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WWE '06 Raw and Smackdown by TGC and JHS


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ECW One Night Stand on June 11, 2006 didn’t happen quite as you remember it, nor did the events that occurred on WWE Television directly thereafter. This is how it really happened, this is the true story of the WWE from June 2006 and on.

As One Night Stand was coming closer and closer Little Guido, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, and The Big Show left their respective brands to join Paul Heyman in ECW. Nobody knew what these four hoped to gain by leaving Raw and Smackdown respectively. The rumored ECW television show was not going to happen anytime soon, and these Superstars, along with former ECW alumni such as The Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Stevie Richards, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Justin Credible, Tony Mamaluke, Axl Rotten, and Balls Mahoney, were standing alone and seemingly unemployed after the ECW PPV unless RVD or Sabu could capture the WWE Championship or the WWE World Title. As time towards the PPV ran out, Kurt Angle’s open challenge to any man from a four, six, or eight sided ring was answered by the returning Randy Orton, fresh from a broken ankle, out of his contract with SD, and now a Raw Superstar, ECW alumni Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk were battling with Raw Superstars Edge and Mick Foley, SD announcer and former ECW World Champion Tazz was having a battle of words with Raw announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler that was going to come to a head inside a ring, WWE Champion John Cena had his hands full with RVD and the invading ECW Wrestlers, and WWE World Champion Rey Mysterio was being reminded what Sabu was all about.

Whether it was the family friendly 80’s and early 90’s, the Attitude Era, the McMahon Helmsley era, the buyouts, the InVasion, the co-owners, the return of the nWo, the roster split, the brand wars, or the most recent year, the WWE had seen it’s share of successes and failures, but what they were about to embark on would surely bring back a lot of the past and mix it with a brand new attitude that they hoped would make fans sit up and take notice once again. The stage was set for ECW One Night Stand 2006, and the beginning of a completely new era for World Wrestling Entertainment as a whole.

ECW One Night Stand

June 11, 2006 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City

-Paul Heyman entered the ring at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York and thanked the fans for allowing this to happen for a second year. He reminded everyone that for ECW to survive past tonight they had to bring home the gold. He said whether it was the WWE Championship of the WWE World Title, they were going to win at least one of them and rechristen it the ECW World Heavyweight Title here tonight.

-Tazz choked out Jerry “The King” Lawler in seconds after Joey Styles jumped on The King’s back.

-Highlights from the WWE vs. ECW special were shown, including the Battle Royal that Big show won when he joined ECW and left Raw and John Cena vs. Sabu that ended with ECW and Raw interference.

-The Extreme Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle defeated Randy Orton in a long and hard fought battle by submission to The Ankle Lock

-Accompanied to the ring by Big Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido, The FBI, defeated the team of Tajiri and Super Crazy with a pinfall on Tajiri following a Double Fisherman Suplex from the middle rope. After the match, The Big Show, renamed The Extreme Show by Joey Styles, made his ECW debut and destroyed everyone in the ring, including Big Guido.

-JBL commandeered a microphone and ranted on ECW wrestlers, fans, and the promotion as a whole, including mocking Tazz for walking out on Smackdown to rejoin ECW who, he reminds everyone, doesn’t even have a TV Show. He then says that he is the new voice of Smackdown with Michael Cole every Friday Night.

- A commercial aired for The Rise And Fall Of ECW, the book.

-Rey Mysterio defended his WWE World Championship against former two time ECW World Heavyweight Champion Sabu next. The match ended after both men crashed and burned head first through a table to the floor when Smackdown Referee Nick Patrick, despite this being hailed beforehand as an Extreme Rules Match, called the match a No Contest.

-Afterwards, the history between Mick Foley and Edge, co-holders of the WWE Hardcore Title, Tommy Dreamer, and Terry Funk is rundown. The foursome is then joined by Beulah and Lita in a Six Person Tag Team Match that included, barbed wire, tables, chairs, canes, fire, and gallons of blood. It ended when Edge pinned Beulah following a Spear giving the win to his team.

-Cena and RVD are shown in the back, both getting ready for their respective match in their own way.

-Balls Mahoney defeated Masato Tanaka in a brutal extreme match.

-The history of RVD winning the Money In The Bank Match at WrestleMania and the subsequent war, both physically and verbally, between him and WWE Champion John Cena is shown in a video package.

-Eugene made his way out to the ring where h tried to talk about his love for ECW, how his Uncle Eric Bischoff told him he was as smart as an ECW fan, and then tried to read his poem about ECW amid chants of shut the fuck up, but was caned to hell and the back by The Sandman.

-For the WWE Championship Title, John Cena wrestled Rob Van Dam amid signs of “If Cena Wins We Riot”, chants telling Cena how he can’t wrestle, “Fuck You Cena” chants, and some of the loudest booing, for Cena, and loudest cheering, for RVD, of the year. From the opening introductions to the end of the show, the match lasted 39 minutes and was a wild, brutal, extreme match. Cena had RVD locked in the STFU, but Van Dam made it to the ropes. Cena refused to release the hold, but when he did him and ECW Referee John Finnegan got into a yelling and shoving match that ended with Cena laying out Finnegan. Cena then hit a Superplex on RVD, but it was here that the night and the match took a massive turn. Cena nailed RVD with the steel ring steps, and then called for a referee to come down. Smackdown Referee Nick Patrick made his way down, but RVD kicked out at two. Cena FU’ed Van Dam over the top rope to the floor and immediately after that, a man in a motorcycle helmet, black sweats, and a black hoodie hit the ring and Speared/Gored Cena through the table that RVD had previously set up in the corner. He laid out Patrick, then acted as if he was about to remove the helmet, but instead simply left the ring, leaving the fans and the announcers stunned as to who he was and what it was all about. RVD got into the ring, and amid the urgings of Tazz, Styles, and the fans hit the Five Star Frog Splash onto Cena. Rob Van Dam defeated Cena for the title when Paul Heyman slid into the ring and made the 1-2-3 count. RVD was the new WWE Champion, although he was announced as the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Styles and Tazz claimed The Era Of Extreme was reborn asVan Dam stood proud in the ring, tears rolling down his cheeks, as he held the WWE Championship Title. After RVD went into the fans to share the glory, ECW One Night Stand ended with the fans, the ECW locker room, Paul Heyman, Joey and Tazz, and RVD celebrating this huge win over Cena and the WWE.

The next night, June 12 2006, was Raw on the USA Network. Rumors were running wild as to what the WWE would do, how they would deal with this huge development, and what this would mean for the WWE Championship Title and ECW. The answer wasn’t exactly shocking, but it wasn’t expected either.


June 12 2006 from Penn State University, Pennsylvania

-Raw opened with the fans cheering as the ECW Logo was shown in the back. Paul Heyman stepped in front of the logo and proclaimed:

“The Era Of Extreme is here. A new breed unleashed, isn’t that what the ads were saying before ECW One Night Stand last night? Now I know there is a lot of controversy over how the WWE Championship match ended last night, so I’m going to deal with that right off the bat. While I am not an official referee, I am the leader of ECW, and as such, when two referees were laid out it became my job to ensure that we had a winner in that match. Since it was an ECW event in an ECW ring under ECW rules, my decision is final, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Not John Cena, not a WWE official, not even Mr. Vince McMahon himself. No, I join you in welcoming the leader of the new breed, your WWE Champion, but more importantly, your new ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam.”

RVD stepped in front of Heyman and the logo, smiled, then the camera panned back to show RVD was wearing the WWE Championship around his waist. He spun the spinner around, and then smiled again before pumping his thumbs and saying:

”Rob Van Dam, the whole F’ing show, and the your World Champion.”

Raw cut to the intro after RVD and Heyman walked off the screen and the camera focused on the ECW Logo yet again.

-After the intro a video aired showing the highlights of ECW One Night Stand, and when it ended Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon were in the back watching the monitor. Vince told Shane that they needed to make sure that what they think is going to happen doesn’t happen tonight.

-From there, it was straight to the arena where JR and The King welcomed everyone to Raw as Randy Orton came out. He was soon followed by Kane for the opening match. The match went to a Double DQ when both men were counted out. As they fought up the aisle Kane’s old music played and Fake Kane came out from the back. He tossed Orton aside and then he and Kane went nose to nose and exchanged some lefts and rights, before Fake Kane Chokeslammed Kane on the entrance ramp. Fake Kane then lifted and dropped his arms to set the pyro off in the ring before dragging the lifeless Kane to the back.

-After the commercial break footage was shown of Fake Kane dragging the real Kane through the parking lot and off into the night.

-Charlie Haas was next shown in the ring, and he had a mic. He called Lillian in, then apologized to her for the bump she took the week prior. She smiled and accepted his apology, but Viscera came from the back. He got in the ring and said that he doesn’t accept Charlie’s apology and proceeds to beat him down as Lillian is asking him to stop. Big Vis hit the big splash in the corner and then hit the VD, before he kissed Lillian’s hand and left the ring. Lillian was calling for help for Charlie.

-Heyman is shown walking down a hall in the back, alone. When he turned the corner he is met by Edge and Lita. Edge smiled, shook Paul’s hand, and congratulated him on what ECW achieved last night, then reminded Paul that he was the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship, and that at Vengeance on June 29 RVD would be facing him for his belt. Heyman said they are all aware of what was decided prior to last night, but the big win for RVD at One Night Stand might have changed some things:

”Tell me, Edge, how can you be the Number One Contender to a belt if that belt doesn’t exist anymore?”

Heyman walked away smiling, leaving Edge and Lita looking confused.

-After the commercial break Eugene, with his head bandaged, told Jim Duggan he was worried about him in his match with Umaga tonight. Duggan told Eugene not to worry, all his friends are here with him, then led Eugene off camera. Eugene squealed with delight.

-Cut to ringside, and first Torrie Wilson then Candice Michelle came down to the ring for the first ever WWE Diva’s Wet And Wild Match. Torrie defeated Candice.

- Footage was shown of Trish Stratus hosting Canada’s Walk of Fame. Comments were shown from Dan Ackyroyd, Eugene Levy, and Brendan Fraser, among others, as well as Pamela Anderson and Trish kissing at the show.

-Paul Heyman was shown in a lavish looking office, when the door slammed open and Vince and Shane McMahon walked in, looking less than pleased. After some mild threats from Shane, Vince told Paul that there would be no disgracing of the WWE Championship here tonight if Heyman knew what was good for his and RVD’s careers. Heyman pulled a wad of papers from his jacket pocket, flipped through them, and then read from the contract for the title match last night that said in no uncertain terms that Vince McMahon, Teddy Long, nor any member of WWE Management could fire Heyman or any ECW contracted wrestler should RVD or Sabu win either of the two titles at One Night Stand. Heyman said that maybe everyone should have read the contracts better. Vince replied saying that he was well aware of what the contracts said, but that even though he couldn’t fire any of The Extremists, he could make all of their lives a living hell, and that if Heyman doubted it maybe he should call Shawn Michaels in San Antonio, Texas and ask him how his leg was doing. With that said, The McMahons walked out with Heyman once again smiling.

-After the commercials, Mr. McMahon was in the ring, and he said it was time for HHH to pay the piper for what he did last week. He called HHH out, and when his music hit Vince yelled for them to cut it off. He told HHH, who was slowly stalking to the ring with his water bottle in hand and ready to wrestle, that tonight he would wrestle in a Gauntlet Match, and that up first was Nicky, Mikey, and Johnny. The trio attacked HHH in the aisle as JR asked how three on one works as a Gauntlet Match. Inside the ring Vince called for the bell, then left and headed back up the ramp as HHH tried to fight off all three. After a few minutes, and with HHH getting the upper hand, McMahon called out Mitch and Kenny, who raced from the back. HHH Pedigreed Nicky, then hit a Flying Knee knocking Mikey to the floor as Kenny and Mitch hit the ring. With the fans going wild HHH used Mitch’s own momentum to send him flying out of the ring, leaving it HHH and Kenny one on one. McMahon was livid, and he called out the next participants in the gauntlet. Matt Stryker, Rob Conway, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, and Coach were all led to the ring by Shane. Once all were in, and with Spirit Squad members Mikey and Mitch joining Kenny in the ring again, HHH was quickly overcome by the numbers. The beat down was intense and brutal. Finally, Shane came off the top with an Elbow Drop and got the 1-2-3, counted by Coachman. McMahon called his men off, and they all headed up the ramp leaving a bloody and beaten HHH in the ring. Mr. McMahon then announced a very special match for next week. It will be HHH in a Handicap Match vs. The McMahons and The Spirit Squad, and it will be an I Quit Match. JR and King agreed that HHH would likely be out alongside HBK very soon.

-Heyman was seen walking towards and then into the production truck, a briefcase in hand, as the show went to a commercial break.

-After the commercials JR and The King were interrupted as a video aired. It was called “The History Of Extreme”, and amid various scenes from ECW’s storied past was The Franchise Shane Douglas’ famous speech about becoming the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion and dropping the NWA World Title. When the video had ended The King claimed that this was why Heyman went into the production truck before the break and that he was telling everyone that he and RVD planned to repeat history right here tonight.

-Todd Grisham was in the back with a microphone when John Cena walked into the scene, grabbed him by the shirt, ripped the mic from his hand, and pushed him out of the way. He then turned to the camera:

”I’ll take it from here Todd. You know I’ve watched all night as Paul Heyman struts around the building like he’s done something special, like he’s the new WWE Champion his damn self. I’ve watched as our new Champion hasn’t done jack all, and that got me to thinking. You know when myself, or Edge, or HHH, or anyone else ever won a World Title we had ourselves a celebration in front of the WWE fans, but not Rob Van Dam. No, he hides somewhere in the back as Paul Heyman runs the building showing videos and threatening things that he doesn’t have the balls to even try. You know what that tells me Rob? It tells me that you know what everyone else knows, and that’s that you didn’t beat me last night at One Night Stand, you simply took advantage of a situation. You hit a Five Star Frog Splash on a man who had just been put through a table, a man that was already beaten, and you had nothing to do with it, Rob. You’re not proud of your win because you didn’t win. You just stole something that doesn’t belong to you, man. Now I’ve spent my whole damn night watching and looking for you Rob, and here we are, end of the show almost, and I think to myself, Paul Heyman has done his thing all night long building up panic and excitement. I bet his big revelation is going to run after our Main Event. I bet Paul Heyman goes out to that ring after the last match and runs his mouth some more before you bring your sorry ass out there. So what I’m saying, Champ, is that I’ll meet ya out there. You and me, we ain’t done yet, not by a long shot. It’s only just begun, and it won’t be over til I get back what’s mine, and what’s mine is the WWE Championship.”

With that said Cena dropped the mic and walked off as the show headed to a commercial.

-Umaga was led to the ring by Estrada, and then Duggan came out with Eugene, Kamala, and Doink The Clown. Umaga still destroyed Duggan however, but the three others saved Duggan from a worse beating after the match.

-After more commercials Shelton Benjamin joined JR and The King on commentary as Nitro and Carlito had a match. Nitro got the win after Shelton distracted Carlito. It was also announced that the three would wrestle for Shelton’s IC Title at Vengeance.

-Next it went to the back, where Mickie James told Grisham that she had defeated and injured everyone that tried to take her belt away, and that included Beth Phoenix who broke her horse face last week and is out indefinitely. She was about to say something else when Orton walked up, flirted with her, and then took over the interview. He announced that he was officially challenging Angle to a rematch at Vengeance, assuming that Angle was back on Raw now. He said he lost in an ECW ring, in front of ECW fans, under ECW rules, but that at Vengeance it was WWE rules, fans, and ring, and that he would kill himself yet another legend, this one being of The Extreme Wrestling Machine and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. He then asked Mickie if she wanted to go grab a bite to eat, and she accepted.

- Another promo aired for the Highlanders in New York City. Rory said they are the Highlanders and they are coming to Monday Night RAW!

-In the back, a bloodied HHH was seen on his cell phone. Not much of the convo was overheard before HHH stormed out of the building, but what was caught:

”Yeah man, I think it is. I told you that you were right, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. So, are you ready?”

HHH left the sight of the camera and the final commercial break of the night was next.

-After the final commercial break, ECW’s theme started to play and Paul Heyman came out from the back, the briefcase in hand again, and got into the ring. He was given a mic, and he officially introduced the fans and everyone at home to RVD, the new WWE Champion and ECW World Heavyweight Champion. RVD’s music hit and he came from the back with the belt around his waist. He made his way to the ring amid the fans cheers, where Heyman then told RVD he had a huge surprise for him:

”Rob, you know we all talked about how if you or Sabu won a title at One Night Stand we were going to show up on either Raw or Smackdown and officially rechristen it the ECW World Heavyweight Title. We all agreed that was the way to go, the thing to do, the best way to rub it in Vince McMahon’s face and bring about The Era Of Extreme once again. But we never really talked about what we would do if you both won the belts did we? We didn’t have a game plan for that for some reason. Anyways, here we are, live on Raw here in Pennsylvania, and the fans, all the wrestlers in the back, hell even Vince McMahon himself is worried that we’re going to pull a Franchise and spit on the WWE Championship Title here tonight, aren’t they? Well, allow myself and Rob to answer that rumor once and for all. Rob, Vince, Shane, Edge, and all of you, please feast your eyes upon this.”

Heyman handed the mic to RVD and then he opened the briefcase and pulled out the brand new ECW World Heavyweight Title. The fans cheered as Heyman kissed the title, and then laid it on RVD’s shoulder. RVD handed the mic back to Heyman, did his thumb pump, but before Heyman could say a word “You Think You Know Me” blared across and throughout the arena as Edge and Lita came out from the back and headed to the ring, mic in hand. Edge got into RVD’s face, then got into Heyman’s face and said if RVD did it here tonight, he wanted to be front and center to see it and then act. Heyman replied:

”Edge, Lita, you two seem to have it all wrong. You see…”

However, Heyman was again cut off as “No Chance In Hell” started up and Vince came out with Shane in tow. The duo walked down to and into the ring. Vince was about to speak, after he glared at RVD and Heyman, when Cena’s music played. Cena did his salute, and then marched to the ring, a look of hatred on his face. He slid under the bottom ropes as RVD tossed the ECW World Heavyweight Title to Heyman and attempted to get the WWE Championship from around his waist. Cena attacked RVD immediately, as Heyman, Vince, Shane, and Lita all scrambled from the ring. Edge stood back watching, a smirk upon his face as the two rolled about on the canvas exchanging blows and punches. Edge too finally rolled from the ring, grabbed a chair, nailed Heyman with it as he tried to interfere, got into the ring, and laid Cena out with it. RVD got to his feet and was Speared through the ropes and to the floor. Lita helped Edge up, then he instructed her to “go get it”. She scurried up the ramp and into the back as Edge got into the ring. Vince and Shane looked on as Lita brought a bag out from the back and handed it to Edge. Edge dumped the costume from last night, the helmet, the hoodie, and the black sweats, into the ring then held the helmet and the WWE Title in the air as he smirked and laughed, and Lita clapped for him. As Raw ended, JR said it made no sense for Edge to be the man to steal the WWE Championship from Cena last night, no sense at all.

Up next, taped the next night but not aired until that Friday, was Smackdown.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

June 16, 2006 from Trenton, NJ

- SD opened with The Miz, Mike Mizanin, announcing the major matches for the night, including Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker in the Main Event for the US Title, as well as Champion vs. Champion with both titles on the line as Rey Mysterio takes on Gregory Helms. He was interrupted by JBL, who came from his limo and announced that he is the new vice of Smackdown. He joined Cole at the announce table.

-Gregory Helms came out next and he showed off his Cruiserweight Title. Next out was Rey, with his WWE World Title, and Cole explained how since Rey was within the Cruiserweight limit he was granted this match as a title vs. title match. JBL talked about how Helms was very worthy of a World Title shot as well. After a very nice back and forth high flying match Mark Henry hit the ring and attacked both men, resulting in a DQ ending. Henry destroyed them both, but focused on Rey more. He held the World Title high in the air, then dropped it on the downed Rey.

-Right before the commercial break footage was shown from the previous week of Khali destroying a bunch of cruiserweights. Cole announced that tonight Khali would take on Super Crazy and Psicosis in a Handicap Match.

-After the commercial break a video aired, the same as the one from Raw that highlighted what went down at ECW One Night Stand.

-Lashley was attacked in the back by Finlay and Regal, doing King Booker’s dirty work. Lashley was laid out before Matt Hardy and Gunner Scott made the save..

-Ken Kennedy defeated Nick Burke in what amounted to a squash. After the match he got back on the mic and said he wanted some real competition. Matt Hardy’s music started playing soon after, but Kennedy left the ring when Hardy got inside. He told Hardy he’d see him next week.

-After the commercial break, Super Crazy and Psicosis came to the ring to face Khali. Daivari led out Khali, and the second squash in a row ensued. Khali pinned Psicosis after he destroyed both men. The cruisers were pulled to safety by the ref, and afterwards Daivari got on the mic and told the fans that Khali was the biggest and the baddest man the WWE had ever seen, and that nobody could stop him.

-After the commercial break Teddy Long told Matt Hardy that next week it would be him and Ken Kennedy in a singles match, but that tonight he was going to team with Gunner Scott to take on Regal and Finlay. Hardy looked happy.

-A video aired for Batista’s imminent return.

-Rey burst into Teddy Long’s office and said he was tired of Mark Henry doing as he pleased, so he wanted him tonight, with the title on the line. Teddy told Rey he couldn’t make that match tonight, but he could for next week in the Main Event, and for the WWE World Title.

-The Raw Rebound aired next, highlighting the events with HHH vs. The Spirit Squad, along with his mysterious cell phone call, as well as the majority of the events with Heyman, RVD, Cena, Edge, and Vince McMahon.

-After the commercial break, Regal and Finlay came out from the back, soon followed by Hardy and Gunner Scott. The Tag Team Match didn’t get very far before Lashley hit the ring and attacked both Regal and Finlay, leaving them lying as they had done to him earlier in the night. Although they won the match via DQ, Lashley, Hardy, and Scott were standing tall afterwards.

-Cole hyped up See No Evil’s dominance at the box office, then scenes were shown from the movie as well as backstage stuff and cast interviews.

-After the commercial break, Chavo Guerrero came to the ring and cut a promo talking about how he is a Guerrero, but that he is retired. He said that he was here on Smackdown to give moral support to Rey and be a friend, but not to wrestle. He was cut off by Mark Henry, who came out with a mic and talked trash about Benoit, Rey, Angle, Batista, and of course Eddie. He got in the ring and Chavo attacked, but he was soon laid out with a Bear Hug into the ring post. Rey ran out and attacked Henry, who shrugged him off and left the ringside area laughing, as Rey checked on Chavo.

-Ashley was shown in the back where she and Michelle McCool exchanged words.

-After the break, Vito, in drag, squashed Scott Bright.

-Lashley was shown walking towards the ring with his US Title, as Cole and JBL hyped up the Main Event before the commercial break.

-In the Main Event, Lashley defeated King Booker by DQ to retain his US Title when Regal and Finlay again got involved. Matt Hardy and Gunner Scott ran out to make the save, but they were taken down as well. King Booker held the US Title as Regal did his “ALL HAIL KING BOOKER” chant, Sharmell bowed at Booker T’s feet, and Regal stood over the bodies of the fallen with a wicked grin on his face as the show came to an end.

June 19’s Raw was up next, and according to WWE.com promised to finally, a week later, reveal what the situation was regarding the WWE Championship and the ECW World Title.


June 19 2006 from Rochester, New York

-After the intro Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, and The Spirit Squad are shown in the back in Mr. McMahon’s office. Mr. McMahon said that after tonight’s 7 on 1 Handicap I Quit Match, HHH would be gone from Raw for good, just like Shawn Michaels was. He even went so far as to:

”HHH will be gone from Raw for good, I guarandamntee it.”

-Mickie James and Candice took on Maria and Torrie in the opening match of the night in a Bra And Panties Tag Team Match. Mickie dominated Torrie and Maria, stripping both women herself, then after the match when Candice tried to dance she stripped her too before stealing JR’s hat, spitting on a fan, and ripping a t-shirt off of a WWE female fan at ringside.

-After the commercials Charlie Haas came out for his match with Big Vis. Viscera told Haas he could try to apologize again, but make it sound better this time. Haas simply attacked Vis. Haas was in control early on, but soon enough Viscera got the upper hand. However, Charlie was able to roll Vis up from behind when he was distracted by Lillian. Haas ran from the ring and grabbed a mic:

”Yannow Vis, I did apologize last week. What happened to Lillian was a mistake and an accident, but what just happened to you wasn’t. Now stay the hell out of my life and out of my way. I’m on my way to bigger and better things here on Raw. Although, there isn’t much crap bigger than you on Raw is there?”

He dropped the mic laughing a bit at this point, but then “Well It’s The Big Show” rang out and Charlie crashed into the chest of The Big Show, who was accompanied by Paul Heyman. Haas jumped out of the way and ducked into the back, as Show got into the ring. Vis got in his face and attempted to push him, but Show Chokeslammed the big man to the mat then kicked him to the outside. Heyman produced a mic:

”Last week didn’t go as well as could be hoped for, but this week the Era Of Extreme is going to move ahead full steam. Now, last Friday some ECW wrestlers were going to make an appearance on Smackdown, but we changed our minds after what happened on Raw. This week, however, ECW is going to show Raw, Smackdown, and all of you out there that we’re here to stay, and that we can go wherever we please whenever we please. On that note, allow me to give to you a small sampling of what The New Breed Unleashed really is.”

Heyman then left the ring, as JR said that they had to take a commercial break.

- After the break The Big Show was dominating Big Guido as The FBI, Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido, stood on the outside watching. Paul Heyman joined JR and The King on commentary, where a lot of bantering between Heyman and Lawler took place, but soon enough The Big Show defeated Guido with a Chokeslam. Mamaluke and Little Guido attempted to attack post match, but Show rag dolled them both much like he did at One Night Stand. Heyman told JR, in response to JR’s question about RVD and the title, that all would be revealed later tonight, and then he got into the ring with Show and raised his arm from the middle rope.

