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Slayer Make Your Favorite Band Look Gay


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According to the World Entertainment News Network, SLAYER has sparked controversy with a new song about 9/11 from the terrorists' viewpoint.

The California foursome were fed up with other bands' American perspective of the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. in 2001, so they wrote their own unique version.

Guitarist/songwriter Jeff Hanneman has angered 9/11 victims' families with the extremist angled track "Jihad", which will feature on their new album.

Guitarist Kerry King says, "In America every band under the sun has written their 9/11 song. And that's why I didn't want to have any part of it, but this is really cool. It kind of has an 'Angel of Death' feel because it doesn't condemn anyone or say that anyone's right or wrong."

Bahah Slayer :wub:

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Speaking of Slayer, can anybody recommend me some stuff from them? I'm going to the Unholy Alliance Tour (mainly for Lamb of God and Children of Bodom) and would like to get into some of their stuff. I've got Reign In Blood, so anything other than that would be appreciated.

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Slayer, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Mastodon, Thine Eyes Bleed?

Sounds awesome.

I was at the Unholy Alliance tour 2004, which was Mastadon, Hatebreed, Slayer, Slipknot.

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Guest Josef Stallion

^ Add on Hell Awaits to that list. God Hates Us All is OK at best, but avoid it if you want only the best of Slayer. No one pissed my mom off more than Slayer did and I dare any band to try and surpass Reign in Blood as the darkest Metal album ever.

Anyway, Slayer and Pantera are my favorite bands. I cringe to think that there's gonna be some crazed dude who is going to use this to try and ambush one of them like Dimebag. But hey, they've sung about Jeffrey Dahmer and nothing happened then right?

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