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Herr Matzat

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I wouldn't complain about Germany's pricing, I paid €79 for the 3 day Wacken festival, yet £35 (€52) to see Iron Maiden this December. Not that I'm complaining (it's Maiden :D) about that, just saying that it seems the UK's a lot pricier than Europe.

Oh and Wolfmother rock, have a good time.

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Yeah they're awesome. The CD rocks. I'm gonna see them live at lowlands next week (Lowlands is a big festival in the Netherlands, I'm also going to see Arctic Monkeys, HIM, Muse, Lost Prophets, Forward Russia, CKY but that aside) Really psyched about that!

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...this is Germany. It's hard to tell the difference :shifty:

Good live band ya got there, folks. Although be warned, either you'll get a crowd full of hairy ladies or a crowd of middle-aged, drunken men wearing half-torn Rammstein, UB40, or David Hasselhoff shirts (sometimes at the same time) ready to do their best impersonation of a march.


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I was at a free festival thing full of shite covers bands the other day. We spotted a tall bloke with an afro. We spent a good half hour trying to convince him he was in Wolfmother. He wasn't buying it.

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