-HHH, his head bandaged, was shown arriving at the arena. Jonathan Coachman and security stopped him and Coach said he wanted to know who HHH was talking to on the phone last week, and what the surprise was that he had in store for the world tonight, as he told wwe.com. HHH smiled, and then proceeded to beat the hell out of the three security guards and Coach. He did the Crotch Chop over Coach’s prone body to a massive roar from the crowd before walking off.

-After the commercials, a video from last week aired showing the Fake Kane attacking Kane and dragging him off. Once back, JR and King discussed how nobody had heard from Kane all week, but that the Fake Kane was set for a match next. Val Venis was in the ring as Kane’s old music played and Fake Kane came from the back. Fake Kane decimated Val, ending it with a Tombstone. Afterwards he set off the pyro before heading to the back. JR and King said that it is eerie how much like Kane this guy is.

-In the back Shane told Mr. McMahon what happened to Coach. Vince said it’s the last night HHH will do anything like that, then told Shane to make sure The Spirit Squad were ready.

-Orton was shown heading to the ring as the show went to commercial

-After the commercials, Randy Orton came to the ring and said he was still waiting on Angle’s reply to his match request for Vengeance. He trash talked Angle some, until Angle hit the ring from the crowd, much as Orton had done a few weeks prior. He Angle Slammed Orton then locked in The Ankle Lock. Orton tapped out quickly, and after another minute Angle released the hold. Orton rolled to the floor, as Angle got a mic and said he accepted. Orton glared at Angle as he crawled up the ramp holding his wounded ankle.

-Shane walked into The Spirit Squad’s locker room calling their names, but he was shocked by what he found within. He asked “What are YOU doing here”, but the door slammed shut, keeping the camera from seeing what was inside. King and JR then hyped that the 7 on 1 Handicap I Quit Match was up next.

-After the commercial break HHH’s music played and he came to the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd. He did his usual routine, then waited in the ring. Mr. McMahon’s music played, and he came out next, swaggering and strutting. He stood at the top of the ramp, as HHH smiled, and Shane’s music played, however Shane didn’t come out. Vince looked confused, but then The Spirit Squad’s music played. HHH asked for a mic from Lillian and got it, as The Spirit Squad didn’t come out either. McMahon looked more fearful than confused as HHH spoke:

”What the hell, old man? Where’s your partners? What about this 7 on 1 Handicap I Quit Match? What about sending me home with a broken back? What about your guarandamntee that I was going to be off of Raw for good after tonight? You know, Vince, it looks like it’s just you and me now and it…wait a second, what’s that?”

HHH pointed to the TitanTron, where Shane and The Spirit Squad were shown laid out in their locker room. The door to the locker room shut, and a voice could be heard:

”Hurry up, move it over now. Come on come on, get it in place.”

With that said, a forklift truck drove in front of the door and stopped. Vince watched and went from confused to angry and back to looking a little afraid. He backed up the ramp as HHH smiled.

“Vince, where are you going? We were just about to get this thing going. I mean, are you ready? And all of you, ARE YOU READY?”

The fans cheered as the lights went completely out and then a green spotlight started to scan the arena as the familiar music began to play. Another green spotlight stopped on Vince, who was stunned and petrified all in one. HHH dropped the mic and ripped the shirt he was wearing off, revealing a DX shirt underneath. The fans erupted in cheers, then even more so when HBK came from the back, also wearing a DX shirt. Vince turned around to eat Sweet Chin Music. HHH left the ring, stood nose to nose with Shawn on the ramp as the two glared at each other, and then they hugged as the crowd cheered louder still. The music played as they stood over Vince and posed as their old green pyro shot off behind them on the stage creating the “X” behind them in the smoke. JR and King were screaming on their headsets over the music, the pyro, and the fans about how huge this was as the show went into commercial.

-After the commercial the return of DX segment was shown again, followed by Coach and Vince in The Spirit Squad locker room with Shane as well. Vince was still somewhat groggy, but he was livid at what happened. He blamed Coach, and then made the match for Vengeance. It was now a 7 on 2 Handicap Elimination Match: The McMahons and The Spirit Squad vs. DeGeneration X.

-Accompanied by Estrada, Umaga wrestled and destroyed Eugene in a match. This week Eugene was alone, so Umaga attacked him brutally afterwards. Kamala came from the back to make the save, and Estrada forced Umaga to leave saying that Kamala was crazy.

-After the commercial break John Cena wrestled and quickly defeated Rob Conway. After the match, Cena grabbed a mic, but before he could speak ECW’s music began and Paul Heyman came out on the stage. He told Cena he hadn’t forgotten about last week, and that someone else hadn’t forgotten about Cena either. Cena asked who that was, as Sandman’s music played. The camera searched the arena for him, but Sandman slid in the ring behind Cena with his cane. Cena saw it in the TitanTron and turned to eat three stiff shots to the head with the Singapore Cane. Sandman drank some beer then crushed the can against his skull, as Heyman told Cena, who was out, that if he was man enough he’d meet Sandman this Sunday at Vengeance in a Singapore Cane Match.

-Mickie was in the back, wearing JR’s cowboy hat still, and she told Todd Grisham she had no opponents and no contenders for her Women’s Title. Trish Stratus then attacked from behind. She then told Todd that she was Mickie’s opponent this Sunday at Vengeance before she walked off with the hat.

-After the commercials, King, with his hat back on his head again, and JR ran down the card for Vengeance thus far:

Charlie Haas vs. Viscera, with Lillian Garcia as Special Guest Referee

Umaga vs. Kamala

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Title

For the IC Title, Shelton Benjamin vs. Nitro vs. Carlito

John Cena vs. The Sandman in a Singapore Cane Match

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

7 On 1 Handicap Elimination Match: The McMahons and The Spirit Squad vs. DX

They then said they had no idea what the situation was in regards to the WWE Championship and Edge’s Number One Contendership Match. With that said Edge’s music played and he and Lita came from the back. They got into the ring where Edge was handed a mic. He said he was tired of waiting, the night was almost over, and that he demanded that Heyman and Van Dam come out and let him know what the hell was going on. With that, RVD’s music played and he came from the back with Heyman and both the WWE Championship as well as the ECW World Heavyweight Title around his waist. They entered the ring, where Edge and Lita bailed out. Heyman handed RVD a mic.

”What’s wrong Edge, don’t wanna be in the ring with me when I’m not rolling around on the mat with Cena? He seems to be a little bit busy though, so it looks like this Sunday it’s just going to be me and you, huh?”

He handed the mic to Heyman, who spoke next:

”What we were trying to do last week, Edge, was announce that RVD is the first ever dual WWE and ECW Champion. He is going to be defending both of the belts, and it starts at Vengeance with you. Well, it continues then.”

RVD handed the belts off to Heyman as Edge got into the ring and the two men started exchanging blows. Lita tried to get involved, but Heyman tripped her up, as RVD hit a Split Legged Moonsault onto Edge. He hooked the leg and Heyman slid in and counted the 1-2-3. RVD’s music played as he did the thumb pumps and the show came to an end with RVD holding his titles high and Edge out on the mat.

However, June was just beginning and some of the biggest shocks were yet to be seen.

Up next, Smackdown, Vengeance, and the final Raw and Smackdown of June

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Great start, keep it up!


I always enjoy the TGC style recap backstory because it always gives an idea of where you're going to go with things. It's interesting how you have just discarded the ECW brand. As I said to you I don't like you obviously alluding to the guy in the helmet as Edge especially after you made the choice not to have him revealed at ONS, but I'm sure you have some plans. The promos were really good as I'd expect, especially the build up to the big D-X reunion, much better done than the WWE did it. It was almost like a throwback to the Attitude era the way everything was put into practise. You've taken the obvious shortcomings of the WWE booking and given them more shelflife. I can see the Umaga/Kamala thing being another one of your zaney angles, ala Boogeyman/Goldust etc etc.

I look forward to how things pan out and hopefully there's some Great Khali on JHS' SD :D

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With Vengeance just right around the corner, ECW wrestlers appearing on Raw, sort of, Heyman promoting The Era Of Extreme having returned, DX making a huge return and splash on the previous Raw, and everything seemingly moving into a new direction for the brand, Raw was seeing a rejuvenation of sorts. But what of Smackdown? Aside from promoting the return of Batista, nothing seemed to be different on the Smackdown Brand. Most believed that the ECW storyline was not going to impact Smackdown at all, and with recent losses of Angle and Orton to Raw, once again it looked as if the “B-Show” was being gutted in favor of the flagship of World Wrestling Entertainment. However, those who felt this way were soon to be proven very wrong. Smackdown wasn’t being neglected, it was about to be reborn, and just in time for the big move from UPN to The CW.

WWE Smackdown

June 23, 2006 from Albany, New York

-The show started with footage of last week’s Main Event US Title Match that ended with King Booker, William Regal, and Finlay beating down Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy, and Gunner Scott. From there the scene shifted to the back, where Teddy Long announced that Lashley was once again defending his US Title against King Booker right here tonight, as well as Rey Mysterio defending his World Title against Mark Henry.

-The intro for Smackdown began, followed by The Miz hosting the show from the fans. He announced the same things Teddy Long just did, as well as the first match of the night.

-Paul London and Brian Kendrick defended their Tag Team Titles against The Mexicools in the opening match. A great eight-minute opener was spoiled by the ending, however, when London pinned Crazy after some miscommunication by Psicosis and Crazy. After the match the two Mexicools wound up hugging in the aisle, an obvious show that this duo was not going anywhere, while the Champs celebrated in the ring

-After the commercial break the video for Batista aired, and it said that “The Animal Is Unleashed Again…In 14 Days”.

-A match between Tatanka and Simon Dean never even got started before Khali made his way from the back and destroyed both men in the ring. He did The Undertaker’s signature pin on Dean, although the referee didn’t count it, as Daivari got on the mic and again praised him as the biggest and baddest man the WWE had ever seen.

-After the match, a video was aired showing how Mark Henry destroyed Batista and put him on the shelf all this time.

-After the commercial break Paul Heyman was shown walking in the back, and behind him were Big Guido, Little Guido, and Tony Mamaluke, The FBI. They ran into Vito, and Heyman just shook his head while The FBI glared. The ECW alumni walked on, and the scene focused on Vito, who was in drag, as he found Ashley at the food table. He asked her if she would be willing to give him some beauty tips, and she agreed. The duo then walked off, as the camera found Michelle McCool lurking around listening.

-Chavo was shown in a pre-taped interview with Josh Matthews. Chavo talked about how devastating Mark Henry was, but that Rey can overcome the odds, as he always has. He then reiterated that he was simply on Smackdown to support Rey, his familia.

-In the ring, Gunner Scott was defeated, with help from Little Bastard’s distraction of the referee and the shilleliegh, by Finlay. After the match Finlay walked to the back, all the while JBL hyped him to the moon.

-After the commercial, a pre-taped Mark Henry interview with Josh was aired, and Henry recounted how much fun it was to cripple Batista and Benoit, how he sent Angle running from Smackdown over to ECW, and how he didn’t break Chavo in half last week because he was waiting to do it at a later date. He did say, however, that tonight he was taking the World Title from Rey, and he was going to punt the little masked midget from here to the cheap seats when he was done.

-It was now time for the US Title rematch from last week between Lashley and King Booker, and much like last week Booker had help from Sharmell, Finlay, and Regal. This week however it was King Booker who got the DQ win when Lashley got hold of the shilleliegh and smacked all three men with it, causing himself to lose the match, but not the title. Teddy Long then came out and said that this had to end, and that next week it was going to, once and for all. One last match one last time for the US Title, but this time it was inside a steel cage. Lashley looked very happy by the decision, while Booker and his court did not at all.

-The Miz hyped up the Main Event World Title Match after the commercials, but he was cut short by Mr. Kennedy. Miz looked very upset by this, as Kennedy mouthed off to him, before he was interrupted by the arrival of Matt Hardy. The two had a very good back and forth match, with Hardy actually dominating the early going. Eventually, however, Kennedy hit what JBL called The Kenton Bomb to pick up the 1-2-3 win. He then grabbed the mic again, and again he asked for some real competition. He was surprised by Hardy, though, who hit The Twist Of Fate on him after the match.

-After the break, Paul Heyman and The FBI hit the ring. Heyman spoke about The Era Of Extreme returning, as well as the return of The FBI to Smackdown. He said that this was just the beginning, much like Show, Angle, and Van Dam on Raw was just the beginning. He then reminded everyone that with RVD’s win at ECW One Night Stand The Extremists, as he called them, were going to be coming and going as they pleased. Little Guido had some comments to make about Vito, before the entire thing was cut short by the appearance of Teddy Long. He said if The FBI wanted to come to Smackdown and interrupt things, then that was fine, but that they were going to do it in action. Next week, The FBI would be facing The Mexicools in a Tag Team Match. Heyman said he was hoping so.

-Before the final commercial break of the show, it was Rey’s turn for a pre-taped interview with Josh. However, Rey barely started speaking about his match with Henry when Henry attacked. He sent Josh head first into the wall, and slammed Rey back first over his knee, then through a table that was nearby. Henry said he would see him in the Main Event, which Cole and JBL hyped as being next.

-In the Main Event for the WWE World Title, Rey defended his belt against Henry, with Chavo in his corner. Rey was noticeably hurting, as was Chavo, and Henry simply dominated from the opening bell. Henry seemed to have the match won, but the ref was bumped and unable to count the fall. At this point Chavo got into the ring behind Henry with a chair and beat him about the back and legs with it. Rey made his way to his feet and watched as Henry shrugged off blow after blow after blow, eventually pushing Chavo into the corner. The ref was to his knees, and Chavo threw the chair at Henry, who caught it, then he and Rey dropped to the mat, feigning injury. Referee Nick Patrick saw this and called for the bell, giving the win by DQ to Rey. Henry was livid and attacked Patrick as Rey and Chavo escaped the ring to the cheers of the crowd. However at this point, the lights went out and every screen in the arena came to life with a montage of scenes about Sabu, culminating with the final moments of his match with Rey at One Night Stand. “Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal…Sabu…Smackdown…Soon!” were the final words of the show as Rey and Chavo looked on in the aisle.

With The Extremists now having made their appearance on Smackdown as well as Raw, and with things seemingly heated up for the final Smackdown of June, it was next time for WWE Vengeance on PPV, the Raw brand’s next PPV. What transpired was never even guessed at.

WWE Vengeance

June 25, 2006 from Charlotte, North Caroline

-Vengeance opened with a video montage hyping the biggest matches of the night, but showing more of DX and the Edge, Cena, RVD rivalry.

-As JR and The King hyped up the show, ECW’s music began and Tazz and Joey Styles came from the back to a good ovation from the crowd. They came down to the announce area and removed a black tarp from a third announce table, this one showing the ECW Logo. They got on their headsets and welcomed everyone to WWE Vengeance, then said they were joining the announce teams for all ECW related matches, such as the opening match of the night. JR and King argued with them for a bit, until Randy Orton’s music played.

-Orton came from the back looking cocky and sure of himself, followed soon by The Extreme Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle. The announce teams hyped this match as the big return match from One Night Stand, and a few stills and random scenes were shown from the previous match prior to the bell. The match was different from their other encounter, as Orton seemed to realize he couldn’t go with Angle in a mat based match and kept it from becoming one. As Angle hit The Angle Slam on Orton almost fifteen minutes in Referee Mickie Henson was hit with Orton’s foot and went down. Angle locked in The Ankle Lock, to which Orton furiously and quickly tapped, but their was no referee to end the match. Angle went to try and revive him, and Orton slid to the floor. Angle got Henson to his knees, then went to the ropes to bring Orton back in. Orton hit him through the ropes with the bell, then pulled a dazed Angle to the floor. From under the ring Orton produced a bat and beat on Angle’s left leg repeatedly until the referee was finally to his feet. Orton tossed the bat back under the ring, slid Angle back in, then mocked Angle as he locked on The Ankle Lock himself. Angle screamed out but did not tap out to his own move, instead passing out from the intense pain. The referee signaled for the bell and Orton was the victor. However post match Orton wasn’t done, and he retrieved the bat and again beat on angle’s leg and ankle. Everyone at the announce position seemed to agree post match that Angles ankle, if not his leg, was broken, and medics rushed from the back to help Angle as Orton posed in the aisle with the bat.

-The DX return/reunion footage aired next from Raw.

-To the back, where Vince and Shane McMahon were in their office, watching the footage. Vince was livid, said his jaw still hurt, and:

”After tonight I’m going to send that damned DX back where they came from. Shane, after tonight I want HHH and Michaels crippled, unable to walk, unable to look after their families, and unable to ever enter a WWE ring again. Do you understand me Shane, I want DX dead, and them I’m going to say my two favorite words. YOU’RE FIRED!”

Shane looked a little uncomfortable, as Vince almost drooled, his face beet red.

-Next Kamala was escorted to the ring by Kim Chi, Eugene, Doink, and Jim Duggan, while Estrada escorted Umaga out. Referee Chad Patton had his work cut out for him right off the bat as Eugene’s Legends, as JR called them, all attacked Umaga before the bell. Patton regained control and sent everyone but the combatants and Estrada to the back, much to the boos of the crowd, and from that point on it was nothing more than a glorified squash. Umaga defeated Kamala relatively quickly with The Samoan Spike, then Estrada grabbed a mic:

”Kamala might be crazy and insane, but Umaga, ha-ha, is The Samoan Bulldozer. Nobody can stop him. Umaga, do it again.”

And with that Umaga climbed to the top and Splashed Kamala. Eugene and company ran down to the ring to try and make the save, but Umaga was able to lay out everyone of them this time.

-In the back Maria was with Charlie Haas, who said again that what he did to Lillian was a horrible mistake, and that he was happy she accepted his apology, but that Viscera had no business being involved in this.

”You dumped Lillian a long time ago, Vis, and now you want her back? Now you think defending her honor is going to make her forget what you did to her? I don’t know, fat man. Lillian, do the right thing here tonight and get your vengeance for how Viscera embarrassed you live in front of millions of people. Do what you know you need to do. Either way, Vis, I’m way better than this, and after tonight I’m going back into the IC Title hunt and away from fat pieces of crap like you.”

-Lillian was shown at ringside after the interview looking a little confused, but she stood up and removed her blouse revealing a referee’s shirt underneath as the fans hooted and hollered. She handed the mic to Todd Grisham, who acted as the Special Ring Announcer and Lillian got into the ring to be the Special Guest Referee for the next match.

-Viscera came out and tried talking to Lillian, but she just pointed to her shirt. Haas came running out next, and he ran right into Lillian, knocking her through the ropes to the floor as he laughed. Viscera was incensed, and he went after Haas, but Haas was quicker, smarter, and not as upset as Vis and was able to dodge the big man’s wild attacks. Medics came down to check on Lillian, however she was okay and she slapped one and pushed him away. She walked over and grabbed a chair and got in the ring. Vis had Haas in the corner, and she yelled for Vis to hold him so she could lay him out too. Vis pulled Charlie out and turned his back to Lillian, who dropped to her knees and low blowed The Love Machine. Then, as he turned to face her she smacked him across the face with her hand. With a wicked smile she said “Remember Las Vegas, you sonofabitch?” She then tossed the chair to Haas, who laid Vis out with it and made the cover, which Lillian counted amid boos from the crowd. The duo then hugged, before Charlie dipped her and kissed her in the ring. Lillian and Charlie then headed for the back laughing at Viscera, who glared in the ring.

-In the back Maria got all deep with Carlito about being cool, which confused him to no end, then he said he was going to win the IC Title here tonight again, and that that was cool. He then gave Maria an odd look, and walked off.

-The IC Title three way was next, featuring the current champion Shelton Benjamin defending his belt against Carlito and Nitro, who had Melina in his corner. It was a quick paced match, following the normal WWE three way design, that came to en end when Carlito and Benjamin were alone in the ring exchanging moves and cover attempts. Carlito hit his Backcracker and was about to go for the pin, but Nitro came from nowhere and pulled Carlito to the floor and made the cover and won the belt. He and Melina scurried up the aisle with the belt, celebrating, while Carlito looked livid that his win was stolen from him.

-The Spirit Squad were shown next in their locker room, and Vince and Shane came in and pumped them up. Shane said that tonight the 7 on 2 Handicap Elimination Match was going to end only one way, and that was with DX being broken and beaten. They all put their hands in and did a quick cheer, but it ended when the scene cut to the arena and DX’s music began to play.

-DX had an extremely long entrance here, which the fans ate up, that ended with HHH and Shawn doing the “Let’s get ready to suck it” bit. The TitanTron came alive and Vince said that the match wasn’t scheduled yet, and that they had no business coming to the ring and disrupting the show. HHH and Shawn did a bit of back and forth next:

HHH: ”Wait Vince, are you telling me that we jumped the gun?”

HBK: ”Came too soon?”

HHH: ”Prematurely entranced?”

HBK: ”Ran with this joke too long?”

HHH: ”Killed a funny bit?”

HBK: ”Went on and on and on?”

HHH: ”Just like you do with every damn thing you ever try?”

HBK: ”Me?”

HHH: ”No, not you Shawn, Vince.”

HBK: ”Oh okay. Sorry.”

HHH: ”No problem. It’s been awhile, we need to try and find a rhythm again.”

HBK: ”Yeah, it almost seems like we should be attacking each other, doesn’t it?”

HHH: ”We’ve been doing it for four years now, so yeah it does.”

HBK: ”The last time you thought it would be a good idea to bring back DX was when it all started I think.”

HHH: ”Yeah, uh, about that, did I ever apologize for that?”

HBK: ”Nope. Now would be a good time though.”

HHH: ”Now? In front of everyone?”

HBK: ”Why not? I mean, you Pedigreed me in front of everyone. Oh no, wait, you’re not going to do that again are you, Hunter? Fool me once shame on me, but fool me twice…”

HHH: ”Shawn, man, it’s like I told you on the phone. Vince and Shane are being such total frigging assho…”

Vince: Would you too shut the hell up. You want to do this now? You want to end your career now? Fine, we’ll be right there. Come on boys, the end of DX is NOW!”

HBK: ”You were gonna say something bad weren’t you, Hunter?”

HHH: Sorry Shawn, about the past, and about my potty mouth. You know me, though.”

HBK: ”Yeah, I do. Hey man, I wonder what the rest of the band is doing nowadays? Maybe we should have made a few calls. I mean, seven on two seems kind of bad odds for us. It could have been seven on three, or seven on five. Hey, we coulda went and found your ex girlfriend and made it seven on six.”

HHH: ”Stephanie? Hey, Shawn, she’s knocked up nowadays. Some stud, and I mean a real man who I hear is hung like a…”

HBK: ”Whoa whoa no not Steph, I meant Asia. Or Europe? Wait, what was her name again?”

HHH: Her? Are you kidding me, Shawn? Have you seen that video she did last year? Wait of course you didn’t. Okay, see, Pac and her did this…”

But they were cut off as Mr. McMahon’s music played and he and Shane along with The Spirit Squad came out for the Seven on Two Handicap Elimination Match.

-The match started quickly, with The Spirit Squad storming the ring as referee Chad Patton ran out and called for the bell. However, DX gained the upper hand and sent all five members crashing to the floor. Soon enough Patton got control and the seven on two handicap match was officially under way. The fans were 100” behind DX the whole time, and the ending was never really in question. Eliminations went Mitch, Mikey, Nicky, Johnny, Kenny, Shane, and finally Vince himself. DX stood strong after the nearly fifteen minute match ended, neither man having been eliminated. As The McMahons and The Spirit Squad were on the ramp, with Vince holding his head after Sweet Chin Music yet again, HHH ended the entire segment by mooning them all as the fans cheered in delight and the DX music blared across the arena.

-In the back, and Cena is shown pacing back and forth, before he finally headed off.

-ECW’s music played, and Styles and Tazz introduce the man behind ECW, Paul Heyman. He comes out and to ringside with Credible, Balls Mahoney, and Stevie Richards at his side, then The Sandman’s music played. He did his bit coming from the crowd as he smoked and drank some beer, before he hit the ring, Singapore Cane in hand. Cena came out next to his usual mixture of boos and cheers, although the cheering section was noticeably louder this time, and he ran to the ring cane in hand. The two swung their canes at each other, both missing, and soon enough the canes were lost and the two were simply brawling in the ring. When Cena gained the upper hand Stevie tried to get inside, but Cena stopped him. Credible grabbed a Cane and got in, but Sandman stopped him, sending him to the floor. Heyman looked shocked, and Balls was next to try and get in with his famous chair, but Cena and Sandman teamed up to send Balls to the floor, before they went back to brawling. Heyman was audibly heard yelling “What the hell, Sandman?” as the two went back and forth in the ring. Finally they both had the canes again, and a real war ensued. Sandman got the better of it, caned Cena down to the mat, then hit his White Russian Leg Sweep with the Cane and got the surprising 1-2-3 to win the match. The fans were shocked, as was JR and The King, as Sandman’s music hit and he rolled to the floor. Heyman was ecstatic, and he ran to Sandman, who pretty much ignored him and headed off to celebrate with the fans. Cena made it to his knees in the ring, his face bloody, as Stevie and Credible decided to attack again. However yet again Cena stopped them, first hitting the FU to Richards to the floor, then Caning Credible to the mat before he locked in the STFU. He rolled to the floor as Balls made his way back in with the chair and stared up into the fans where Sandman was standing. Cena smiled, saluted The Sandman, and headed to back after being overheard saying “This ain’t over yet, not by a damned mile”.

-It went to the back next, where Trish was with Maria. Trish hyped up her match, and mentioned that she was told that this was her final shot at the WWE Women’s Title as long as Mickie held it. She said it was now or never, before she headed off.

