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Who is the best?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the best band of these two?

    • A Perfect Circle
    • Tool
  2. 2. Who is the best band of these three?

    • The Mars Volta
    • At The Drive-In
    • Sparta

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Just a couple more thrown up for you to look at. The jist is kinda obvious, bands connected by members. I was going to leave the second one as just TMV and ATD-i but I thought I'd throw Sparta in, although they are the least well known of the three.

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Guest Bluesman

Haha, looks like you made a poll so difficult no one would respond...

I'll go with Tool, who I have heard more of than APC.

I'll take Mars Volta over ATDI by a little, and over Sparta by quite a bit. I like Sparta's music, but it's not as good nor does it stand out like Mars Volta and ATDI (to a lesser extent).

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I voted for Tool and At The Drive-In. APC are, for the most part, a more toned down version of Tool, and even their best work doesn't hold up against most of what Tool have done.

Same goes for the second poll, really. At The Drive-In were just a more energetic Mars Volta, and as such, I enjoy listening to them a lot more. That's not to say The Mars Volta aren't good, as they certainly are, but ATDI just had more of an impact when I first heard them, and continue to to this day. Sparta were fairly mediocre.

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Does Benji hate polls?

And this was the least apealing of the polls. Went with Tool, simply cos you have to vote in both.

Went with Mars Volta in the latter. They are the best ofthe 3, but grossly over rated.

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ah ok. That makes much more sense now. lol.

Maybe less generic titles for the polls? lol.

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