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Ian Wright and Fat Kids


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Most of the parents on this show make me physically sick, bunch of lazy fat cunts. They're more than happy for someone else to help their child exercise as long as they have to do fuck all - whether that be getting a better diet than fried sausage and butter sandwiches or just playing a bit of sport with them.

I pity how obese our country is getting, we'll be like the yanks soon. I wish I had Ian Wright to come over and play sports with me, but I'd have to double my body mass.

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My favourite has to be Jerome's mum. First off, she's berating HER CHILD for being fat, as if it's not her fault. Including telling him he'll be dead before he's 25 at this rate. Forgetting that fact that she's like, 30 stone AND DOING SO WITH A CIGARETTE IN HER MOUTH. I mean seriously.

Then she's the same person who's all "you're not going to make me do that" while everyone else is playing handball with their kids at the gym.

It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so fucking pathetic.

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David says:

Someone go here and post "STOP WATCHING REALITY TV, YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD BY SENDING YOUR SHITTY, SHITTY SHOWS TO OUR COUNTRY": /forum/index.php?showtopic=44630">http://www.ewbattleground.com/forum/index....showtopic=44630

I agree with his sentiment anyway.

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I was having a kickabout in the park a few weeks ago, when we saw the basketball courts were free. I jogged down the road to Woolworths to pick up a cheap basketball... couldn't find one. Not only that, they had no footballs, tennis balls, no sporting stuff at all. Just racks and racks of video games.

In conclusion, Woolworths is to blame for fat kids.

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