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WWE: Because It Sucks


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The McMahon family are having a quiet evening at home. They are sitting in the lounge, watching hit sitcom 'Lost'. They suddenly hear glass shattering, Linda shoots up out of her seat. Vince gets up and nails a Stone Cold Stunner on Linda's candy ass. He tells her that it's okay and that she should calm down. "Shane, you go up and check what it is, no-one cares about you anyway." said Vince rather coldheartedly. Shane begins to head up the stairs.

He stands in the middle of the corridor and shrugs his shoulders. He beings to walk back to the staircase until he hears someone in the bathroom yell "Fucking Hell, Jord, get out of Stephanie's bed!" Shane slowly treads towards the door and slowly opens it. "Who's on h-" a knife is suddenly plunged into Shane's skull and he slowly slides down the door, down to the floor.

The culprits leave the room. They slowly head down the staircase and stop in the middle.

Man 1: Why, hello, McWo-Mahon's, how nice of you to join us! See what I done their, I called you woman. Hahahaha.

Man2 : Okay, Jord, settle down. Yes, McMahon family, tonight will be your final night on this fine planet.

Vince: Who the hell are you??!!

Man2: I'm sorry, Vinnie, we didn't introduce ourselves, did we? This is Jord, he may look like a 'tard, but he's not. And me? I am CHIKARA Fan, the man who just murdered your son!


Vince: Well, CHIKARA Fan, I have one thing to say to you. YOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED~!!!

CHIKARA Fan: What the fuck?!?!

With that, Linda quickly grabs a gun and dives across the room, shooting at the two murderers. She accidentally shoots Steph and Marissa in the heads and then drops the gun in disgust. Jord goes into the suitcase that he has with him. He pulls out a hand.

Jord: This, this is Mae Young and Mark Henry's love child. I have raised it since birth to KILL!!

He places the hand on the floor and it runs towards Linda. The hand jumps on her head and locks in the IRON CLAW~!!! Linda, unfortuantely, is dead within seconds. CHIKARA Fan walks towards Vince. He softly says to Vince "Mr. McMahon, we are the WWE's new owner. Good night." With that, CHIKARA Fan quickly grabs Vince's head and snaps his neck. Vince dies instantaneously.

CHIKARA Fan: Well, Jord, my lad, I guess we should go inform WWE management.

That very night, the two told everyone within the company what had happened. They were all ecstatic. They gladly handed the book over to CHIKARA Fan and Jord.


You've probably guessed, but this is a joint diary that I'm doing with Jord. Hope you enjoyed the litle backstry I wrote.

Roster posted tomorrow.

Feedback much appreciated.

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Beautiful. Absolutely hilarious backstory. I will definitely check back in on this. I'm really interested in what's going to happen.

Are you going to incorporate Mark Henry and Mae Young's love child into the storylines? I want to see that hand as the GM. [/badjoke]

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lol, thanks alot for the comments. The HAND! .. beware .. THE HAND! lol. And, thanks for being interested, really appreciated. This'll be updated later with Roster and some other stuff.

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RAW - Jord


Heavyweight - John Cena

Intercontinental - Ric Flair

Womans - Trish Stratus

Tag Team - Big Show and Kane



Big Show



Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters

Danny Basham



Gene Snitsky

Hulk Hogan

Jerry Lawler

Joey Styles

John Cena

Johnny Parisi



Lance Cade

Lillian Garcia



Matt Striker

Mick Foley

Mickie James

Rene Dupree

Ric Flair

Rob Conway

Rob Van Dam


Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Stone Cold

The Rock

Todd Grisham

Torrie Wilson

Triple H

Trish Stratus

Tyson Tomko

Van Venis


Smackdown - CHIKARA FAN

World Heavyweight Champion

Kurt Angle

United States Champion

Chris Benoit

Cruiserweight Champion

Gregory Helms

Tag Team Champions

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro

Face Wrestlers



Brian Kendrick

Chris Benoit


Hardcore Holly

Kurt Angle*


Matt Hardy


Paul London


Rey Mysterio

Road Warrior Animal

Scotty 2 Hotty

Stacy Keibler

Steven Richards

Super Crazy


Face Non-Wrestlers

Michael Cole

Theodore Long


Heel Wrestlers

Booker T*

Chad Dick

Doug Basham


Gregory Helms*

James Dick

Jamie Noble


Joey Mercury*

Johnny Nitro*

Ken Kennedy

Kid Kash

Mark Henry

Orlando Jordan

Paul Burchill

Randy Orton

Simon Dean



William Regal

Heel Non-Wrestlers


Jillian Hall



We here at WWE Smackdown! all very sad to announce that Gymini, Kristal, Steve Romero and Josh Matthews unfortunately died in a bizarre gardening accident.

