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I'm guessing by the lack of posts about it that nobody has played the demo of this yet?

Do so. Now.

It's the most incredibly, mindfuckingly brilliant game you'll ever play (the demo of).

The portals! The fucking SEEMLESS, ingenious portals! And the gravity strip things that let you walk up walls and on ceilings. And the triangly gravity button things that make whichever surface they're activated on become the floor... awesome concept, executed awesomely. And Rune Man! And completely stealing Half-Life 2's "ride in the big pod things and take a tour of the ship" scene ¬_¬.

And 3DRealms making a game where a guy has to save the girl, and the world, and making it really awesome, but not naming him Duke Nukem, because they STILL haven't finished 'Duke Nukem: [Taking] Forever' yet (six years and counting).

And the whole "Dead-but-not-really-because-you-can't-actually-die" thing. And the spiritwalk concept (although it's pretty similar to a few other things).

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For a game from the guys who did Duke Nukem I think you can excuse people for not being excited. I bet this game was delayed by about 2 years too.

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The demo kicks ass. It's also suprisingly long. I actually spent about half an hour playing around in the Native American Casino at the start. :lol:

But yeah, it seemed very odd to me. Maybe I just don't like the Injuns, but the magic qualities were gay. I'd much prefer to be a real guy, with real weapons kicking fictional alien ass. And the voice actor of the main character annoyed the piss out of me. And the women you're supposed to save isn't even hot. What's the point in that?

It also seemed a lot like War Of The Worlds at one point (mushing people into paste for example).

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