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Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED

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With USA having World Wrestling Entertainment, and Spike having TNA and UFC, hell, even Sci-Fi with ECW and MTV with the upcoming Wresting Society X, Fox was looking for something to compete with them. After doing some homework, they found the style they wanted, the gritty, underground feel that would be different enough from the main network shows, but able to compete with what MTV and Sci-Fi had, in Major League Wrestling.

There were just a few hoops to jump through. First, Court Bauer was under a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, although the contract was suprisingly easy to buy out, as WWE had little use for Bauer's talents. Second was the naming of the promotion, something dynamic, yet not cliched. Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED was voted on, and that decision was made. Finally, a time slot must be found for the show, which was simple enough, as Fox simply placed the show on their F/X network at 9-11pm on Wednsday nights, sliding their schedule around as needed.

The last hoop, however, was the toughest. With many of the 'name' workers on contract with either WWE or TNA, contracts which could not be bought out, Fox and Bauer were at a loss for signable talent. Bill Goldberg had recently signed a contract, not with TNA, but with Spike TV. Chris Jericho was amiable, but stated that, if he was to return to pro wrestling, it would be with WWE, or in Japan, and no where else. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin refused to return any phone calls, and, of course, a courtesy call was made to The Rock, who was polite but firm with his 'no'.

Things weren't really different among the second tier of stars either. Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Raven, and Scott Steiner were all under TNA contracts, although, in the end, Raven was able to be signed due to loopholes in his contract, and a seat at the booker's table. Stacy Kiebler was signed, after being offered a television development deal to go along with her contract as a part time worker for CWU. Fox's attorneys attempted to work something out with WWE and Brock Lesnar, including compensation, but it was an obvious no-go from the start. Talks were had with Sid Vicious, but, in the end, it was decided that he didn't bring enough to the table for the money he wanted. Preliminary talks were had with the legendary Vader, but at the time the show was to go on the air, nothing was put into writing. Ken Shamrock was another consideration, but opted to continue his comeback in UFC, instead.

Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED was forced to dig even deeper in a search for name value, quickly snatching up Chris Kanyon. Diamond Dallas Page, along with his wife, Kimberly Page, signed on the dotted line next, although only as part-time performers, and with the clause that Fox would put Page's name up in lights in Hollywood. Despite numerous indy commitments, which he would be allowed to fufill, D'Lo Brown was quick to sign, looking to regain the notoriety that he had once had in WWE. Despite misgivings at his reputation, Bauer was able to convince Fox to give Juventud Guerrera a shot, although he was given a slightly shorter leash than the other workers, but still more freedom than he had been allowed in his short WWE stint. Maven Huffman, possibly known more for his reality TV work than actually wrestling, especially considering that was how he broke into the business, signed as well, as things started to look up for CWU. Fox attempted a two-for with Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, with Hall signing, after demanding extra money due to the privisions for his behavior in his contract. Waltman opted not to sign, claiming to be close to going to WWE, to latch onto the ongoing Degeneration X storyline. Vampiro was signed, against the wishes of Juventud Guerrera, while a deal was struck with Ring of Honor to allow their stars to appear on CWU, under modified contracts, while Fox would announce them as RoH workers, and give some amount of ad time to RoH as well. Finally, Steve Corino would sign on for a limited number of dates, not wishing to give up either his indy, nor his Japanese dates.

Possibly the biggest news, at least in terms of any actual animosity between TNA and Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED was the 'steal' of Ron 'The Truth' Killings, who had become increasingly angered with his treatment in TNA, and walked out, breaching his contract. Behind the scenes, Fox paid it off, effectively making Killings a free agent, and he immediately signed with the company, causing an uproar in TNA, who felt, possibly rightly so, that they had been duped. many in the promotion, most vocally Jeff Jarrett, would begin to mention CWU, and Killings, in comments both on, and off air. Fox, Bauer, and Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED took the 'any publicity is good publicity' stance, leading to what many internet 'experts' were claiming could be the start of a 'cold war' between the two companies.

This is were things stood, about a month out from the live debut of UNDERground, Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED's flagship, and at the moment, only, programming. Fox was happy with where things stood, and handed day to day control of the promotion, at least in terms of creative direction and the wrestling side of things, over to Bauer, and his stable of writers and staff, which, at the time, included Raven, Vampiro, and Fox appointee, Gabriel Price. With a roster to fill out, storylines to be written, and a fed to basically be created, they had their work cut out for them.

Would Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED be the new driving force in professional wrestling, or, like so many others, would it simply fall to the side, and become an sidenote in the annals of wrestling history? This is that story.

Announced Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED Stars

D'Lo Brown

Steve Corino

'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson

Juventud Guerrera

Scott Hall

Maven Huffman

Chris Kanyon

Stacy Kiebler

Ron 'The Truth' Killings

Diamond Dallas Page

Kimberly Page



Other Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED Info


Wednsday, 9PM EST/PST, 10PM CST on F/X

Beginning Wed. September 6th, 2006

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Roster and Champions

Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED Stars

Aaron Aguilera

Billy Gruner

Brian Idol

Chance Beckett

Chaz Warrington

Chilly Willy

Chris Chetti

'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon

Daniel Puder

D'Lo Brown

Eric Angle

Jason Cross

Joey Ryan

Johnny Stamboli

'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera

'The Rock Superstar' Kaos

L.A. Par-K

Mark Jindrak

Maven Huffman

Nate Hatred

Orlando Jordan


Ron 'The Truth' Killings

Ron 'H20' Waterman


'Da Bad Guy' Scott Hall

Sean O'Haire

Shaggy 2 Dope


'The F'N God of Pro Wrestling' Steve Corino

Tony 'Da Baldie' Devito


Violent J

Ring of Honor Talent

Ace Steel

'Scrap Iron' Adam Pearce

'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson

Colt Cabana

Ricky Reyes

Rocky Romero

Managers - Clients

Charles 'Pimp-Daddy' Wright

Kimberly Page - Diamond Dallas Page

Pari$ - Kaos

Other Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED Notables

Network Executive - Don Callis

Secretary to the Network Executive - Jamie Koeppe

Lead Play by Play Announcer - Mike Johnson

Color Commentator- Diamond Dallas Page

Head Referee - Billy Silverman

Stacy Kiebler

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Let's go!

Live for this, Live, Live

Live for this

Live for this, Live, Live

If you don't live for something, You'll die for nothing.

Through the best and the worst

The struggle and sacrifice.

For the true who've remained and the new blood.

Motivation, undying allegiance

Striving through the hardships and affliction.

Every drop of blood

Every bitter tear

Every bead of sweat

I live for this

Live for this, Live, Live

Live for this

Live for this, Live, Live

If you don't live for something you'll die for nothing.

What we have are not possessions we own

It's not weighed by greed or personal gain

This is real a desire for freedom.

A place apart from a world in abandon.

Every drop of blood

Every bitter tear

Every bead of sweat

I live for this

Live for this, Live, Live

If you don't live for something you'll die for nothing.

I live for this.

Every drop of blood

Every bitter tear

Every bead of sweat

I live for this!

IPB Image

The future of professional wrestling begins not with a whimper, but with a bang, as Hatebreed's anthem Live for This leads us into pyro spouting out above the blue, black, and silver entrance for UNDERground! Just over 1000 fans are in The Thunderdome, the Los Angeles home of Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, the newest phenomenon to hit the airwaves in the world of professional wrestling. The cameras do a wild pan of the crowd, before bringing us to the announcer's for tonight, Mike Johnson and Diamond Dallas Page. The duo welcome fans to the debut of UNDERground, and hype the show, before some house produced music hits.

You want The Truth... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Pounding bass beats boom over a hip-hop track as one of the bigger names in CWU makes his way to the ring, his dreadlocks shaking, as Ron 'The Truth' Killings is in the house! Killings is sporting his familiar leather pants, leather vest, no shirt combo, all in black, and once in the ring, he grabs a mic.

Ron Killings: ' Holla at ya boy HOLLYWOOD!'

The fans cheer for Killings, happy to see him in a much better mood than he had reportedly been in Total Nonstop Action. Killings paces the ring for a moment, thinking, before stopping and raising the mic.

Killings: ' Now, The Truth ain't gonna lie to ya. It feels real damn good to be here on the west coast, out in the sunshine, back to being the Suntan Superman, and it feels REAL good to get outta that hellhole down in the F-L-A, but I gotta know, what now?'

At this point, Page and Johnson put over all Killings had done in TNA, without actually mentioning the promotion, including his being a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Killings walks around the ring again, playing to the crowd.

Killings: ' I'll tell you what now... NOW, The Suntan Superman... THE TRUTH... is going to become a damn World Champion, for the THIRD time! Ain't no country ass white boys to hold me back, ain't no punk using the ring as his personal plaything cuz his daddy owns it, ain't no reason why Ron 'The Truth' Killings ain't gonna be the first CWU World Heavyweight Champion!'

The crowd cheers, and Killings looks like he's going to keep talking, but he's cut off by some authoritative house produced music, which brings out a man making his full-time return to professional wrestling for the first time in a few years, 'Network Executive' Don Callis. Callis walks to the ring with his usual exaggerated, cocky swagger, before pulling a mic from out of his coat pocket.

Killings: ' What do you want, punk?'

Callis sarcastically acts taken aback, before getting on the stick while sauntering around the outside of the ring.

Don Callis: ' OOOO! I'm shaking here Ron, SHAKING.'

Callis climbs into the ring as Killings looks annoyed.

Callis: ' You do know who I am, right? I mean, somewhere in that brain of yours, between the beats and the bitches, lies some recognition of who exactly is THE MAN around here.'

Killings mouths something at Callis.

Callis: ' Real mature Ron, real mature. See, I was in the back, overseeing the show, as is my duty, when I see you out here running your mouth about how there's no reason why you can't be the first CWU World Heavyweight Champion...'

