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July 4th and Movies.



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  1. 1. What film should I see tomorrow?

    • Superman Returns
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Mission Impossible 3
    • Click
    • Nacho Libre
    • An Inconvenient Truth
    • The Lake House
    • The Break-Up

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So, now as all of you know, I'm really behind on my 2006 film watching and I wanna see something tomorrow but which film to see, I wonder? Maybe the collective minds of the Extreme Warfare Battleground IV will give me a good idea.

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I've seen all of the movies in question outside of An Inconvenient Truth.

The Lake House - ***

Superman Returns - ***

The Devil Wears Prada - ***

Mission Impossible 3 - ***

Click - ***

Nacho Libre - ***

The Break-Up - **

You know I'm picky, I don't know how I almost gave all of those movies ***. Clearly suicide is your only option.

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I'd see the Man of Steel if I were you (Y)

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I've only seen Nacho Libre and The Breakup. I liked the Breakup (6/10), didn't like Nacho (4/10). I gotta go with Superman Returns, because it's Bryan Singer. It automatically warrants attention.

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Whatever you do, do not see The Lakehouse. It's another one of those "Wow, Keanu Reeves really can't act" movies.

Click is typical Adam Sandler funny, with some actual thought thrown in.

The Break-up has some really funny parts (Vince Vaughn) and some really bad parts (Jennifer Anniston).

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I think I'm going to go see Nacho Libre on Thursday. I really liked Napoleon Dynamite for it's dumb sense of humour, and this one seems to have the same approach, except with the always funny Jack Black. Yes, please.

And if I don't like it, I can always just make out with my date. It's a win-win.

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