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Decide What I Watch...

ClaRK! Kent

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I've not been watching enough movies lately, considering I used to go to the cinema at least two or three times a month, and generally consider myself to be a 'film' person. Not really had the money to go to the movies lately, and still don't really as my wages are going towards paying off my overdraft, so I figured I'd watch movies a bit closer to home.

ie: At home. <_<

I have a pretty good DVD collection, and my brother has quite a few as well (he generally has mob movies, rom-coms, and a few Eddie Murphy films... I think he has the Deer Hunter too somewhere), so yeah. What movies should I be watching, if I plan to watch one a day from Monday - Sunday this week? I haven't checked the TV schedules, but if there's anything great on the main channels (or Film Four, now that's free, but I don't have Sky Movies) that doesn't conflict with the Mark Steel Lectures on BBC4, go for it.

I was thinking I might watch The Talented Mr. Ripley tomorrow, as I haven't seen it in ages, but apart from that I have no ideas really.

So, EWB... tell me what movies to watch.

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Kingdom of Heaven.

And, yes, Doom.

Kingdom of Heaven is possibly the most boring film ever. After Scarface.

And watch Ed Wood. It's cheap and great.

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Scarface is boring? Holy hell.

I'd suggest Field Of Dreams or Shawshank if you've never seen either. Depending on which I've seen most recently, one or the other is always my favorite film of all time.

And no more porno names, please.

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Guest Chasing Ringy

In an effort to not blurt out random movies you're probably not gonna see, I looked at this Film Four thing you mentioned, an although it seems like a lower-end version of the some of the networks we've got here, it's still got around one movie a day you can watch.

Monday: The Grave of the Fireflies - I am not a huge fan of anime, however this is probably the exception to the rule. It's realistic, there's no dragons or shitty monsters flying around, and it's got a good story. That and the people I saw it with started crying at the end, but they weren't real men anyways. But yes, it's quite sad/

Tuesday: Strictly Ballroom - It's Baz Luhrmann's best (only? >_>) good film and it's an over the top movie about a dancing contest. Sounds like shit and fried eggs, I know, but it's actually a great movie.

Wednesday: Nothing >_>. Well watch the Football Factory if you want, if not go out and impregnate a girl. If not then go rent the Shawshank Redemption :shifty:

Thursday: Kagemusha - I'm not a huge Kurosawa mark, but he does make good movies. I wouldn't say this is his best, but watch it anyways.

Friday: Being John Malkovich - If you haven't seen this, you ought not live :shifty:

Saturday: Re-Animator - See Being John Malkovich

Sunday: The Cooler - It's relatively fun movie featuring an awesome performance from Alec Baldwin as a mobster.

So here you go, a thrifty way to watch one good movie a day.

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