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When The Papercut Chronicles came out, I loved them. Then they released that cover of "Under the Bridge," which I still liked. Then they released As Cruel As School Children, which admittedly is an awesome album, but it's gotten them so much mainstream success to the point of them touring with The All-American Rejects and The Starting Line, and now all of a sudden everyone that likes that music is "soooo totally into them." I still like them, it's just annoying how that sort of thing happens.

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You mean.. how they gain fans? People need to stop being so fucking elitist, they need to stop having the need to feel better than others by knowing/liking bands that they don't. If they really like the band, be happy that they've found success and a lot of fans.

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I'm not trying to be "fucking elitist," I was just saying how I find it annoying that people who have never heard a song that hasn't been on the radio like them all of a sudden. I even said that I still like them, but at the same time I'm allowed to have an opinion about a band's fanbase.

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Yeah, they're proper shit.

yeah, who allowed you an opinion again? oh wait, no one. bye!

@Keith -- It may put you off just by putting it out there, but the song they did with the dude from Fall Out Boy, Clothes Off, is awesome. so awesome.

dude just pick up As Cruel As School Children. It's so badass.

Pillmatic and To Bob Ross With Love are good songs too.

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