Edited by Jord
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Guest Camel Clutch

With that, Linda quickly grabs a gun and dives across the room, shooting at the two murderers. She accidentally shoots Steph and Marissa in the heads and then drops the gun in disgust. Jord goes into the suitcase that he has with him. He pulls out a hand.

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Wanted to keep Triple H, as all this has happened, WHAT WILL HE DO? That make's it funnier, and give's me more ideas, hehe ... glad you enjoyed it as well

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Wow, that was amazingly unfunny. The hand was mildly amusing but your writing ruined it. It should have been written the way you want the reader to say it. "This, this is Mae Young and Mark Henry's love child. I have raised it since birth. To kill!" That way the reader puts a pause between birth and to kill and makes the line funnier because of it. Secondly there is nothing funny about the way any of the people die. Linda completely misses the two killers but manages to nail two people she's not aiming at and kill them with one shot. That's just ludicrous.

I hate it when people take over companies and use their screen name as if it was what people called them in real life. Jord is fine but CHIKARA Fan is stupid. Just make up normal names or use your own. Plus you might want to explain why you now own the WWE and why you would instantly become the head bookers. Also you should probably explain why everybody is happy about that.

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It would make more sense if you threatened to kill the bookers and the rest of the WWE staff as well to give you a job as head booker cause that's what you want. Still if you did that it wouldn't make any sense. The backstory wasn't as funny as it was intended to be. I guess this is going to be a comedy diary, you didn't start well then. Show more intelligence and surprise me please.

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IPB Image

Preview for Smackdown! and RAW: Total Wreckage!

6th February 2006

That's right, this Monday, RAW and Smackdown! will be holding a joint show, it'll be named 'Total Wreckage'! The line-up for the show is as follows:

In the Main Event of the evening, John Cena will defend his WWE Championship against The Big Show!!!

A dream team of Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio team up to take on Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield!!!

Chavo Guerrero takes on an opponent who knows his every move!!!

Three-way tag team action as MNM take on The Mexicools and The Dicks in a non-title bout!!!

The Bashams reunite to take on everyone's worst nightmare....MIDGETS~!!!

United Kingdom's very own Nigel McGuinnness gets a try-out match in WWE against fellow Brit Cap'n Paul Burchill!!!

Also scheduled to appear: Triple H, Kurt Angle, Finlay, Booker T, Jord, CHIKARA Fan and Kane!!!

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Yeh ... with one of our name's to be CHIKARA Fan ... you guys just don't like people with less then 100 posts ... eh? Diarie's aren't real, and yet, if someone uses there screename in one .. you take it way to seriously.

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  • Admin

If the next post in this diary isn't

a) A show


b) Not retarded

then I'm going to warn whoever does it.


The backstory was neither funny, entertaining nor readable. I have no doubt the diary itself will follow the trend started, but from now on I only want to see constructive critiscm of the shows that are posted.

The only people who can rip this apart for fun are me, TGC & Srar :shifty:

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CHIKARA Fan will be known as Robbie Brooksbank throughout the show.

Raw and Smackdown! Joint Show: Total Wreckage

Monday 27th February 2006

Joey Styles and Tazz welcome us to the show. They introduce the first match.

Smackdown Try-Out Match

Cap'n Paul Burchill vs. Nigel McGuinness

This is Nigel's try-out match here in the WWE. Burchill for some reason, has a treausure chest with him. Strange. The match starts with Nigel locking in an armbar, Paul looks at him and shakes his head in shame. He breaks out of the hold on pounds Nigel to the mat. He double stomps him and picks him up, Nigel shoves him away into the corner and does a handstand in it. Silly move, as Burchill runs straight at him and palm strikes him square on the nose. Nigel collapses down to the mat. Burchill pulls him into the centre of the ring....Standing Shooting Star Press! He rolls Nigel round and puts him in a surfboard. After about half a minute, he lets go of the hold and stomps on Nigel's back. He drops a knee on it and nails a senton splash, further injuring the back. He picks Nigel up, holding him up by the head. He holds Nigel there for a while and out of nowhere.....THE C4~!!!! The whole damn ring shook! Burchill hooks Nigel's leg, 1....2.....3! After the match, Burchill leaves the ring and grabs his treasure chest. He re-enters the ring and places it at Nigel's head, he slaps it and quickly slides out of the ring. He covers his ears....BOOM~!!! Oh my God, the chest exploded in Nigel's face! Nigel rolls around the ring as medical types rush the ring and stretcher him to the back.