Killings is nodding his head, probably thinking about the title.

Callis: ' Except... there is a reason.'

Killings stops, and stares at Callis, who isn't even looking at him.

Callis: ' Ron... Truth... Suntan Superman... whatever you want to call yourself this week... you can't be the first CWU World Heavyweight Champion... or the second, or the third, or hell, the 45th for that matter, for one simple reason...'

Callis spins to look Killings in the face.

Callis: ' I just don't like you!'

Killings takes a step back, clearly mouthing 'Why?' at Callis. He seems to have totally forgotten about the mic in his hand.

Callis: ' Its simple RON... you're just not marketable. I'm here to make ratings, to make money, and you do neither of those things. Thats why you won't be the first World Heavyweight Champion, or ever be World Heavyweight Champion... you're kind just aren't cut out for that.'

Killings is heavily angered by the racial undertones of Callis' statements.

Callis: ' Hold on, hold on... I never said you didn't have a place on the show. I respect your ability, really, I do. Just... not tonight. You don't have to go home, you just need to get the hell out of here. Come back next week, maybe I'll have a need for someone to dance around and act like a jackass!'

This has finally pushed Killings over the edge, as he moves to attack Callis, being provoked both by the subtle racial remarks, and the personal insults to his ability. Callis quickly backs up, jerking the mic to his lips.

Callis: ' SECURITY!'

With that single word, about a dozen blackshirted security workers flood to the ring, giving Callis the freedom he needs to avoid Killings, and grabbing hold of The Truth, keeping him from going after the 'Network Executive'.

Callis: ' Your kind just don't learn, do they Ron... you don't mess with me! Get his sorry ass out of here!'

The first segment in UNDERground history ends with Killings being taken to the back, as Callis stands in the ring, as we fade out to commercial.


[Commercial break]

Back from break, the last vestiges of not-Rock Superstar by un-Cypress Hill is playing as 'The Rock Superstar' Kaos is standing in the ring, along with former TNA girl Lollipop, now going by the name of Pari$, spelled exactly like that in the on-screen graphic. Page and Johnson talk about the duo, but, for the most part, are still talking about the opening segment, and show some 'during the break' stuff which is just Killings being ejected from the arena. Pari$ rubs Kaos' shoulders as he waits in the ring.

Finally, after a long moment, some more house produced music hits, sounding vaguely like The Offspring. It brings out the Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion, announced as such, with RoH being put over heavily as a standout independent promotion, as 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring. Danielson is in his plain black wrestling trunks, and has a look of disdain on his face, as he smugly jeers at the crowd, before climbing into the ring for the opening match tonight.

'The Rock Superstar' Kaos w/ Pari$ versus 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson

Brian Hebner is your referee for this one, as both men start off circling. This should be an interesting clash of styles, as Kaos was last seen in Combat Zone Wrestling, and prior to that, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, and neither promotion is exactly known for being the banner carriers for technical wrestling. Danielson, on the other hand, has been proclaimed at one time as 'the next Chris Benoit' and has been roundly considered one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, when he brings his A game. Danielson shoots in, and takes Kaos to the ground, looking for an early victory with a Crossface Chickenwing, but Kaos gets into the ropes, and Hebner calls for a break. Danielson refuses, and when pushed by Hebner, informs him that 'I'VE GOT A FOUR COUNT REF!', before finally breaking the hold when Hebner reaches that number. Kaos rolls out of the ring, only to quickly re-enter.

The second time around, the two lock up, and Kaos tries a suplex, only to have it blocked. A second attempt is also blocked, and this time Kaos fakes the suplex, and rolls Danielson up, but only for a flash one count. Danielson pounds the mat, then dives in, getting an ankle pick on Kaos, only to eat a boot to the head for his trouble. Kaos grabs an arm and wrenches back, bringing Danielson to his feet, then forcing him back to one knee, before putting his own knee into the back of Danielson's shoulderblade, really working the hold. Danielson fights to his feet again, and armdrags out of the move, but shows the effects of it, as during the rest of the match, whenever not in a situation where he's using the arm, he's continually shaking it. Its becoming clear that he's taken Kaos lightly, and its hurting him tonight.

'American Dragon' charges in, but catches a dropkick for his trouble, followed by a clothesline when he gets up, and a modified shining wizard as he struggles to a knee. Kaos covers, gets two, but then gets reversed, where Danielson gets two. Kaos powers out, and backs Danielson into the corner, hitting the RVD style shoulder thrusts, unfortunately with no flip out finish to it, before sitting Danielson on the top rope. Superplex is countered, as Danielson pushes Kaos off the top, before hitting a NICE kneedrop, which gets two and a half. Danielson tries again, for the same count, and again, with the same result, before arguing with Brian Hebner about his counting. This gives Kaos the time he needs to rise, and stumble into the corner.

With Kaos in the corner, Danielson turns around, and charges, only to get boots for his trouble. Danielson stumbles back out of the corner, gets planted face first with a bulldog, then Kaos heads to the outside, but a springboard legdrop finds nothing but canvas, as he crashes and wipes out, hard. Danielson rolls back over, on top of Kaos, and, after a brief struggle, locks on the Cattle Mutilation, a harsh submission hold. Kaos struggles valiantly, and it looks like he might make it to the ropes, but this time Danielson just locks the move in tighter, and 'The Rock Superstar' has no choice but to tap out after a eye-opening effort.

Winner: 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson via Cattle Mutilation



After the match, Pari$ helps Kaos to his feet, as he's still feeling the effects of the vicious Cattle Mutilation. Slowly, Kaos makes his way over to Danielson, who's posing in the ring, and offers his hand. Danielson looks at Kaos, then refuses the handshake, audibly saying 'this isn't Ring of Honor', before slapping the hand away! Before anything else can happen, we go backstage.

Backstage, Chaz Warrington, former Headbanger, is walking through the arena, obviously looking for a certain lockeroom. He passes some Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED staff members.

Chaz Warrington: ' Hey, dude, you know where D'Lo's lockeroom is?'

The staff member thinks for a moment, before pointing down the hall.

Staff Member: ' Yeah, its over there.'

Chaz nods his head.

Chaz: ' Thanks man.'

Chaz continues down the hall, before stopping in front of the door, which, convienently, reads 'D'Lo Brown'. Chaz knocks, and a few moments later, a half dressed D'Lo Brown answers.

Chaz: ' Dude, long time, no see.'

D'Lo Brown: ' Chaz, what's up?'

Chaz: ' I just thought, you know, since its been so long since I talked with you, and we're both here together, we could catch up on old times.'

D'Lo: ' Yo, I've got a match tonight, but come on in.'

Chaz: ' Cool, cool. You know what, you get ready for your match though, I'll come by a little later, maybe go to the ring with you, never bad to have someone watch your back dude.'

D'Lo: ' You've got that right bro. Come back in like... half an hour, I should be ready to roll by then.'

Chaz: ' Alright bro, see you later.'

With that, D'Lo closes the door, and Chaz walks further down, as the scene fades out.


Back at ringside, pounding, driven, conquest style music is playing as former mixed martial artist, and Tough Enough participant Daniel Puder makes his way to the ring, dressed to wrestle. On commentary, Mike Johnson remarks that Puder is scheduled to have time here, but that no one's sure who he's going to wrestle, as Puder gets on the mic.

Daniel Puder: ' You know, when I made FORMER OLYMPIC CHAMPION Kurt Angle tap like a little bitch last year, it felt good, real good, because it proved, once again, that Daniel Puder is a man to be reckoned with. It meant that I had a future in this business.'

The crowd starts to boo Puder a bit, mostly because of the mention of Angle getting some heat on him.

Puder: ' Shut up! If any of you have ever made a former Olympic Gold Medalist tap in the middle of a ring, then maybe you can talk, but until then, keep your damn mouths shut!'

The crowd just boos louder, even though it seems that Puder is very uncomfortable on the mic.

Puder: ' Whatever. Anyway, it has come to my attention tonight that Kurt's older brother, Eric, is here tonight. Now, I'm a fair man, so Eric, get your sorry ass out here, so I can make you tap like a bitch, just like your brother!'

A rip off of Kurt Angle's WWE music hits, as his older brother, Eric Angle, makes his way out, in a singlet similar to what his brother wears. Angle hits the ring, coming right up to Puder, and forcing him back, as Puder drops the mic. Angle pushes him back into the corner, but gets speared down, and Puder gets back up, forcing referee Mike Sparks to call for the bell.

Daniel Puder versus Eric Angle

Puder returns to Angle, who's risen to one knee after the suprise spear, and gets taken down for his trouble, as Angle nails a nice amatuer double leg takedown, and Puder looks lost in his back, trying to go to the guard, but nearly getting pinned for the mistake. Puder finally rolls to his stomach, but Angle is quick to pick him up and German suplex him back to the mat, and Puder is really looking lost against someone with a more wrestling based background.

Angle goes to work with an armbar, which Puder eventually counters after a few moments, as Angle made the mistake of going to a submission based style in trying to work the arm, which would hamper Puder's ability to apply the Key Lock, the move he's known to use to gain his victories. Puder was able to gain top control in this heavily realistic match, and he used it to try and lay blows into Angle, who countered the position into a pinning predicament, which is reversed by Puder, who seems to be getting more comfortable with the wrestling aspect as we go along, and this is turning out to be a pretty decent match, although not as good as the opener. Angle is out at one and a half.

Both men back to their feet, and they circle, with Puder trying a lame double attempt, with Angle grabbing an amatuer wizzer to counter. They struggle for a moment, before Angle steps back, releasing the hold, and Puder scrambles back to his feet. This time they lock-up, and Angle sets Puder up, before nailing a nice amatuer style ankle pick, sending Puder to his stomach. Gutwrench, and Eric Angle picks Puder up, before taking him over again with a modified gutwrench suplex. Puder rolls out of the ring upon hitting the mat, obviously looking for a chance to regain his composure. Angle attempts to follow, but Sparks heads him off for some reason or another.