-Trish was out next to take on Mickie, with Mickie soon after. The two women had a good match, but it ended quickly when first Candice came out, attempting to attack Mickie after she embarrassed her the previous week, followed by Melina, who attacked Trish for seemingly no apparent reason. Eventually the referee simply called the match a No Contest, costing Trish her final title shot. Melina looked pleased as she and Mickie headed up the ramp, while Trish was livid with Candice.

-To the back for the last few segments before the Main Event, first with the ECW wrestlers celebrating the big win over Cena. RVD came in and said he was going to defeat Edge alone, and that he wanted all the ECW wrestlers to stay in the back, including Heyman. Heyman smiled and told RVD he had no that he could defeat Edge without anyone’s help. As RVD went to leave, he did tell him to watch out for Lita.

-A video package aired next detailing the entire history to date, before cutting back to the announce tables and the dual announce teams again.

-Edge and Lita came out first, followed by RVD, and the Main Event WWE Championship Title Match and ECW World Heavyweight Title Match began. After around ten minutes of back and forth wrestling, yet another referee, this one Mike Chioda, was bumped. Lita and Edge brought a table into the ring and set it up in the corner, and RVD was primed for the a Spear. However he avoided the Spear and the two exchanged more back and forth. Lita entered the ring, but RVD did away with her. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Edge, but the referee was still down. As RVD rose to get Chioda, a man in a black helmet, black sweats, and a black hoodie hit the ring and Speared/Gored RVD through the table in the corner. Everyone was shocked, and nobody knew what to make of this. The guy again teased removing the helmet, but instead he just pulled RVD to the center of the ring and laid Edge over him before he left again. Lita roused the referee, who made the slow count. RVD kicked out at the last second. Both men slowly rose to their feet, and RVD was able to nail Edge with an Enzuiguiri, followed by a second Five Star, and this time he won the match. The PPV came to an end with Lita and Edge on the floor, both shocked, and RVD celebrating, as both JR and Styles questioned just who the man in black was.

Vengeance was seen as a mild success by the fans, many of whom were surprised by several of the Midcard matches, as well as other things like the return of the man in black. Nobody was really heralding it as a massive success, but it was enough that it got the fans talking. Raw was expected to keep the momentum moving forward, and hopefully Smackdown would do the same.


June 26, 2006 from Fayetteville, North Carolina

-The show opened, after the normal intro, with Vince’s music and he and Shane entered the arena and the ring. Vince got on the mic and said that last night was a disgrace as far as he was concerned in regards to DX, and as a result of that, he had made it his personal business to see to it that DX was removed from the WWE immediately. He then said he would be unable to give Raw the amount of time it required, and as such a proper General Manager was necessary. He said with all due respect to Jonathon Coachman, he was not the voice and figurehead that Raw needed, and as such, he removed Coach from his current role. The crowd cheered. However just as he was about to name the new GM, the lights went out and DX’s green spotlights started flying around the arena as their music started. Finally, as the words “Break It Down” hit, the spotlights focused on the entranceway and HHH and HBK came out from the back. They did their thing atop the stage, did their crotch chops, which led to the pyro behind them flying with the green flame, then basked in the cheers of the fans as Vince and Shane glared in the ring. HHH called for the music to end and produced a mic. However before he was able to say a word The Spirit Squad attacked them from behind, five on two. DX fought back, but when HHH was sent flying off the stage and crashed into the equipment on the floor, it was then five on one on HBK. All five members of The Spirit Squad grabbed Shawn and hit The High Spirits, dropping him hard onto the metal stage, then laid more boots to him as he lay motionless. Vince finally called them off, and then said that maybe he had acted prematurely, and announced that the new Co-GM’s of Raw were Shane and he, as the fans booed. Furthermore, he made a match on the fly for tonight’s Main Event in under two hours. It would be The Spirit Squad Members Kenny and Johnny vs. DX, in a non-title Tag Team Match, and if DX failed to appear they would be in breach of contract and fired on the spot. The show cut to commercial as medics rushed out to check on the downed DX members.

-After the commercial, and after the recap of what had happened with DX in the opening segment, Charlie Haas was led to the ring by Lillian Garcia. Lillian ripped the mic from Todd Grisham’s hand, and announced herself and her new client, and as she put it lover, Charlie Haas. Haas’ opponent was next out, and Lillian buried the local talent. The match was a virtual squash for Haas, who looked great. After the match, Big Vis lumbered out from the back, but Lillian and Charlie escaped up the ramp. Haas reminded Vis on the mic that he was not going to wrestle him ever again, as he had moved on. Vis was livid in the ring.

-In the back Shane told his father that both HHH and HBK had been sent to a local hospital, and that there was no way either would make it back here tonight. Vince was very happy.

-After the commercials a video recap played of the IC Title Match from Vengeance.

-Shelton Benjamin next wrestled Carlito in an IC Title Number One Contender’s Match. Nitro and Melina joined JR and The King on commentary, burying both of them during the match. Near the end, with Carlito in control, Nitro snuck over and clipped his feet, sending him crashing to the mat. The referee in charge saw what had happened and called for the bell, giving the win to Carlito via DQ. Shelton was upset, but it was over and Carlito was the new Number One Contender to the IC Title.

-Trish was interviewed by Maria next about the previous night’s WWE Women’s Title Match, her last as long as Mickie was champion. Candice interrupted and apologized for losing her temper and helping to cost Trish the match last night. Trish accepted her apology, and then told Candice to keep it together out there next. The two Divas walked off.

-After the commercials Trish and Candice wrestled Mickie James and Melina, with Nitro in their corner. Trish and Candice simply never clicked as a team and had some serious miscommunication, and it ended with Trish being pinned by Mickie. After the match, Nitro held Candice while the two women beat down on Trish. Carlito ran down to make the save, running the women off, and nailing Nitro with The Backcracker. He and Candice helped Trish to her feet as the heels scrambled to the back.

-Coach was shown walking through the backstage area with his bags in hand towards the exit, but was stopped by Shelton Benjamin, who said that the two of them might have something to discuss. Shelton and Coach headed out of the arena together.

-After commercials, Eugene came to the ring, looking the worse for wear, alone. Next out was Umaga led by Estrada. Eugene attempted a lot here, but in the end, he failed and fell to the Samoan Bulldozer as all do. Umaga, at Estrada’s instruction, attacked after the match, and again some of Eugene’s friends ran down to help. This time it was just Duggan and Doink, and both fell very quickly to Umaga. However as Umaga was brutalizing both men Snitsky came out next, and for whatever reason Estrada felt this was the time for he and Umaga to leave.

-In the back Edge and Lita were shown walking. JR said it looked like they were headed down to the ring.

-After the commercials, a video aired from Vengeance detailing what happened in the Main Event for the WWE Championship and ECW World Heavyweight Title.

-After the video, Edge and Lita came to the ring, where Edge was handed a mic from Todd Grisham:

”Shut the hell up and listen to The Rated R Superstar. Last night was a joke. It was crap. We had bad officiating, people running in attacking, and…”

However, Edge was cut off as RVD’s music blared and the dual champion came from the back with Paul Heyman at his side. Heyman hyped, really quickly, that John Cena was going to go to the extreme yet again tonight as he took on Balls Mahoney, then asked Edge who the man in black was, since Edge had taken responsibility for being the same guy at One Night Stand. Edge said he had no idea who the person last night was, but that his interference ultimately cost him his title shots, and that he was obviously due another. Heyman disagreed here, but RVD took the mic from Heyman:

”Yannow Paul, I have to agree with Edge for once. I think he is due a rematch, but not for both belts. You see Edge, you haven’t done anything to make yourself worthy of being the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Pinning Beulah at One Night stand isn’t extreme or hardcore, Edge, it’s sad. But you do deserve another shot at the WWE Championship, and you’re going to get it next week on Raw.”

RVD extended his hand for a shake; all the while Heyman was trying to talk Rob out of this. Edge looked wary, but he shook and quickly backed off. RVD pumped his thumbs as his music hit and he and Heyman turned to leave. Edge called them back, and as RVD turned, he was Speared hard to the mat. Heyman scattered from the ring and motioned from the back, and Tommy Dreamer ran out, barbed wire baseball bat in hand. Edge rolled from the ring, smiling, as his music now played and he told RVD he would beat him next week.

-After another commercial break a video highlight was shown of RVD and Edge, and then Heyman was shown berating RVD in the back, with Dreamer looking on. RVD told Heyman he was a fighting champion, and that he had waited a long time to be in this position. He said that he wasn’t backing down from any fight, no matter who it was against nor the odds. Dreamer told RVD and Heyman he had his back next week, and if the man in black tried anything, he’d face The Innovator Of Violence. Heyman wasn’t reassured, but it came to an end when Sandman came up and told Paul he wanted a match tonight as well, and he wanted it against Justin Credible. Heyman asked why, and Sandman said because nobody interferes in his matches. Heyman said he would try to get it done.

-Another cut to Shane and Vince, this time they were psyching Kenny and Johnny up for their match later on tonight. Shane told Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey that they were, of course, allowed to be at ringside as moral support. Vince named himself the Special Guest Ring Announcer, and Shane was revealed as the Special Guest Referee. However, as Shane said, it was all moot since DX was in no way making it back here tonight. They all agreed and did a cheer, hands in.

-After the commercial break, The Sandman came to the ring with his usual entrance, and waited. Heyman ran down and tried to tell The Sandman that he had not gotten the match approved, to which Sandman smiled, and then Caned Paul, oddly enough to the cheers of the crowd. Credible and Richards next jumped Sandman, but he Caned them down too. Shane came out on the ramp and said this was ridiculous, and that as Co-GM he was making a match for next week: Sandman vs. Credible in a Dueling Singapore Cane Match, much like he and Cena had at Vengeance. Sandman was quite pleased and exited through the crowd while Richards and Credible helped Heyman out of the ring.

-To the back where Cena was shown, his head bandaged, brandishing some chains in his hand.

-Next Balls Mahoney was in the back, his famous chair in hand, headed towards to the ring.

-After the break, Joey and Tazz joined JR and The King on commentary again. Balls came out first, alone, to his music. Cena was out next. He sprinted to the ring, still with the chains, and the two men immediately started exchanging blows. The referee set the chair and the chains aside. The match was simply a brawl around ringside, and soon enough it was thrown out when the chair and the chain were used, but this did not stop the fight. Cena locked Balls into the STFU with the chain wrapped around Balls throat and forced him to pass out. Cena’s music played after he released the hold, despite the match being a No Contest, but Cena stopped on his way out of the ring when he saw The Sandman standing up in fans watching and smiling. Sandman cracked a beer, then left, as did Cena.

-To the back, where several shots of the backstage area, doors, and the parking lot were shown as JR and King said DX had minutes left to arrive, or be fired.

-After the break, it was Main Event Time. Vince and Shane came out, then Vince introduced the Spirit Squad for the non title match. He next introduced DX, and their music played, but they did not appear. Vince, in the ring with his son and The Squad, said the Special Guest Referee would administer a ten count, and if DX did not appear in that time they would be disqualified and fired. At the eight count their music played again and the TitanTron came to life. Neither looked healthy as HHH spoke first:

HHH: ”Here we are Vince, we’ve appeared.”

HBK: ”Can you see us Vince? It appears that we have, as Hunter said, appeared, and really, that’s all we had to do. Appear. Right Hunter?”

HHH: ”That’s what the old man has said all night. If we failed to appear we’d be fired, but we are appearing right now. I mean, you can all see us right?”

The fans cheered as Vince looked livid.

HBK: ”So, he can’t fire us then, right?”

HHH: ”Nope. He can’t fire us. We have lived up to his stipulation. Feel like wrestling tonight, Shawn?”

HBK: ”To be honest, no. My back is killing me. You?”

HHH: ”Are you insane? Did you see that fall I took? No way in hell…ooops sorry. I mean absolutely not. I hurt all over.”

HBK: ”So it’s settled then? We’ll gladly take the count out loss and see you next week. Sorry folks, but we’re just not up to wrestling here tonight.”

HHH: ”Yeah, but don’t blame us, blame those seven in the ring. That was really uncalled for earlier tonight, guys. But, I’ll tell you what, how about we have the match next week, and if we fail to WIN, you can fire us. Sound good, Shawn?”

HBK: ”It sounds more than fair. DX vs. Johnny and Kenny, and if DX failed to win DX is…wait for it…”


HBK: ”Okay, well, I think we need to get going. See you next week. Bye Vince, Shane, Cheerleaders.”

HHH: ”Yeah, later guys. It’s been fun. See ya.”

At that point the camera pans back to show DX getting into The McMahon’s limo, both bandaged, and leaving the hospital to a chorus of cheers. Their music plays again as JR and The King say that DX have gotten another one over on the co-bosses. Shane and Vince are very upset as Raw comes to an end.

Next up was the final Smackdown of June.

WWE Smackdown

June 30, 2006 from Roanoke, VA

-The show opened with a recap of the previous week, followed by the intro.

-After the intro, Mark Henry came to the ring and cut a promo on Chavo and The Guerrero family, saying that they are all parasites on the business. Chavo came out on the ramp and said he wasn’t stupid enough to be goaded into coming out of retirement by someone like Henry. Henry then said that Chavo was just like his Uncle Eddie, worthless. Henry spit in Chavo’s direction, then spit on the mat and said if he could he’d spit on Eddie himself. This sent Chavo racing into the ring, where he was leveled by Henry and sent back first into the ring post. Rey came down for the save, but he suffered the same fate. Henry then put Chavo in the Human Torture Rack before once again breaking him in half across the ring post. He then spit on both men and left the ring, smiling.

-After the commercial, they replayed the footage, while JBL said this was what would happen to Batista when he returned next week

-The Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kash, defeated Malik Yamah and Marty Garner in the first match of the night in under three minutes.

-In the back, King Booker and Sharmell attempted to get out of the match with Lashley tonight, but to no avail. Teddy Long said the match was on, for the US Title, inside a Steel Cage. Booker was not happy, saying that you put dogs and criminals in cages, not royalty. Long just sighed and walked off.

-A video aired for Batista’s return next week on SD.

-After the commercials, Krystal interviewed Ashley, and the two had a small argument. Michelle McCool came up next and the little argument became a bigger three-way argument that amounted to nothing.

-Up next Cole interviewed Lashley, from the backstage area, about the Main Event and the fact that he had never been in a Steel Cage Match. Lashley said without King Booker’s lackeys, he couldn’t beat him. He said he would walk in US Champ and walk out US Champ.

-After another set of commercials, Matt Hardy took on Finlay. Hardy lost after help from Little Bastard, the shillelagh, and being rammed head first into an exposed turnbuckle. Mr. Kennedy was also on commentary, and he served as a bit of a distraction for Hardy as well.

-A video profile on The Miz aired next, as well as his Fear Factor appearances recently.

-After the commercials, The FBI was led to the ring by Big Guido for their match with The Mexicools. Heyman was recovering, Cole said, from Raw, and was not there. Scenes from ECW One Night Stand of Crazy and Tajiri vs. The FBI was shown, and after that Joey Styles and Tazz came out much like on Raw and at Vengeance, and joined the announce team for this ECW Match. The Mexicools come out next. The match was rather lengthy and very back and forth, however in the end Psicosis was pinned by Mamaluke to win the match. Afterwards Big Guido got into the ring and attacked both Mexicools for no apparent reason.

-A video aired once again showing how Mark Henry put out Batista.

-After commercials, Gunner Scott took on William Regal. Regal won the match decisively. After it was over, Khali came to the ring. Regal ran for cover, but Scott was caught and planted to the mat by Khali, then placed into a body bag with help from Daivari. Daivari next challenged The Undertaker to a Punjabi Prison Match on behalf of Khali for The Great American Bash next month. He wondered aloud if Taker was still hurt, or just afraid of the biggest and baddest man the WWE had ever seen. JBL put the match over as some kind of wrestling urban legend that he didn’t think really existed as the duo walked off, with Khali carrying the body bag on his shoulder.

-Another commercial break, and afterwards Simon Dean was defeated by Vito, in drag.

-After the match The Miz got into the ring and spoke about how crazy and zany the show had been thus far, then the cage lowered down. He hyped up the Steel Cage Match concept, then said he expected this one to be the most brutal ever on Smackdown.

-Rey was shown in the back, in a lot of pain. Teddy Long came to check on him, and Rey told Long he was tired of Henry. Long said Rey should take some time off, but Rey said that after next week, he didn’t think Henry was going to be much of a problem again. Rey said he was going to head to the hospital to check on Chavo, and he headed out, passing a monitor as he did so.

-The same video for Sabu as the week prior aired.

-Back to Rey, watching the monitor, and he shook his head and headed out, title on his shoulder.

-Finally, prior to another commercial break, a lengthy video aired highlighting the history between Lashley and Booker, then JBL and Cole said the Main Event was next.

-After the break, Regal introduced King Booker, who came out with Finlay and Sharmell. All three accompanied him to the ring, but he entered the cage alone. Lashley came out alone. He entered the ring with no trouble, and the match started. The match ran almost twenty minutes and went through a commercial break, with great action back and forth. At one point, when Lashley was headed out of the door, Finlay nailed him in the head with the door and then he and Regal entered the cage, locking it behind them both. A three on one ensued, and it looked like Booker was going to win. However, Matt Hardy raced from the back and as Booker was headed out the door this time, he slammed the door in Booker’s face. Regal and Finlay raced outside and the three fought up the ramp, while inside the ring Lashley gained the momentum and pinned Booker in the center of the ring 1-2-3 to win the match and retain his title. Lashley, bloody, was handed his title and he climbed to the top of the cage to celebrate.

-The final images of the night were once again the hype video for Batista’s return in one week.

Thus, the month of June ended. DX was back, RVD was both the ECW and WWE Champion, Lashley had defeated the threat of King Booker finally, the ECW Extremists were loose on both brands, Mark Henry was a true threat on Smackdown, and Rey was still plugging along as the Underdog Champion somehow beating the odds. July promised the return of Batista, more ECW and DX involvement, Sabu to Smackdown, and many more twists and turns. The new era of the WWE had truly begun, and it was indeed a New Breed Unleashed.

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I like ECW's involvement on Smackdown, even if it is just in the form of the FBI. Hopefully it will branch out a bit more and give some others some airtime. I was going to say I don't like the hyping of Sabu as a big star on the brand, but I suppose without ECW on SciFi he hasn't had much exposure after ONS so it works to hype up his debut. Mark Henry sounds a lot more well rounded on the stick than he perhaps should, but I do like his involvment in the ME. I enjoy when people actually try to use "shitty" stars rather than bringing in the usual suspects. Didn't like the double fake DQ finish, but I guess thats just my logical booking talking.

Vengeance was really good. Angle refusing to tap was great as it adds a lot to his Extreme Machine persona, but Orton style looked strong with his ruthless prickness. I like the Haas-Lillian partnership as it gives him something more to play off. His promo was horrible though. The whole DX-McMahon thing is awesome. The promos are really good and it's just really a throw back to the better times past. I understand the Sandman thing, but I'm not sure I like it just yet. I know Sandman is very much on his own, but I doubt he would respect Cena just yet. Who is the guy under the mask? DUN DUN DUN. The DX stuff on the Raw after was brilliant, I loved it. Again, a brilliant throw back, DX outsmarting Vince once again. Awesome.

Mark Henry enjoys spitting a bit too much for my liking. Too much Miz on SD, get him off tv. I like the round up of Booker and Lashley, and really liked Booker's comment about royalty not fighting in cages. I really hope the Punjabi Prison match is a wooden cage match with barbwire on the top. That would be immense.

That's all for now. Anyone else going to read this thing or do I have to click refresh another 200 times to get the views up?

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I like how ECW is more of a stable than a promotion, far more interesting than just being a C brand. Sandman is interesting, while I would have liked a Dreamer "Can I have some more?" rehash with Cena at Vengeance, the turn on Heyman has kept me interested. Keep with it.

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I'm reading. Just trying not to get my hopes up as I can't see this lasting very long. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but it hasn't happened yet. Anyway, onto the feedback for the "So Far" aspect of it.

Compared to the stuff on television, I'm loving the DX stuff. Although I have liked some of the stuff there as well, but this just worked so much better. Loved the back and forth they did during the one about Chyna and shit. That one had me laughing more than any of the others.

It's pretty obvious who the guy in the helmet is, unless you've got a hell of a swerve up your sleeve.

So glad that you didn't do the ECW on Sci-Fi stuff, because even though I haven't seen it yet, just hearing about it has completely turned me off wanting to watch it. The Extremists just seem like such a better fit, but like Funky, I'd like to see it stretch to Smackdown a bit more. It sort of is with Sabu heading there, but still makes me wonder where you're going with that. Him against Rey doesn't sell me on his return.

I think it would be funny as hell for Batista to turn on the fans and everyone else, aligning himself with Mark Henry. What a force those two could be on Smackdown, eliminating everyone. Who could stop them?

Orton getting the edge of Angle was very good as well. I"m a fan of Orton as of late, and even though people seem to hate him, I think he just has some sort of natural charisma. Angle has pretty much run his couse, as this Extreme Wrestling Machine thing has already been seen once during that whole shit with Eddie awhile back.

Overall this is awesome and I really hope it continues.

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I'm reading. Just trying not to get my hopes up as I can't see this lasting very long. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but it hasn't happened yet.

Hey! Fuck off dickface! (Y)

Overall this is awesome and I really hope it continues.

Thanks we all hope so too but are trying not to get our hopes up :wub:

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July 03, 2006

Philadelphia, PA

-The show opens with footage from last week’s show, featuring DX outsmarting The McMahons and RVD accepting Edge’s challenge for a rematch, then goes into the normal intro, before coming live from Philly. Before JR and The King can say much of anything, John Cena’s music begins.

-John Cena vs. Rob Conway

Cena comes out on the top of the stage as his music blares throughout the arena. As usual, he is met with a mixture of cheers and boos, although this week, perhaps due to the location, it is mainly boos. As with last week, Cena has two chains, one wrapped around his fist, and one draped over his shoulders. He does his salute, and then marches off to the ring, wherein Todd Grisham announces first his opponent, Rob Conway already inside, and then John Cena himself. Cena slides under the bottom rope and Conway wastes no time trying to gain the upper hand here. Referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell, as Conway just kicks, stomps, and eventually drops to his knees and pounds on the back and head of Cena. Conway, who actually has full control here, makes a huge mistake however when he gets to his feet and proceeds to pose for the fans and literally pat himself on the back over his feats thus far. This allows Cena to get to his feet, toss his chains aside, and as Conway turns back to face Cena he is leveled and sent into the ropes with a flurry of lefts and rights. Cena whips Conway across the ring and meets him midway with a Shoulder Block. He does the “You Can’t See Me” thing followed by The Five Knuckle Shuffle, then stands back and waits for Conway amid the boos. Conway gets to his feet and Cena hits the FU, followed by rolling Conway over and locking in the STFU. Conway wastes no time tapping like a lunatic, as Chioda calls for the bell and the opening match of the night comes to a swift end.

Cena grabs his chains as his music plays, and Balls Mahoney races from the back with his trusty chair in hand. Cena sees him and ducks a chair shot, then quickly swivels around and lays several punches to Balls’ face as Chioda rolls Conway from the ring. Balls staggers backwards towards the ropes, and Cena hits a Clothesline that sends both men over the top and to the floor below in a heap. Cena is first to his feet, and he grabs Balls, uncovers the ECW announce table, and then proceeds to FU Balls through the table.

JR: ”By god Cena is a man on fire here tonight, King. He can’t be stopped.”

King: ”Ever since One Night Stand Cena has been more brutal, more intense, and more focused than I can ever remember him, JR. We’ve seen the birth of a new John Cena.”

JR: No doubt about it, King, and there’s no telling what Cena’s going to do from here on out.”

As JR and The King continue to hype Cena to the moon as medics and officials rush to look at Mahoney, who isn’t moving. Cena heads back into the ring, where his music plays again, followed by replaying the highlights of the match and Cena’s FU on Mahoney. Back live, and Cena is heading up the ramp, his chains once again around his shoulders and on his fist.

OR: 73

C: 77

MQ: 64

-To the back now, specifically the office of The McMahon’s, where inside Vince, Shane, and The Spirit Squad are looking at the monitor.

Vince: ”You see that? I don’t much care for Cena, but that’s intensity, and that’s what you’re going to do to that damned DX tonight. You understand me?”

Mitch: ”Oh yes sir, Mr. McMahon sir. Johnny and Kenny have been getting ready for this all week, sir, and I can personally vouch…”

Vince cuts him off with a glare and gets nose to nose with Mitch.

Vince: ”I don’t want to hear any stories, I want to see action tonight in that ring. DX has embarrassed us for weeks now, and it’s over. Get the job done, or you know what’s going to happen, right?”

Vince is now staring at Johnny and Kenny, who both look petrified and nod. Shane steps forward, a smile on his face. It is now for the first time that it can be seen that Shane is in a referee’s shirt.

Shane: ”Dad, relax. We’ve seen the hospital reports from last week and we both know the shape those two are in. If they even make it here tonight and try to compete, there is no way they are going to beat two young, fast, agile, studs like Johnny and Kenny. Shawn’s knee and back are all but shattered, and HHH’s neck is done. Tonight, with Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey in their corner, you as the Special Ring Announcer, and myself as Special Guest Referee DX is going to lose."

Vince: ”And then, they are FIRED!”

Vince smiles his normal evil smile as Mitch and Nicky pat Johnny and Kenny on the back, and Shane counts a 1-2-3 in the air with his fingers. Then they all laugh as Mikey does a victory dance as he sings.

Mikey: ”DX is dead, DX is dead, all hail The Spirit Squad and The McMahons, because DX is dead. Wooo-hooo!”

Mitch: ”Ready? Okay. Hands in.”

All seven of them put their hands in at this point.