Triple H is seen in a graveyard, he is standing right in front of a grave, his leg's wide open. All that we see through his leg's are water dripping down the grave, he turns around, he sees a priest running towards him. The grave is Steph's ....

The Priest: What are you doing?! You should respect dead people!!

Triple H: She's my wife, I was dying for a piss....where else to go? I hated her, no one care's about her....I'll be back for Vince next week...

The Priest: OH NO, YOU WON'T! GET OUT!

Triple H runs through all the grave's and jumps over the gate, he pulls a backpack from nowhere up onto his back...he starts hitchhiking and asks for a lift back to the WWE arena!

Booker T and wife Sharmell are backstage.

Sharmell: Booker, I swear, if you don't get me pregnant tonight, I'm outta that door.

Booker: Sharmell, baby, you know what the doctor said we're......incompatible.

Sharmell: I don't care, Booker, you better get me a baby somehow.

Booker: Okay, next week on Smackdown, I'll have a special surprise for you.

RAW Tryout Match

Goldust vs Low-Ki

The match starts with Ki taking Goldust into the turnbuckle, Goldust pushes Ki back as Ki rolls over and jumps onto the oppisite turnbuckle, he flips backwards and gets a boot to Goldust's face taking him down. Ki runs against the ropes and Dust ducks down, Ki rolls over his back and then kicks him in the head. Dust falls back, Ki runs and lands the Shining Wizard, 1... 2....No! Dust get's back to his feet and catches Ki's foot in mid-air as Ki tried for a kick to the head, Dust spins Ki around on one foot. Ki stops himself and KI CRUSHER~!! 1...2....3!! LOW-KI IS NOW IN THE WWE!

Finlay is standing in the streets outside of a pool joint.

FInlay: Hello, I am Finlay, and as you all know, I LOVE to fight! So tonight, I'm going to try and teach the hoboes of Connecticut, not to litter up the bloody streets!

He walks up the street and spies and man lying on the ground, up against a wall. Finlay smiles at the camera and walks towards the bum. He kicks the guy in the face and yells "Now what's better, this, or getting a job?!". "Job! Job! Jo-o-o-o-b!" The bum gets up and runs away.

Finlay: See? THAT'S how you get them off the streets!

Big Show is getting ready for his match, Kane is blabbering on about the Tag Team Titles ...

Kane: We are the tag team champions, we will destroy all who come in our way ..


Kane: Umm, ok.

A few minute's later:

Kane: Just imagine, WWE's #1 Superstars ... KANE AND ...... Big Show.

Big Show grabs a gun and shoots Kane in the leg.

Big Show: SHUT UP!

The medic's rush into the room, like they knew it just happened, instantly, they get Kane onto a stretcher and wheel him out of the arena, with a bandage around his leg.

Robbie rushes into the room

Robbie: Sorry, you're stripped of the title, you and Kane .. sorry ...

Big Show: Thank frickin' lord, about time, eh?

The Basham's vs The Midget's (Cody and Matty)

The match starts with Doug and Cody inside the ring, Cody jumps down and grabs onto Doug's leg's, Doug grabs him by the hair and throws him into the turnbuckle. Matty jumps into the ring, runs and takes Doug out with a Shining Wizard. Cody jumps back up and dives onto Doug's back, Doug flipped him over onto his back. Danny hops into the ring, he grabs Matty's ring trunks, Doug come's over and they both do a double suplex, taking him out. 1....2.... No! Matty kicks out! Cody runs towards Danny and catches him in mid-air, Cody bite's Danny's hand, the ref doesn't see it. Cody runs towards Doug, so does Matty, DOUBLE SHINIG WIZARD! Cody makes the pin ... 1.... 2 ....3!!

The camera goes to a big room. The WWE writer's are sitting, along with Robbie Brooksbank at the top of the table, and an empty seat next to him.

Robbie: Hello, team....can someone tell me one of Vince's catchphrases?