Puder finally slides back into the ring, after taking his sweet time on the outside. Angle charges him, but Puder side-steps and takes him down with a well-timed drop toe hold, and immediately tries for the Key Lock, but Angle fights it off. Puder is pissed, and fires off some 1997-era Taz style crossfaces, before being stopped by the referee. Puder pushes the referee off, and tries to get onto Angle again, but Angle is already halfway to his feet, and charges agains, trying to spear Puder. Puder dodges, and Angle has to pull up quickly to avoid taking out the referee, catching himself in time. Unfortunately, this leaves him open to a school boy by Puder, during which Angle instinctively grabs out, pulling the ref down with him! Fortunately, or unfortunately if you're Eric Angle, it simply sends the referee to the other side of the pinfall, which blocks his view of Daniel Puder putting his feet on the middle rope for the added leverage on the one, two, three that gets him the victory!

Winner: Daniel Puder via Rope Assisted School Boy Pin



After the match, an irate Eric Angle springs to his feet, lunging after Puder, who quickly slides under the bottom rope, escaping the wrath of his opponent. As he backs up the ramp, Puder taps the side of his head, Rowdy Roddy Piper style, as we fade out to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

After the extended commercial break, including a Ring of Honor DVD piece, we're once again at ringside as some fast paced house music hits, and Jason Cross makes his way to the ring. Cross hasn't been seen much nationally since the early days of TNA, so its a fresh start for him here in Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, and he looks focused enough to take advantage of it, as he climbs into the ring, sporting some leather pants and a white 'wifebeater' t-shirt, to go with some elbow pads. Johnson puts Cross over as a daredevil high flyer, with an amazing signature move, the Shooting Star Legdrop, but also claims that his opponent tonight is just as amazing, and more accomplished as well.

He's telling the truth, as a rip-off of Metallica's Battery brings out 'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera. Juvi is fresh off a stint with World Wrestling Entertainment, and since his release from the company a few months back has been working in his native Mexico, but is here on UNDERground to re-establish himself as a world class talent. Page and Johnson are very frank about Juvi's personally demons, but put him over heavily as one of the most exciting cruiserweights in the world, period.

Jason Cross versus 'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera

The two circle to open up, and an armdrag turns into a nearfall sequence, then into another armdrag, and this time into a lucha-esque hold and counter sequence, and the crowd loves it, as a large portion of them applaud the effort. After the sequence, both wrestlers look at each other, and it seems like Juvi might have gained a small measure of respect for Cross, but it dosen't show when Cross charges in, and nearly gets himself put on the shelf after taking a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that whirls just a little too much, but he seems fine, at least in terms of legit injury. Juvi is quick to leap over him though, and springboard off the ropes with a moonsault that gets a two count, as the action is fast and furious right from the start in this go 'round.

Both men back up, Cross slowly, and Juvi tries to go for more lucha-style offense, but Cross goes into American indy mode, dropkicking him, then nailing a modified version of RVD's Rolling Thunder, ending it with a leg drop. Second rope leg drop attempt follows, but Juvi rolls to the side, and Cross gets introduced to the canvas. Juvi picks him up, and sends him to the far corner, before mocking him, then getting a nice running back elbow. Cross stumbles out of the corner, and Juvi pushes past him, clambering to the top, and getting a nice 'rana for two. Cross looks to be outclassed in this match, at least at this point.

Juvi picks Cross up, and sets him up for the Juvi Driver, but Cross is out the back, and dropkicks Guerrera in the back of the knee. Front flip leg drop wows the crowd, and is followed up by a corkscrew variant of the same idea, followed by Cross tossing 'The Juice' to the corner. Cross sits him on the top, but isn't quick enough in his execution, and the two fight, with Juventud winning the encounter, and slamming Jason Cross' head into the turnbuckle... SPLASH MOUNTAIN POWERBOMB! Swank move there, and the beginning of the end, as its all Guerrera from there on out. Snap suplex for good measure sets up the Juvi Driver, and this one is over, with 'The Juice' looking dominant, but Cross getting some nice offense in as well.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera via Juvi Driver



Post-match, Juvi poses on the turnbuckles, mocking the fans and his fallen opponent as he does so, as Cross is helped from the ring, and we go to the back.

Former Tough Enough winner, and Surreal Life participant Maven Huffman is backstage at a catering table, picking through the food with a drink in his hand, cockily looking from one tray to the next, when former WWE Diva Search contestant Jamie Koeppe comes into the scene. Maven is in his street clothes, including sunglasses, while Koeppe is dressed business casual.

Maven Huffman: ' Man, this food sucks! VH1 had way better catering.'

Koeppe comes up behind Huffman.

Jamie Koeppe: ' You know, the champion is going to get personal meal service.'

Maven turns around, and takes off his sunglasses.

Maven: ' Really now...'

Koeppe turns on the charm at this point.

Koeppe: ' No lie... and, you know, as Mr. Callis, the Network Executive's, personal secretary, I just happened to have been sent to look for you, about that very thing.'

Maven looks down at her, feigning confusion.

Maven: ' The food?'

Koeppe laughs.

Koeppe: ' No silly, the championship.'

Maven: ' Hmmm... do tell.'

Koeppe: ' Mr. Callis was just telling me that someone like you, a bonafide reality television star, would be very... what was the word he used... oh, yeah... marketable.'

Maven smirks.

Maven: ' Its nice to know that someone noticed.'

Koeppe looks Maven up and down, practically licking her lips.

Koeppe: ' He wasn't the only one.'

Maven raises an eyebrow.

Maven: ' Oh...'

Koeppe catches herself, trying to regain her composure, running her hand down her skirt, smoothing it out.

Koeppe: ' He asked me to tell you that he wanted to meet with you... and maybe... if you're lucky... you can meet me again... later.'

With that, Koeppe leaves the scene, as Maven looks at her walk away, before smiling, and putting on his sunglasses.

Maven: ' Definately.'

With that, he returns to the , and we fade out to commercial.


[Commercial Break]

A trend is starting to appear here, as once again we're back from break, and once again we're back in the ring, as some gothic themed, almost black metal inspired, house music is playing, and we're getting ready for the first tag team action in Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED history, as Salem, formerly known as Crowbar and Devon Storm, makes his way to the ring with his new partner, Slash, perhaps best known for his stint in TNA as part of The New Church. The two are identified on screen with the simple, yet effective name of Salem and Slash. The two are a contrast, Salem with long black hair and a rough goatee, and Slash with a cleanly shaven head, although he also sports a goatee, but they're together in their love of black, as they sport matching leather pants tonight.

What is a Juggalo?

Their opponents tonight are the popular rap duo cum wrestlers, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, Insane Clown Posse, the face painted team entering to their own song, What is a Juggalo?, which gets some cheers from the crowd, and a crowd sign featuring the pair's 'Hatchet Man' logo is shown on screen. The two slap some hands on their way to the ring, and it looks like their here to have a good time, as they climb into the ring, and try to pose on the turnbuckles, only to get attacked from behind by their opponents!

Salem and Slash versus Insane Clown Posse

The two veterans took it to the less experienced ICP, but referee Robert Brisko worked quickly to force Salem into the corner, and the match officially opened up with Shaggy 2 Dope and Slash the legal men. Mike Johnson was quick to point out on commentary that ALL Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED tag team matches, unless otherwise stated, were wrestled under the partner switching rules used in lucha libre, where no tag is needed, and a man can become legal simply by entering the ring when his partner leaves it. Its an interesting twist on the style that CWU is hoping can freshen up tag team wrestling in the US. Slash goes to work on Shaggy 2 Dope, but makes the mistake of throwing him from the ring, then taunting him, which dosen't work real well with the different rules in CWU, as he gets leveled from behind with a clothesline by Violent J, who is now the legal man.

J works over Slash, using his size and strength advantage to control the match, but Slash is able to nail a dropkick, and escape the ring, allowing Salem to take flight in an attempt to wrest control back from ICP, but his flying cross body attempt is caught by Violent J, who swings him down with a sloppy sidewalk slam style move, then rolls out, allowing S2D to come in off the top as the legal man, scoring with a crazy leg drop that seems to almost crush Salem's throat. Not pretty. Shaggy 2 Dope goes for the immediate cover, but its no good, and he gets ambushed from behind by Slash, as Brisko tries to hold Violent J out of the ring, completely oblivious to whats happening behind him. Slash nails a reverse DDT on Shaggy, before helping Salem up, and the two nail a wheelbarrow facebuster/Rocker dropper combo that Page dubs the Slash and Burn, but it only gets two as Violent J breaks up the count! Salem is headed over the top rope with Violent J as the bigger clown nails a clothesline that takes both of them up and over, and S2D is in the ring with the fresher Slash.

Slash goes for the Hooded Neckbreaker, but its countered into a neckbreaker from Shaggy 2 Dope, who then leaves the ring to check on Violent J, leaving some confusion as now neither are the legal man. Violent J opts to get into the ring, rectifying the situation, however. He overpowers Slash, then nails him with a weak belly to belly, lifting him up, then turning and planting him. He bounces off the ropes, and drops a knee into the sternum of Slash, Salem hits the ring, but is cut off by Shaggy 2 Dope, and the two end up outside the ring, allowing Violent J to plant Slash with the Juggla Drop to pick up the victory for his team.

Winner(s): Insane Clown Posse via Juggla Drop (Violent J p. Slash)



The Insane Clown Posse celebrate with the fans as we head to break.

