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New XBOX wrestling game?


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Well, Yukes just released Rumble Roses, and I'm pretty sure they'll be working on a new NJPW game in Japan for now.

They would be fools if they didn't capitalize on the 360 upgrades to make a (far) better game. And I still want to be able to download new theme songs and titantrons and attires for wrestling games. That would be fucking awesome.

But as far as I know, nothing WWE has been announced for the Xbox 360. But if there was going to be one this year, it'd probably be near Christmas, or WrestleMania (next year) if it's another WrestleMania game.

I still don't know which consoles the TNA game will come out on.

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They would make a new XBOX game because not everyone has XBOX 360. I remember when playstation 2 first came out, they were still making Playstation games. It was only until almost everyone had PS2 that they stopped. They still make new XBOX games.

EDIT: And it isnt even close to the same as making PS1 games. XBOX 360 just came out. PS2 came out like 2-3 years ago.

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The Playstation was supported for an obscenely long time after the PS2 was released. Wasn't Final Fantasy Origins the last major release on the system, and that came out in 03. Sony supposedly says that they will support the PS2 for another five years after the PS3 is released.

That said, according to what I've heard, Microsoft is essenitally abandoning the XBox in favor of the 360. Games will still be developed, but don't expect much, if any, first-party love.

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Yeah the only hope for Xbox users is 3rd party developers. If they're going to develop a game for the PS2, then it's a safebet it'll be coming to the regular Xbox. Myself, I'm hanging on to my original Xbox until at least Halo 3.

As for wrestling games, there might be another Legends of Wrestling game, and I heard something about the TNA game not being on the next-gen consoles.

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Its a shame that the X-Box had to get the shaft in terms of the quality in the WWE games. They could of done so much.

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