Writer Guy: Hmm .. 'KISS MY ASS' .. ?

Robbie: Another ..

Another guy: Your Fired .. ?

Robbie: Yes .. and guess what, i'm gonna let Jord say this, Jord ...

The chair move's from under the table.

Robbie: Jord ...

The table tips up and the writing teams papers fall onto the ground.

Robbie: JORD!

Jord's head pops up.


Writing team guy: Ha, nice joke, kid!

Jord: I'm being serious, old man.

The same writing team guy: Stop messing around kid...

Jord: Shut it, old man, or I'll come over there and KILL you!

Writing team guy: Oh yeah, right .. okay .. but Robbie, he's lying, right?

Robbie: No, he isn't ..

Writing team guy: Your lying...

Jord gets out from under the table and knee's the guy in the balls.

Jord: If you don't move I'm afraid i'll have to shoot you...

Robbie get's out of his seat, and walks over to one guy, he pushes him against a wall and knees him in the balls, he then headbutts him as he falls to the ground. Jord walks over to another guy, he does loads of karate stances, then he kicks him in the jaw.

The guy Jord just kicked: Hey, what was that for? I'm the camera guy, not writing team...can you not tell I'm carrying a camera?!

Jord: Ohh, sorry ... *cough* dick *cough*!

Robbie walks off, Jord stay's. Robbie turns around quickly with a gun in his hand.

Robbie: Jord .. MOVE!

Jord: Shoot those bitche's ... shoot them!

Robbie: I can't while you're in the way...

Jord: Oh.

Jord runs and jumps out of the window. Robbie shoot's the whole room and leaves. The camera goes back to ringside.

World Champion Kurt Angle is in the ring. He briefly mentions the demise of the McMahon family. He then moves on to Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, the two men he will be facing at Wrestlemania. All of a sudden, someone comes out and walks down the ramp. Who is it? It's....it's......IT'S DAVID ARQUETTE~!!! He enters the ring and gets in Angle's face.

Arquette: Kurt Angle, Olympic Gold Medalist, Greatest World Champion Ever, World's Greatest Wrestler, I've heard people call you them all. WELL, I'M TIR-

Angle: Hold on, WHO THE HELL calls me Kurt Angle?!?! Stupid....

Arquette: Oh, be quiet, you. As I was saying, I'm tired of it. I am the greatest World Champion that WCW ever had, and I am taking that title off of you, Kurt Angle.

Arquette grabs the title and the two men go nose-to-nose. Angle pushes Arquette down to the mat and gets on the mic:

Angle: You want this belt so bad, Mr. I-Was-In-Scream? You, me, Wrestlemania 22, you'll get your ass handed to you.

Arquette smiles and starts nodding. WWE Co-Owner Robbie Brooksbank comes down the ramp:

Brooksbank: No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong! During the face-off, Ricky Martin was supposed to come down here and announce his participation in the title match at Mania. Start again, numbnuts.

They start the whole segment again, this time when they go nose-to-nose, 'Livin' La Vida Loca' by Ricky Martin hits the speakers and the man himself comes out!!

Martin: Angle, Arquette, I have no past in wrestling whatsoever, but Robbie Brooksbank thinks it'll get some publicity for the company if I'm in the match. So, Wrestlemania, Ricky Martin, David Arquette and Kurt Angle will face off for the World Title!

Angle: What about Orton and Mysterio, punk?

Martin: Meh, add those jobbers to the US Title match.

Angle: Oh, it's true! Wrestlemania 22, you two are gonna die!

Angle throws down the mic and makes his way to the back. Arquette and Martin stand in the ring doing nothing for ten minutes until Brooksbank comes back out and tells them to leave.