[Commercial Break]

We come back from break as a song eerily reminisent of Michael Jackson's 80s epic Thriller is playing, and the skeleton suited, 'Chairman of the Board', formerly known as La Parka, L.A. Par-K dancing down to the ring, along with his ever present chair. Par-K begins playing 'chair guitar' to the delight of the crowd, who recognize and seem to be into the lucha and former World Championship Wrestling star, as he played it up, keeping his antics up until the music changed.

Some driven, almost angry, house produced rock pounds out of the sound system, as the man formerly known as Billy Kidman, Billy Gruner, stomps out from the back. He dosen't look at all pleased, actually, as Page says on commentary, he looks downright pissed off tonight, and probably wants to make a name for himself here in Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, which would pretty much be his third shot in a major company. Gruner quickly makes his way to the ring, and before you know it, he's jawing with L.A. Par-K, before head referee Billy Silverman pushes them apart, and calls for the bell.

L.A. Par-K versus Billy Gruner

As Silverman struggles with Par-K and the chair, trying to get the quirky masked worker to put it outside the ring, Gruner takes full advantage, blindsiding the lucha star, and knocking him down. He throws in some kicks for good measure, before jumping on him, trying to apply some sort of choke, which is broken up by Silverman. Gruner then begins to argue with the referee, which allows L.A. Par-K the time he needs to recover, and when Gruner turns around, he eats a facefull of dropkick. Par-K, strangely, dosen't follow up the offense however, and Gruner gets to his feet, holding his mouth.

The two circle, and then lock up, and Gruner gets armdragged, with Par-K holding on, then wringing the arm, before dropping a leg on it! A really nice sequence, that causes Gruner to hold his arm in pain. The wrestler formerly known as La Parka attempts to continue the onslaught, but Gruner is vicious with a kick to the knee, dropping the masked star to one knee, where Gruner is able to lock on a front headlock, which he then uses to suplex Par-K over. With L.A. Par-K on the ground, Gruner lays in some stiff forearm shots, before once again trying to go for the choke, not breaking until physically forced too by the referee.

Gruner shoves Silverman, who threatens to disqualify him, but Gruner yells that he dosen't care, and goes back to putting the hurt on L.A. Par-K. A countered suplex, however, turns the tide, and Par-K goes on the offensive, taking Gruner down with a side Russian leg sweep, followed by a nice springboard legdrop that gets two. Par-K goes up top, but a Corkscrew Bodyblock attempt misses, as Gruner pulls the referee into the way! Silverman is out, and Gruner actually has the audacity to taunt him, which gives Par-K time to roll out of the ring, and bring in the chair, to the delight of the crowd. Gruner turns around into a kick to the gut, and after a bit of dancing, L.A. Par-K smashes Gruner in the head with the chair! Gruner staggers around, before Par-K does a, for lack of a better term, funky chicken bionic elbow, and throws him to the corner. He then rouses Silverman, having gotten rid of the chair, and after working Gruner over in the corner for a moment, heads up top, where a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the top gets the three count, proving that, while you may not be able to powerbomb Kidman, Billy Gruner is a different story.

Winner: L.A. Par-K via Sunset Flip Powerbomb



L.A. Par-K dances around with the bent up chair in the ring, as Silverman shrugs his shoulders, obviously content to be oblivious to the actions of the popular skeleton clad man. Gruner is helped from the ring, and we go to the back.

A short segment, which shows D'Lo Brown walking to the ring along with Chaz Warrington. Just some filler before the next match, which Page hypes.

When we return to ringside, Deadsy's cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer is playing, and 'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon is standing in the ring, with a microphone. Kanyon is dressed to wrestle, in black trunks with matching pads and boots, and a simple black 'Modern Day Warrior' shirt, available on ChampionshipWrestlingUNLEASHED.com. Mike Johnson is quick to mention Kanyon's recent 'coming out', saying that he's the first openly gay wrestler who isn't a joke. Page adds that he never saw it, but he supported Kanyon before, and its not going to change now.

Chris Kanyon: ' I got something I gotta get off my chest... see, its been months since I dropped the bombshell, months since I came out, said that I was tired of hiding, and that I was gay... and in those months, it seems like everyone, every wrestling company out there, has gone out of their way to keep their distance from me, like I'm diseased.'

Kanyon paces around. A 'Faggot' chant starts up, and dies just as quickly. Kanyon looks unamused.

Kanyon: ' Well, I'm not! I'm just like every other guy in that lockeroom, I've got hopes, I've got dreams, but most importantly, I've got bills to pay... so when Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED came to me, yeah, I signed up... a man's gotta make ends meet... but its more than money now. Now, I'm out here to prove it to each and every person who looks at me different, that who I sleep with dosen't make me any different in this ring, that I'm still the same wrestler I always was! Then, once again, everyone will be askin' just one question...'

Kanyon smirks.

Kanyon: ' Who betta then Kanyon?'

He then puts the mic down, and pauses, before bringing it back up.

Kanyon: ' Nobody.'

Kanyon drops the mic, as the hip-hop theme of D'Lo Brown hits, and he steps out from the back, accompanied by his old friend, Chaz Warrington. D'Lo stops to slaps some of the fans hands, and has a few words with Chaz, who nods, and walks around to the far side of the ring, as Brown slides into the ring. D'Lo climbs up on each turnbuckle, doing his old 'head shake', as Kanyon is checked by the referee, Scott Armstrong, who then calls for the bell.

Chris Kanyon versus D'Lo Brown w/ Chaz Warrington

Unlike any of the other matches tonight, this one starts off with a handshake, before both men begin to circle. They then lockup, and D'Lo catches a headlock, backing Kanyon into the ropes, where he pushes Brown off, and catches him with a shoulder block. D'Lo stays down, and Kanyon runs over him, only to get caught with a backdrop when he comes back off the ropes, then D'Lo heads to the second rope, but a splash misses.

Both men back to their feet, and this time Kanyon gets control, using the headlock he snatches to force D'Lo to one knee, then pounding fists into his head. D'Lo fights back to a base, and backdrops out of the hold, but Kanyon is to one knee before D'Lo can capitalize on the move. Another lockup, and Kanyon slips behind, before taking D'Lo down with a gutwrench legsweep, which actually looks really wicked. Kanyon tries for a crossface style hold, but its countered with a wild roll by D'Lo, which actually ends with Kanyon on his back. Both men really getting a chance to show their wrestling chops here. Kanyon is out at one.

Yet another lockup, and Kanyon is able to take D'Lo over with a suplex, before grabbing his head, and laying in some punches. Kanyon begins to get increasingly violent, as he continues punching, even throwing off the ref to continue, before its finally broken up. Kanyon gets in Armstrong's face, berating him, claiming that Armstrong is keeping him from continuing because Kanyon is gay, but when 'The Modern Day Warrior' turns around, he's met with a jumping calf kick by D'Lo! D'Lo heads up top, but Kanyon moves before Brown can leap off for the Low Down, so nothing comes of it.

With both men back to their feet, Kanyon gets whipped to the corner by D'Lo, who follows in with a clothesline, then some punches, getting the crowd ten-count. Kanyon stumbles out, into a Sky High by D'Lo Brown, but its only good for a loooooooong two count. D'Lo protests the call, but not too hard, before returning to Kanyon, who is quick to cheat, and goes for an eye rake! D'Lo stumbles back, grasping for his eyes, which leaves him open to a quick, and nicely executed Kanyon Cutter! D'Lo goes down hard, and Kanyon covers, with his head near the ropes. Inexplicably, at this point, Chaz Warrington inserts himself into the match, cracking Kanyon over the head with a steel chair from ringside, in full view of the referee, who has no choice but to throw this match out! D'Lo uses the ropes to climb to his feet, and when he finds out what happened, he can't believe it!

Winner: Chris Kanyon via DQ due to interference



As Armstrong checks on Kanyon and calls for help, D'Lo gets on the mic. He looks down at Chaz, who's standing on the outside of the ring.

D'Lo Brown: ' Chaz, man, what was up with that?'

Chaz looks around, and takes a mic from the timekeepers table.

Chaz Warrington: ' Dude, I was just trying to help you out.'

D'Lo looks like he's about to say something, but Chaz cuts him off.

Chaz: ' D'Lo, bro, let me make it up to you. Next week, you, me, we'll team up, it'll be just like old times, and I'll prove to you that I've really got your back.'

D'Lo thinks about it, and after a long pause, nods his head, as we head to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

No one knows what its like,

to be the bad man,

to be the sad man,

behind blue eyes...

Back from break, as Behind Blue Eyes, the Limp Bizkit version, not The Who, hits, and one of the biggest name, maybe THE biggest name, in all of Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, makes his way to the ring. Scott Hall is actually looking pretty good, fresh out of rehab, and starting to get back into shape. He's dressed to wrestle, but has his trademark toothpick with him. It should be noted that a sign is shown, stating 'We Love You Last Call!'. Funny. Hall climbs into the ring, and takes the mic.

Scott Hall: ' Hey....yo.'

And the crowd goes wild! Well, not quite, but those two words have made it clear that Hall is one of the most popular men in the promotion. Hall smirks, then begins to speak again.

Hall: ' Yo, Los Angeles... big city of dreams!'

Hall is forced to pause for the cheap pop.

Hall: ' I've got a dream. A dream that starts tonight, and is going to keep going, right up until September 24th, when this company right here, hits pay-per-view. See, a little birdy told me that at that pay-per-view, they're going to be crowning a champion... and thats one thing that Da Bad Guy ain't never been.'

Hall stops, and paces around.

Hall: ' But Da Bad Guy ain't the only dude gunning for the glory... so we're gonna have ourselves a little survey... do you want to see one of these other jokers with that big gold belt around their waist...'

A short pause, a mild reaction.

Hall: ' Or you want to see Da Bad Guy?'

Another pause, and a much larger reaction.

Hall: ' Another one for the good guys...'


Hall spins towards the entrance as the man, the myth, the legend, Raven steps out, sporting a modified kilt style garment, and obviously prepared for the scheduled main event tonight. He also has a mic.

