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I actually noticed that a few times... he outright sucks at playing the games, I am assuming on purpose because on the Dr. Jekly game.. he purposely stands RIGHT beside a bomb... and a lot of his complaints are about being impatient. He also blatantly lies about only being able to get up to that one piece of pizza with only a certain turtle... does he think he's the only one who plays these? >_>

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Of all those games reviewed, I only owned (and still do) Double Dragon III and Castlevania II. I actually think both of them were pretty good. I had a lot of games and those were definitely not among the worst. I had some real stinkers like Fester's Quest (Addams Family) and WWF Wrestlemania.

That Double Dragon review is way off. Sure, the game gets harder towards the end, but it's not nearly as hard as he makes it seem. Using lots of dropkicks makes the game quite easy, actually. I've beaten it using nothing but regular punches and smart movement and jumps. It's all about vertical movement and timing. Sure Double Dragon II was a bit better because the moves were balanced out better and it was hell of a lot more fun in two-player mode, but the third one was good too.

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I hate how he repeatedly says "This game is for kids, it's too hard for a game for kids." and yet, I had some of these games, while I was a kid and I never really had any of the problems he's had, especially with TNMT.

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I disagree totally with him about Castlevania II. Yea, it was different..and yea, it was HARD! But it was still a good gamr

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