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Looking for a fun 2-Player PS2 Game

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Yeah, so I'm looking to find a fun PS2 game to play with my friend, but I honestly can't think of anything. Preferably something around 20$.

And if you can't think of that, hook me up with an RPG that will keep her interested while I play it. (Y)

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Kuri Kuri Mix is available in English, and I picked it up for about £15. I don't really know how to describe it....it's split-screen, and it's all about teamwork. One player has to move obstacles on its side before the other can progress, and things like that, it's really good fun.

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X-Men Legends 2 is pretty good for that, it's an interesting RPG and a four player craze fest.


Champions of Norrath & its sequel. Fun + addicting.

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