Raven: ' Scott Hall... we aren't that different you and I... broken dreams, de-railed careers, lives left unfinished. However, what you call a dream, I call my destiny, and tonight, in that ring, I'm going to take the first step in reclaiming my destiny, and rising to the top of this business like a pheonix from the ashes.'

Hall: ' Hey bro... to steal a line from myself... don't sing it... bring it!'

Hall challenges Raven to get in the ring and start the main event now, and Raven obliges, spiking his mic, and rushing the ring. Head referee Billy Silverman rushes out from the back as well, calling for the bell as he runs to the ring, where Hall and Raven are already brawling.


Scott Hall versus Raven

Hall and Raven are already in the ring trading punches, which Raven gets the better of, and he whips Hall to the ropes. Hall comes off, straight into a knee by Raven that doubles him over, followed by a clubbing blow to his back. Raven then tries to send him for the ride again, only for it to get reversed, and Raven takes a backdrop, but is quick to his feet.

The two start brawling again, as its clear neither has much intention of making this an actual wrestling match, but the fans don't seem to care, as, while most of them are cheering for Hall, there is a small but vocal Raven contingent, so there's some pretty decent back and forth play in the crowd as well as in the ring, where Hall has gotten the upperhand, backing Raven into the corner, and nailing him with a chop. Raven chops back, and when Hall goes to retaliate, Raven nails him with a European uppercut, then takes him down with a modified double-leg, before mounting him and beginning to punch away. Silverman is forced to pull Raven off when Hall gets into the ropes, however.

Raven argues with Silverman, only to turn around into a boot from Hall, but an Outsider's Edge attempt is countered with a backdrop, then a nasty elbow drop to the sternum of Hall. Raven then drops a knee, and even heads to the second rope, nailing another elbow. Hall rolls out of the ring, leaving Raven to argue with Silverman some more... EVENFLOW DDT TO BILLY SILVERMAN! Thats going to change the entire complection of the match right there.

With no referee, Raven follows Hall to the outside, and they once again start brawling, and this time, when Hall gets whipped, its not the ropes he hits, but the guardrail. He stumbles back, holding his lower back, right into a vicious chair shot by Raven, who seems more intent on hurting Hall tonight and proving a point, than gaining a victory. Raven throws the chair into the ring, then slides Hall in as well.

Hall tries to struggle to his feet, as Raven sets up the bent up chair into the 'sitting' position. He then grabs Hall, and after laying in more punches, whips him to the far ropes, before hitting one of his trademark spots, the drop toe hold onto a chair, which busts Hall wide open. With blood running down his face, Hall grasps at Raven, and its pretty obvious that he's on the badside of this one, as Raven simply wipes some of Hall's blood across his chest, before hitting his trademark crucifix pose. Raven then slams closed the chair, and is obviously setting up for something more, as he grabs Hall, and gets a front headlock, before signalling for the Evenflow!

Raven is just about to try and end Scott Hall's run at the Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED Heavyweight Title right here and now, when there's a commotion in the crowd... RON KILLINGS! 'The Truth' IS BACK! Killings rushes to the ring, as Raven drops Hall back to the mat, and the two meet in the center, with 'The Truth' getting the upperhand, laying in the rights, and backing Raven up! A kick to the gut has Raven doubled over, and it's pretty clear that Killings is going to go for the Axe Kick, but Raven hits the mat, and rolls out of the ring, backing up the aisle!

Winner: No Decision due to no referee



As the logos hit, we see Ron Killings checking on Scott Hall, with Raven still in the aisleway, as the first night of UNDERground ends with the three biggest stars together in the same shot.

Overall: 72

Television Rating: 1.02

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IPB Image

Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED News and Notes

- Many are considering Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED's debut on F/X, UNDERground, to be a success, both with the establishment of its main players and characters, and with the quality of most of the matches. Even though the main event ended with a non-finish, most fans on the 'net are talking about the opener of Bryan Danielson vs. Kaos, and the quality of most of the matches. CWU has already stated that they are very interested in what the IWC thinks of the product, so these are seen as good signs.

- UNDERground scored a 1.02, which is considered solid for F/X.

- No incidents to report for CWU, as everything was reported to have gone smoothly at the live taping. Even Scott Hall showed up on time and sober.

- However, Mike Sanders suffered an injury at a CWU sponsored show in Flagstaff, Arizona this past weekend. Its reportedly a pretty severe calf tear, and with surgery he should be out about 9 months. Since Sanders had yet to appear on CWU programming, the company feels no need to mention this on air, although all advertising featuring cards with Sanders on them has been altered.

- With the recent break-up with TNA, Kevin Nash is already reported to be headed to Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, for at least a limited number of dates. While nothing is official, it wouldn't be suprising, considering the high profile use of Scott Hall in the promotion, and word has it that if Nash is going to show up, it could be as early as next week.

- Rumor has it that with the recent restructering of World Wrestling Entertainment, many of the names on the market now interest CWU management. However, as all of them outside of Hulk Hogan and Johnathan Coachman have 90 Day No Compete clauses, don't expect to see them in CWU anytime soon.

- Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED reportedly has no interest in Hulk Hogan, to the point that many feel the companies un-official official line on the legend is that he's a broken down shell, and has no value to any company outside of World Wrestling Entertainment at this point.

- Despite earlier reports that he had no interest in the company, Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED is reportedly still pursuing Chris Jericho, although nothing appears to have changed from the quasi-retired stars point of view.

- As announced on UNDERground, Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED is promoting its first Pay-Per-View event, entitled simply UNLEASHED, for Sunday, September, 24th. No matches are advertised yet, although it was made pretty clear that the company plans to crown its first Heavyweight Champion at that point.

- CWU is promoting Raven and Maven Huffman versus Scott Hall and Ron 'The Truth' Killings as the main event for September 13th airing of UNDERground. Also announced for the show is the pairing of D'Lo Brown and Chaz Warrington, as well as Vampiro.

Weekly Ratings Round-Up

SmackDown! for Friday, September 1st scored a 6.18 rating for CW

Monday Night RAW on September 5th was a 6.83 on The USA Network

ECW on Sci-Fi on Tuesday September 6th had a 3.69 for The Sci-Fi Channel

UNDERground on F/X had the aforementioned 1.02 for the Wednsday, September 6th show.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I really hope this diary continues. I thought the first show was very well written, and am really looking forward to another one. It's still kinda of hard to see who exactly your key "big players" are going to be, besides Killings. You've only given personalities to a few characters, but you've only had one show so that's fine. Just from the first show and your reasoning in the backstory, I think this is one of the better diaries out there right now, so keep up the good work.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Instead of the UNDERground opening, we're in a dark area, presumably backstage. Things, most likely chains, seem to be hanging from the rafters, as well as other stuff. Its dark, dusty... and home to the man they call Raven. The camera comes closer, close enough to make out the face paint on Raven's face in the darkness, a black streak that cuts through one of his eyes, and down into his facial hair. Raven's hair hangs down in his face, and it seems like he's dressed to wrestle, as he sits on top of some structure, his elbows on his knees. After a few moments, he raises his head, and looks into the camera.

Raven: ' Tick, tock. As the sands of time slip through the filter of the hourglass, so go the days of our lives.'

Raven pauses.

Raven: ' Of course, thats not a problem for a man of destiny. A man who knows what is coming, and expects it. While others, men like Scott Hall, squabble for their last moments of glory, for a fleeting feeling of importance, I sit back, assured in the fact that what is my right shall come. I once quoted a man that said that the greatest trick the devil ever played, was convincing the world he dosen't exist. I was wrong. The greatest trick the he ever played was convincing Scott Hall... Ron Killings... anyone... that they have a chance at glory here. Fate is unstoppable force, destiny is an immovable object...Quoth the Raven... Nevermore.'

Fade out.


I... LIVE... FOR... THIS!

IPB Image

Cue Hatebreed, as I Live for This announces another week of the pro wrestling alternative, as we hit the pyro, pan the crowd, and get ready for another Wednsday night of action! Mike Johnson and Diamond Dallas Page welcome the home audience in, and are already buzzing about Raven's words, as well as the main event tonight, as the man who has proclaimed it his destiny to win Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED gold will team up with a man who may be the Fox Network's chosen champion, Maven Huffman, to take on the crowd's favorites, Scott Hall and Ron 'The Truth' Killings. DDP reminds us of Killing's actions last week, as he violated Network Executive Don Callis' express orders to stay out of the building, when he saved Scott Hall from a beat down at the hands of Raven, as footage of this is shown. Finally, a graphic hyping the main event is shown, before we head to the ring.

Ace Steel is on his way to the ring to some house produced, 'new rock' music. You know, that Panic at the Disco style stuff. He tries to play it up with the fans, but he's a long way from the east coast, and not many know him. He slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, but he's just not getting much of a reaction from the crowd.

Steel waits in the ring, as the fake Battery hits, and the crowd gives a weirdly subdued mixed reaction for Juventud Guerrera. Juvi tries to turn the crowd, but his 'fuck joos' and flipping them off, although edited for television, he's unable to fully do it, which seems to frustrate him as he gets into the ring. He poses on the turnbuckle, and for once we actually get a clean start to a match.