Mitch: ”Goooooooo Spirit Squad!”

Vince: ”And the McMahon men.”

They all laugh afterwards as it goes to a commercial break.

OR: 82

-After the commercials and the listing of Raw live events for the next few weeks, a video package airs, highlighting Randy Orton’s recent return to Raw, his short feud with Angle, his loss at One Night Stand, and his subsequent victory and apparent crippling of Angle at Vengeance.

-Eugene’s music plays, and as he comes from the back jumping and clapping JR and The King discuss the fact that nobody is quite sure what is up with Angle following his match at Vengeance.

JR: ”All we know for sure, folks, is that Angle met with Dr. James Andrews right after Vengeance, but we haven’t heard what the prognosis is. Paul Heyman, who owns Angle’s contract now, has kept it all very quiet.”

King: ”I’d imagine with good reason, JR. It sure looked like Orton at the very least broke Angle’s ankle at Vengeance, and maybe his leg. Angle was carried out of the arena that night and…”

However, The King is cut short as Orton’s music plays and out comes The Legend Killer.

-Randy Orton vs. Eugene

Orton poses on the stage, then walks slowly, assuredly, confidently, and cockily to the ring. He tells Referee Mickey Henson to keep Eugene back, as he enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle. After he is done, and the fans are done booing him, he walks over and extends a hand to Eugene. Eugene looks hesitant, but he accepts the handshake. Orton smiles and pats Eugene on the shoulder, to which Eugene is very happy. However, this is it as Orton then nails The RKO. Eugene hits the mat hard, and Orton gets to his knees and smiles, as he tells Henson to ring the bell. Henson does, and Orton makes the pin getting the 1-2-3 to win this ultra fast match, over even before it had begun. Orton gets to his feet and holds his arm out, to which the referee raises it as Grisham announces him as the winner.

OR: 76

C: 75

MQ: 78

-Orton then picks Eugene up and sends him head first through the ropes to the floor below, as King and JR make mention that Eugene never even got his jacket off. Orton then walks over and demands a mic from Grisham, who hands him one. Orton smiles and walks to the center of the ring, mic in hand, as in the background Henson can be seen helping Eugene up the ramp towards the back.

Orton: ”After what happened to me earlier this year on Smackdown people said that my time was over. They said that Randy Orton’s time had come and gone. I was being mocked behind my back, the fans were mocking me, and Kurt Angle was running around telling anyone who would listen that he had broken my ankle and ended my career. Oh, but what a difference a few months makes, huh? Look at me. I am the youngest WWE Champion ever, I am The Legend Killer, and now I can proudly add Kurt Angle, gold medal winner and self proclaimed Extreme Wrestling Machine, to the long list of legends I have killed. It’s been weeks, and where oh where is Angle? Heyman won’t tell anyone, JR and The King have no idea, hell, even Mr. McMahon isn’t sure. I’ve called his house and nobody answers, it just goes to his machine. I’ve left messages, and none of them have been returned. Where oh where is Kurt Angle? Crippled? Yes. Retired? Yes. Out of action permanently, courtesy of Randy Orton, your Legend Killer? Hell yes. So, who’s next? Why, what about the legend of ECW? But we’ll save that for another time.

With that said, Orton drops the mic and raises his arms yet again for his pose as his music begins to play, all the while the fans in attendance boo quite loudly for The Legend Killer.

OR: 91

-After a commercial break the Boot Of The Week is shown, and it is Umaga beating down on Eugene, Duggan, and Doink until Snitsky makes the save, running Umaga and Estrada off.

-In the back, Eugene is on a cot holding his neck as the medic lays a cold pack on his head. Snitsky walks up.

Eugene: ”Ow ow ow oh oh ow.”

Snitsky: ”I saw what happened out there Eugene, and I’m sorry I didn’t come help. Where’s all your friends?”

Eugene: ”My friends?”

Snitsky: ”Jim Duggan? Doink The Clown? Kamala?”

Eugene: ”Oh them. Oooooomaga hurt all my friends and they’s all gone now.”

Snitsky strokes his beard, then sits on the cot next to Eugene and slaps his back hard, to which Eugene cringes and looks at Snitsky with pain on his face.

Snitsky: ”Not all of them, Eugene. I’ll be your new friend. My last friend just up and left Raw without saying bye, and I know what it’s like to not have any others.”

Eugene: ”Really? My new bestest friend?”

Snitsky: ”The best friend you’ve ever had. Us Gene’s have to stick together and watch each other’s backs, you know?”

Eugene forgets about the pain he was in moments earlier and jumps to his feet and claps his hands together, then gets a serious look on his face.

Eugene: ”It’s not my fault.”

He laughs and claps his hands some more, as Snitsky smiles and claps his hands too.

Snitsky: ”I’m going to show you how good of friends we’re going to be, Eugene, cuz next week I’m going to make Umaga pay for hurting you and all of your other friends, and I want you to be in my corner.”

Eugene hugs Snitsky now, who hugs him back.

OR: 60

-To the ringside area next.

King: ”Well, you know what they say JR?”

JR: ”What’s that King?”

King: ”There’s someone for everyone out there somewhere, and it looks like those two freaks just found each other. Man oh man, JR, what a pair.”

The duo then talk about the recent history of Sandman, from his debut on Raw with ECW at the contract signing to his huge win at Vengeance over Cena to his actions last week with Heyman as video detailing it all airs. JR then says that Sandman vs. Credible is next, and it is a Dueling Singapore Cane’s Match.

-After the commercial break, Raw returns with The Smackdown Rundown. It starts with footage of Henry leaving Chavo and Rey laying, as his in ring promo from last week plays, moves to the issues with Lashley, Matt Hardy, King Booker, Regal, and Finlay, and ends with Lashley standing atop the cage after he had beaten Booker, his US Title held high in the air.

-Joey and Tazz come from the back next, as the ECW music plays to a decent pop from the crowd and with Heyman at their side. They walk down and see the remnants of the ECW announce table, then Heyman walks over to JR and The King.

Heyman: ”Jim, Jerry, Mr. McMahon has told me to tell the both of you that your services will no longer be needed for the next match since it is an ECW match featuring only ECW wrestlers. And in the event that you don’t believe me, here.”

He hands JR a piece of paper. JR looks at it and hands it to The King as he takes of his headset.

JR: ”This is a crock.”

King: ”Have fun calling your extremely crappy match, boys. You aren’t even the B-Team, that’s Cole and JBL, you’re the Z-Team.”

Styles: ”Careful King, or else Tazz might have to choke you out again.”

Tazz: ”Ha ha.”

As JR and The King walk off Heyman slides into the ring, and Styles and Tazz send the show off to a commercial break.

-After the commercials Justin Credible is already in the ring, pacing back and forth, as Stevie Richards stands on the floor. Credible has his Singapore Cane. Heyman introduces Sandman, and after a few seconds his music begins to play. After some scanning of the crowd and the doors leading into the arena by various cameras, The Sandman is found, beer in hand, cigarette in his mouth, and Cane protruding from behind his back.

-Dueling Singapore Canes Match: The Sandman vs. Justin Credible w/Stevie Richards

The Sandman takes his sweet time making his way through the crowd, then once he is at ringside he walks the retaining wall, drinking another beer, spitting it, and then crushing the can against his forehead. He hops down, walks by Richards, who backs away, and then gets into the ring. Heyman sits down with Tazz and Styles, joining them on commentary, as Sandman and Credible go nose to nose. Referee Chad Patton is apparently instructing the two on something, and then he calls for the bell.

Styles: ”Just a heads up for you WWE Sports Entertainment fans who are unfamiliar with a Dueling Singapore Canes Match. Basically everything is legal, and the only way to win the match is to keep your opponent down for a ten-count. When he is unable to answer the ten-count you are the victor. This differs slightly from the watered down by Vince McMahon version that the WWE put forth at Vengeance.”

They continue to stand nose to nose, with Credible mouthing Sandman, until Stevie hops on the apron. Sandman turns around and whacks Stevie in the head, sending him to the retaining barrier, then the floor. Credible counters by smacking his cane across Sandman’s back repeatedly, as Sandman falls through the ropes to the floor. Credible follows him out, where he chokes him with the Cane, sends him head first into the steps, and then comes off the ring apron with the Cane across the back of Sandman.

Heyman: ”I don’t have any ill will towards The Sandman for last week Joey. He is and always has been a loose cannon, but I can’t say that watching Justin Credible, a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion himself I might add, beat on him like he is isn’t bringing a tiny smile to my face. My head hurt for days.”

Stevie now comes over and starts laying closed fists to Sandman’s face as Credible gets back in the ring. Referee Chad Patton is admonishing him, but as Tazz and Heyman discuss on commentary, there’s nothing he can do to him. Eventually Stevie rolls The Sandman into the ring, a smile on his face.

Joey: ”Well not that it’s surprising considering they came down together, but this is essentially a Handicap Match for The Sandman here tonight. And now he doesn’t even have his Cane anymore.”

As Styles says this Sandman is staggering to his feet in the ring after only a three count by the referee, and Stevie is twirling the Cane on the floor. Credible smirks, and swings his own cane, but Sandman catches it in his bare hand, to which Styles screams his “OH MY GOD” catchphrase, as blood trickles down his face. Sandman yanks the Cane from Credible as Stevie rolls inside. He takes turns whacking Stevie and Credible, breaks Credible’s Cane, and then grabs his own again and continues beating them both with it. He finally hits the White Russian Leg Sweep on Credible to some cheers from the crowd and then staggers back into the corner. Referee Chad Patton counts to ten, and then calls for the bell, as neither Credible nor Stevie move. Sandman’s music plays and he rolls from the ring, climbs up on the announce table, glares at Paul, who glares back, then heads off for the crowd. He stops as he is heading up when Cena’s face appears on the TitanTron. Cena is smiling, and he does a golf clap, then salutes The Sandman. The TitanTron goes black again, as the show heads to a commercial.

OR: 65

C: 66

MQ: 65

-Immediately following the commercials, a video airs showing highlights of The Highlander’s video packages to dates, and then says “The Highlanders Come To Raw Next Week”.

-In the back Trish is walking down the hall, and she is stopped by Candice.

Candice: ”Trish, hey Trish wait up. Look, Trish, I wanted to say I was sorry for last week. We didn’t really seem to click and mesh that well and…”

Trish: ”We? Not we, Candice, you. You were all over the place, and we lost because of you. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Carlito walks up at this point.

Candice: ”Okay, then I messed up. Anyways, I’m sorry about that and…”

Trish turns her back on Candice and puts her arm around Carlito’s waist.

Trish: ”Thanks for your help last week, Carlito. If not for you who knows what might have happened.”

Carlito smiles and nods his head.

Carlito: ”Is cool, Trish. Ready?”

Trish: ”Let’s go. Bye Candice.”

The duo walk off as Candice is left alone, looking a little dejected. She turns to leave and is met with the WWE Women’s Title to her head. Mickie jumps on Candice and then begins slamming her head into the floor, before she hops up, adjusts her top and hair, and giggles as she grabs her title off the floor.

Voice: ”Well that was brutal.”

Second Voice: ”I told you this was a good idea, Shelton.”

Coach, dressed in a very expensive looking suit, and Shelton, dressed as he has been of late when he’s not wrestling, walk up and stand next to Mickie.

Mickie: ”Oops. Sorry Candice.”

She then laughs as Shelton and Coach give her an odd look.

Coach: ”Let’s go, we have business elsewhere.”

The trio walks off, as the camera focuses on Candice, who is down and out and not moving, before heading to another commercial break.

OR: 62

-After the commercials This Week In WWE History airs.

-To the ring, where Todd Grisham introduces the WWE IC Champion Johnny Nitro and his Tag Team Partner Melina. The duo comes from the back, paparazzi on hand, and does their normal ring entrance, followed by Grisham introducing Trish and Carlito, who come out separately. As this is going on JR and King discuss how DX hasn’t been seen nor heard from all night.

-Carlito and Trish vs. Nitro and Melina

Referee Jack Doan gets the men on the apron as the women open the match up, and get ugly right off the bat. For the second week in a row Trish looks off of her game here, botching some simple and normal transition moves, while allowing Melina to gain the upper hand. In the corner, Carlito is pounding the turnbuckle pad and yelling for Trish to get into it. Nitro, on the other hand, looks cool, calm, and collected, and he soon accepts the tag from Melina, while Trish is allowed to tag in Carlito, who looks less than thrilled with her thus far. The two men lock up and very soon Carlito has the advantage. He goes for his Back Elbow Spring move, but Nitro is aware and reverses that move somehow into a Scorpion Death Drop. He goes for the cover, but Trish breaks it up at two and a half. This brings in Melina, and the two women brawl. As Doan is trying to get them under control, Mickie and Shelton hit ringside, alongside Coach, and pull Carlito to the floor. They both abuse him physically, ending with Shelton hitting the T-Bone Suplex onto the guardrail. They then quickly move away as Melina and Trish roll back into the ring. Nitro is in his corner now, a huge smile on his face. Melina hits a DDT, after Nitro reached out and tripped Trish up by yanking on her hair, and gets the 1-2-3 to win the match for her team, despite the women not being legal. Nitro rushes in and the two kiss, then they move in on the downed Trish.

Nitro holds Trish up as Melina stands back, measures her, then delivers a modified Chick Kick of her own that drops Trish. Shelton then rolls Carlito in as Coach and Mickie enter the ring from the opposite side, and the two teams agree to work together. Shelton and Nitro work over Carlito, while Mickie and Melina work over Trish. Coach stands in the corner looking pleased, but then for no apparent reason he nods at Shelton and Mickie, and they attack Melina and Nitro. Before long Shelton and Mickie are standing tall with Coach amid the carnage of two downed teams.

OR: 73

C: 80

MQ: 59

-After the commercial break a replay of what just happened airs, followed by JR and The King again talking about how DX isn’t here tonight. They try to get over how huge this is, as Mr. McMahon’s music plays, and Todd Grisham announces him as the Special Ring Announcer. As Mr. McMahon is walking to the ring, JR sends it to commercials again.

-Following the commercial break, and a brief video recap of the DX/McMahons and Spirit Squad “match” from last week, Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, in his referee shirt, and Mitch, Mikey, and Nicky are in the ring.

Vince: ”And now, introducing next and representing The Spirit Squad, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Johnny and Kenny!”

Johnny and Kenny come running out onto the stage, do some of their antics, and then rush to the ring, where they both springboard over the top rope and into the ring. Vince and Shane clap and smile, as the rest of The Spirit Squad jump up and down, pat them on the back, and hoot and holler and carry on.

Vince: ”And now, introducing the team that if they lose here tonight both members will be FIRED, that damned DX.”

The lights go out immediately, the green spotlights start roaming the crowd and arena as the music hits, and then as “Break It Down” plays the spotlights hit the stage and it is empty. The music continues to play, but HHH and HBK are nowhere to be seen. In the ring Vince and Shane are smiling yet again, as the music continues to play. Eventually it comes to a stop as Vince is smiling his evil smile and strolling around the ring.

Vince: ”Well, here we go again huh? Except this week there’s no wording you can use to save your asses from getting fired, DX. So, in the event you are in the building, Shane would you be so kind?”

Shane smiles and calls for the bell, then begins his obligatory ten-count. When he has reached seven the lights go out, the green spotlights hit the stage, and the music starts back up with “Break It Down”. At this point the crowd cheers as HHH pushes HBK out onto the stage in a wheelchair. HHH is bandaged haphazardly around his upper body and head, while HBK has a cast on his right leg.

JR: ”Which knee was it that was hurt King?”

King: The left one I thought.”

HBK also has a neck brace on, both his arms are in casts, and he has about fifteen IV’s with the appropriate IV bags attached hooked up to him arms. One is even in his mouth. The fans explode into laughter and cheers as the duo stop at the top of the ramp as the music ends and the lights come back up. HHH produces a mic.

HHH: ”Look, Vince, I know we had a deal, but as you can see myself and Shawn were a bit more beat up by those, those, those cheerleader thugs last week than we thought. Wait a second, I think Shawn wants to say something”

HHH kneels down next to Shawn, who tips his head and starts nodding his head all around. On the TitanTron above their heads, the words begin to type up on the screen:


The crowd laughs and cheers now, as HHH stands up tall again.

HHH: ”Do you see what you’ve done now Vince? Your Highway To Hell for Shawn and myself has resulted in him being crippled and unable to speak this week. Is this what you wanted Vince? Was it all worth it you selfish son of a…”

But HHH is cut off as Vince screams, his face redder than ever before.

Vince: ”SHUT UP! I’ve had it with you two already.”

HHH oversells being startled by the outburst, as HBK again starts gyrating in the chair. Again, words appear on the Titan Tron.

”That scared me, Hunter. I think I soiled myself again.”

Shane takes the mic from his father at this point.

Shane: ”Okay fun time is over starting now. You two, Degeneration X, come to the ring NOW, or as the Special Guest Referee I am going to disqualify you two and award the match to Kenny and Johnny, and then, then you’ll both be fired.”

Mitch and Mikey do a short cheer in the background after this announcement, strutting and dancing and jumping, and HHH gets deadly serious on the stage. He pulls the bandages off his head as Shawn gets up, ripping the IV’s loose and removing his own braces and casts.

HHH: ”You’re right. Fun time is over. But I think we all know what time it is.”

HBK: ”It’s time, Hunter?”

HHH: ”Oh you can damn well be sure it’s time Shawn.”

HBK: ”Oh I think I’m ready, Hunter.”

HHH: ”The only question is, ARE YOU READY?”

The fans cheer now as HHH bows his head and HBK does the point and bows his own head.

HHH: ”Then, for the thousands in attendance, and for the two little guys in the back who just RE-JOINED DX , llllllleeeeeeeeeeeets get ready TO SUCK IT!!!!”

And with that the lights go out a third time, the green spotlights hit the entrance below the Titan Tron, and “Break It Down” plays again.

HBK: ”Joining DX and taking on Kenny and Johnny with their jobs on the line, the newest members of DX, Mini HHH and Lil HBK!”

And as the fans cheer, two midgets dressed as HHH and HBK come dancing from the back, doing all of the normal things that the two do. Lil HBK kneels in front of Mini HHH, then they do the Crotch Chops that leads to the green flames going off behind them, while HHH and HBK stand back pointing at them. Then the duo, head to the ring.

JR: ”I don’t believe it, but they’ve done it again this week, DX has gotten another one over on The McMahons.”

King: (laughing)”This is monumental JR. Two new members of DX for the first time in almost six years.”

JR: And as Mini HHH and Lil HBK hit the ring, Vince is livid folks.”

Vince indeed is quite upset, as he leaves the ring. Shane shakes his head in disbelief, as he instructs Kenny and Johnny to go ahead.

HHH: ”Come on Mini HHH, you can do this; you can beat those cheerleader thugs. Your job is on the line, you little bastard.”

HBK: ”Wrong midgets, Hunter, and wrong show.”

HHH: ”Oh yeah, sorry.”

HBK: ”Come on Lil HBK, hit Semi Sweet Cuz You’re Lactose Intolerant Shin Music.”

HHH and HBK in unison: ”YOU CAN DO EEEEET!!!”

The match itself is nothing, as Kenny and Johnny do not take kindly to being made fun of, and they brutally attack the little people. Johnny takes Lil HBK and tosses him over the top ropes to the steel steps below with a loud thud, which gets a “holy shit” chant from the crowd, while Kenny hits his Leg Drop onto Mini HHH and then the two Spirit Squad members each place a foot on his chest as Shane slowly counts the 1-2-3. Vince glares at HHH and HBK on the ramp, who are mock crying, as he speaks.

Vince: ”Per the stipulations of this match, Midget DX is fired from the WWE. As for you two degenerate sonofabitches…”

He stops as Shane is instructing Mitch, Mikey, and Nicky to go get them. The trio rush up the ramp and are met with force from HHH and HBK. Soon enough the three cheerleaders are flat on their backs on the ramp, as HHH and HBK send crotch chops the other’s way.

HBK: “And as always as a courtesy of those two ruffians…”

HHH: ”Hooligans…”

HBK: Loud mouth punks…”

HHH: ”And degenerates…”

HBK: ”If you’re not down with that we’ve go two words for ya.”

Fans: ”SUCK IT!”

Their music plays again, as DX head to the back laughing whilst in the ring Vince, Shane, Kenny, and Johnny are all very upset.

OR: 83

-After the commercials, a replay of the highlights of the previous segment plays, followed by JR and King at ringside laughing and hyping up the Main Event, followed by a video recap of last week involving Edge, RVD, Heyman, and Tommy Dreamer.

-To the back, where Dreamer is standing waiting. He looks around a corner, then when he turns back around he is Speared/Gored through a door into a locker room where Maria and Torrie scatter in towels. The man in black stands up and shakes his head, then walks off slowly.

King: ”So much for Tommy Dreamer having RVD’s back tonight against the main in black."

JR: ”Folks, our Main Event for the WWE Championship is next.”

King: ”I think Dreamer’s dead…”

OR: 76

-After the commercials, Joey and Tazz have joined JR and The King for the Main Event, despite it not being for the ECW World Title.

Tazz: ”RVD is ECW through and through, and we in ECW support each other, even if we don’t like each other. That’s what family is all about.”

Grisham introduces Edge, with Lita, as “You Think You Know Me” plays, and then the smoke hits and the challenger and his manager come from the back. Once they are in the ring and Edge’s music dies Heyman walks out to the ECW music and takes the mic from Grisham. He then introduces the WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Heyman: ”Mr. Monday Night, Mr. PPV, Mr. Money In The Bank, Mr. ECW, the leader of The New Breed Unleashed, and The Whole F'ing Show, Rob Van Damn!”

RVD comes from the back to cheers from the crowd, as Heyman leaves the ring.

-Main Event WWE Championship Title Match: RVD© w/Paul Heyman vs. Edge w/Lita

JR and King immediately mention that with TV time quickly dwindling, they have received word from The USA Network that Raw will be allowed to go over their normal overrun time and show this match in its entirety should need be.

Edge and RVD get face to face as Referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell. Edge starts things off with a slap across the face of RVD, who smiles and responds with an open hand thrust to the head that staggers Edge. RVD comes off the ropes and both men topple over the top rope to the floor mere seconds into the match. After some scuffling on the floor, and with Lita and Heyman keeping the other at bay and from interfering, the two head back into the ring just under the ten-count. Once back inside the two battle back and forth with neither man gaining the momentum for too long before the other grabs it back. Soon enough however, Edge gains control and sets RVD up for a Spear. Van Dam gets to his feet, and Edge runs, but RVD hops over him and Edge crashes into the turnbuckle post, shoulder first, as the crowd cheers. Lita runs over and starts begging Edge to get up, as RVD collapses to the mat. He gets back to his feet, walks over to Edge, and forcibly pulls him from the corner to the mat. He hits his Split Legged Moonsault, then gets to his feet again amidst the crowds cheering and gets Speared/Gored into the corner. Referee Chioda has no choice but to call for the bell.

The man in black, dressed as he was at One Night Stand and at Vengeance, stands up and looks over the carnage in the ring. Lita enters the ring and he turns and sees her and delivers a Spine Buster on her that sends her to the mat hard. Then he gets to his knees and waits as Edge slowly makes his way to his feet. Edge stands, turns, and eats an RKO to the mat. The man in black then removes his helmet, and smiles and poses in the back sweats and hoodie revealed as The Legend Killer Randy Orton, as Raw comes to an end.

OR: 86

C: 90

MQ: 80

OR: 76

Att: 7549

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- Good opening match to start the show. While the John Cena/Rob Conway match was obviously meant to be a squash, I felt that not only you got Cena over with the strong win, but also Conway over for putting up a valiant effort. Good match write-up for a four-five minute squash. I also like how you two have made Cena into more of a bad-ass with his F-U on Balls Mahoney through the announcer's table. The only thing I don't like is if the Extremists are suppose to be "invading" ECW of some sorts, Balls should not be coming through the back. Balls coming through the crowd would be more believable, but it's only a small tidbit, so it doesn't really matter.

- Spirit Squad segment was pretty blah. Vince McMahon seemed out of character, like he had just memorized his lines a couple minutes before the segment and gave his promo without any emotion. I really did like the portrayal of the Spirit Squad, however.

- Pretty strong promo from Randy Orton. You guys are one of the few writers in The Dome that I have seen actually capture Orton's style on the mic and pretty much nailed it. I like where you're going with this Orton/Angle thing, as it explains why Angle is absent for awhile and really gets over Orton as the Legend Killer.

- The Eugene/Snitsky segment was kind of funny, and instantly made a new freak-ish tag team for you guys to work with. Again, the portrayal of Eugene was magnificent. I couldn't really get into Snitsky, but nevertheless, another good, strong, to-the-point segment that was very well written and built for future storylines. For some reason, I eventually smell a Snitsky turn.

- Nice moment with Paul Heyman kicking Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler out of the announcer's booth. The only thing I questioned was why Vince would order them out so Joey Styles & Tazz could call the ECW match, but I guess it makes sense seeing as he wouldn't want anyone from his team calling what Lawler would describe as an "extremely crappy match". Styles dig on Lawler was pretty funny too.

- The Sandman/Justin Credible match was sweet. I like the stipulation that you've added for the Dueling Singapore Cane matches, as it makes the match more believable because you have to get up from cane shots rather then just getting pinned after a finisher or such. I'm wondering why exactly is Stevie Richards escorting Justin Credible to the ring for his matches, but I guess you two have your own reasons for that. Cena appearing on the titantron clapping at the end made for a nice visual as well.

