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Rock/Metal covers of classical music


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Ok, so I've been rocking out to Jerry C's cover of Pachelbel's Canon. You can watch it here.

Can anyone recommend any other good rock or metal covers of classic pieces?

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Yngwie Malmsteen's done a few I think. And there's a passage in Necrophagist's 'Only Ash Remains' at the end where they cover some classical piece. I can't remember the name, but I swear I've heard it done 'classically'.

EDIT: The end of Only Ash Remains has part of the Romeo & Juliet ballet in it, by Prokofieve. Now I remember where I heard that from.

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Metallica are recording thier own version of Ecstacy of Gold very soon i believe.

They've done that live years ago. It's the opening track to "S&M".

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What classical songs have Apocalyptica covered? I think they only do heavy metal.

As for Trans-Siberian Orchestra / Savatage - as far as I know, they haven't covered classical music either. They sampled some Christmas tunes and use an orchestra in the TSO side project, but that's about it. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) is composed of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Carol of the Bells, which I suppose aren't really classical music. They did play parts of Edvard Krieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King for "Prelude to Madness".

I can't remember Malmsteen playing classical music either...

Actually it's a tough subject. Several metal bands use tiny bits of classical compositions, but to actually cover a full song or a movement is quite rare. Usually if they need orchestration, they tend to compose their own orchestrated parts. Like what Rhapsody, Helloween, Nightwish and Blind Guardian do.

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