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I found this little nifty game while searching the internet. The basic rules of the game are that you take control of a Car competing in the F1 circuit at this point. You then control everything to do with yourt car and your performance. Basic things like what tyres to have on, to Race and Qualifying strategies. It is a very addictive game and best of all it is free

Please sign up for this by going to BATracer and signing up, then click this link to get to the main page for the EWB private league.


Password is ExtremeF1

I am the main driver in Toyota by the way. Qualifying will take place the day before the Race :)

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I was just playing it a couple of months ago. I was using the Arrows team but gave up after five races due to not being able to get either car to finish due to faulty engines.

There is another game, F1cm (Formula 1 Championship Manager) that has seemingly been in production for ages. I remember reading about it something like 3/4 years ago. Don't know how close it is to being finished though.

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For anyoner that doesn't know, to do Practices, go to Car Setup, change settings to your heart is content, and then click test down the bottom. It should then come up with some estimations for the car and how to get a better performance.

The first qualifying round for everyone that has done their laps so far is being led by CKN.

I'll start the real game tonight at 8, but with 10 places still going it would be good to fill these :)

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