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I got some money for my birthday and picked up The Movies for the PC and a used copy of Tekken 5 for the PS2 (Jinpachi = cheapest boss I've seen in a game in a while).

Right now, I'm playing two different games: a Sandbox game currently in the 1980's (started it in the 50's) and a regular game that is currently in the early 70's.

I've uploaded 2 different films so far, but removed one because of some weird shit going on with it when I uploaded it. (May re-upload it later after I fix it)

This one is still up:

http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/76504 - Please take a look and tell me what you think (and please vote, if you can). I need to practice before I make anything with subtitles.

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I've been playing it on-off for months now but still haven't finished a film I'm actually PLEASED enough with to upload.

Maybe I'm a perfectionist but I think I may need to storyboard first....Also I want to work through the game offline first, doing whatever junk so I can get my hands on the best stuff.

I have a nightmare trying to place props around in scenes. Anyone else have that difficulty?

Also sometimes it just won't let you change one weapon for one of the different "groups" of weapons...Usually the one I want!

It's stuff like this that nearly ruins it for me, although the new Stuntman add-on looks like it could be VERY cool indeed.

The film that came closest to being uploaded was a rather cool noir thriller with the gumshoe hero meeting up with some people to talk about a murder out in the woods. Some random guy dressed in Victorian garb just kinda follows him around but the detective doesn't notice him - it's probably a ghost but I never explain it.

Anyways he gets out to explore the murder in true slow-speed noir style....And....


Oh and the heroine dies. It was pretty good but too ragged and adding a voice track didn't seem to work properly.

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I like the idea of this game, but am worried if it would run on my laptop. It's a 1.8gig processor with 512mb RAM, would this be good enough to play it? Would I need a certain graphics card?

I'm hopeless at understanding what specs are needed to play what game.

Well it works on my desktop with a 700MB processor, 256 ram and a middling graphics card.

So yes, it should.

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It was easy and fun to make comedic movies in the game, I made a bunch that had my friends in stitches. But other genres are harder to do, because you can't make a horror film just with out of place costumes and funny dialogue.

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horrors a nightmare to do and Sci-Fi is limited

but drama and comedy is ok

I'm I think in the middle 1970's on my first game. Racked in a fortune over the years and I'm keeping my original star from retiring by always attaching him to movies. So he's pretty darn old now and just co-starring. Haven't played for a while since by now the whole game is so busy with stuff that it stutters a little on my crap lap top. But I'll be going back. God invented the pause button for such games. Pause, move, do stuff, unpause. Watch stuff happen, pause again. lol. The Movies, by Turn Based Action~

Must check out this add on. I've never been able to upload to the website unfortunately. It won't let me go 'Online' in the game.

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