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Aeon Flux

Farmer Reil

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So yeah, anyone else wasted their money going to see this yet?

It's the perfect example of how to take a great story, and completely ruin it with a load of shit actors and terrible directing. I'll definately get the book when it comes out, because the story was interesting, but the acting was horrible, and the directing worse.

And yes, it had a completely pointless sex scene in the middle for no reason at all. Seriously, does EVERY film have to do that these days?

"I've been sent to kill you"

"Ok, but can't we have sex first?"

"Sure... we've got five minutes or so of film left."

And don't get me started on Feet-For-Hands-Woman. Did she even go to drama school?


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To be honest, no movie in this genre has ever been any good aside from The Matrix which started it all off really. Like you say, the story wasn't bad, but the movie was just plain dull. Futuristic long-ass fighting scenes and shooting has to really go some to impress me any more.

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I liked it. The acting wasn't great, but it was functional. It's nothing to write home about, but it's your standard dystopia story, and it was pulled off well enough. Considerably better than either of the Matrix sequels. Admittedly, I haven't seen the anime, and would quite like to, as I imagine it would be a lot better than the film, but it just seemed like something of a Japanese take on Brave New World.

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I saw it tonight...I sware i've seen a movie incredibly similar with Sandy Cohen off The OC in it...I kept saying "I've fucking seen this before"......

We also got threatened at being kicked out. We've been ruining cinema experiences for people for nearly 2 years and this is the first time we've been threatened. We got told to "shhhh", after loudly calling people in Harry Potter who clapped "Cunts". Probably not the best choice of language. :shifty:

So yeah. I didn't like it. But Charlize was fucking smoking hot.

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