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So, having never even watched the film, I've bought the first four volumes of these and though they are more sexually graphic than I thought they would be they've turned out excellent, and I'll buy the rest.

I've just gotten up to where Shinji Mimura tried to disable the collars with a worm, but failed and is now moving onto 'Plan B'.

Does/Can it get any better from here on?

And is the film anywhere near as good and graphic death wise as the mangas?

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The film is nowhere near as graphic with the violence and sex that the manga is. The manga, at certain points, goes WAY over the top (and it almost always involves Mitsuko Souma).

The big strength of the manga as opposed to the film or even the book is that they take more time to develop the entire cast, which they just can't do in film/novel format. At the same time, at certain points, such as...

Mitsuko's death

... Takami really goes a bit nuts with the sex/violence, in my opinion. It doesn't follow the exact same plotline as either the book or the novel in that certain characters last longer or have bigger roles, and there are bigger fight scenes in certain points as well, if memory serves.

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Manga is a japanese style comic book. A movie isn't. :shifty:

The novel, which started it all, is about 600 pages long. The film tries to squeeze most of it into a two hour long film, so obviously some parts have to be cut. The manga is split into several volumes and since it is basically a comic book, it can go into a different depth than the film or book. Some of the details are changed around enough so it's not just a straight port, but the general gist is pretty much the exact same.

I only have the first in the manga series, but I'm going to see about following it up tomorrow sometime. It's good in that it's BR, but I hate the third and newest version of the teacher. He's a cunt <_<

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I'm enjoying reading through the Manga and certain characters are just so much better in it than the movie at least (such as Mimura, Sugimura and Kawada!) while other characters like

Hirono and Numai

get more of a send off which is nice.

Yeah it's sexually explicit and I'm not a fan of the teacher AT ALL, but it's well written and well drawn.

I could have quite happily gone my whole life though without seeing a flashback of Yutaka Seto urinating over a pair of bullies....

Scratch that, it was funny... :D

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I don't know how helpful this would be, but if you've seen the film then the first volume takes you up to just after the classroom scene, I think.

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You'll enjoy the manga as they flesh out the characters you saw in the film and give characters like Numai (hardly mentioned in the film) an actual story.

Yeah, the stuff with Numai was REALLY good. One of the highlights of the entire manga for me.

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Crap. Fifteen volumes. I can get 3 for 4 'cause I'm part of the Manga Collector's Club at my bookstore, so that leaves me having to buy Volume 1 of a new manga along with the last set...

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