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Halloween Horror Movie Mania

Dr. Rated-R

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Alright. I watched House of 1000 Corpses for the first time today, and it totally re-fueled my love for watching horror movies. I've decided, I'm going to make an effort to watch one horror movie for every day of October. To save time, and to get a decent variety of movies that I haven't watched before, well, yeah, I'm calling on EWB.

All I know presently is that I'm closing off the month with The Exorcist on the 31st, as I personally feel it's the greatest horror of all time, and it's the fitting way to close the month off. I also know that House on Haunted Hill (the original), Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Dracula (the original, I love it), and Plan 9 From Outer Space (which will probably be the first night, as it totally contrasts in quality with The Exorcist) will all be included.

So yeah, basically, recommend some stuff. Obviously "classics" should be suggested, but please, throw out the hidden gems too.

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Here's the top 20 from IMDB to help you. Not sure why King Kong is on there, though. <_<

1 Psycho (1960) 8.6/10 (69993 votes)

2 Alien (1979) 8.3/10 (83170 votes)

3 Diaboliques, Les (1955) 8.3/10 (4876 votes)

4 Shining, The (1980) 8.3/10 (70437 votes)

5 Aliens (1986) 8.3/10 (82401 votes)

6 Faust (1926) 8.3/10 (1314 votes)

7 Jaws (1975) 8.2/10 (63703 votes)

8 Cabinet des Dr. Caligari., Das (1920) 8.2/10 (5865 votes)

9 Night of the Hunter, The (1955) 8.1/10 (10602 votes)

10 Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922) 8.1/10 (12085 votes)

11 Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 8.1/10 (6845 votes)

12 Spoorloos (1988) 8.1/10 (4237 votes)

13 Onibaba (1964) 8.0/10 (1327 votes)

14 Frankenstein (1931) 8.0/10 (9291 votes)

15 King Kong (1933) 8.0/10 (17048 votes)

16 Innocents, The (1961) 8.0/10 (2382 votes)

17 Dead of Night (1945) 8.0/10 (1295 votes)

18 Repulsion (1965) 8.0/10 (4872 votes)

19 Exorcist, The (1973) 7.9/10 (46370 votes)

20 Kaidan (1964) 7.9/10 (1362 votes)

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Ginger Snaps, though, it seems I'm the only one who hugely loves it. I liked the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, though, I'm all alone on that, too. There's also May, which isn't good or anything but it works at being really really creepy.

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If you want bad, bad, BAD horror movies, check out the Zombie movie series. Zombie, Zombi 3, Zombie 4, and Zombie 5. (There is no Zombie 2 in America.. long story.) You could also try the Return Of The Living Dead series. The first two are more comedy/horror, whereas the last three are regular zombie horror.

I would definitely go with the remake of NOTLD though. It's a much better storyline and feels as if it better represents what George A. Romero ended up doing with Dawn and Day. Not only that but, the ending to the original is awful compared to the remake's. Also, the remake is practically done by the same people, wth Tom Savini directing and Romero writing the screenplay.

You should probably also check out Nosferatu, The Evil Dead, The Birds and The Shining.

Finall, you should watch Halloween for your second to last day, since your last day is currently taken by The Exorcist.

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The Devil Rejects

2001 Manaics

The Shining

Cube(the sequel and the prequel are good as well)

Watching the entire Halloween , Friday the 13th , and Nightmare On Elm Street movies would be fitting as well ;)

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Devil's Rejects isn't really scary though. it's a fucking fantastic movie but I really fail to see anyone scared during it.

Event Horizon and the original Alien are two movies that still scare the crap out of me. You should also try to find Peter Jackson's The Dead Alive aka Braindead, probably the funnest horror movie next to Evil Dead 2.

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I rarely watch horror because most of them are above my age. Fuck censors. Trying to get uncensored versions of those movies are also extremely hard. All the F13 movies have heavily censored parts, making it worthless without the violence.

In short, fuck Singapore.

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