Non-Title Match

MNM vs. The Mexicools vs. Mark Henry and Orlando Jordan

The Dicks unfortuantely can't be a part of this match as Robbie Brooksbank feels that they're too queer to be part of the show. He's sent them back to development, maybe they can be brought up again sometime without such a queer gimmick. Anyway, scramble rules apply, no tags needed. The match starts with all six teams in the ring, a big brawl erupts. Henry and Jordan clear the ring to start and posture in the ring. Henry almost crushes Nitro and Super Crazy with a plancha and throws them around ringside. Mercury and Psychosis team up to subdue Henry and beat him down to the ground. Mercury quickly kicks Psychosis in the gut and hangs him out to dry on the guardrail. Jordan grabs Mercury by the hair and rolls him in the ring. He whips him into the corner and Mercury eats a flying elbow smash. Super Crazy gets in and shoves Jordan out of the ring. Mercury takes him out with a clothesline to the back of the head and nails a back suplex, he covers him, 1...2..broken up by Psychosis. They double team Mercury for a while until Nitro gets in the ring. Together they manage to overpower The Mexicools. They pick Crazy up....SNAP SHOT!!! They grab Psychosis by the hair and get him up and nail yet another Snap Shot! Henry quickly re-enters the ring, he dumps MNM over the ropes and covers Psychosis, 1....2....3!!! After the match, Melina attacks Mark Henry, but he puts her on his shoulders and carries her to the back.

Paul Burchill is seen walking around backstage. He turns a corner and there's a giant rabbit....just standing there, nibbling a carrot. The rabbit sees Burchill and runs around the corner. When Burchill gets round there all he sees is an attractive female rabbit in a dress. "What's up, doc?" says the rabbit before planting a big kiss on Burchill's mush and running away.

Triple H is seen running through the arena door, he throws his backpack through a window. He runs and he has seen a machete knife! He runs for it, when he is distracted by a drink machine, he puts some money in a grabs his coke, then he starts running for the machete again, when he is distracted by a food machine, he puts some money in and grabs his Kit Kat, he starts running again, when he is distracted by the neighbor running at him with a stick .. the one who he threw the backpack through the window. She hit's him with a stick, he fall's to the ground as she kicks him. She runs away, as Triple H get's back up, he runs for the machete and gore's through the glass, he grabs the machete and runs around, poking it in everyone's face, swinging it at everyone, going mental!!

Finlay is once again searching the streets for hoboes. He spots one and runs towards him..RUNNING KNEE STRIKE~!!! The hobo shakes it off and gets up, he delivers some body shots to Finlay and pulls his hood back, IT'S NECRO BUTCHER!!! Finlay runs away with Necro chasing after him.

John Bradshaw Layfield and Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio

Rey and Benoit argue over who gets to start in the match. Benoit eventually physically lifts Rey up and puts him on the apron. He then pats his head. JBL has no problems with letting Orton start the match with Benoit. They start with a test of strength, Orton gets the advantage, Benoit bridges and Orton jumps knee-first onto his stomach. He quickly goes to a side headlock. Benoit counters it into a headscissors. He lets go and gets up. They circle each other and go to a tie-up. Benoit grabs a hammerlock and hits a back suplex. He goes up, but Rey pushes him off down to the mat! Benoit looks at him and Rey asks him what's wrong. He gets in Rey's face and orton rolls him up, 1...2..kick out. Orton tags JBL in. Fallaway Slam gets two. He picks Benoit back up and nails a DDT. He stomps Benoit's head and clotheslines Rey off of the apron. He walks back over to Benoit, but Benoit grabs his leg and locks him and a Boston Crab! Orton breaks it up. Rey gets in and dropkicks JBL and Orton. Benoit then turns around and shoves Rey across the ring. JBL attacks him and all three men start brawling. Orton says to the camera: "Oh, well." He then attacks all three men and HUGE four-man brawl erupts. The referee is forced to ring the bell, declaring the match a no-contest. The four continue to fight as we go the the camera fades to black.

There is a big machine inside a large room, after a few seconds it starts to shake, it starts to make weird noises, when the camera moves along, there's two machines! Through the glass you can see Chavo Guerrero in one. Nobody is in the other. Chavo jumps out of the machine, someone else jumps out of the other .. ITS ANOTHER CHAVO!

Chavo Guerrero: Meet Chavo V2, my oppoment for the night!

Chavo and Chavo V2 start brawling, Chavo takes Chavo V2 into the machine. Chavo throws him onto chairs and Chavo V2 fights back with an awesome right hand to Chavo. Chavo quickly gets up, and runs for Chavo V2, Chavo V2 takes him out with a heavy clothesline. Chavo quickly get's up again and lands a few right hands to Chavo V2, Chavo V2 lands a few back, V2 eventually get's took down with a suplex, Chavo picks him back up, and throws him into loads of wire's. Afew seconds later Chavo V2 is just ashes!

Chavo: I present, Chavo V2's ashes!!!

Camera guy: Ummm, now that he's ashes, how're you gonna pin him?