- I'm digging the pairing of not only Carlito & Trish Stratus, but of Shelton Benjamin & Mickie James as well. Hopefully you two work out some backstage segments for Benjamin & James, as I think that would make for some hilarious moments. Also, if you brought back Mama Benjamin and harrassed Shelton for pairing with James, that would be comedic gold. "Why you with that 'white girl' Shel-tun!". On a serious note, this opens the doors for a lot of matches between Nitro/Melina, Shelton/James & Carlito/Trish, with intergender matches as well as maybe using the Nitro/Shelton/Carlito storyline to create a storyline between Melina, James & Trish over the Women's title. Great job.

- Personally, I thought the D-Generation-X segment was the best of the night. D-X is another group of characters that people have trouble writing for, and once again you two have nailed it. I laughed out loud a couple times while reading it, and nearly spit out my juice when I read that Vince fired Midget D-X. You've GOT to bring them back somehow. Segment of the night for me, easily.

- Well, so much for Tommy Dreamer figuring into the main event. The main event was too short for my liking, but the ending made complete sense. I figured Edge was under the disguise at ECW One Night Stand, and just didn't want to take off his helmet, but I was honestly shocked when you revealed it to be Randy Orton. I wonder how you guys will figure him into the title picture, and why exactly he attacked Edge.

Overall, one of the best debut shows I've ever read for a diary. I enjoyed mostly everything from top to bottom. Writing your first show is always hard, but it's obvious that you two have made plans and are building for the future of the diary, and have shown that all throughout your first show. Awesome job to the both of you. (Y) (Y) Two thumbs up as I add this diary to my signature of diarys I read/to read.

Once again, tremendous job, and easily one of the top five WWE diaries on the board after one show.

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Finally got a chance to read this last night, but didn't have a lot of time to leave feedback, so I venture back today. Anyway, onto the show.

-Cena has a hell of an edge, and here it came through a lot stronger than it has on television. Loved how he quickly dispatched of Conway, who is quickly become cannon fodder, and went right to the FU on Balls. Seems you're feeding Cena the "Extreme" members of "The Extremists" and not the more technically sound guys like Nova (Is Dean a part of them?) or even Stevie.

-Spirit Squad annoy me even in diary form. Guess that pretty much means you've got them down perfectly. :ohwell:

-Randy Orton. So much talent, if only he could get through the other shit. In real life that is. Here, everything is put over very nicely from his quick thinking finish of the Eugene match, to the promo. Now one thing I loved, and not sure if it was on purpose or not was the foreshadowing of what would come in the main event. All it took was Orton's last line and if I hadn't already known thanks to a well placed PM, I would have went "DAMN"

-I have to damn you for making Snitsky interesting. I've never liked him since coming in, and always felt his in ring work was terrible, and his character was even worse, but this puts him in a situation that could work for him, unless of course he's another Matt Striker, who uses Eugene for his own benefit.

-Like Aztec, I liked the newly added stips for the Dueling Singapore Cane's match, as it makes more sense in the long run. Not big on the Credible coming out on the losing end, but from the backstory it seems like you're pushing Sandman, which is okay to me as well. Not sure about the Cena thing. Seemed out of place, but maybe that will become more focused later on.

-Is it just me or is Trish coming off kind of heelish? Seemed that way when she was talking with Candice. Benjamin, Mickie and Coach are a good pairing. Gives them something to do because they're all kind of floating around without much to do. Not high on Benjamin like most people, but I'm sure you can make him readable at least.

-Midget impersonations have been done to death, but the commentary from Hunter and Shawn made this one worthwhile. Loved the "semi-sweet because you're lactose intolerant" line. Too bad DX doesn't have anyone to actually fight, besides The McMahons that is.

-Over selling by The King? :o Never! Loved it though. I could just picture Dreamer's eyes fluttering as he said it.

-And the master plan is revealed. Randy Orton, the man in black. As I said, wasn't at all who I was expecting so you covered that up nicely. Good pick for location too as I would imagine if this were to happen anywhere else, Orton would have been cheered. ECW are the bad guys right? Extreme Invaders. Maybe I'm off base there but it seems to me that they would.

Nice opening show here, TGC, and we all know JHS can bring the quality so I'm patiently waiting for that to happen. :wub:

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown July 7th 2006

Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield are your announce team

Running down tonight’s card. Hoorah!

The show opens up with The Miz standing amongst the excited Smackdown crowd. They jump up and down and grab at him as he makes some of his trademark goofy expressions before addressing the fans.

Miz: What up Mizfits! Welcome to another episode of Friday Night Smackdown. HOORAH!

The crowd responds in kind.

Miz: Tonight is a huge night here on Smackdown. We’ve got the World Champion REY MYSTERIO! (crowd cheers) He is defending his title tonight against that tough guy who just loves to fight FINLAY! HOORAH! Not only that William Regal goes one on one with Matt Hardy. And get ready for this one Mizfits.


Miz nods enthusiastically.

Miz: That’s right! THE ANIMAL IS BACK! Tonight we got the return of BATISTA! Now lets send it down to Michael Cole and JBL! HOORAH!

The crowd cheers and continues the Batista chant as we cut to our announce team.

Rating: 69%

Cole: Welcome everyone to TV that’s changing Friday nights. Welcome to Friday night Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole alongside John Bradshaw Layfield and John I have been waiting a long time for this night. Batista is back!

JBL: I don’t know about that Michael. Have you seen him yet? I mean I haven’t and with a man like Mark Henry looking for me I might think twice about coming back too.

Cole: Oh I’m sure about this partner. Batista has been waiting for six months to get his hands on Mark Henry and tonight is the night!

Vito’s music begins to play bringing the dress wearing superstar down the aisle.

Cole: But that will have to wait because right now it’s time for action! Here comes Vito.

JBL: So whats the deal with this guy Michael? Does he want to be a girl? Is that it?

Cole: No JBL. Vito is all man. Remember recently he asked Smackdown Diva Ashley Massaro out on a date.

JBL: So? I’ve seen you out with a woman before. That doesn’t mean…

Cole: I’m married. That was my wife!

JBL: Oh like you and your kind have never tried that one before.

Cole: Let’s just get to the ring!

Vito vs. Cameron Bates

Bates looks a little hesitant to lock up as the bell rings to begin the match. Vito moves right in and clocks him with a right hand knocking him back into the corner. Vito quickly mounts the second rope and covers Cameron’s head with his dress before throwing down ten big punches on the top of his head. Vito hops down and smiles whole Bates throws a tantrum. Bates charges and gets taken down with a clothesline. Vito slams Bates to the mat and is in obvious control of this match.

Cole: This doesn’t look like girly offense to me John. Vito is destroying his opponent here tonight.

JBL: He may still have muscles Michael, but he is wearing a flowery dress. I can’t take anyone in a flowery dress seriously.

Bates fires off a few punches, but this match is obviously all Vito and within another minute he locks on a dragon sleeper like submission for the tap out victory.

Rating: 40/32/48

Cole: And another victory for Vito. He has been on quite a roll since this transformation.

JBL: If that’s what it takes to get on a roll I might want to just keep losing.

Some music begins to play, but it’s not his music it’s instead the music of the FBI. Little Guido leads the way down the aisle followed by Tony Mamaluke and Big Guido takes up the rear.

JBL: This should be good Michael! These guys are real men and they are out here to set their former Paisono straight.

Cole: Maybe not. Friendship could conquer all here JBL.

JBL: You are such a fool.

Still Paisons?

Vito looks unsure as the FBI enters the ring. They talk back and forth for a moment but with no microphone they are inaudible. Finally Little Guido smiles and opens up his arms for a hug. Vito looks jubilant as he takes the embrace and the two former partners hug.

Cole: You see? John I told you friendship triumphs over adversity!

The celebration is short lived as Big Guido attack from behind and takes Vito down with a double axe handle. The FBI stomp away as Vito tries with no success to get back to his feet. Little Guido shouts instructions and Big Guido complies by planting Vito into the mat with a POWERBOMB! Guido and Tony rip the dress off of Vito as the fans boo. They then storm out of the ring leaving Vito down and out in nothing more than his black tights.

Rating: 59%

JBL: Ha! Friendship my ass Michael Cole. They showed what they think of that girlie punk.

Cole: That was a disgusting display by those 3. We’ll be right back.

The show comes back on the air with Scotty 2 Hotty dancing down the aisle followed closely by Funaki. The fans clap for them as they enter the ring and await their opponents.

Cole: We are back here on Friday Night Smackdown and JBL I know you are a really big fan of this next team.

JBL: How can you not be Michael? They have that smash mouth style that all the greatest tag teams of the past have had.

JBL is cut off as the music for the team begins to play and out from the back emerge Jamie Noble and Kid Kash…THE PITBULLS! They stomp down the aisle and when they see their opponents they charge the ring!

Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The Pitbulls

All four men begin brawling in the ring with The Pitbulls getting the better of it. Noble clotheslines Scotty over the top and to the floor, but Funaki ducks a clothesline from Kash and hits him with a dropkick! Noble turns around and Funaki hits him with a dropkick as well. Both Pitbulls roll to the floor to regroup. Scotty rolls back into the ring and starts clapping to get the crowd behind his team.

Cole: This one is starting out fast JBL and that doesn’t look to favor The Pitbulls.

JBL: Not at all. They just want to get a hold of these two and pound them into the mat. Funaki can fly around all day, but he better not take even a second to land or these two will eat him alive.

Noble climbs into the ring and squares off with Funaki. Funaki manages to keep the advantage for his team with a series of arm drags continuing to out quick him much stronger opponent. Funaki tries for a hip toss, but it’s blocked and Noble takes him down with a stiff clothesline. Noble takes over with a series of stiff kicks and stomps followed up with an elbow. Noble pulls Funaki up and tags in Kash. Noble holds him open as Kash comes off the ropes with an axe handle to the ribs.

JBL: Hard hitting like the Legion of Doom. Hard hitting like when I used to carry Ron Simmons to tag team greatness Michael Cole! These guys are it.

Cole: They are impressive, but this one isn’t over yet.

Kash continues the punishment started by his partner for the next few minutes with a series of slams and hard hitting suplexes. Funaki tries to make the tag, but is constantly cut off by either Kash or Noble running into the ring whichever is needed. Kash plants Fuanki with a piledriver and signals it’s time to end the match. Kash climbs the turnbuckles slowly and flies off with a SPLASH! Funaki rolls out of the way! He turns towards his corner as Noble enters the ring. Noble tries to cut him off, but Funaki leaps out and MAKES THE HOT TAG TO SCOTTY! Funaki rolls out to the floor as Scotty leaps in a house of fire. Clothesline for Noble! Clothesline for Kash! Another clothesline for Noble! Kash stumbles up and Scotty connects with the BULLDOG! He gets that look in his eye and the fans begin to cheer.

Cole: We know what’s coming next John!

Scotty begins stomping in place and throws his hands out to his sides.

JBL: I hate this move Michael Cole! I HATE IT!

Scotty begins hopping W…O…R…NOBLE CHARGES ACROSS THE RING AND TAKES HIM DOWN! Noble picks Scotty off of the mat and sets him up in electric chair position. Kash climbs the turnbuckles and grabs a hold of Scotty’s head. SUPER TORNADO DDT BY KASH! He makes the cover as Noble dashes across the ring and punts Funaki off the apron. 1…2…3!

Rating: 77/64/90

JBL: Ha Ha! Look at that! What about that Michael Cole? London and Kendrick look out boys! The Pitbulls are coming!

Cole: The Pitbulls certainly are becoming a force to be reckoned with here in the tag team division.

Noble and Kash get their hands raised and head towards the back as Funaki tends to his partner in the ring.

JBL: Michael our tag division is stronger than ever here on Smackdown. Every team deserves their spot and there is not a cheerleader in sight. That’s why Smackdown always has been and always will be the A-Show here in the WWE. The biggest and the baddest compete here.

The Pitbulls music abruptly cuts off and is replaced by the foreboding theme of THE GREAT KHALI!

Cole: Speaking of big and bad! But what is The Great Khali doing out here now?

JBL: Anything he wants Michael Cole. Anything he wants.

Khali makes his way out followed behind by Daivari who is dwarfed by the big man’s presence. Funaki looks back to the aisle terrified and tries to get Scotty to recover quicker. Daivari point towards the ring and Khali surges forward and steps up onto the apron and climbs over the top and into the ring.

Cole: Run Funaki! Run!

JBL: Funaki hasn’t been this scared since last time Godzilla destroyed his house Michael.

Funaki decides to be brave and charges Khali. The big man takes him down with one big overhand chop! Funaki rolls out to the floor and that leaves Scotty alone. Khali uses both hands and picks Scotty up by the throat! He lifts Scotty nearly 8 feet in the air and drives him down to the canvas!

A challenge from The Great Khali

Khali kicks Scotty out under the bottom rope as Daivari enters the ring carrying a microphone and looking pleased.

Daivari: What you just saw was a message. The message is quite simple. The Great Khali is dominant. The Great Khali can defeat anyone at anytime. That includes you UNDERTAKER!

The crowd cheers at the mention of the Deadman.

Daivari: Undertaker why is it that we haven’t seen you since The Great Khali destroyed you at Judgment Day? Are you scared of The Great Khali? I believe that you are. The fact is that The Great Khali is the one true Phenom in the WWE and you Deadman are nothing but a shell of your former self.

The crowd boos which brings a smile to Daivari’s face.

Daivari: Undertaker, The Great Khali and I challenge you to stop running. We challenge you to a match that has never before been seen in the United States! We challenge you to a PUNJABI PRISON MATCH! How about it Undertaker? Do you have the courage? Or will we all just assume that you acknowledge The Great Khali as your better? (the crowd boos) We’ll be here next week and we expect your answer.

Khali’s music begins to play and the camera gets a close up of the giant’s face.

Cole: Again with the Punjabi Prison Match?!? What the hell is that? And will The Undertaker accept?

JBL: Michael Cole I have heard of such a match, but I didn’t believe it existed. It was like Bigfoot or a good wrestling match on RAW. Urban Legend! It can’t possibly exist!

Cole: Apparently it does John. Hopefully we will see The Undertaker here next week so we can find out more about it.

The show fades to commercial with Khali staring at the camera.

Rating: 63%

The show comes back on the air just as Tony Chimel introduces Gunner Scott who is already standing in the ring. Chimel’s pleasant tone quickly changes however as he is cut off by MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEER KENNEDY! Kennedy’s music begins to play and the cocky young man makes his way into the arena.

JBL: Here we go Michael! The future of Smackdown. The A plus on the A-Show! It’s Mr. Kennedy!

Cole: Fans we are back here on Smackdown and as JBL just said this should be an interesting match up with Mr. Kennedy taking on…

JBL: Shut up Michael it’s time for one of the best parts of the show.

Kennedy is in the ring and stands in the middle as the lights go out and a spotlight hits him. He throws his arm up in the air and down from the ceiling a microphone is lowered. Kennedy lets the microphone lower into his hands and grasps it tightly.

Kennedy: Tonight for your viewing pleasure. The future of professional wrestling. I hail from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN!

Kennedy pauses for a moment as the crowd eats it up.


Kennedy walks to the corner with microphone still in hand and climbs the turnbuckles.

Kennedy: Kennedy.

The lights come back on and Kennedy hops down from the corner ready for his match.

Cole: Well now that we are through with the nonsense we can get to what surely should be a great match John.

JBL: Any match with Kennedy will be great Michael Cole, but I wont have you call that nonsense. Mr. Kennedy is just giving these fans what they want just like I used to do every Friday here on Smackdown.

Cole: You mean before you lost like 8 matches in a row and had to retire right?

JBL: Let’s just watch this match.

Gunner Scott vs. Mr. Kennedy

The bell rings and the two men lock up. Scott grabs a headlock, but Kennedy quickly reverses into a headlock of his own. Gunner shoots him off the ropes and takes Kennedy down with a shoulder tackle. Kennedy pounds the mat and then scurries backward towards the corner as Scott moves towards him in hot pursuit. Kennedy sticks his head between the ropes and tells the ref to get Scott away from him. The referee backs Gunner up and Kennedy gets back to his feet looking flustered. They lock up and Scott grabs him up and slams Mr. Kennedy down to the mat. Scott quickly follows up with an arm bar taking control of the match up. Scott pounds the back of Kennedy’s head with some forearms and pulls him off of the mat. Irish whip by Gunner is reversed. Scott shoots back off the ropes and gets caught in a POWERSLAM! Cover 1…2…KICKOUT! Kennedy follow up by dropping a few forearm smashes and goes for another pin 1…2…KICKOUT!

Cole: Kennedy is really pouring it on now JBL. He has Gunner down and hurt.

JBL: Kennedy is pure intensity Michael. He looks at his opponent and knows that man needs to be destroyed. And he goes out there and does it.

Kennedy back body drops his opponent down to the mat and takes a moment to pose for a mostly unappreciative crowd. This allows Gunner to make it back to his feet and grab a waist lock. Kennedy reverses, but is quickly reversed again and Scott takes him over with a German Suplex. SCOTT HOLDS ON AND ROLLS BACK UP! Another German Suplex! The crowd comes alive as Gunner completes the trifecta and jumps up to his feet full of energy. Kennedy stumbles up and gets caught with a stiff two armed clothesline. Scott picks him up and hits a snap suplex. He can barely contain his enthusiasm as he cuts his thumb across his throat and then heads to the corner.

Cole: Looks like Gunner Scott is taking a page out of his mentor’s playbook John! I bet we are going to see that Flying Headbutt!

JBL: He needs to just hurry up and do it! Posing aint gonna get you a win in the big leagues kid! Especially against a guy like Kennedy.

Scott climbs the turnbuckles and flies off with the headbutt. IT CONNECTS! Gunner grabs his head in pain and is slow to follow up as it appears Kennedy is out cold.

Cole: HE GOT IT! We could be about to see Kennedy’s first pinfall loss!

JBL: No chance! This kid can’t follow up!

Scott crawls over and makes the cover 1…2…SHOULDER UP! Scott can’t believe it and even holds up three fingers to the referee who shakes his head wildly and shoves two back in Gunner’s face. He holds his head in disbelief for a moment and then regains his senses and drags Kennedy back to his feet. Poke to the eye by Kennedy! Schoolboy rollup. KENNEDY GRABS THE TIGHTS! 1…2…3!

Rating: 62/56/69

Kennedy quickly retreats out of the ring and holds his hands up in victory. Scott spins around to face him dumbfounded by what has just occurred.

Cole: What a cheap win by Kennedy! Gunner Scott was just robbed.

JBL: Call it what you like Michael, but Mr. Kennedy is still undefeated and is still the future of Smackdown!

Cole: Be that as it may I feel like we may not have seen the last of this one. I was really impressed with Gunner Scott’s performance here tonight.

JBL: He gave a good fight here tonight Michael and if he keeps working at it he will be on Mr. Kennedy’s level someday.

Cole: Well speaking of a fight. Our own Kristal Marshall is backstage with a man who may be in for a fight later tonight. Take it away Kristal.

Not scared of animals

We cut backstage to beautiful Smackdown Diva Kristal Marshall. She smiles for the camera before talking.

Kristal: Thanks Michael. I am here with “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry (the camera pulls out to show Henry) Now Mark we all know Batista is back here tonight (cheers from the arena) Are you at all scared thinking about what The Animal might do to you?

Henry looks at Kristal disgusted.

Henry: Do I look scared b**ch? I am the strongest man in this whole *** damn world! You think Batista can scare me? What did Batista ever do to scare me? Should I be scared that I crushed him like a damn bug? Batista they call you The Animal. Well Mark Henry is the hunter. I am going to grab you with two hands and I am going to twist until your neck pops. Things have changed around here Batista. You aint the biggest no more. So call me out and you’ll find out what happens when an Animal tries to take on a killer.

Henry stares menacingly into the camera and the show goes to commercial.

Rating: 68%

Cole: We are back here on Smackdown. Some startling words from Mark Henry before we went to break.

JBL: I wouldn’t be surprised if Batista doesn’t even show up now Michael. Or if he was already here I bet he just got right back in his car and left.

Cole: No chance John! Batista has been waiting six months for this night. He will be out here and it looks like we will have a huge fight on our hands later tonight.

Matt Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way out to a loud pop from the crowd. He plays to them eliciting more cheers until he climbs into the ring. Matt looks to the aisle as William Regal’s music begins to play. However Regal is not alone as he steps aside to allow King Booker to enter the arena. Regal doesn’t have a microphone, but reading his lips it’s easy to see him shouting “ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!” as they make their way down the aisle.

Cole: What is Booker doing out here?!? This is supposed to be a one on one match!

JBL: Don’t question his royal highness Michael. The King’s will is always true and just. He is just here to grace the peasants with the glory of his royal visage.

Cole: And stick his nose in this match where it doesn’t belong.

JBL: Michael! That’s treason. The King could have you beheaded if he were to hear that.

Cole: Give me a break. Matt Hardy has his work cut out for him here tonight. As if William Regal wasn’t enough trouble now Booker is here too.

Hardy looks troubled by the situation until Regal’s music is cut off by the music of the United States Champion BOBBY LASHLEY! The crowd cheers as Lashley storms the arena pointing right at King Booker.

JBL: What the hell is this?!? That jacked up monkey has no right to be out here Michael Cole! This is between Matt Hardy and William Regal.

Cole: Looks to me like the odds are even now. Let’s get this thing going!

Matt Hardy with Lashley vs. William Regal with King Booker

Regal rolls into the ring distracted which gives Hardy the chance to catch him with a knee as the bell rings. Hardy throws a series of wild punches connecting with Regal’s back sending him quickly retreating to the floor and King Booker.

JBL: It’s too bad the queen couldn’t be here this week Michael. She is a really calming influence on Booker and his court.

Cole: Really? She is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

JBL: I forgot you prefer Clay Aiken and those types right?

Regal makes the referee back Hardy up and then re enters the ring. He calls for a lock up, but when Hardy moves in Regal catches him with a European Uppercut. He follows up with a series of stiff forearms knocking Hardy into the corner. Regal charges and Hardy dodges out of the way sending Regal into the corner. Hardy hits a running clothesline and follows it up with a BULLDOG! Cover 1…2…KICKOUT! Regal battles back to his feet and gets caught with a right hand. Regal counters with a short knee lift and tries to hit Hardy with a scoop slam. Hardy slips out the back and bounces off the ropes, but is tripped by King Booker! Regal pounces on Hardy with a knee drop to the back of the head. Lashley glares over at Booker who just smiles. Regal lays on the stiff punishment for the next few minutes with Booker cheering him on.

Cole: This one has been all William Regal since the interference from Booker T.

JBL: KING BOOKER! Call him by his proper title Michael. And nothing the King can do could ever be wrong.

Regal shoots Hardy into the corner and follows it up with running knee. He whips him to the opposite corner and comes running for a HIGH KNEE! Hardy moves out of the way sending Regal’s knee crashing into the turnbuckle. Regal stumbles back into Hardy and gets caught in the SIDE EFFECT! Regal is down as Hardy climbs to the second turnbuckle. He yells out to the fans and then comes off with the DROP SHOT! Cover 1…2…REGAL GRABS THE ROPES!

JBL: That Regal is a tactician. He knows where he is at all times.

Hardy calls out to the fans and signals it’s time for the TWIST OF FATE!

JBL: No you idiot! Don’t call out to the people. Just do it. Michael this is why he always loses. You can email them all later Hardy. Try and win the match!

Regal gets to his feet and gets caught with a kick to the gut. Hardy hooks him up and Regal reverses to a backslide attempt. Blocked by Hardy! He spins him around again and hits the TWIST OF FATE! Cover 1…2…KING BOOKER BREAKS IT UP! The fans boo as the referee calls for the bell.

Rating: 81/74/89

Booker stomps away on Hardy until Lashley leaps into the ring. He charges King Booker who quickly retreats from the ring. But Lashley continues in hot pursuit chasing Booker all the way through the crowd and out of the arena.

Cole: Looks like King Booker isn’t interested in a fair fight here tonight John! Bobby Lashley just sent him running for the hills!

JBL: It’s called strategy Michael Cole. The King will fight when he wants to fight and no sooner.

In the ring Matt Hardy gets to his feet and is cheered from the crowd until out from the back comes FINLAY! He hits the ring and lays Hardy out flat with the shillelagh! The crowd boos as the referee yells at Finlay.

Cole: What’s that damn Finlay doing out here?!? He has no business!

JBL: The court sticks together Michael. You feel bad for Matt Hardy? Text message him. Or send him an email on the internet. He loves that.

Cole: We need to get this sorted out, but fans we’ll be right back and Finlay will get his from the World Champion (We cut to Mysterio walking backstage) REY MYSTERIO!

7 days

Mysterio continues walking backstage with his title belt proudly displayed over his shoulder until an unexpected interruption.

Voice: Ok stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Mysterio stops as the camera switches views to reveal Paul Heyman with an evil grin on his face.

Heyman: I have your attention then? Ok so an overconfident little sorry excuse for a champion and a suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death defying mad man walk into a wrestling ring.

Mysterio looks on impatiently.

Heyman: Oh I’m getting to the good part. You see Mr. Mysterio this isn’t just any ring. It’s an ECW ring. The madhouse of Extreme. Where we go all out and stop for nothing.

Mysterio: I have a match Paul. Do you have a point?

Heyman: (indignant) Oh am I keeping you from something more important? Well let me skip straight to the punch line then. Our brave champion gets the living hell kicked out of him and soundly beaten. But in this ECW ring do you know what happens next? A WWE official stops the match! And here is the part I found the most humor in. The Champion gets to stay the Champion! Isn’t that funny REY?!? Don’t you see the humor Mr. Mysterio?

Mysterio: Neither one of us could continue Paul. That was a draw.

Heyman: LIES! LIES MR. MYSTERIO! And I will tell you why. Sabu can always continue. Sabu never stops. Sabu has had his arm nearly ripped off of his body and continued Mr. Mysterio. Therefore nothing you could possibly do could have stopped him. Now let me tell you something Mr. Mysterio. He is very unhappy with you. Sabu doesn’t like quitters. And most importantly Sabu doesn’t like when people steal from him.

