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Lost Season Three Discussion Thread


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So there was the other Lost season three thread but I thought a new one would be better as the other one was mostly just spoilers regarding the future episodes. So this thread can be used for discussion on season three without having to see all those spoilers.

Tonight was the recap episode of season one and two and at the end it had a preview for the premiere, which looked pretty damn good. I think that trailer was aired for the first time tonight but here is a bunch of trailers all in one video from youtube.

As you can see there are some new scenes in there.

So one week remaining until the season three begins.

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I can NOT wait... Seriously. I can't. I'm working on a time machine... but, it's mainly to distract me from the amount of time until Lost Season Three premieres.

I'm actually thinking of doing a LOST diary after I do the one in my sig but, I think someone might take the idea before I get around to it.

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So Season Three started tonight and it was a pretty good episode. I must say that the greatest part of the episode was Sawyer solving the food mechanism and the music that started playing while he celebrated was perfect.

Hopefully we get some Hurley in the next episode and maybe some Desmond, Locke and Eko too.

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So the episode has come and gone. I thought it was just okay. Nothing special. I liked the opening with them looking up at the plane crashing above them and how they dealt with sending Ethan and that other guy out there.

I didn't much care for Jack's "my dad is sleeping with my ex" deal.

I liked Sawyer's reaction to getting the food from the cage and then the guy later saying it only took the bears two hours (I assume those would be the polar bears). Sawyer is awesome. And speaking of "that guy," how could he say Kate is not his type. <_<

But overall, meh, could have been better.

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Alright episode but, GREAT opening.

Sawyer had a cool storyline and it was just funny as hell.

I think the ending could have used some work but, at least we know "Henry Gale's" real name now.

Also, Fitzy, "that guy" is named Tom aka Mr. Friendly. Just figured I'd tell ya.

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Woah, best opening five minutes ever.

The next 20 went well too, but I felt the last 15 or so were fairly disappointing. Sawyer's bit was awesome, but I hope next week focuses on the other survivors.

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I thought the episode was pretty good, but then again I was just glad to finally get some new episodes. For those wanting the other survivors, next week it looks like their going to get word from Hurley about Jack, Sawyer, and Kate and attempt a rescue. From the previews, next week looks like it is going to be better than the season premiere.

Although Lost is always good at making their previews look good :shifty:

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So you know (Episode 2 & 3 details) :

Episode 2 is called The Glass Ballerina. It's going to be Sun/Sayid/Jin central, and will be Sun's flashbacks)

Episode 3 is called Further Instructions. Hurley's going to return, we find out what happened to Locke/Eko/Desmond, and Claire's got some role (but not flashback)

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I could have sworn near the end of the episode, Tom was one of Jack's patients in one of the flashbacks.

What scene was it? I watched the episode again and didn't notice him...

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Read the thread! That's not something I wanna know.

I loved the first episode and after watching it again I'm pretty sure that Jack's patient isn't Zeeke/Tom - though they look a little similar. I'm waiting for more Eko soon - he and Locke interacting were the best part of last season's close for me.

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