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This is halloween, red and black and slimy green

MalaCloudy Black

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Ew, P!ATD covered This Is Halloween? ):

On Tuesday, there's an entire album being released of coevr songs from TNBC by well known artists including Panic!, Marilyn Manson and more.

I'm sure the Hot Topic kids will go crazy for that one, yeah?

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According to Amazon it'll be a 2 disc set, the first disc is the regular sound track, the second is demo versions and covers. Most of the covers look bad, except "This is Halloween", by Marylin Manson.

I like Manson's cover. Can't say I've liked what I've heard of P!ATD, but I might download their cover of This Is Halloween.

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Meh, I found the P!ATD bad. The vocals just don't fit at all. It sounds like some emo fag trying to sound dark and gloomy but missing the point of the song alltogether.

Agreed...that just made me hate P!ATD more than I already do. At least they didn't butcher Oggie Boggie's song, or I'd hunt them down and torture their talentless asses.

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