Mysterio: I didn…

Heyman: Oh but you did Mr. Mysterio. You stole his moment and even now at this very moment you hold his stolen title. But he won’t let this stand Mr. Mysterio. Seven days my friend. Seven days.

Mysterio gets right in Heyman’s face.

Mysterio: Well I’m easy to find.

The two stare face to face with Heyman grinning maniacally as the show cuts to commercial.

Rating: 85%

We come back on the air with Finlay waiting in the ring until the champion’s music hits and the crowd comes to their feet. Rey shoots up into the arena and the crowd cheers as he holds the belt up high for everyone to see. He slaps hands with the fans on the way down the aisle as Finlay just stares him down.

JBL: Well here he is Michael. Mr. Machismo. Full of that Mexican pride!

Cole: Yes John we all know how much you love Rey, but Paul Heyman had some rather harsh words for our champion before the break.

JBL: Now I may not be the biggest Rey Mysterio fan in the world. You could say I hate him even.

Cole: (gleefully) Because he retired you.

JBL: (pauses) Yes, but my point is this Michael. Since when do we give a damn what Paul Heyman has to say? Maybe one of his extreme rejects can win a title on the B-Show Raw, but they and by extension him don’t mean a damn thing here on Smackdown!

Cole: Well said partner. Well said. Now let’s enjoy this World Title match.

JBL: It’s the fighting Irishman Michael! I love Finlay he would just as soon slap you across the mouth as look at you.

Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio (Champion) World Heavyweight Title

Mysterio hand the belt over to referee Nick Patrick who holds it high in the air before calling for the bell. Mysterio shoots in for a trip, but catches a right hand to the side of the head knocking him to the mat. Finlay bends down to pick him up, but Rey shoots his legs into the air and takes Finlay down with a head scissors. Rey hops to his feet and as Finlay sits up Mysterio catches him with a stiff kick to the back! Finlay winces in pain as Rey catches him with one to the chest. And then another to the back! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and hits Finlay with a seated dropkick laying him out flat. Leg drop by Mysterio and a cover 1…2…KICKOUT! Finlay rolls to the outside to catch a breather. He shakes his head a bit trying to clear the cobwebs as Mysterio bounces off of the opposite ropes and takes to the air with a SUICIDE DIVE! It connects driving Finlay back first into the guard wall. Rey gets to his feet as the crowd cheers him on.

Cole: What a move by Mysterio. CAN HE HOLD ONTO THE TITLE? WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK!

After the commercial break we come back on the air to see Finlay in full control of the match stomping away at a downed Mysterio.

Cole: Welcome back fans and as you can see Finlay has taken over this match up, but he didn’t do it alone. Let’s take a look at the replay.

We go split screen and the replay shows Mysterio toss Finlay back into the ring, but as he attempts to follow him in two little arms shoot out from underneath the ring and grab him around the ankle. He manages to easily kick the little man away, but this gives Finlay enough time to hit him with a baseball slide dropkick.

Cole: Back to live action! This could be it JBL. He is going for the CELTIC CROSS!

JBL: No one gets up from this!

Finlay lifts him up into position, but Rey reverses and takes Finlay down into a roll up 1…2…KICKOUT! Both men spring to their feet and Mysterio charges at Finlay. Wheelbarrow by Mysterio, he tries to pull himself up for the bulldog, but Finlay blocks and sends him crashing face first down to the mat! Cover by Finlay 1…2…SHOULDER UP! The crowd starts chanting 619! 619! Trying to cheer Mysterio on, but Finlay just drags Mysterio up and onto his shoulders. He charges across the ring and hits the FINLAY ROLL! Finlay grabs Rey around the throat and blatantly chokes away. Patrick calls for the break 1…2…3…4…5! Patrick grabs Finlay and tries to pry him away. Finlay breaks the hold and Nick pulls him away to admonish him for the near disqualification. Finlay shoves him a side and charges back in. Drop toe hold by Mysterio! The crowd comes alive as Finlay is in perfect position.

Cole: Time to dial it up JBL! HERE WE GO!

Rey bounces off the opposite ropes and hits the 619! Finlay is knocked out to the center of the ring and the crowd goes crazy. Rey raises his hand in the air on the apron, but before he can fly the little man comes into play once again as he runs up the ring steps and charges Mysterio.

Cole: Would somebody lock that little bastard up!

JBL: Aww.. Look at him Michael he is taller than Rey isn’t he? Get him you crazy Leprechaun!

Before he can attack Rey grabs the Leprechaun and lifts him over his head. Meanwhile in the ring Finlay is back on his feet and moving towards Mysterio. Rey tosses the little bastard at Finlay! Finlay catches him and the little guy fidgets and squirms trying to get out. Mysterio takes flight and hits them both with the SPRINGBOARD SENTON! He hooks Finlay’s leg 1…2…3!

Rating: 76/74/78

The crowd pops as Mysterio’s music begins to play and he rolls outside to celebrate with them.

Cole: What a win for Rey Mysterio! Finally that little troll backfires on Finlay!

JBL: Leprechaun Michael Cole! He is a Leprechaun! And it is just too damn bad that Rey Mysterio had to cheat here tonight in such a great match. Finlay should be champion. Irish eyes should be smiling tonight Michael, but instead we get a damned Mexican Siesta!

Cole: Well fans what a main event. That was a hard fought win by Rey Mysterio, but we aren’t done yet! The moment you have been waiting for. BATISTA! When we come back.

JBL: There is no way he is going to show.

The show cuts to commercial.

Unleash the Beast!

We come back on the air with Ring Announcer Tony Chimel standing alone in the ring.

Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen making his return to Smackdown (the crowd begins to cheer) BATISTA!

The crowd jumps to their feet as for the first time in months Batista’s music blasts throughout the arena. After a short delay Batista makes his presence known storming into the aisle way. The crowd goes crazy at the sight of the big man looking as fit as ever. He smiles as he looks out over the fans and then takes a few steps forward before performing the machine gun pose that sets off his pyro drawing yet another huge pop.

Cole: THE ANIMAL IS BACK! Look at him JBL! Batista looks better than ever.

JBL: He’s looking strong now Michael Cole, but let’s see if he’s still got his guts. There is no way he is calling out Mark Henry. Not tonight not ever.

Batista continues down the aisle and climbs straight into the ring. Chimel hands him the microphone and quickly exits. Batista poses for a few more seconds before finally motioning for the fans to quiet down which they do.

Batista: Damn it’s good to be back here on Smackdown (crowd cheers) But there is something I have been waiting nearly six months to do…MARK HENRY! Come on out here big man!

Batista throws down the microphone and motions towards the back to bring it on.

JBL: I can’t believe it! Huge mistake Dave!

Mark Henry’s music hits and The Strongest Man in the World stomps out looking furious. He points at Batista and begins making his way to the ring. Batista rips off his button down shirt and throws it aside ready for a fight. Henry pauses for a second and stares down Batista, but the Animal can wait no longer and jumps out of the ring charging Henry!

Cole: Here we go John! These two beasts are going to destroy each other!

Batista fires off a series of right hands, but Henry fires right back! Neither man willing to give an inch as they continue to club each other. Henry finally takes the advantage with a double clubbing blow coming down on each of Batista’s shoulders. He tosses Batista into the ring and follows him in. Batista stumbles up and Henry charges in with a clothesline which is ducked by Batista. Henry turns around and gets caught with a SPINEBUSTER!


Henry rolls to the outside as security starts rushing down to the ring to separate the two men.

Rating: 81%

JBL: I can’t believe he got him up for that! But Mark Henry isn’t done yet Michael!

Cole: Mark Henry may not be done, but for this week we are. Fans there is no mistaking it…BATISTA IS BACK!

Security keeps Batista and Henry apart as they yell back and forth at each other and the show goes off the air.

Overall Card Rating: 68%

T.V. Rating: 6.04

Attendance: 7503

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Over-Rated...psh.....Those people need to be smacked for their insubordination..... :pervert:

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say on the first Smackdown as it happened pretty close to the real life scenario. Your JBL commentary was very good, and I really liked the Heyman/Misterio confrontation in the back as well. On a side note, Kennedy needs something to do...STAT!......

good first show...hopefully we see a second soon

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Wow....this is seriously amazing. Everything is booked exactly how it seems it should be. Intelligently, yet still with the fans in mind. Every storyline/fued seems to be going somewhere, and somewhere, in every case, that advances everyone involved. Even the Snitsky/Eugene thing seems like it's heading to something big for both guys.

The writing also is top-notch. Whilst TGC's portrayal of DX is easily my favourite thing about this diary, JHS's commentary is also really, really great. It's not often I venture into the Dome, but in this case, I'm really glad I did.

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Monday July 10, 2006

Sioux City, Iowa

-Before any of the openings take place the show goes to the backstage, where Coach and Shelton are standing next to a door.

Coach: Shelton, trust me. This was the plan as soon as you came to me. This is what our union has been leading up to, right? So trust me, this is all going to work out, and at Saturday Night’s Main Event this Saturday, it will be you, not Carlito.

Shelton: I trust you, man, I just don’t like this whole “stipulation” thing. What is it?

Coach: The stip is just a formality, a way for us to get into the match. Trust me, it’s nothing you need to worry about. Come on, let’s go.

Coach and Shelton open the door, which is labeled “Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon Co-GM’s Of Raw”. The camera follows them inside, where Mr. McMahon is seated at his desk. He looks up, removes his glasses, and stands up with a smile.

Vince: Coach, Shelton, welcome to my office. Was the door open and I forgot, because I didn’t hear a damned knock on the door.

Shelton looks a little worried now, as Coach smiles at him and gives him a look telling him not to worry.

Coach: Mr. McMahon, we’re here so that you can announce the match for tonight, as per our discussions earlier this week?

Vince looks upset at this point.

Vince: Oh, I remember why you’re here, I just want to know why the hell you didn’t knock dammit?

Shelton: Mr. McMahon, sir, I am so sorry for that Coach just….

Coach: Shelton, you hired me to take care of your career after your mama nearly ruined you, so please, let me do the talking, okay?

Vince looks even more pissed now at being ignored, and he slams his fist on his desk.

Vince: SHUT THE HELL UP, BOTH OF YOU. I have to deal with making sure DX actually wrestles tonight so I can fire their asses, I have Umaga running loose in the back because Estrada is nowhere to be seen, and I have something about a DX Diva Search coming up that I don’t know anything about. I don’t have time to deal with you two arguing in my office as well. So let’s deal with this. You…

Vince points straight towards the camera.

Voice: Me, sir?

Vince: Yes you. Close-up on my face, now.

The camera closes in on Mr. McMahon, as his red faced hate look changes to a calmer look. He smiles.

Vince: Welcome to WWE Raw here on the USA network. We have quite a show in store for you here tonight. As well as Snitsky taking on The Samoan Bulldozer, the undefeated Umaga, and some ECW match, we also have DX, HHH and HBK themselves this week, taking on Kenny and Johnny. If DX loses, and they will lose, they are fired . But that’s not all, because here on Raw we have a stacked card from top to bottom each and every week, and that’s why tonight we will also see an IC Title Number One Contender’s rematch between Carlito and Shelton Benjamin. However, seeing as Carlito recently defeated Shelton to become the Number One Contender, it wouldn’t be fair for Carlito to put up his shot at the IC Title and for Shelton to put nothing up, so tonight will see a first. It will be a Number One Contendership versus Raw Career Match.

Shelton: (off camera) What?

The camera pulls back to show Vince looking irritated, Coach smiling, and Shelton horrified at the announcement.

Shelton: This is the “nothing stipulation” that doesn’t matter?

Coach: Shelton, trust me will you?

Vince: Are you two done, dammit?

The camera zooms back in on Vince, who resumes after Coach and Shelton back up a step.

Vince: As I was saying, if Shelton wins he will face Johnny Nitro at Saturday Night’s Main Event this weekend for the IC Title, but if Shelton loses he will be fired from Raw on the spot, and Johnny Nitro will face Carlito with his belt on the line. Now, I hope you all enjoy…

Vince is cut off again.

Shelton: I am not putting my career on the line for a shot at the damned IC Title. I deserve a rematch that I never got after Vengeance and…

Coach: And as I told you when I looked over your contracts, your mama misguided you and never got a guaranteed rematch clause added to your title defenses. So…

Vince pushes both men in the chest.

Vince: Get the hell out of here, both of you. Get out dammit. I don’t have time for this tonight. Go. And where the hell is Shane at?

Shelton and Coach turn tail and run as Vince looks around, and then sits at his desk again. He picks up some papers, however right after that Eugene’s face is right next to Vince’s.

Eugene: Oh Mr. McMahon, hello. I was wondering if I can go to the ring tonight with my new bestest friend ever Snitsky when he wrestles Oooooomaga. Oooooomaga is mean and he has hurt me and all my other friends, and I wanna help my new bestest friend ever and pound the mat and yell “Go Snitsky Go, Go Snitsky Go, Go Snitsky Go!”

The fans in the arena almost start a small chant, but it quickly dies off.

Vince: Shut up shut up SHUT UP, dammit. You come into my office uninvited to ask me that crap? What in the hell is wrong with you?

Eugene pulls his face back, looking hurt and confused.

Eugene: But Vince, my bestest friend ever is…

Vince: What the hell did you just call me?

Eugene: Vince?

Vince: Who the hell do you think we are dammit? Are we friends?

Eugene: Yes?

Vince: No we’re not you moron, and I am sick and tired of people disrespecting me on my show, so you know what Eugene? You know what I’m going to do for you tonight Eugene?

Eugene: Let me go to the ring with my bestest friend ever and chant…

Vince: NO! You are not allowed to go to the ring with that foot-licking freak tonight. But you can go to the ring for your match.

Eugene: Oh Mr. McMahon you’re silly, I don’t have a match tonight…

Vince: You do now. It will be Mikey and Nicky versus Eugene in a Handicap Match, and it’s next, so get the hell out of my office. GO!

Eugene: You’re a meaniehead.

Vince: Damn right I’m a meaniehead, now get the hell out of here. What the hell is a “DX Diva Search”? And where’s Shane?

Eugene sticks his tongue out at Vince and then claps and leaves, as the camera zooms in on Vince again as he goes back to looking at his papers. Finally, he looks up and glares again.

Vince: Unless you want me to fire your ass on the spot you better get out of here now.

The camera jerks, as the show heads to a commercial break.

OR: 85

-After the commercials are over the normal, albeit belated, Raw intro plays and the arena proper is shown. Pyro goes off with Eugene in the ring looking frightened, then clapping his hands, and yelling out to the fans that it was cool.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, folks, and we have a heck of a night in store for you all. Before the break, Mr. McMahon announced that…

King: Oh boy, JR, here comes the Cheerleader Thugs.

Indeed they do, as their music and video plays, and Mitch leads Mikey and Nicky out onto the stage for their match.

-Two On One Handicap Match: The Spirit Squad (Mikey and Nicky)w/Mitch vs. Eugene

Eugene takes off his jacket as The Spirit Squad members come to the ring, looking very happy and very confident. JR and The King discuss how this just isn’t right, although King is less adamant about it than JR is, as Referee Mickey Henson sends Nicky to the apron and calls for the bell. Mitch is outside already yelling and dancing around for Nicky to get Eugene, as the two lock up. Eugene is quickly in control, and after a Shoulder Tackle he hops to his feet, does a Ric Flair strut, and then jumps up and down clapping. He turns and is met with a huge Clothesline by the illegal Mikey that sends him to the mat. Mikey stomps on Eugene until the four count, then rolls to the floor. Nicky is soon up and he starts working on Eugene next, followed by quick tags in and out by both men. The fans start a boring chant here, but Mikey screams at Mitch to tell them to shut up, which he in turn does. It only gets them chanting a bit louder. Nicky hits an Impaler DDT onto Eugene, then asks the fans if that was boring as he tags in Mikey. Mikey pulls Eugene up and hits a Tilt A Whirl Slam, and does the same before tagging in Nicky again.

JR: This needs to end, King, Eugene is beaten. He can’t even stand up without help.

King: I actually agree with you JR, these Cheerleader Thugs just need to finish Eugene off, take the winners purse, and get out of here.

As if they heard them, Nicky nails another DDT, then goes for a nonchalant cover. The fans actually cheer a bit as Eugene is pinned and defeated after six long minutes of punishment. Mikey and Mitch join Nicky in the ring, where the trio hop around and celebrate, before they send Eugene to the floor hard over the top ropes. At this point Snitsky comes jogging from the back and slides under the bottom ropes. The Spirit Squad want nothing to do with him, however, and retreat from the ring, but once on their way up the ramp they start mouthing off as Snitsky rolls to the floor and checks on his friend.

OR: 56

Crowd: 55

Match: 72

JR: Snitsky is helping Eugene to the back, but he’d better hurry up because his match with Umaga is next.

King: Where’s Estrada at tonight?

JR: Nobody knows, King, and Umaga has been brutally attacking people all day long in the back as a result.

King: Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe out here.

JR: Sure you will.

-After another commercial break, Paul Heyman is standing in front of an ECW banner with Balls Mahoney, and Heyman has a huge smile on his face.

Heyman: How do we compete with that match, Balls? How does ECW compete with Eugene and cheerleaders? I mean wow, Vince, that was a hell of an opener tonight. Good to see the fans liked it too.

Heyman smirks while Balls smiles and rolls his tongue around inside his mouth, showing off his horrid looking teeth and tongue piercing.

Heyman: But we will try to do it, we will try to compete here tonight. You see, later tonight my good friend here, Balls Mahoney, is going to go toe to toe, one on one, and man to man with The Sandman in an ECW Rules Match. What a fight, what a war, and what a brawl these two will have. And after tonight, he’s going to head to Saturday Night’s Main Event and face the man who has thus far been too scared to meet him in a singles match, John Cena, the so called “Doctor Of Thuganomics”. Balls here has come after Cena over and over and over, but Mister Cena has run, he has blindsided, and he has attacked Balls from behind. Now, we in ECW aren’t one’s to complain about such tactics, in fact we endorse their use, but Mister Cena likes to claim that he is above us in ECW, even as he uses our own methods. Perhaps, John, you need to pick one of your two faces and only speak out of it for awhile.

Balls laughs aloud, as Heyman gestures to him and takes a step back, a huge smile on his face.

Balls: Sandman, you seem to think you’re some hot piece of crap now that you’ve beaten Cena on PPV. Well let me tell you something. My name’s Balls Mahoney, I’m ECW through and through, and you need a reminder that you’re an ECW wrestler, not some Raw Sports Entertainer. Tonight you get that reminder, even if I have to beat it into you.

Balls raises his trusty chair, and smiles again.

Balls: And then it’s on to Saturday Night and the ass whooping of a lifetime for John Cena. You want to walk around with your chains, you want to claim to be some thug, some street kid who grew up and had to fight and scrape his way to the top? Well kid, when you look like you and I look like me, who in the hell do you think actually looks like they had to fight their way through life? I am one ugly sonofabitch, and I know it. You look like a GQ Model wannabe. I actually have fought my way to where I am today. I fought wars you can’t even have nightmares about, because you can’t comprehend them, but this Saturday you will. Bring your chains and I’ll bring my chair, and you will get a lesson from The Doctor Of Hardcore.

Balls smiles again, as does Heyman, but they are cut off as RVD and Dreamer walk up.

Heyman: Rob, Tommy, what’s up?

RVD: Have you seen Orton here tonight yet?

Heyman: If I had, you know I would have told you, Rob.

Dreamer: When we find that sonofabitch…

Heyman: Tommy, calm down. It’s Raw, we’re live, and Orton is an attention whore so we all know he’s going to be here. I’m sure he’ll march to the ring, do his pose, and then proceed to brag like crazy about how he screwed ECW over and is going to kill its legend, and when he does…

Dreamer: Something’s getting killed, and it’s not ECW.

RVD: Come on Tommy, let’s go. And Paul, let me know if you do see him, okay man?

Heyman: Of course Champ, of course.

With that, RVD and Dreamer walk off. Heyman smiles and leads Balls in the opposite direction and the show goes to commercial.

OR: 78

-After the commercials, the “SD Rundown” airs, featuring heavily Batista and Mark Henry, as well as Rey defending his WWE Title against Finlay.

-Snitsky vs. Umaga

After the “SD Rundown” the scene cuts to the ring, where Snitsky is already waiting. He doesn’t have to wait long however as Umaga’s music plays and the Samoan Bulldozer comes from the back, alone, and heads straight to the ring. As he is doing this JR and King show clips from earlier in the day of Umaga running around backstage attacking some crew members, as well as beating on Val Venis and Rob Conway. Once back live, and Umaga and Snitsky are already exchanging blows with neither man seeming to feel the other’s attacks. Snitsky whips Umaga across the ring and hits a Clothesline, but Umaga only staggers back a few feet, yells out, and slaps his chest. Umaga then runs off the ropes and hits Snitsky, who in fact topples back over the ropes and to the floor. Referee Mike Chioda tries to keep Umaga back, but he follows out and the two behemoths begin brawling on the floor.

JR: Without his manager…

King: Controller JR, Estrada’s not a manager he’s like a beast tamer or something.

JR: Okay, well, however you want to name him, without him Umaga is uncontrollable. Snitsky’s no small man by any stretch of the imagination, but this Samoan monster is getting the better of him.

King: I think we have a Double Count Out JR.

And indeed Referee Chioda calls for the bell, as Todd Grisham announces that both men have been counted out here tonight. The fans actually cheer the Samoan Bulldozer as he tosses Snitsky into the wall on the stage, runs at him, and squashes him into the side. Snitsky crumbles to the stage, but Umaga is nowhere near done yet. He grabs Snitsky by the hair pulling him up, and seems ready to toss him off the stage, but Snitsky fights him off and the two disappear into the back. The crowd boos this, but soon enough the two are shown from the back on The TitanTron. Snitsky tries to scoop Umaga up, but Umaga slams a forearm down hard on his back stopping him. Referees rush in to try to break this up, but the two monsters send them flying. The fight continues through the back, until a shot of Mr. McMahon is shown holding a door open to the outside.

Vince: Try to get them this way, move their asses over here dammit.

As if on cue, the duo brawl towards and out the door, and Vince slams it shut.

Vince: Now nobody open that damn door the rest of the night. They can tear this piece of crap city apart for all I care, but they’re not destroying anymore of my arena.

Vince walks off.

OR: 60

Crowd: 66

Match: 69

JR: Well that was inventive I guess.

King: Mr. McMahon is brilliant sometimes JR. Just be careful going to your car tonight, okay?

JR: If there are any cars left in the parking lot after those two get through demolishing it.

And with that another commercial break is shown as the camera fades from the door to black.

- After This Week In WWE History, the scene shifts to the backstage area, where HHH and HBK are leaning against a wall as people walk by. They are in front of a dressing room. A man tries to enter and HBK puts his arm out to stop him.

HBK: Sorry pal, you can’t go in. Big stars are inside and they haven’t made their WWE debuts yet.

HHH: Nobody can see them as they might leak it out onto the internet or something.

HBK: We don’t make the rules, we just enforce them.

HHH: Special envoy for The McMahons.

The man shrugs and walks off.

HHH: Don’t we have some match tonight?

HBK: Big time match. Win or be fired. Same as the last two weeks.

HHH: Oh yeah, that.

HBK: Yeah, that.

HHH: Kinda played out now, don’t ya think?

HBK: You know, we should demand something if we win tonight.

HHH: Like what?

HBK: I dunno. Maybe a title match?

HHH: You want to be ECW Champion or WWE Champion?

HBK: No no no, not those titles.

HHH: Intercontinental?

HBK: Tag Team Titles, Hunter.

HHH: Oh, yeah, I knew that. Obviously. Man, are these guys done dressing yet?

HBK: I dunno, I’ll check.

HBK opens the door to the dressing room and walks in. From outside HHH listens.

HBK: Oh you two look great. The fans, Vince and Shane, heck, even The Spirit Squad are going to be so surprised to see you both here this week. Man, this is going to be so cool. A new age has debuted.

HHH is nodding his head when HBK looks out the door at him.

HBK: They are so back, Hunter, they are so cool, and they are so, uh, outlawish.

HHH: They always were, Shawn, they always were.

HBK goes back into the room, and again HHH listens from outside.

HBK: Okay, in just a few moments you two follow us off, and we’ll go ahead and go down to the ring, where we’ll introduce you two back to WWE and DX.

HBK walks out of the room and taps HHH on the shoulder and the two walk off. The camera pans back to the door and after a few seconds the door opens up and two sets of feet are shown walking down the hall.

JR: These “outlaws” are coming out here to join DX King?

King: Oh wow this is huge JR, this is absolutely gigantic.

JR: We’ll be right back folks.

-After the commercial “Are You Ready” plays, and DX comes from the back. HHH and HBK play on the stage, head to the ring, and then do their crotch chops as the pyro goes off to the cheers from this strange crowd. Finally after a few minutes of this whole thing HBK is handed two mics from Grisham.

HHH: I would do our normal spiel, but dammit we have a huge announcement and I can’t wait.

HBK: Gigantic revelation.

HHH: Massive return here to DX and the WWE.

HBK: Monumental.

HHH: These guys are so big, I can’t wait until they walk out.

HBK: Why wait anymore Hunter.

HHH: Can we do it now?

HBK: I think we can.

HHH: Oh man Shawn, I’m really excited. This is going to be bigger than when I broke your back and neck at Summer Slam 2002 Shawn.

Michaels frowns at HHH, then smiles.

HBK: Will it be bigger than the night you lost to The Brooklyn Brawler?

HHH now frowns as the crowd laughs.

HHH: Okay, can we do this?

HBK: We’re done trying to embarrass the other?

HHH: For now.

HBK: Okay, then here we go. Drum roll please?