Chavo: Easy, I just lie over the ashes ..

Camera guy: How do you know which part is the stomach ....


Chavo grabs a cardboard cut out of Chavo V2 .. he lies it down and make's the pin .. the ref doesn't count ..

Ref: You have to pin the man himself ..

Chavo get's down and lie's over the ashes ..

Chavo: I guess this part is the body ..

Ref: No, that's the penis .. I can tell ..

Chavo moves along a bit, and the ref counts .. 1.... 2 .... 3!!

Chavo holds his hand high, and then leave's the Locker Room quietly.

Triple H is seen again with his machete. He runs up to an old woman, and pokes the machete into her face, he nearly hits her. The Midgets see this. Humphrey the lead midget loads them into a cannon.


He shoots them at HHH, knocking him out cold!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Big Show vs John Cena

The match starts with Show charging at Cena, taking him down with a clothesline. Show picks him back up and throws him into the turn buckle, Show take's some elbow's to his jaw, and then starts kicking him into the turn buckle. Show swings him into the oppisite turn buckle, runs, and take's him down. Cena is now sitting down in the turn buckle. Show take's a few knee's to him, then pulls Cena backup to his feet, Cena come's back with a few right hands, but Show throws him down onto his back. Cena crawls along the floor, when Show get's close to him he brings his foot up and kicks Show in the feet, trying to take him down. Cena jumps to his feet, as Show is bending down. Cena runs off the ropes and kicks Show in the face. Show pops backup and fall's down backwards. Cena runs off the ropes and take's his knee into Show's stomach, Cena get's down to the ground, and he starts taking a few right hands to Show. Show grabs Cena by the throat, as Cena stands up Show trys to pull himself up, Cena lands a few punche's onto Show's arm. Show let's go of Cena's throat. Cena lifts Show up to his feet, and swings him into the turn buckle, Cena runs and Show take's the big boot to Cena's face, Cena falls to the ground in pain, as Show walks over he kicks Cena in the ribs, and Cena rolls out of the ring. Show trys to grab Cena by the hair, bending over the ropes. Cena jumps up onto ringside, and Show climbs over onto ringside too. Cena tries to FU Show off onto the concreat floor, but Show doesn't let that happen, Show grabs Cena by the throat, and he jumps off ringside, taking himself down too, with the chokeslam onto the steel steps. Quite a few seconds later, Show get's up too his feet, so does Cena. Cena lands a right hand to Show, and then swings him into the ring barrier. Cena rolls back into the ring. Show follows. Show grabs Cena by the throat again once inside the ring, and tries to land a chokeslam, Cena reverses, and nearly lands an FU, but Show fights out of it, Show pushes Cena back, then he falls back against the ropes and take's Cena out with an awesome big boot to the jaw of Cena, making blood pour out of his mouth. Show make's the cover .. 1... 2....3!! NEW CHAMPION! SHOW IS THE NEW CHAMPION! Show celebrates inside the ring, as Cena is left for the medics. The show come's to an end.

Next show will be Raw 13/3/05. Feedback is welcome. Commence the ripping.

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In the age of political correctness, can you please be politically correct and change this to: “WWE: Because This Diary Sucks”? To be as constructive as possible, this is absolutely shit. You’re the type of person/people/whatever who think the Scary Movie and parody franchise is absolutely hilarious. What this is inane randomness where you make it up as you go along and hope people laugh in some way. This diary is exactly like the Scary Movie franchise in how you’re trying to critique the WWE by coming across as complete morons. The only way randomness can work is “controlled randomness”, where it may seem off-the-wall, but the subject matter correlates and makes sense in a way. I don’t see that. I see Triple H urinating on graves for no reason. I see Big Show getting trigger happy for no reason. Hell, I bet you’ll piss away whatever chances of continual storylines away – eg, it wouldn’t shock me if Booker T’s surprise was to let Viscera commit aggravated buggery on Sharmell. The ironic and strange thing is how you try to make the matches remotely serious, which compliments the stupidity about as good as a Nazi complimenting a Jewish person. This diary has no redeeming value and technically, Rabid Wolverine can close this because it’s the definition of retarded.

Chris’ Rating Of Doom: -**

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Wow, thanks :D Everybody 'round here shits on diaries that aren't technically excellent, so I don't really care what you say.

Sorry to all WWE marks who are offended by the title.

Edited by CHIKARA Fan
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