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GTA Clones

MalaCloudy Black

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Name some. Decent ones. Preferably for PC or PS2.

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I really liked the first Getaway(althought it is insanely hard). It's just very realistic. Playing that game, I really wish I knew anything about London so I could actually recognise stuff. I never even beat the first half of the game though.

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I know this is a longshot, but is there any GTA1 or GTA2 style clones. I absolutely loved these games to pieces, (even more so than the GTA3 and further games).

Unfortunatly Ive already got the 2 london missionpacks for GTA1.

But if theres anything else, hollar out.

EDIT: Just completely taking over this thread:P Just a quick question, I own the legal copys of GTA1 and GTA2, I'm wondering if there is anything different between the versions released over the last couple of years as freeware, and the original legal copys?

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I hear Yakuza is pretty balls. It's less GTA Clone and more like a really bad Final Fight from what I understand. But at least they say "fuck" a lot. Manhunt's not really GTA-esque game though, it's pretty linear. No real sandbox feel to it. The Warriors is a lot like Manhunt, but at least there's a lot more GTA-elements mixed in with old school Streets of Rage style gameplay. Plus... it's the fucking Warriors!

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