The lights go out as some drum roll music plays and green spotlights hit the stage area. Finally some rather familiar music plays as we hear “Oh You Didn’t Know? Your Ass Better Call Somebody”. The fans cheer, and then The New Age Outlaws walk out on the stage. The fans cheer and laugh as two midgets, one dressed as The Roaddogg and one dressed as The Ass Man come out and head to the ring.

HHH: Ladies and gentlemen, The Roaddogg and The Ass Man, The New Age Outlaws are back.

HBK: DX is stronger than ever. The Spirit Squad are in trouble now.

HHH: They can fire Mini HHH and Lil HBK, but they can’t keep Mini Roaddogg and The Lil Ass Man.

HBK: Can we call him something else?

HHH: Like what? The Lil Derrière Man?

HBK: Works for me.

Lil Ass Man: We got two words for ya, Derrière Man?

HBK: We can discuss this later.

Mini Roaddogg: Oh, you didn’t know?

HHH: Know what?

HBK: I dunno. Does he know that you are actually scared of Mitch?

HHH: He’s the leader of those Cheerleader Thugs. He’s the brains. He’s the most dangerous one. Of course I am kinda scared of him.

HBK: Kinda?

HHH: Does he know that you that you could lose your smile again at any time?

HBK: Oh, we’re going to play this game again?

HHH: I think we are.

Lil Ass Man: We got two word for ya, we are.

HBK: Okay, we can play this game, Mrs. Stephanie Helmsley.

HHH: I wore the pants in that family, thank you.

Mini Roaddogg: Oh, you weren’t whipped?

HHH: No I wasn’t. But…

HBK: Hey weren't you in that Hell In A Kennel match a few years back with The Big Bossman?

HHH: That was Al Snow.

HBK: Oh I know, I meant weren't you the one peeing on the floor?

HHH: Oh right. Hey, remember when I beat you in like two seconds for The European Title?

HBK: I gave you that belt because you were sad. And couldn’t beat me.

Mini Ass Man: We got two words for ya, you sad.

HHH: Shut up. Are you saying you laid down for me?

Mini Roaddogg: Oh, you didn’t know?

HBK: That’s exactly what happened Hunter.

Mini Ass Man: We got two words for ya, happened Hunter.

Mini Roaddogg: Oh, you don’t remember?

HHH and HBK: Shut up!

Vince: No, you two shut up. And get the hell out of my ring with those damned midgets.

Mr. McMahon walks out from the back to boos, as everyone in the ring feigns shock.

Vince: You four are going to be out of a job after tonight, and I swear by all that is holy that I will be ending this show with my favorite two words…

HHH: Charges Pressed?

HBK: Wasn’t me?

Lil Ass Man: We got two words for ya…

Mini Roaddogg: My Toupee?

Vince: Shut up dammit. It’s you’re fired.

HBK: Yannow Vinnie Mac, it might not look like it, but we decided here in this very ring that when we beat the Cheerleader Thugs tonight…

HHH: And we will.

HBK: Oh yes, we will, and when we do, we want a Tag Titles Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. So what do you say? Do we have a deal, or do we need to start campaigning for it?

Vince: You want a title match, fine you got it. It won’t matter anyways, because you two are going to lose tonight and get your asses fired, and after that, I won’t have to worry about any more DX shenanigans, any more midget crap, or what the hell this DX Diva Search is all about.

HBK: Wanna know?

HHH: Wanna?

HBK: Wanna?

Vince: No dammit, I don’t. Nobody cares.

The fans boo now, as HHH and HBK look at the fans.

HBK: Should we?

HHH: Roll the footage and then go to commercial boys.

HBK: Oh wait, but before that…

HBK kneels down next to the midgets.

Lil Ass Man: We got two words for ya…

Everyone in the arena: SUCK IT!

From there the feed goes to footage of Trish, Mickie James, Victoria, Maria, Candice, and Torrie. Finally a shot of all the women frolicking together backstage is shown, as DX is spray painted over the footage, followed by these words.

The 2006 DX Diva Search starts at Saturday Night’s Main Event, this weekend on NBC.


-The WWE Slam Of The Week is next, and it features the brawling of last week between Shelton and Mickie, Carlito and Trish, and Nitro and Melina.

-IC Title Number One Contender Shot vs. Shelton Benjamin’s Raw Career Match: Carlito w/Trish Stratus vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Coach and Mickie James

Carlito comes out first, with Trish at his side to some moderate cheering from the odd crowd, followed almost immediately by Shelton, who has Coach and the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James with him. Once the competitors are in the ring, Johnny Nitro and Melina come out to their music, sans the paparazzi, and sit in a recliner on the corner of the stage. Nitro makes a motion for them to proceed, and the referee calls for the bell.

Carlito and Shelton immediately lock up and the match is off and running. After several moments of the two going back and forth Shelton rakes the eyes and is in control. Carlito reverses a whip into the ropes, but Shelton rolls to the floor and confers with Coach and Mickie James as the show goes to a commercial break.

-After the commercial, and following a shot of Mickie attacking Carlito while Trish was dealing with Coach and the referee during the commercial, it is all Shelton. He is cocky, almost too much so, but he remains in complete control. He sets Carlito up for what looks to be the T-Bone Suplex, but Carlito nails him with two Head Butts that sends Shelton to the mat. Carlito drops as well, but both men make it to their feet before the ten count. Soon enough Shelton props Carlito onto the top turnbuckle, but Carlito elbows him in the face sending him back to the mat. Carlito goes for a Moonsault, but Shelton rolls away and Carlito lands on his feet. However Carlito grabs Shelton, hits The Back Cracker, and goes for the cover. To absolutely everyone’s surprise, Carlito scores the 1-2-3 to win the match.

JR: I don’t believe it, King, Shelton Benjamin is gone from Raw. He just lost his job.

King: What? I can’t believe it.

Neither can Shelton, Coach, or Mickie, all of whom look shocked. In the aisle way, Trish celebrates with Carlito, until Nitro and Melina rush down from behind and attack. Nitro lays Carlito out with the IC Title, while Melina lays out Trish with her boot. Afterwards they point and laugh at Shelton. In the ring, Shelton is livid and Coach is trying to talk to him, while Mickie kind of smirks and tries not to laugh behind him. Shelton pushes Coach away, but Coach tries to talk some more, so Shelton knocks him out with one punch. Mickie is now upset and she launches herself at Shelton, who catches her and then slams her down onto Coach. At first the fans cheer, then as Shelton throws a bit of a tantrum they start to chant “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” at him. He storms off and to the back without another look back.

OR: 72

Crowd: 77

Match: 85

- Immediately following the commercials, a video airs showing highlights of The Highlander’s video packages to dates, and then says “The Highlanders Come To Raw Next Week”.

-After that it’s back to JR and The King at ringside, who reshow the footage of Shelton’s last match on Raw, before they send it to another video package.

-The scene is Vegas with shots of various casino’s and people walking about at night. The camera stops on one tall building, before it dissolves into a hotel room in that building. A shower can be heard going in the background, as a hotel employee is being handed money by a man, then walks off. The man in question is revealed to be Charlie Haas, who checks the food, then smiles at the camera.

Haas: Welcome to week one of the video diary of myself and my beautiful companion. For those that don’t know me, my name is Charlie Haas. My companion is the former voice of Raw, the delectable Lillian Garcia. She’s in the shower at the moment, but she’ll be out soon. You see, we’re famished, absolutely starved after a hot and wild night of love making. Oh yeah, we’ve been having so much sex I can barely stand up. Why do I tell you this? Because I want to rub it in your face Viscera, you big fat piece of garbage. Myself and Lillian have been doing things that would make porn stars blush, and we’ve been doing it here in Vegas. Recognize this lavish room Vis?

The camera pans around the room, then comes back to Haas.

Haas: You should, it’s the place where Lillian cried her eyes out after you dumped her live on Raw last year. You miserable son…

Haas is cut off as the shower stops and he turns towards the open doorway.

Haas: Speaking of my lovely…

Next Lillian comes out completely naked, although she is blurred.

Lillian: Oh Charlie I didn’t know you had company.

Lillian tries to cover her blurred parts up.

Haas: Hey baby, don’t cover up that gorgeous body, it’s just for our video dairy of our honeymoon.

Lillian hides behind Haas, and kisses him on the neck.

Lillian: I think you let the secret out of the bag, honey.

Lillian then shows off her huge ring, as she laughs.

Haas: Oops. Anyways, we’ll send another video next week, but for now we need to eat.

Lillian: And then it’s more sex, right Charlie baby?

Haas laughs.

Haas: Oh yes, plenty of more sex.

The footage cuts off, and the scene changes to Big Vis watching a monitor. He then grabs it and hurls it across the backstage area, before he yells out and storms off.

OR: 78

JR: Well, that seemed to be unnecessary.

King: Wow, Lillian and Charlie Haas got married? They need to take a page from Edge and Lita’s book and do a live sex show here on Raw after the honeymoon is over.

JR: Yeah, that’ll spike the ratings.

-Another commercial break follows, and afterwards Torrie is in the ring, alone.

Torrie: Hello Sioux City.

The fans cheer a bit.

Torrie: I’m just out here now to say that I saw that video from earlier, and I am one hundred percent in the DX Diva Search. Now, I remember the way DX used to have women flash, so to show that I deserve to be the winner…

However Torrie is cut off as Mickie’s music plays and she and Victoria come from the back. Mickie is limping a bit, so once they get to the ring Victoria holds the ropes for her to get inside. Mickie then snatches the mic from Torrie and pushes her into the corner.

Mickie: You’re one hundred percent getting on my nerves, bitch. Do you not watch Raw week in and week out? Do you not see what happens to the lovely Divas who do that? I broke Beth Phoenix’s face, I tore Trish’s arm out of its socket, I crushed Candice Michelle’s skull, and now I’m going to ruin your pretty little face too.

However the fans cheer now as Candice Michelle comes running from the back in a skimpy top and shorts and slides into the ring. Victoria and Mickie immediately attack her. Torrie sneaks up from behind and pulls Victoria to the mat by her hair, which allows Candice to get to her feet and fight off Mickie. As Victoria rolls to the floor to get away from Torrie, Candice hits a DDT onto Mickie. Mickie rolls to the floor and is helped by Victoria as Candice grabs the mic.

Candice: You didn’t crush anything on me, Mickie, and I’ll prove it right here next week, when me and Torrie beat you and Victoria. And then, I’m coming after the WWE Women’s Title. Oh, and DX? Count me in.

Candice’s music hits as she rips off her skimpy shirt, poses in her bra, for no reason, while Torrie laughs and claps, and Mickie and Victoria fume on the floor.

OR: 74

King: Go daddy go, and go puppy power go.

JR: Folks, we’ll be right back. Settle down Uncle Jerry.

-ECW Match: The Sandman vs. Balls Mahoney w/Paul Heyman

Immediately after the commercials, the scene is Tazz, Joey Styles, and Paul Heyman at the announce table.

Joey: Welcome back to Raw, and welcome the ECW announce team. I am Joey Styles, this is my broadcast partner Tazz, and the visionary of Extreme, Paul Heyman himself, joins us.

Heyman: Thank you Joey. We are here because what you are about to see is an ECW Match. Why would you have Raw announcers commentate on an ECW Match? I ask myself the same question, so here we are.

Tazz: And not for nothing, this is going to be one hell of a battle between two of ECW’s hardest hitting, roughest, toughest, meanest SOB’s.

Joey: Balls Mahoney is already in the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman here, and we are just waiting on the arrival of…

Tazz: Okay there’s Sandman’s music, now where the hell is he?

The cameras search the arena, and finally they find him walking down the aisle on the floor. As always, he has his Singapore Cane in hand and is holding a beer. He hops onto the guardrail near the ring, and drowns himself and the fans close by with two beers, both of which are crushed into his skull when he is done.

Heyman: For those of you who don’t know, Sandman is an ECW original, and whether he likes to admit it or not The Sandman is the basis of Stone Cold’s WWE persona.

Tazz: I don’t know about all that Paul, but Sandman is indeed ECW from the beginning and he’s a legit badass, much like Balls Mahoney.

Heyman: Oh I do, Tazz. In fact, the amount of stuff the WWE stole outright from ECW is insane. But finally the original is back and live on Raw and Smackdown every week. And Mister Cena, Mister Thuganomics himself, he knows what a legit badass Sandman is as he was defeated by him at Vengeance, and this Saturday at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he’s going to finally learn what a legit badass Balls Mahoney is as well.

Sandman finally gets in the ring, and for the first week on Raw an official ECW referee, John Finnegan, referees an ECW Match. Finnegan says something to the combatants, neither of whom release their weapons, then he shrugs and calls for the bell. Balls immediately swings his chair, but Sandman ducks and gets behind Balls where he starts unleashing cane shots like crazy. Balls falls through the ropes to the floor, and as Sandman follows through Credible and Stevie come rushing from the back, both with chairs and canes of their own.

Joey: Why are these two again interfering in a Sandman match? What is their problem with him?

Heyman: Much like Balls and myself, Stevie and Justin believe that The Sandman has gotten a bit big for his britches since he came to the WWE. He has become a different man, and we don’t care for it. It is our goal to remind him of his roots and of ECW.

Joey: What? Paul, this is insane. He’s The Sandman and he changes for nobody.

Heyman: If you’ll excuse me Tazz.

As Heyman removes his headset and walks over, Credible and Stevie are beating down Sandman, while Balls stands by watching. Finally, Sandman is set up against the turnbuckle pole and Balls swings for the heavens, meeting steel on steel as Sandman ducks out of the way. He low blows Credible, Head Butts Stevie in the groin, then is hit across the back of the skull by Paul Heyman himself.

Joey: What the hell? What is Paul Heyman thinking?

Tazz: I’m not sure I agree with this Joey, but it’s called tough love. Let’s just hope Sandman gets some sense knocked into him, because if he doesn’t I wouldn’t want to be Paul E.

Balls rolls Sandman into the ring as Heyman is talking to the downed Credible and Richards, and from the opposite side of the ring, seemingly from nowhere, John Cena rolls into the ring with his chains. He attacks Balls, whips him into the ropes, and meets him with a Shoulder Tackle. He then wraps a chain around Balls throat and applies the STFU. Heyman sees this and gets into the ring himself with a chair, but Cena releases the hold and catches the chair as Heyman swings it. He sets Heyman up for the FU, but Sandman is to his feet and he throws Cena, with Heyman on his shoulders, over the ropes to the floor. Sandman regains his cane, and within a few seconds it’s the White Russian Leg Sweep on Balls, Cena’s chains still around his neck, and the 1-2-3 to end this wild and messed up match.

Tazz: I think Sandman needs to give some thanks to Cena for this win, because if not for him Balls had this match wrapped up tight Joey.

Joey: Yeah, thanks to Paul Heyman, Justin Credible, and Stevie Richards.

Sandman is holding his cane high, but he is swung around and is nose to nose with Cena, who does not look happy at all. Cena is yelling at him, as Sandman just glares. Finally Sandman cracks a smile, and then Canes Cena in the head. Sandman continues to Cane him, but then Balls comes up and wraps Cena’s chain around Sandman’s throat and starts choking. Cena grabs Balls’ chair and nails him in the back with it, and all three men stand, hurting, staring at each other. Then they drop the weapons and start to brawl in the ring, to the delight of a portion of the crowd. Soon enough referees and officials come rushing down to the ring and after several attempts manage to separate the three.

OR: 61

Crowd: 64

Match: 73

Tazz: Do ya think we might see the Sandman interfere this Saturday Night as Balls and Cena go at in an ECW Match, Joey?

Joey: I think I’d be surprised if he didn’t make an appearance, Tazz.

Joey and Tazz then hype the show this Saturday, before heading off for a commercial.

-After the commercial King and JR are back at the table, and after showing highlights of the ECW brawl, they too hype the card as it stands thus far for Saturday Night’s Main Event.:


-WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Johnny Nitro © w/Melina vs. Carlito w/Trish Stratus

-WWE Tag Team Titles Match: The Spirit Squad© vs. DX

- Smackdown! Six Man Tag Team Match: Batista, Matt Hardy, and Lashley vs. Mark Henry, King Booker, and Finlay

-ECW Match: Balls Mahoney w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena

-After the graphics and the like, it’s off to the ringside area, where DX’s elaborate entrance starts up. They go to the ring, amid quite a lot of cheering, do their routine, get the crowd to chant “Suck It”, then it’s time for another commercial break.

-Main Event If DX Loses They Are Fired Match: The Spirit Squad (Johnny and Kenny) w/Mitch, Nicky, Mikey, and Mr. McMahon vs. DX (HHH and HBK) w/The Mini Outlaws

As Mini Roaddogg and Lil Ass Man try to rap after the break, Mr. McMahon’s music plays, and he leads the five man Tag Team Champions to the ring. Referee Jack Doan gets it all situated, and then calls for the bell, as HHH and Kenny start.

This eight minute Main Event is all DX, just like at Vengeance when they won, and the fans eat it up. Halfway through, the TitanTron comes alive and it shows Shane, whom Vince has been asking for all night, hog-tied in the back seat of Vince’s limo. Vince is livid, and he sends Mikey, Nicky, and Mitch to go save Shane. Of course, they run off, while HBK and HHH continue to beat on Kenny and Johnny. The inevitable ending comes soon after, as HHH hits the Pedigree on Johnny while HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Kenny, and then Referee Jack Doan counts the double pin, even though Johnny and HHH were the legal men. Vince is livid on the floor yet again, and as he starts to march off towards the back, The Mini Outlaws get in his way and drive him into the ring, where to the roar of the crowd he is first hit with Sweet Chin Music, and then gets Pedigreed to the mat by HHH. DX crotch chop over his fallen body.

OR: 72

Crowd: 81

Match: 80

JR: DX will face The Spirit Squad this Saturday night now, King, and the Tag Titles will be on the line.

King: If tonight and Vengeance are any indication, The Spirit Squad doesn’t have a chance, JR.

JR: Who knows what Mr. McMahon will have up his sleeve come Saturday Night’s Main Event, King.

-After the commercial break, the last of the evening, Lita comes from the back, sans music, and grabs a mic from Todd Grisham, then gets into the ring.

Lita: Ladies and losers, my man, The Rated R Superstar, Edge.

“You Think You Know Me” plays, the smoke hits the stage, and the man in black comes out from the back. He gets into the ring, where he removes the helmet, and indeed it is Edge underneath.

Edge: You see this? This was me at One Night Stand. I cost John Cena the WWE Title, and I did it so I could take the damn thing from RVD at Vengeance. Why? Because I can beat RVD on my worst day with ease, and because dammit I deserve to be the WWE Champion. I never should have lost it to begin with back in February. John Cena and now RVD walk around with my belt and as false champions, and even you corn fed fat asses know that here in Iowa. But…

But Edge is cut off as Randy Orton’s music plays, and out he comes from the back, full of smiles. He saunters to the ring, poses, then asks for, and is given, a mic from Grisham.

Orton: Edge, man, brother, pal, you seem a bit upset, man. What’s wrong?

Edge: What’s wrong Randy? How about the fact that you stole not one but two title matches from me, costing me the belt as you pretended to be me? How about that pissing me off for starters.

Orton: I stole them from you? Edge, man, I handed you the belt at Vengeance, you were just not good enough to take it from RVD. I Speared his ass through that table, he was out, man, out, but you couldn’t get it done. As for last week, well, it’s so hot in that helmet, I was sweating, it was fogged up, and I accidentally speared you as well. It was an honest mistake man. Honestly it was.

Orton flashes a smile as Edge rips the hoodie off and goes nose to nose with Orton.

Edge: Honestly, this isn’t going to a mistake, Randy. Honest.

Orton backs up and puts his hands up in a symbol of time out.

Orton: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Edge. Whoa and time out, man. Time out. You see, I have plans, I am The Legend Killer, and I have plans, man. My plans include me killing the legend of ECW once and for all. Did you know that I hate ECW? You do too don’t you? Isn’t that why you and Foley beat the hell out of Dreamer and finally retired that old, dried up, nasty, old Terry Funk? Of course you do, man, of course you do. What I want is the ECW World Heavyweight Title, and what you want is the WWE Championship, right? Why can’t we both get what we want? And why don’t we start this Saturday Night…

But Orton is cut short, as RVD’s music plays out with “One Of A Kind”, and Van Dam and Dreamer come out from the back. RVD takes his two belts off, lays them on the ramp, looks at Tommy, and then the duo race to the ring. Lita scrambles for safety, and Dreamer and Orton go toe to toe as do Edge and RVD. Dreamer gets Orton set up for The Dreamer Driver, but Lita Low Blows him, as Orton scrambles to the floor and safety. Meanwhile, RVD goes for a Split Legged Moonsault on Edge, but he too rolls to safety. RVD checks on Dreamer, who waves him off, as Edge, Lita, and Orton start backing up the ramp. RVD grabs a mic, and looks more upset than he ever has.

RVD: You three, you want me? You want my belts? Well there they are, up there, go ahead, take them. You can take the belts, but neither of you can beat me. Orton, you want to start killing the legend of ECW this Saturday? Okay, fine, let’s start it. But just remember, Eric Bischoff couldn’t kill it, Vince McMahon couldn’t kill it, and you sure as hell can’t kill it. This Saturday, Saturday Night’s Main Event, you and me, Randy, ECW World Heavyweight Title Match.

On the ramp Orton looks at the belts laying on the stage, then looks back at RVD and smiles and shakes his head in the affirmative.

RVD: And you two, Edge and Lita, you two can be at ringside. You agree?

Edge and Lita smile and hug, as Edge yells out.

Edge: You can damn well count on it.

RVD: Good, we all agree. Oh, one more thing. Lita, you will handcuffed to Beulah at ringside, and you, Edge, will be handcuffed to The Innovator Of Violence, Tommy Dreamer.

RVD drops the mic as his music plays again, Tommy looks very happy, and Edge, Orton, and Lita all look less than thrilled.

OR: 72

JR: What a Main Event we have just signed for Saturday Night’s Main Event, folks.

King: Even with these rules, JR, I have all the faith in the world that Randy Orton can and will kill off Extremely Crappy Wrestling once and for all.

-And with that, the as of now finalized card for Saturday Night’s Main Event plays in a brief commercial:


-ECW World Heavyweight Title Match: RVD © w/Tommy Dreamer and Beulah vs. Randy Orton w/ Edge and Lita

-WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Johnny Nitro © w/Melina vs. Carlito w/Trish Stratus

-WWE Tag Team Titles Match: The Spirit Squad© vs. DX

- Smackdown! Six Man Tag Team Match: Batista, Matt Hardy, and Lashley vs. Mark Henry, King Booker, and Finlay

-ECW Match: Balls Mahoney w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena

And then Raw comes to an end.

OR: 72

Att: 7049

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Starting with thoughts on the 7/7 (Haha, get it! 7/7... the same month and date number. Hahaha-oh forget it) edition of Srar's Smackdown!

- Sucks that Miz drew such a low rating. I'm interested as to which type of angle in EWR you used for him though. Nontheless, you seem like you have a good card set for the show. Kind of surprised to see Mysterio defending the World title against Finlay, because... you know... Mysterio will probably have to get a win. On one hand, I like Mysterio and he needs a good strong win to keep his credibility up as champion, and on the other hand... I love Finlay. Ah, how you put me in the middle of your umm... booking... and stuff. Regal/Hardy should be a nice smashmouth wrestling match, and I can't wait to see how you handle the return of Batista. Good stuff so far.

- Pretty good commentary you've got going. I like your portrayal of JBL, very realistic. Gay jokes on Michael Cole=RATINGZ~! Nice push with Vito so far. I always thought with the right gimmick, he could be big. Well, the gimmick isn't right, but... forget it. I question you opening the show with more or less a squash, but I suppose you have your reasons for that. You also may need to go over some of your writing before you post.

- Nice seeing The F.B.I in some kind of role. The extremists invading Smackdown! is as cool as it is on RAW, and both you and TGC have made it very entertaining thus far. Good segment, even if the EWR rating didn't show it.

- Pretty decent tag team match between the cruiserweights. Good to see SCOTTY 2 HOTTY & FREAKIN' FUNAKI~! on Smackdown!, even if they're just job boys for the Pitbulls. Hopefully you incorporate these two teams in a triple threat tag team match in the near future. I really do admire your style of writing matches. It's pretty simple, but effective and makes for good visuals. Not too long, not too short... I like.

And then... you destroy one of my favorite tag teams with an attack from The Great Khali. I have to admit though, I found it pretty funny that Khali just kicked Scotty out of the ring with no effort involved.

- I really dug the Daivari/Khali segment. It was pretty predictable, but it was written well and straight to the point, which I like with Daivari on the mic. Now, if you just have him shout during the Punjabi Prison match like how he does in RAW vs Smackdown!, everything will be perfect in this diary.

JBL: Michael Cole I have heard of such a match, but I didn’t believe it existed. It was like Bigfoot or a good wrestling match on RAW. Urban Legend! It can’t possibly exist!
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Ah yes, finally got through the second TGC show.

-Nice opening segment. I've never been a fan of Benjamin. Great athlete, but very bland character no matter what he seems to do. However, Vince was golden in this segment, specially with his "Zoom in" comment to the camera man.

-Eugene/Spirit Squad Match seemed like a throw away, but like Aztec said, it's a good step in getting the Spirit Squad back on track.

-Nice addition to the usual double count out match, but doesn't that kind of end Umaga's undefeated streak? Or are you going to pulll the "He's never been pinned or submitted"?

-Poor JHS. Not only does she have the "B" show, but it looks like she's going to have to put up with Benjamin to. At least I hope that's what's happening, but then that leads me to wonder who TGC may have got, but then I'm probably off base.

-I wasn't fond of the Haas/Lilian stuff. It just seemed too Cutesy. I was looking for Lilian to become a hardcore slut type deal....not really, but hopefully you know what I mean.

-Not liking the continuous midget impersonations. Would have been funnier to see some guy with a beer gut playing Road Dogg, instead of midgets. I did like the back and forth of bringing up their pasts. Specially the "I wore the pants in that house" comment from Hunter.

