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family guy DVD's

The Chief

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can someone explain to me the whole family guy dvd thing. Here in the UK i bought season 4 in april. anyway i realised theres like, 13 episodes on it.

and thats the last i heard of season 4. i checked teh intarweb and found theres 27 episodes! and play.com have season 5 listed for release at the end of october.

are we ever going to see the second half of season 4 on dvd??

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As far as I can tell the Region 2 Season 4 DVD has the first 13 episodes of Season 4 and the Season 5 DVD will have the remaining 14. Maybe they like rounding down the DVD's into a certain number of episodes, maybe they know that tons of people will buy it and they'll make more money this way.

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I'm surprised there are people still wanting the new DVDs. I mean, the quality of the show this year has gone so far downhill.

I think the only problem with the show is the constant "keep on yammering on forever" jokes, mainly from Stewie. Far as I'm concerned, its a joke you can tell once, there's no other way to take it it and they should stop putting it in as many episodes as possible.

Another problem that I personally don't have is people are very uptight about how thin the plots are. People seem to want complex episodes where they feel more intelligent for watching like a, say, Lost (its the only hour long drama I watch at the moment <_<) when the job at the end of the day is to make people laugh.

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