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Might want to read the post above yours, figos.

Downloading now. If it's like GameBiz, it'll be a nice game to play when I'm bored. I also checked on the development of this game ONCE, so it'll all be awesomely new. This is going to be fun. (¬_¬)

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wow I'm loving this game its more involved than part one but at the same time its a lot harder . I've went bankrupt several times . Definetly gonna have to spend osme time figuring everything out

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its a little clutered but once you know where everything is its a little easier. I love that you can make your own game systems and have other companies release games for them.

It is a lot harder than the first but I'm slowly getting better . During the development of a game . moves the sliders around until little green lights show this means you have the ideal settings for that type of game.

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I played for almost two hours straight. It really gets you hooked until you realize it is basically the same thing as the first game. The additions are merely cosmetic, since all this new factories and the like dont really add anything to the game. Still, I hope he comes out with a part 3 and eventually the series gets good. This is a step in the right direction.

I made a company specialized in sports games and with an NBA All Stars series and World of Boxing series I dominated the world. I barely did any new games, the only ones being NBA Finals(which was a precursor to the All Star Series) and Streetball X, which was...well, street basketball. The thing that really got me going was when I sold the original World of Boxing engine for it to be used in Punch Out.

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