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Questino about a Family Guy episode


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In one episode of Family Guy, they turned the Clam into a karaoke bar. what song did Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire sing? Me and some friends are thinking about it, we think it was by Journey but can't remember the song or how it went

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The best part of the whole episode was Peter beating the crap out of Jimmy Fallon.

Peter: And this is for laughing during every comedy sketch you've ever been in! Who do you think you are, Carol Burnett? You think that she did it so it's alright for you? You haven't earned what she's earned!

Alright, now where is the guy who slept with my daughter?!

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Not a good episode by any means, but it has its moments, such as those mentioned, and Stewie and Brian's song "I wanna have intercourse with you," "Relations!". It signified to me that the new episodes would begin their downward spiral, and I've essentially given up hope since "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz". Now that was horrible. I don't get the love for "PTV" either, thought that bit the big one too.

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