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So apparently I'm going to Rob Zombie.


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I came to find out a few weeks ago that my father had bought two tickets to Rob Zombie\Godsmack in Boston, and since he hasn't found someone else to take it looks like it's going to be me. I am totally shocked that:

1: My father bought two tickets to a Rob Zombie show.

2: I am going.

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Godsmack and Shinedown are two of the most amazing bands I've ever heard live considering that I can't stand to listen to any of their studio work.

Rob Zombie live is fucking mind-blowing and that's all you need to know.

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I wanted to go to this show, but me living on my own in Madison and it being on a Tuesday in Milwaukee put a damper on those plans.

I've seen both Zombie and Godsmack and both are tremendous live, you should have a lot of fun.

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