Ace Steel versus Juventud Guerrera

See, here is where I make the first major change from the first show, not only breaking kayfabe, but changing the way I write matches. From now on, play by play, even the watered down form I was using, will be reserved for PPVs. Anyway, this one was a decent affair, with Ace Steel suprising many by holding his own against the experienced and more accomplished Juventud Guerrera. The beginning of the match started with Juventud trying some high flying offense, only to have the suprisingly experienced, yet unknown Steel counter it with a technical display. At one amazing point, Steel turned a tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a armbar, only to have Juvi make it to the ropes. The match turned when Guerrera was able to catch Steel with a 'rana, and from there, he stepped up his game, taking it to a level that Ace Steel didn't seem prepared for. That didn't mean the finish came easy for Juvi, however, as he nearly got caught during a nearfall sequence, only to show an amazing amount of strength, lifting Steel up and planting him with a Juvi Driver! Guerrera didn't seem satisfied though, as he made it clear that Steel had annoyed him by putting up such a fight, as he headed to the top, adding insult to injury with a 450 Splash that awed the crowd, as well as irritated them.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera via 450 Splash



Following his hard fought victory, one which would have brought him some respect from the crowd, according to Mike Johnson, but was stained by his late match antics, when he had the match won and instead of getting the victory, decided to showboat, Juvi shows his displeasure for the crowd by flipping them off, although its not shown on television, although referenced by commentary. He then walks up the ramp, cockily strutting as he goes.

[Commercial Break]

When we return from break, some 50 Cent style hip hop is playing, as former WWE star Orlando Jordan is on his way to the ring, dressed to wrestle. He climbs in, and asks for a mic, but before he's able to speak, he's cut off by a rip on KoRn's Got the Life. Jordan spins to face the entrance, and is a bit shocked when a face painted, wild haired, bordering on savage, young man steps out, dressed in a simple black strapped singlet, and grey pants. The onscreen graphic informs us that he is Nate Hatred, formerly of Combat Zone Wrestling, but this will be his introduction to most mainstream wrestling fans.

Hatred looked ready to do some damage here tonight, and forcefully made his way to the ring, with the crowd already buying into his demeanor and look. In the ring, Jordan tried to back off, but the referee called for the bell, as Johnson informed the fans at home that it looked like, instead of some face time for Orlando Jordan, we were going to get an extra match tonight! Nothin' wrong with that.

Orlando Jordan versus Nate Hatred

This match was strange, in that, with the entrances, it looked like Nate Hatred would be a dominant force, but in the early going, it was actually Orlando Jordan who was able to use his quick feet and boxing experience to carve out an advantage, although some of it may have been Hatred overlooking this aspect of Jordan's game. Things quickly and harshly changed, however, when Hatred nailed OJ with a crushing lariat, after Jordan had decided it a good time to take a moment and play to the crowd, after scoop slamming Hatred. From there, Hatred pummelled the former WWE star, including hot shotting him onto the turnbuckle. The fans seemed about as into Hatred as the were into Ace Steel in the beginning, but after the lariat, and throughout the rest of the match, they were firmly in his favor, as he showed a tough and hard hitting style, legit blackening Jordan's eye at one point. Hatred finished off his debut with a victory, nailing Jordan with a Steiner Screwdriver, which Jordan sold like death, and Johnson dubbed Pure Hatred on commentary. Post-match, Jordan was helped from ringside, as Hatred posed on the turnbuckle. A simple, but effective debut for the menacing future star.

Winner: Nate Hatred via Pure Hatred (Steiner Screwdriver)



From the ring, we went to the back, where the lovely Stacy Kiebler stood, looking hot, but professional, with a microphone.

Stacy Kiebler: ' Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure, as the face of Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED management, to present to you, the most controversial man in wrestling... Mark Magnus!'

With that, the camera shifted, with Stacy's part apparently done, to another shot, where Mark Magnus, the man better known as Muhammed Hassan, stood, in stark contrast to the way he looked in World Wrestling Entertainment. No longer wearing the beard, nor the ethnic clothing which identified him as the man he was there, he now stood before the camera in street clothes, a simple CWU shirt, and black track pants. He also had a microphone.

Mark Magnus: ' Thank you. They say that those who do not remember history, are doomed to repeat it, yet, here I stand, a man, not content to forget history, but determined to erase it. The most controversial man in wrestling? Yes, I am, but don't think for a minute that its all hype. I am not built of sensationalism and misguided ideas of public perception. I am muscle, and bone, and desire. I stand before you, no longer as a stereotype, but as a man, a man who's career rose, then crashed like a wave on the shore of ignorance. A scapegoat no more. Men who forget that this business wasn't built in a day, forget that they weren't the ones who invented it, and forget that the people that play their... 'gimmicks'... are real flesh and blood, the men that take the very lifeblood of this business, drink it up and spit it out like so many vampires, their mistake is your gain. So, the most controversial man in wrestling? Yes... but not for what I have done... but for what I am going to do.'

With those words, Magnus walks out of the picture, leaving Mike Johnson and Diamond Dallas Page to make some sense of what just transpired, as both are relatively speechless following those words, which seemed to come from Magnus' heart, not from a script.


[Commercial Break]

When we return from break, local indy fed, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, an organization that Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED is looking to make a business relationship with, alum, 'Scrap Iron' Adam Pearce and Aaron 'Hardcore Kidd' Aguilera, probably better known to most fans as Jesus in his cup of coffee in WWE, are in the ring, prepared to take on their opponents for tonight. Usually not a good sign.

D'Lo Brown's theme hits, as the former multi-time champion in that fed in the northeast that shall not be named on screen, as the head shaking star makes his way out along with Chaz Warrington, as the two are reprising their old tag team here in Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, at the behest of Warrington, after he cost Brown a singles match last week against Chris Kanyon, of which replays are shown to the home audience, as Johnson and Page remind them.

The two climb into the ring, where Warrington takes one last chance to assure D'Lo Brown that everything's under control, as the bell is rung.

Adam Pearce and Aaron Aguilera versus D'Lo Brown and Chaz Warrington

The match opened up with Chaz taking the lead for his team, after practically begging Brown for the honor. Unfortunately, he was immediately manhandled by Pearce and Aguilera, before finally getting a much needed tag following a DDT. With the entry of D'Lo Brown to the match, things changed quickly, as the successful veteran used his size and power combo to overwhelm both his opponents, and even succeeded in foiling a double team attempt by clotheslining both of them to the mat. Following a suplex on Aguilera, Brown nailed a picture perfect Sky High, and was headed up top for the Lo Down when Warrington made a blind tag. After calming Brown down, Chaz entered the ring, but got cut off by Pearce, and was then double teamed as D'Lo attempted to get back into the ring, which, unfortunately, kept the referee occupied. It turned out that Warrington's attempt to prove himself to D'Lo Brown ended up costing the two long time friends the match, as Warrington walked into a Jumping Piledriver from Pearce that ended the match. Afterwards, D'Lo took a long look at his friend, out cold on the mat, before walking off, leaving Pearce and Aguilera to celebrate their upset victory in the ring.

Winner(s): Adam Pearce and Aaron Aguilera via Jumping Piledriver (Pearce p. Warrington)



From the ring, with the still celebrating Pearce and Aguilera, we go to the back, where armed forces veteran Chilly Willy is standing, in his street clothes, talking with some backstage workers.

Backstage Guy: ' Man, it must have been crazy out there, bullets flying...'

CW is obviously trying to downplay it.

Chilly Willy: ' Nah, I got lucky. Just doing my job. Now I'm back, and ready to go in the ring.'

CW looks about ready to leave, when Brian Idol steps in front of him, in full on 'star' mode. The man formerly known as Lodi removes his sunglasses, and stares down Chilly Willy.

Brian Idol: ' So, I'm just supposed to respect you... honor... you... because you flew halfway around the world... and played with computers? No way in hell!'

CW looks taken aback.

CW: ' What the hell are you talking about?'

Idol: ' You're a disgrace! You go over to some god forsaken country, play in the sand, and then come back and expect everyone to worship you... well its not happening! Not here, not ever.'

CW: ' Thats not how it is at all man. You've got it all twisted around inside that sick head of yours. Maybe you've been out in Hollywood too long!'

Idol: ' Oh, so now big, bad, soldier boy is going to insult me... a star... an icon... an IDOL? Tell you what... GI Bro... meet me in the ring next week, then we'll see who really deserves worship around here!'

Willy thinks about it for a moment.

CW: ' You know what man... you're on. It'll be a pleasure to kick your ass!'

Idol smirks, and turns around, like he's going to walk away, except, seconds later, he's back in the shot, attacking a stunned Chilly Willy, driving him back with punches! CW tries to return fire, but he gets low blowed, before Idol leaves him down and bleeding with a DDT onto the cement floor, as CWU officials flood into the scene! They pull Idol off, but not before he gets in a few kicks to the defenseless Chilly Willy.

Brian Idol: ' Next week... BITCH!'


[Commercial Break]

Coming back from break, and former Extreme Championship Wrestling product, Chris Chetti is on his way to the ring to some bad generic 'pretty boy' music. Chetti tries to get himself some heat by flaunting his physique, and getting in the faces of a few fans, but the pink tight clad worker is unable to really get anything going for himself here tonight.

The oppisite can be said for his opponent tonight, as the Cypress Hill rip-off hits, and 'The Rock Superstar' Kaos, the hometown kid, fresh off a hard fought loss to Ring of Honor champion 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson, makes his way out with the lovely Pari$ on his arm. Kaos takes time out of his entrance to slap hands with the fans, and motions for Pari$ to sit in a chair at ringside, near the announce table, as he climbs into the ring, where Chetti flexes, and generally tries to intimidate Kaos, who just laughs it off.

