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Now kids, this is how NOT to do it...


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I got sent this tonight, it's my old band who I did that Kerrang UK Tour with, and this is them with their new singer, they haven't gotten the best of reviews since I left, and well the music has gone a bit down hill, as has the crowd movement at shows, but it made me laugh. :D

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The crowd were dead a huge contrast to the band on stage. So what kinda band are they?

A shit band. They're whatever is cool, so at the moment they follow the Bring Me The Horizon trend.

What trend is that?

*waits to jump on bandwagon* :shifty:

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Lol, to add to this, their new singer added me on msn last night and threatened me, claiming he now had a problem with me, so they're coming to our next show :D

So technically they're going to pay to see our gig, support us, and then possibly get their asses kicked.

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first of all, Bring me the Horizon were pretty nice fellas and pretty good when they started out, i saw them play like there 4th gig or something..... but then it was downhill from there......

Secondly that video made me chuckle a fair bit, good job on leaving them

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"the video has been removed by the user"


Edited by Kid Britain
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