth.

Danzigs self titled is excellent.

Trivium are an excellent all round metal band.

Earth Crisis I think is hardcore.

Dope if you like the industrial stuff in your collection.

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Get some Iron Maiden - better albums include: Powerslave, Fear of The Dark, Number of the Beast and the criminally under rated Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Dance of Death is good too.

Also, try Bullet for My Valentine's album "The Poison".

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