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Wacken 2006

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As some of you may know, I'm going to Germany for a week tomorrow. I know, how will you cope for a week without me? <_< The main reason I'm going is for the Wacken Open Air Metal Festival. I guess this is really a thread to brag and make people jealous, but let's disguise it as a discussion for such things.


I'm most looking forward to seeing Whitesnake, Motorhead, Bodom, Fear Factory, Gamma Ray and Opeth for the first times, and the Scorpions, MSG and Soulfly for the second times. Just a tad pissed off that the running order slightly changed and now Opeth and Soilwork are on at the same time. So anyway, thoughts.

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A big group of my friends are going, they go every year. One year they met a group of German metalheads and hung out with them for the whole time...then bumped into them in town over here just under a month later. Mental.

Also, they once got invited back to a self-proclaimed Austrian wizard's house for sweets and samples of his son's artwork.

That's Wacken for you.

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Maaan, Wacken is way better this year than last year :( Even without Edguy. Edguy owned far too much last year I see. Too much awesomeness for one festival... *sigh*. That's why Machine Head were on right after them, to suck the awesomeness back out. I digress...

I'd go, just for Gamma Ray. And Emperor. And Arch Enemy. And Caliban. And Finntroll. And Battlelore. And Amon Amarth. And Wintersun.

...I'll probably go next year...

*said that last year.*

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Six Feet Under will own Wacken, mainly because Chris Barnes is a god.

Six Feet Under can suck my balls >_>

But yeah, I was hyping Wacken earlier this year, would love to go myself.

And teehee at Reily for bastardizing Machine Head when he wanted to see Edguy...funny stuff :P

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Edguy are way more fun than Machine Head will ever be :P

And hey, I own a Machine Head t-shirt from when I went to see them live and was really drunk. So there.

MetalReview's review of Edguy's album was as fun as Edguy got for me >_>

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I heard Edguy live at a festival I went to here. I didn't actually go watch because it's not really my deal, but their frontman sounded like a pretty cool guy. He said it was awesome that at a festival mainly featuring death metal they'd be accepted so well, and he also had the best line of the night on the mic:

"OK, now we're really going to set this place up. We're going to sing a REAL metal song! About slaying dragons!"

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