Chris Chetti versus Kaos w/ Pari$

This match made a suprising bid for Match of the Night, as both men really had their working boots on, and Kaos has now been involved in great matches on both episodes of UNDERground thus far. Chetti really heeled it up in this one, which seemed to work out well, as he started to get a reaction from the crowd as he beat down on their favored son. He was even able to bloody Kaos by sending him into the turnbuckle post, and avoided a disqualification by protesting that it was an accident. The two fought around ringside, and there were several aborted comebacks by Kaos, as he would have Chetti set up for a momentum changing move, only to have Chetti cheat to escape it. What he wasn't able to escape was a Kaostrify, The Rock Superstar's version of the blockbuster, although Kaos wasn't able to fully capitalize on it either, as both men were down. The match built well to the end, as the crowd got behind Kaos as he was trapped in a submission, and fought his way to his feet, before sending Chetti off the ropes. The two crossed paths, before Kaos slipped under, and nearly put it away with a pinning combination, but Chetti powered to his feet, the two exchanged holds, and almost out of nowhere, Kaos was able to hit the Rockstar Cutter, an Ace Crusher, for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kaos via Rockstar Cutter



[Commercial Break]

Following the short commercial break, which is really nothing more than hype for Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED's first ever Pay-Per-View, Unleashed, and we go to the announce table, where apparently Kaos and Pari$ have joined Mike Johnson and Diamond Dallas Page. The three banter for a few moments, and we find out that Kaos is scouting 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson, because he asked for, and recieved, a rematch from the debut of UNDERground, a match that will take place at Unleashed.

'Rapidfire' Jason Cross' music hits, as the high flying young star makes his way to the ring, eager to redeem himself after a loss to Juventud Guerrera on the debut UNDERground, a match that Cross probably feels he should have won, until Guerrera turned the tables on his with a Splash Mountain powerbomb. Things aren't going to get any easier for the young gun this week, but he comes out, slapping hands with the fans, and ready for action again.

Cross' opponent tonight enters to a fake Offspring track, as the current Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion, 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson makes his way out, sans belt. He basically ignores the crowd, but stares a hole in Kaos, who jokes about it on commentary, saying that he can't blame Danielson for staring at him, he's looking pretty good tonight. This gets a laugh from both announcers, but they aren't laughing once Danielson gets in the ring, as he immediately slaps the taste out of Cross' mouth, as the referee calls for the bell!

Jason Cross versus Bryan Danielson

This match was basically a clinic for Danielson, as he grounded Cross, and kept him from using the high flying offense which has been successful for him thus far in his career. However, it didn't seem like it was enough for Danielson to just dominate the match, as he apparently wanted to hurt Cross, probably to prove a point to Kaos, as evidenced by the fact that he, at one point, with Cross in a submission, started screaming at Kaos, asking him if this is really what he wanted. The match, although majorly one sided, did see a small comeback attempt by Cross, as Danielson distracted himself with yelling at Kaos, and got nailed with a dropkick to the jaw when he turned around, but he rolled out of the way of a quick Crossfire attempt, and proceeded to stomp the living hell out of Cross in the corner for even thinking he could win the match. The finish came, predictably, when Danielson apparently tired of toying with Cross, and locked him in the Cattle Mutilation, getting the tap out, but refusing to break the hold until Kaos entered the ring. At that point, Danielson sprang to his feet, and the two stared each other down, before being seperated, barely, by the referee.

Winner: Bryan Danielson via Cattle Mutilation



We go from the ring, to a split screen of Scott Hall and Ron 'The Truth' Killings, on their way to the ring for the main event. As Hall walks through the back on one side, we see Killings leaving his lockeroom, both in ring gear, ready to go to work. After a few moments, both men seem to notice the camera, and acknowledge it, with Hall flicking his ever present toothpick at it, and The Truth getting real close and personal, before getting real loud, yelling 'WHAT UP' to the fans at home.


Shadowy shots of a man working out are shown, with a voice over.

Voiceover: ' A former world tag team champion.'

Shadowy shots of two men holding up title belts.

Voiceover: ' Skilled in several forms of martial arts.'

More shadowy shots of a man engaged in mixed martial arts style combat.

Voiceover: ' The most devious mind in professional wrestling.'

The shots are becoming clearer, and change into action shots of Sean O'Haire.

Voiceover: ' But we're not telling you anything you didn't already know...'

A closeup of a smirking O'Haire, followed by a graphic stating, simply, 'Next Week'.


[Commercial Break]

Behind... blue eyes...

Back from break, and just in time for tonight's main event, as Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind Blue Eyes is playing, as the crowd cheers for one of the most charasmatic men to ever enter a wrestling ring, Scott Hall. Hall looks out over the crowd, and struts down to the ring, but stops before entering the ring. He taps the side of his head, and does his old school nWo 'point back', as the music changes...


The hip hop flavor of Ron 'The Truth' Killings hits, as the athletic and hungry star, the man who was told, point blank, that he wasn't what 'The Network' was looking for in a champion, just last week, before he came down and saved 'Da Bad Guy' from a beatdown at the hands of Raven, steps out, and gets a little step on, before heading down to the ring. Once at ringside, he and Hall share a handshake, and await their opponents.

Chosen, a new track by the band Taproot, recorded especially for Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED, is the entrance theme for The Network's chosen champion, Maven Huffman. Huffman is accompanied by the the personal secretary of 'The Network Executive' Don Callis, Jamie Koeppe. Huffman makes a big deal of showing off Koeppe, and is quick to explain to everyone that he is the 'chosen champion'. On commentary, DDP wonders aloud how Maven's partner tonight is going to feel about that one.


We won't have long to wait for that answer, as The Offspring's Come Out and Play hits, and the man who opened the show, the man of destiny, the enigmatic Raven makes his entrance, a much more somber and subdued one than any of the other three men in this match. Raven stalks to the ring, walking right past his partner for the night, and slumps into the ring corner, promption Mike Johnson to remark that he dosen't look too happy about being in this match. No, he dosen't, and the bell is rung.

Scott Hall and Ron Killings versus Maven Huffman w/ Jamie Koeppe and Raven

Raven refuses to start off the match, leaving Maven to face off with Scott Hall, and, in the early part of the match, its clear that Maven is just outclassed by either of his two opponents. He gets some offense in, but it appears he's more worried about looking good, and looking at his partner, who simply stands, silent, on the apron, than in wrestling. This leads to him getting his ass kicked by both Hall and Killings. Things finally change, however, when Raven apparently has had enough, although there is no way to know that from his expression, and makes a blind tag, coming in and shifting momentum in the match, as, with brutal efficiency, he takes out Ron Killings, working over the legs which are so important to Killings fast paced style. Maven slumps to the ground on the outside, where he's cared for by Koeppe, as Raven turns his attention to Hall, and the two engage in a slugfest, with Hall openly pissed about Raven's actions towards him last week. Hall's anger really gets him fired up, as he takes down Raven with a clothesline, then challenges him to get up... and the lights go out! Johnson and Page are stunned on commentary, as blows can be heard being struck in the ring, and moments later, when the lights come back up, after urging of the technical staff by Johnson, Vampiro is standing in the ring, bat in hand, engaged in a staredown with Raven! Hall, Killings, and Maven Huffman all lie littered in and around the ring, clearly at the losing end of Vampiro's weapon, but he seems unable, or unwilling, to bring it to bear on Raven... finally, he swings, but Raven ducks it...


Not, its not Justin Timberlake, just a stolen opening to some house produced music, as the crowd pops huge, and the camera turns to the entrance way, where 'Big Sexy' KEVIN NASH IS COMING DOWN THE AISLE! There were rumors he was in the building, and it had been mentioned on commentary, but here he is, apparently ready to fight and help out his fallen friend, Scott Hall. Nash makes it quickly to the ring, and when Raven whips Vampiro towards him, nails the attacker with a HUGE big boot! Nash then challenges Raven, who looks at him, then hits the mat, rolling under the bottom rope, and backing up the ramp for the second time in as many weeks. Nash then goes to help Scott Hall and Ron Killings, as the referee declares this a...

Winner(s): Scott Hall and Ron Killings due to outside interference



Somehow, due to some great camera work, the final shot on the night captures all seven people around the ring... Raven backing up the ramp, Vampiro slumped against the ropes holding his head after the kick to the head, Maven being helped up by Koeppe, and Killings, Nash, and Hall standing together.

Overall: 74

Television Rating: 0.95

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Okay, i've just read the backstory & first show so I will comment on that first.

The backstory I felt was very indepth and very descriptive. I also like the face that you stayed true to real life by not sigining Rock, Stone Cold, Jericho and Christian but sigining people who where un happy like Killings and the contract loophole with Raven was great aswell.

The First Show

The opening promo was great. It gave CWU a feeling that 'We Don't Care About Other Promotions and Kayfabe and that other stuff'. I think Killings and this 'Suntan Superman' stuff is great. Also, Callis hinting at racism remarks and sly remarks are gold.

Having ROH talent without stealing them like most people would is a great idea. Kaos slapping Dragon at the end saying 'This Aint Ring Oh Honor' was great!

I can see a turn involving Chaz costing D'Lo a title shot or the title.

Maven Huffman was an interesting choice...The Food is better at VH1 gave me a chuckle.

The Lucha Tag Team Rules also intreages me it adds different element to Tag Team Writing rather than the usual "Mr. X is only inches away from his corner but is pulled away by Mr. Z"

The Main Event was well written aswell and Billy Silverman falling victim to a DDT was good. I did'nt expect the Truth to show up in the match, I thought there was another segment coming...SHOCK TV!

Overall first show I thought was pretty good 8.5/10

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I've just read through this, and I gotta' say, I'm really liking it.

I think "Come Out And Play" might be a bit off for Raven's character. I would have chosen "The Kids Aren't All Right" if you were hell bent on using The Offspring - it fits his backstory a bit better.

Still, that's a nitpick.

Scott Hall as the top man is somewhat understandable, considering the way that you set it up.

The boss of the company is a racist - or maybe a class enemy, seeing as he never did say what he meant by "your kind of people". He could have meant economically lower-class people or something. Of course, if he goes off and insults Juvi as well, then we know he's a racist prick.

Mark Magnus - wonderful, wonderful intro. Honestly, I want somebody to start a WWE diary that starts the week after the London bombings, where UPN let Hassan appear on one more SmackDown episode, and if it was done well enough, they'd let him continue. Still, this is a good alternative.

O'HAIRE KICKS ASS! (But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.)


