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Cactus Drags

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I hate the site, but sometimes it's the easiest to go to to get lyrics. Of course, they're almost ALWAYS wrong and it's hard to get the things corrected. And there's always at least one comment; "This is the story of my life! Me and my boyfriend Jake..."

Not to mention how people think the site is to give their (retarded) rants about songs instead of their lyric meanings. "God! This bnd sux & sooooo does dis song! Greenday 4eva x x x "...

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The server at www.songmeanings.net is taking too long to respond.

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that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

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doesn't work for gays

Not working for you then?


Actually it does, I figured it was just a Dawson thing till Dan showed up.

Maybe you have a half brother?

And since Dan is my father, that'd make you my half uncle?

Edited by King ROOOOOOOONEY!
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