-Did I mention loving Orton? And you do the promos so well. Good stuff there. I haven't been an RVD fan since he left ECW back in 2001. He's just gotten too predictable. Edge/Orton would be a good feud though, but with them both being heels it doesn't work well. How about the Foley/Flair stuff. Are you going to continue that?

Still doing good. This show wasn't as good as the last, but it can't always be perfect.

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I hate this, but I want to set the record straight about something that Enforcer said. There is no Flair/Foley thing in this universe. Flair hasn't been seen since he lost to Umaga. Foley hasn't been seen since One Night Stand.

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown July 14th 2006

Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield are your announce team

Doing some business

Smackdown comes on the air this week with a shot of Teddy Long standing in his office.

Long: What up playas? We got plenty of great action for you tonight on Smackdown, but I got some business to take care of first. So let me holla at ya for just a minute and then we’ll get things goin like only we can do. The fact is in just nine days we have the Great American Bash live on Pay Per View!

Long pauses as cheers can be heard from the arena.

Long: First of all after what I saw last week I talked to both men and at the Great American Bash we are gonna have “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry one on one with (Long pauses for effect) BATISTA!

In the arena the crowd starts chanting for Batista.

Long: And that’s not all. Were also going to have Matt Hardy taking on the man who attacked him last week FINLAY!

The crowd has less of a reaction that is until King Booker bursts into Long’s office accompanied by Queen Sharmell.

Sharmell: Teddy what do you think you are doing disrespecting our King like this?!?

Long: Now hold on just a minute Sharmell. I don’t know what you’re…

Sharmell: Did you or did you now put MY MAN in a match on Saturday Night Main Event without asking him?

Long: That’s right I did. Booker T, Finlay and Mark Henry against Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley and Batista! It’s going to be a winner. Holla!

Booker: I don’t care about that Teddy! I want you to give me my title match with Bobby Lashley at the Bash!

Long: Booker I told you this on the phone and I’ll tell you this now playa. Bobby Lashley has beaten you time after time after time. King or not you don’t deserve another shot at the US title! Now that’s it.

Long goes to walk out, but Booker grabs him.

Booker: Lashley was lucky Teddy. That peasant could never beat me again. I would bet anything on that.

Long: Anything?

Booker lets Long go and Teddy takes a few steps back.

Booker: If I can’t beat a lowly peasant like Lashley then I don’t deserve to be here.

Long: King Booker you got your match! You got Bobby Lashley at the Great American Bash. (Sharmell claps) But your career is on the line! If you lose then you are gone!

Sharmell looks shocked and upset, but the stipulation doesn’t seem to bother King Booker.

Long: Oh and one more thing. You don’t ever put your hands on me! So tonight you’ve got a match! King Booker one on one with BATISTA! Now get out of my office!

Booker: What?!? I have a six man tag tomorrow!

Long: Get out before I fire you on the spot!

Booker and Sharmell storm out of the office upset and the show shifts to inside the arena.

Rating: 71%

Cole: What a huge series of announcements! Fans welcome to Friday Night Smackdown. I’m Michael Cole and JBL can you believe what we just heard from our General Manager?

JBL: I am shocked and appalled at the way that lowly Teddy Long treated our King Michael. Making him put his career on the line like that.

Cole: It was his idea JBL! This is what the King wanted and you always say what the King wants the King gets.

JBL: Oh you think this is funny? We could lose our King! Wait what am I saying?!? We will never lose King Booker. He is too good to lose to Lashley again.

Cole: Well not only that he has to go against Batista here tonight!

JBL: And that tag match tomorrow! Does Teddy Long hate royalty Michael? Is that it?

Cole: Teddy Long loves giving us the best wrestling possible and that’s what we are getting here on Friday Night Smackdown.

The Mexicools make their way into the arena riding on their lawnmowers. The crowd cheers for them as they drive down the ramp.

Cole: And speaking of great wrestling action it’s time for a WWE Tag Team title match up!

Crazy and Psicosis park their mowers and jump up into the ring and pose. After a few seconds the music changes bringing London and Kendrick to the top of the ramp. They look towards the ring and then sprint down the aisle as the crowd cheers. They slide into the ring and onto their feet. Both men look at each other before removing their matching Gold masks which receives a high pitched pop from the audience.

The Mexicools vs. London and Kendrick (Champions) WWE Tag Team Titles

Kendrick and Crazy start off as their partners head to their respective corners and the match is underway. Arm drag by Crazy. Kendrick counters with one of his own. They lock up. Go behind by Crazy. He goes for a German suplex, but Kendrick flips out and lands on his feet. Kendrick charges, but Crazy ducks the clothesline. Arm drag by Crazy, Japanese Arm drag by Kendrick and both men nip up and face off with each other as the crowd cheers.

Cole: Now that’s faced paced action John!

JBL: These guys can go Michael that’s for sure. They have to be able to bring it if they want to be on Smackdown!

They lock up again and Kendrick scores with a knee lift doubling over Crazy. Kendrick goes for a powerbomb, but Crazy snaps off a HURRICANRANA! Crazy ends up on top and throws down a series of punches on Kendrick. He drags Kendrick up and then body slams him down near his corner. Crazy jumps to the second turnbuckle and then hops up to the top for a MOONSAULT! Kendrick moves out of the way! Crazy is down and Kendrick crawls towards his corner. Psicosis rushes the ring to try and cut him off, but Kendrick makes the tag! London comes in with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Psicosis flies across the ring and out to the floor. Kendrick gets up and points to Psicosis. The crowd cheers as he charges across the ring before taking Psicosis out with a SUICIDE DIVE! In the ring Crazy is up and charges at London. London takes him down with the DROPSAULT! Cover 1…2…KICKOUT! London calls out to the crowd and they cheer him on. Crazy comes up to his feet and London grabs him in position for a DDT. Crazy blocks the DDT and tries to lift him up for a Northern Lights Suplex. London goes off his feet, but manages to regain his footing. London keeps the front face lock and runs up the ring ropes before hitting a TORNADO DDT!

Cole: What a move by Paul London! He just spiked Super Crazy!

London goes to the corner and begins to climb.

JBL: Why don’t you pin him you idiot? This is what I hate about these two Michael. Too many risks!

London makes it to the top, but is cut off by JAMIE NOBLE! He trips London causing him to crotch himself on the corner. The referee calls for the bell as this one has to be thrown out.

Rating: 71/66/93

From the opposite side Kid Kash charges into the ring and grabs Paul London. He hooks him up for what looks to be a superplex, but instead he spikes him right on his head with a SUPER BRAINBUSTER! Kendrick rushes to his partner’s aid and starts throwing punches at Kash. Kendrick is quickly cut off from behind by Noble and taken down. Noble hooks him up and hits a double underhook POWERBOMB! The Pitbulls pose as the crowd boos them.

Cole: Damn these Pitbulls! They ruined what was going to be a great match! What gives them the right?!?

JBL: The right Michael? These two men don’t need the right. They take what they want! And by the looks of it they want those tag team belts.

The Pitbulls make the “we want the titles” motion around their waists until The Mexicools make their way back in and chase them off.

Cole: It looks like I wasn’t the only one upset by the actions of The Pitbulls!

JBL: Oh come on! What do these two have to be upset about? They should be glad they are even allowed in the country.

Cole: I’ll let that comment go JBL as we have to go to commercial. We’ll be right back with more Smackdown!

The King is over ruled

We come back from commercial with King Booker talking some strategy with his court Finlay and William Regal.

Booker: So you two understand the plan right?

Regal: Not very hard to understand my King. You want us to lay a thrashing on Bobby Lashley and then do the same later on before you face Batista. Would there be anything else my liege?

Booker: That will be…(Teddy Long and the security force walk up) all.

Long just shakes his head at Booker as the Court looks on.

Long: Booker booker booker. Who do you think you’re dealin wit? I thought you might try this so I decided to try this. Finlay! Mr. Regal! You two men have got the night off.

Regal: Splendid. We just have a couple of matters to take care of first.

Long: Maybe you didn’t understand me playa. You got the night (Long points towards the exit) off! Tell your story walkin.

All 3 look furious as Long takes a step back and security takes a step forward.

Long: You betta get ready King. I hear Batista is really in the mood to kick some butt. Holla!

Booker just stares him down as we go back to the arena.

Rating: 73%

JBL: What disrespect by Teddy Long! Does he not understand the concept of royalty? Does he not understand how lucky we are to have King Booker on Smackdown?!?

Simon Dean finishes his entrance and climbs into the ring as the announcers continue to talk.

Cole: I think it’s a great move by Long. He guaranteed us a fair main event here tonight and kept Bobby Lashley from getting ambushed.

JBL: Looking for a bonus Michael? Why don’t you kiss Teddy’s ass a little more?

Cole: I’m not kissing up to anyone John. I just like a good clean fight and Teddy Long seems to give us just that here on Friday Night Smackdown.

JBL: We do have the best wrestling here on the A-Show don’t we Michael?

Lashley’s music hits and the huge United States Champion makes his way into the arena.

Cole: And here comes another reason why!

Lashley takes in the cheers as he makes his way down the aisle. He leaps up onto the apron and shakes the ropes before entering the ring.

Simon Dean vs. Bobby Lashley (Champion) United States Title

Dean charges right at Lashley and throws a series of rapid fire punches to the chest. Lashley just stands there and absorbs every blow as if they have no effect! Dean looks horrified, and decides a more prudent technique would be to get some momentum. Dean bounces off of the ropes and crashes into Lashley with a SHOULDERBLOCK! Lashley doesn’t move an inch, but Dean goes flying across the ring.

Cole: (amused) Plan B perhaps Simon?

JBL: Plan A sure as hell aint working.

Dean for some reason inexplicable to rational human beings charges again and gets caught in a POWERSLAM! Lashley shoots back up to his feet and signals that it’s time for the finish! He grabs Dean up and hits the DOMINATOR! Cover 1…2…3!

Rating: 58/60/70

Cole: What a win by Bobby Lashley!

JBL: He wont be so lucky at the Bash! If he even makes it out of Saturday Night’s Main Event!

The show goes to commercial with Lashley holding up the US title and the fans cheering.

Right now!

The show comes back on the air with a shot of the stage. After a moment the familiar music of Rey Mysterio throws the crowd into a frenzy and the champ is propelled into the arena. Rey however dispenses with his usual pleasantries and goes straight for the ring. He grabs the ringside microphone from Tony Chimel and begins to speak.

Mysterio: Paul Heyman! Last week you called me out on behalf of Sabu. Like I said I’m not hard to find. It’s been seven days and I’m RIGHT HERE! (the crowd cheers) So bring Sabu with you and we can settle this RIGHT NOW!

Cole: Rey Mysterio challenging Sabu to a match right now! Can you believe this John?

JBL: Oh I believe it. More of that machismo! More of that Mexican fighting spirit! It’s gonna get him killed one of these days Michael.

Mysterio: I said RIGHT NOW!

“This is Extreme” begins to play and Paul Heyman strides confidently out to the ramp with microphone in hand.

Mysterio: Nobody asked for you Paul. I said I want to face Sabu.

Heyman: Oh? So suddenly you are a man with guts. A real tough guy! Because Mr. Mysterio I seem to remember at One Night Stand you weren’t so anxious. At One Night Stand they couldn’t carry you away from the ring fast enough.

Mysterio: Forget One Night Stand Paul. I am here RIGHT NOW! Where is Sabu? Where is he at?

Rey is looking antsy bouncing up and down as he talks.

Heyman: You want him right now? You want to face Sabu right now? Well I’m afraid I had a different date in mind.

Heyman begins walking down the ramp.

Heyman: I thought you might be inclined to put that title of yours on the line in an Extreme rematch against the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal…SABU! How about that Rey? Still full of courage?

Mysterio: Sabu has got his match Paul. I want to prove once and for all that I am better than Sabu even if it his match. Oh and to answer your question I’m not scared of anything!

Heyman stops about halfway down the ramp and smiles.

Heyman: Rey I am so pleased to hear you say that.

The lights go out and the crowd pops.

Cole: What the…

The lights come back on with Rey against the ropes keeping a close eye on Heyman, but in the ring behind him is SABU! Sabu stands holding a chair in one hand with his other pointed to the sky. Heyman begins to laugh and Rey finally clues in, but it’s too late as the chair comes flying and hits him right in the head. Rey goes down and Sabu quickly grabs the chair up again. He raises it high in the air and brings it crashing down across the back of Mysterio.

Cole: This is horrible! Wait a minute…What’s Heyman doing?!?

On the outside Paul Heyman drags a table out from under the ring. He begins setting it up as Sabu whips Rey into the corner. He sets up the chair and hits AIR SABU! Mysterio crumples to the ground so Sabu folds up the chair and hits the ARABIAN FACEBUSTER!

Heyman: Sabu! Sabu!

On the outside Heyman has finished setting up the table. Sabu tosses Rey to the outside and sets up the chair near the ropes as Heyman rolls Mysterio onto the table.

Cole: No don’t do this. NO!

Sabu runs across the ring and uses the chair to hit the Triple Jump Legdrop THROUGH THE TABLE! Heyman raises his arms triumphantly as Sabu rolls off of Mysterio grabbing at his hip. Heyman pulls Sabu up as his music begins to play.

Rating: 75%

JBL: Looks like that machismo finally came back to bite him.

Cole: This is serious John! Rey Mysterio is hurt!

JBL: Damn it I know he’s hurt! I can see that!

Medics begin rushing down the ramp and the show cuts to commercial.

The Future of the business

We come back on the air with Mr. Kennedy standing in the ring with a microphone heckling random fans.

Cole: Fans we are back here on Friday Night Smackdown. We will get you word on Rey Mysterio’s condition as soon as we can. But right now Mr. Kennedy has been standing in the ring ever since we went to commercial and he just won’t shut up.

JBL: Nor should he Michael. He is the future and we all need to hear about it.

Kennedy: Can I talk finally? Is this show finally back on air? Well it’s time to introduce you all to the man who has not and will not be defeated. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….

Gunner Scott’s music interrupts and the young rookie makes his way down the aisle.

Kennedy: What the hell? You dare cut me off? Who do you think you…

Gunner swipes the microphone drawing some cheers from the crowd.

Scott: I’m going to make this short and sweet Kennedy. You are a big man here on Smackdown. Undefeated and on a roll. (Kennedy nods) Well I took you to the limit here last week! You had to cheat to beat me. So I want a rematch right here and RIGHT NOW!

The crowd seems excited as Scott shoves the microphone into Kennedy’s chest.

Kennedy: You want me in a match right here tonight huh? You think a loser like you deserves another match with me? Well you won’t get it here tonight. But I’ll tell you what Gunner Scott. I happen to know who is coming out from behind the curtain next. And if you can beat them you can have a match with me. Do we have a deal?

Scott nods and watches as Kennedy smiles and leaves the ring. Kennedy walks to the back as Gunner begins stretching for his match.

Rating: 70%

Cole: Who do you think it is John? Any ideas?

JBL: Well I happen to know actually. You’ll just have to wait.

Michael doesn’t have to wait long as the music hits and the enthusiastic look on the face of Gunner Scott quickly vanishes.


JBL: Ha Ha! Yes indeed it is Michael. That’ll teach this punk to cut off Mr. Kennedy.

Henry wastes no time stomping down the aisle and into the ring. Gunner turns his attention for just a second as the referee enters the ring and Henry attacks!

Gunner Scott vs. Mark Henry

Henry crushes Scott in the corner with an avalanche. Henry repeats the move three more times until it looks like all the air has been pushed out of Gunner’s body. He collapses to the mat as the referee tries to get Mark Henry to back up. Henry moves the referee aside and continues his unmerciful attack with a series of stomps. Henry picks him up by the armpits and just flings Scott across the ring. Henry looks out to the crowd and they boo him. He just nods his head and moves in on his prey. Scott is on his hands and knees and as Henry approaches he tries to crawl through the big man’s legs. But Henry grabs him by the ankle and just drags him back. Henry pulls him straight up to his feet and slaps Scott right across the face!

JBL: This is just brutal Michael. Brutal!

Cole: I agree John. I am having trouble watching this.

JBL: Now wait a second. I didn’t say anything like that. I love watching it. This is what you have waiting for you Batista!

Henry laughs and goes to slap Gunner again, but it’s blocked! Scott fires back with a right hand. He fires off three more staggering Henry a bit. Scott bounces off of the ropes and flies at Henry with a cross body block. Henry catches him and hits the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! 1…2…HENRY PULLS HIM UP!

Cole: Come on! Just pin him Henry!

JBL: Mark Henry is sending a message to Batista here tonight Michael! Oh and I guess it looks like Gunner wont be getting that rematch either.

Cole: This was a set up from the start JBL and I am disgusted by it!

Henry drags Scott up to his feet and delivers another WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Henry laughs as the crowd begins to boo and picks Scott up again. The referee screams at him as he hits a third WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Henry covers for the easy 1…2…3!

Rating: 51/54/61

Cole: I hope you’re happy with this! Mark Henry may have just added another victim to his list.

JBL: He shouldn’t have agreed to that match then should he? Shooter will be fine Michael.

Cole: It’s Gunner and I hope you’re right. We’ll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown.

Be careful what you wish for

The show comes back on the air with The Great Khali climbing over the top rope followed shortly behind by Daivari who takes the much easier between the ropes route. Daivari looks almost jubilant as he grabs the ringside microphone.

Daivari: I was just in the back with my man The Great Khali and do you know what I heard? Now I’m afraid you people are going to be disappointed. I’m afraid there will be no Punjabi Prison Match. (boos) Because I’m afraid your Phenom The Undertaker was too frightened to show up here tonight. He remembers what happened last time he faced The Great Khali. Well that’s fine Undertaker. We’ll take the win by default. You just stay at home and retire like the true coward that you are. Let’s go Khali.

Daivari goes to walk away, but Khali yells and then palms his manager’s head like a basketball forcing him to stop in his tracks. Khali rips the microphone away and then proceeds to attempt English.

Khali: aiufdasijdaaijajaamdlskfmds UNDERTAKER adjdpdaoa[jffmaa[[ KILL udfsismaidieem UNDERTAKER!

He slams the microphone down as Daivari tries to calm him, but seconds later the lights go out for the second time tonight. Thunder can be heard and the lights flicker before a booming voice fills the arena.

Undertaker: Khali…You are one of the biggest forces the world has ever seen. But one thing you need to understand is that no man is bigger than death! At the Great American Bash I’ll meet you in your Punjabi Prison and you will REST…IN…PEACE!

A lightning bolt strikes the ramp way and the lights come back on. Khali looks unfazed as Daivari scrambles to pick up the microphone.

Daivari: Fine! That’s fine! But he still won’t meet us face to face. What are you scared of Undertaker? We’ll be at Saturday Night’s Main Event tomorrow. If you have any courage left you’ll show up!

Khali’s music hits and the show goes once again to commercial.

Rating: 69%

We come back on the air just as Ashley’s music hits and the punk inspired Diva makes her way down the aisle. The fans cheer as she waves to them. Well that is until Michelle runs down the aisle and attacks her from behind. She grabs Ashley and throws her into the ring and this match is quickly on.

Ashley Massaro vs. Michelle McCool

McCool slides into the ring and begins kicking away at Massaro as the surprised referee calls for the bell. Michelle takes off Ashley’s hat and throws it into the crowd!

JBL: These ladies are frisky tonight Michael!

Cole: These athletic Divas can really get it done in the ring John.

JBL: Yeah because I care how athletic they are.

In the ring Michelle executes some generic offense consisting of a couple of body slams and even a leg drop! Cover 1…2…KICKOUT! Elbow drop attempt misses and Ashley makes her way up. She hits a series of forearms and a clothesline. She picks McCool up and hits a DDT! Michelle screams and grabs at her neck and Ashley rolls to her feet startled. She moves back in at McCool, but the referee backs her off. Ashley shrugs and turns towards the crowd. This is all the opening Michelle needs. She springs to her feet and rolls Ashley up. HANDFULL OF PANTIES! 1…2…3!

Rating: 40/55/22

Cole: She faked it! I can’t believe she faked it!

JBL: That can’t be a first for you can it Michael?

Michelle rolls out of the ring and celebrates as Ashley looks mad.

Cole: Oh great. I’m hearing we have to go from this travesty to that walking travesty Paul Heyman who has something to say from the back.

JBL: Wait a minute! Who says we have to cut…

Open Challenge

Heyman stands facing the camera with a huge smile on his face.

Heyman: Greeting Smackdown fans. I bid you greetings from your friends at ECW. In ECW we are all about competition which is why I stand before you to offer the Smackdown Superstars not one but TWO challenges. Against my better judgment this man…

Heyman steps aside to reveal Sabu.

Heyman: Sabu has informed me that he wants to show Rey Mysterio what he can do under extreme rules. So tomorrow night I invite anyone to show up and answer Sabu’s Extreme Challenge!

Sabu points to the sky as Heyman nods and continues.

Heyman: Not only that. I have procured the services of another superstar for my ECW. That man has informed me that he doesn’t want to show up until the Great American Bash. That’s fine. I’m a patient boss. But he needs a challenger. Any man from Smackdown brave enough to face my new extreme superstar? Sign your name to a contract and we will see you at The Great American Bash. Come on Sabu it’s time for us to celebrate.

We fade to commercial as the two men walk away.

Rating: 77%

The show comes back on the air just as King Booker’s music begins to play.

Cole: Back here on Smack..

JBL: Shut up Michael! How dare you interrupt a moment as great as this?

King Booker along with his Queen stride regally into the arena they politely acknowledge their loyal subjects as they make their way to the ring.

JBL: Look at the grace Michael. Look at the elegance. Just take it all in. It is truly our honor to be graced by such majesty.

Cole: Yes yes I’m sure he’s wonderful. But will the King still be his majestic self after getting in the ring with the ANIMAL!

Booker climbs up into the ring and opens his robe before spinning around to allow all the “peasants” to take in his glory.

JBL: Batista is nothing more than a muscle bound savage Michael Cole. And our King will dispatch of him in due time.

King Booker’s pleased look leaves his face as Batista’s theme music hits. Batista foregoes his usual entrance and just pauses to yell out to the crowd before charging the ring.

King Booker with Queen Sharmell vs. Batista

Booker attempts a clothesline as Sharmell retreats, but it’s ducked. Batista takes his head off with a LARIAT! Booker looks like he is legit knocked out as Batista drags him up off of the canvas. He lifts King Booker up into the air and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Booker is laid out flat as the Animal roars one more time.

JBL: Jesus Christ Michael! What’s happening here?!?

Batista gives the double thumbs down and drags Booker to his feet.

Cole: Are you kidding me?!?

Batista puts him in position and hits the BATISTA BOMB! 1…2…3!

Rating: 67/79/66

The crowd sits in stunned silence as Batista’s music begins to play again and he celebrates his victory. Sharmell helps King Booker out of the ring and he collapses to the floor. In the ring Batista continues to celebrate, but that is short lived as from the back it’s Mark Henry!

JBL: Here we go again Michael!

Batista sees Henry and charges up the ramp at him. They meet and both men fire off huge clubbing blows. Henry gains the advantage and lifts Batista up into the air WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM ON THE RAMP!

Cole: What a devastating move! Batista is hurt JBL! Batista is hurt!

JBL: Michael I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Henry puts a big boot on Batista’s chest and raises his arms in the air as his music begins to play and the show fades to black.

Overall Card Rating: 64%

T.V. Rating: 6.10

Attendance: 7014

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From wwe.com

After spending three years combating his personal demons, a refocused and rehabilitated Jeff Hardy is prepared to return to the place where he began his career as a teenager.

WWE.com has learned that WWE officials have rehired former Superstar Jeff Hardy, more than three years after his release from the company.

For this unique athlete, it has been a turbulent, arduous road back to WWE. In 2003, just as Hardy began to make his ascent to the top of World Wrestling Entertainment, he came crashing down, reportedly because of a drug dependency.

After showing up late for several WWE events and demonstrating a deterioration in his in-ring performance, Hardy’s last match in WWE was on March 24, 2003. In May of that year, after refusing to go into drug rehabilitation, Hardy was subsequently released from WWE.

In 1993, at the age of 16, Jeff and his brother Matt, 19, started working for WWE, wrestling against contracted WWE Superstars. It wasn't until 1998 that the brothers were given full-time WWE deals. That year, the Hardy Boyz almost instantly became top-tier contenders in WWE's tag team division.

Both talented risk-takers with dynamic in-ring chemistry, the Hardyz revolutionized sports-entertainment, employing wild aerial maneuvers that did damage to both their opponents and themselves. Capturing both the WWE and WCW Tag Team Championships, the Hardyz made their strongest impact in their epic Tables, Ladders and Chairs Matches with the Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian.

Shortly after the WWE brand extension in 2002, Matt and Jeff were split apart and Jeff found success as a singles star on RAW. After the split, Hardy began to display his most unorthodox side, adding uniquely colored body paint to his ever-changing hair color.

Perhaps the highlight of his singles career was his Ladder Match with Undertaker for the WWE Championship in July 2002. In a match that no one believed Hardy could win, Jeff brought his abilities to a higher level unlike anyone had ever seen in him before. That night, Jeff did not walk out as WWE Champion, but he earned the respect of not only The Phenom, but of all who watched the contest. People started to acknowledge Hardy’s true talent – a talent that was curtailed and snuffed out due to his addiction.

Holding a number of championships, Hardy was en route to reaching the summit of his sports-entertainment career until it all came to an abrupt end due to his erratic behavior and drug use.

Overcoming addiction is arguably the greatest victory of Hardy’s life. And as a renewed Jeff Hardy prepares to reintroduce himself to WWE fans, one can only expect Hardy to earn his greatest career victories and even larger triumphs when he makes his long-awaited return home.

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