Well, that's it from me.

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I think "Come Out And Play" might be a bit off for Raven's character. I would have chosen "The Kids Aren't All Right" if you were hell bent on using The Offspring - it fits his backstory a bit better.

Still, that's a nitpick.

Mark Magnus - wonderful, wonderful intro. Honestly, I want somebody to start a WWE diary that starts the week after the London bombings, where UPN let Hassan appear on one more SmackDown episode, and if it was done well enough, they'd let him continue. Still, this is a good alternative.

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Your mentioning "shitty fucking diaries" (mine's probably one of them) getting more feedback than good ones prompted me to remember I was supposed to check back on this ages ago...

So first thing's first, I love the roster you've assembled for this. Not swamped with the usual glut of indy guys, and has that interesting mix of characters to boot.

The opening show did a great job of establishing several characters, especially Maven and Kanyon. While he's somewhat competent in the ring, this "Reality TV star" gimmick Maven has more than makes up for it. While it's not full of over the top arrogance just yet, given the time it could be great for him. As for Kanyon, thanks to the whole "I'm gay" side of him now I can see him becoming a lot more violent as he's forced to endure shit from people on a regular basis. The stand-out moment of the first show was naturally the Raven/Hall confrontation, and a great way to top the show. Both men are clearly going to be embroiled in the title scene for quite some time, and throwing Killings' interference into the match showed you intend to have him around there too...which can't be a bad thing.

A few thoughts on some of the PWInsider notes:

- It's a shame Sanders got such a long injury, as I've always liked Mike and he could have been a solid addition to the midcard.

- I couldn't have been happier to see you won't be bringing in Hogan at all, as I've never been a fan of his at all. The only exception I'd care to see if it was a one off match where he gets the ever loving shit beaten out of him.

- Jericho signing would be a huge thing, and I'm not sure what to make of the talk of his position. I'd love for it to just be a smokescreen until he's signed, but I also have to comend your taking realism into account by recognising his loyalty to WWE and not picking him up.

The second show, I felt was better than the first. I loved Raven's promo to kick off the show, especially the opening line. However I have to agree with Nick and Dukes when it comes to Magnus. That was a fantastic promo, retaining the intelligence his Hassan work had while stripping away the "evil arab" shit. If there's was only gonna be one thing going for this diary, Hassan would be it. Luckily that's not the case and he's just one of a handful. Despite the news bit, I assumed Nash may not show up until at least a show or two after. Still, it's another recognisable name to bolster your main event scene making a splash in his debut. Vampiro's slight hesitance to hit Raven was an interesting point prior to Nash's arrival, a feud or alliance between those two would be great.

Over all, there's a lot I'm liking and practically nothing jumping out at me as something I don't like. Now I've caught up, I'll make sure to come back more regularly from now on. (Y)

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IPB Image

- The second installment of UNDERground was seen backstage as comparable to the first, and many felt that the development of several characters, noteably Mark Magnus, actually made it a better show, as well as one which solidified the main event stratus in Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED.

- Speaking of main events, the plan as of now is reportedly to hold a 'Triangle Tournament' at UNLEASHED for the CWU Heavyweight Title. Details of this aren't clear at the moment.

- UNDERground scored a 0.92, which was down from the debut, which was expected. Fox is said to still be happy with the results.

- One small incident at the taping, as Vampiro was late, but had a legit excuse involving transportation problems.

- The injury bug has hit CWU once again, as, after two straight television appearances, Jason Cross injured his ankle in a workout in Los Angeles. He's expected to be out about six weeks.

- CWU is said to be HIGHLY impressed with the recent work of Kaos, as he has come off as the star of the show, at least in ring, in consecutive weeks. Some were reportedly amazed by his match with Bryan Danielson, but it was written off as who he was working with, but when he repeated the performance against Chris Chetti, people took notice. Word has it that CWU management think that Kaos can be their first 'homegrown' star.

- While the debut of Kevin Nash is hardly suprising, another name thats being mentioned around CWU watercoolers, despite announcements to the contrary is Kurt Angle. While we haven't had much about Angle in CWU, it seems that the former Olympic Gold Medalist may have bought out his no-compete clause with WWE, and is coming to CWU, where his brother works. This is also not seen as turning his back on WWE by higher ups in that promotion, as CWU is seen as a non-entity at this point, and many think that they are more concerned with beating TNA than with challenging WWE. Angle isn't in any shape to work at this point anyway, so it might be interesting to see how he's used, if he does in-fact, sign.

- One person who did sign is Chris Jericho, who will be making his return to pro wrestling in the place where he left it, as he's signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

- Word out of Championship Wrestling UNLEASHED is that they've been contacted by a WWE superstar, who is said to be very unhappy with his situation in the company, and is looking for a way out. This is, of course, just unsubstantiated workers, but even in its short time, CWU has already taken on several other promotions disgruntled stars.

- Speaking of disgruntled stars, Monty Brown is still said to be upset with TNA, and on the verge of leaving.

- CWU is promoting a main event with six-man tag team action, the in-ring debut of Sean O'Haire, and Steve Corino for the September 20th airing of UNDERground. They are also hyping the announcement of many of the matches for UNLEASHED, including a four team tag team match.

Weekly Rating Round-Up

Thursday, Sept. 7th - iMPACT! (Spike) 4.46 Rating

Friday, Sept. 8th - SmackDown (UPN) 6.16 Rating

Sunday, Sept. 10th - Unforgiven (WWE PPV) 1.61 Buyrate

Monday, Sept. 11th - RAW (USA) 6.88 Rating

Tuesday, Sept. 12th - ECW on Sci-Fi (Sci-Fi) 3.64 Rating

Wednsday, Sep. 13th - UNDERground (F/X) 0.92

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I started reading this diary when you first posted it, but then for some reason lost track of it. While it's not XPW, it does have it's share of XPW workers in it like Juvi and Kaos. Bryan Danielson has put on some nice matches, and it would be great to see him rise a bit into stardom. Hall in the main event is great, as I"m a big Hall mark. I'm with Dukes on the Magnus thing. That promo was very well done, and he could be a huge star. Not a fan of Killings, but Raven and Hall main eventing makes this a diary a gem. Here's to hoping you keep it up.

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This is quite good...good enough so I can envision everything in my head. Ah yes, everything works out fine...I remember one promo sounding very awkward but I forgot what it was and I looked back and nothing seemed out of place. Oh well...

So yeah, definitely an interesting concept with national status for this promotion. Your roster is very interesting with guys like Hall & Nash, and then Cross & Danielson and the former La Parka etc. The main event scene seems really unorganized and weird at this point, but all in due time...

And you know I always like your style of writing.

Will be reading.

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Right down to business with the first show.

- - - -

Generic introduction stuff to start us off, until out comes Killings. I think you had The Truth nailed perfectly here, he said the things he should have said, and everything was beautifully in-character.

And now:


Absolutely brilliant. I'm a big Cyrus mark, and you wrote him simply awesometastically. Every heel authority figure needs a babyface to bully, and hopefully this makes for a decent angle between the two. Callis having the blackshirts on his side makes it all the more one-sides, and - from a kayfabe standpoint - gives the fans a reason to hate Don. Great first segment.


The subtle way of putting over the your wrestler's theme music became evident in the first match here, and I thought it was a pretty clever idea, no matter how little it matters to the overall product.

Nice to see you giving props to ROH when using their champion, which unfortunately we probably wouldn't see in real life.

This match was very well written, and played out exactly how I'd imagine it actually happening, so well done on that one.


I can't really say I enjoyed the Chaz/D'Lo segment, as it just seemed to be filler, but hopefully it leads to something a little more later in the evening.

Puder using the Angle incident was a nice touch, but I can't say I'm a fan of his. Eric Angle being challenged made sense, but I just don't like either of the men involved. The match, however, was written very well. Good job.


ROH being plugged again, leaving it obvious that CWU has some kind of alliance with them. Cross / Juvi was a very nice technically sound match, written to show both men's agility. That's how it came across to me, and it did so very well.

Heh. Maven & Jamie backstage seemed kind of forced, but that's probably because Maven is very generic, and imaging him saying the things he did with his voice didn't fit at all. It seemed like a weak segment, but at least it had a purpose.


Devon Storm & Slash? Very interesting, and I'm excited to see where you'll go with it, especially with the name change for Storm. I've never really gotten into the ICP that much, so I'll leave it to you to keep me from getting bored when reading them. I can't agree with the result, but at least you didn't completely bury the new team. I hope Salem and Slash go on to better things. Stick them with a decent gothic manager, and they should be one badass team.


I totally agree with Par-K going over Gruner, so no beef from me with this match. The 'lack of the better term' line had me in stitches. Great stuff.

Kanyon going the 'gay-minority' route was inevitable, and I hope you go somewhere entertaining with it. Chaz fucking up was predictable, as I worked out after reading their encounter backstage, I figured you wouldn't just waste a segment like that. I predict it'll lead to an eventual turn from one of them, but let's see?


HALL~! RAVEN~! KILLINGS~! That's all I could say during the main event. The promo beforehand was excellent and you captured both men brilliantly. Very, very well done. The match itself was very good, and Killings returning to cause a commotion was an awesome touch too. I'm very interested to see where you head with it.

All in all, you're an excellent writer, but you know that, and very few things on the show I disliked. I'll give this a B+ so far, as you've seemed to nail everything you need to down, and get some decent angles surfacing, so I'll check back and feedback the next show after you bully me into it on Messenger. Peace out, bro, and keep it up.

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Guest Reaperstang

I really like your write ups. ICP on the indy circuit barely does a clean job so for that match I thought you did it well. I didnt think they would be used in tag action. I thought there were in here to help Vampiro.

This diary seems well done in the fact that most of this is believable and everything has an explanation. Keep up the good work. This is my favorite diary here right now.

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