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I'm pretty sure I did one of these quite a while ago, but its not been for a while, and I feel like making some threads.

Basically, people's music tastes change over time, and a great album mayb only be percieved by you as a great album at a certain time. So, what albums have you ditched initially as either bad or average, only to come back months, maybe even years later, and really enjoy?

Add mine in a second.

Deftones "White Pony" - Bought it off of a mate for a fiver at a time when I wasn't really into that kinda music, and just didn't like it at all really. Gave it a spin a few months later, and loved it. One of my fave albums of all time now.

Tool "Lateralus" - Similar story to White Pony, although this was brought from an MVC sale, because I'd heard Tool were good. Couldn't get into it, 6 months later when I gave it another go, really loved it.

The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi......." - My mate gave me this one for free, and I ended up selling it, I just did not like it at all. However, it got pimped so much and often I re-bought it about 2 years later, and it is one of the best albums I have in my collection for sure. Excellent work throughout.

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The Raconteurs "Broken Boy Soldiers". I didn't really like it the first time I heard it, it semed like a let-down. Coming back to it about a month or two later I loved it. I was constantly playing it and couldn't get enough, not sure why. And Prize Fighter Inferno gets a bit better with each listen, granted its not on the level of Coheed, but who ever said it would be.

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Not really an album, but Death Cab For Cutie as a whole. I thought they were boring as shit. Now they're possibly one of my top 5 bands of all time.

"From Under the Cork Tree" by Fall Out Boy - "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohohoho-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohohoho" FTW!!!

"Something To Write Home About" by The Get Up Kids - I was sick of people saying this was their 'masterpiece', whilst I far from hated it, I just found it a little bland, my least favourite of their albums. Until for some reason I listened to it on my Minidisk player (OLD SCHOOL!!!) and was blown away. I still think "Guilt Show" is superior, purely for the intoxicating melodies on there, but STWHA is amazing.

"Story Like a Scar" by The New Amsterdams - I still don't rate it that highly, it's different, and just took me a lot of getting used to. I rate it better than the 1/10 (or whatever) I gave it here after my first few listens. Still probably my least favourite NA album though. The song, "Turn Out The Light" is a modern classic though.

"This Town's Disaster" by Blackpool Lights - THEY SOUND LIKE THE GET UP KIDS!!! (circa 99-01 bastardisation) Only minus the singer (Who is now parading around in what was originally his side project, The New Amsterdams - see above). And because of this, I liked them, but didn't like them at the same time. Listening to it now, I absolutely adore it. It wont be a TGUK release, but it's still pretty darn sexy.

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The Raconteurs "Broken Boy Soldiers". I didn't really like it the first time I heard it, it semed like a let-down. Coming back to it about a month or two later I loved it. I was constantly playing it and couldn't get enough, not sure why. And Prize Fighter Inferno gets a bit better with each listen, granted its not on the level of Coheed, but who ever said it would be.
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St. Anger by Metallica - took months to really grow on me. I liked maybe 3 songs off the record on first listen.

Night Of The Stormrider by Iced Earth - I'm not a big fan of concept albums with no breaks in between the songs. But when I listened to the songs separately, I grew to love them all and now it's one of my favorite albums.

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Audioslave's Revelations. I still stand by my claim that it's the BEST Audioslave album they've done, but I initially hated it.

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Guest slimlayzie

There are a few that popped into my head.

Bone Thungs N Harmony's "Creepin' on a come up". I HATED rap SO much, and dismissed it when some friends wanted me to listen to it. I finally gave it a a real chance, mainly just to shut them up, and ended up loving the album. It's the album that got me into rap music. (though I'm not so much into it now)

Justin Timberlake's "Justified". Make all the jokes you want, I'm used to them. I HATED N'SYNC. Like...to the point of wanting to assisinate the guys. And when a girl I worked with tried to get me to listen to it, I listened hear and there, but mainly ignored it. Finally she made a bet with me, and I couldn't refuse the wager. I wound up losing the wager (though it didn't cost me anything) and found the album that would go on to be probably my most listened to album of that year.

Mettalica's "Garage Inc." I first thought, some remakes, and some old unreleased stuff...great! Listened to the unreleased songs disc, and HATED it! Didn't even bother with the other disc. Eventually I grew to really love thier version of Turn the Page, so I gave the remake disc a fair shot. LOVED it! Still don't care so much for the other disc, but the first disc is great. I could listen to thier version of Tuesday;s Gone forever. (could listen to Skynards version of too though)

Not so much an artist or specific artist. But growing up my step dad and mother would always blast "Jesus Christ Superstar". I'm very unrelegious, and hated it more than anything. some 12-15 years later, it is my alltime favorite musical. I've probably listened to the CD 100s of times, and watched the movie dozens of times.

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The Pogues - If I should fall from grace with God

A weird one to look back at now, because it's one of the best albums I've ever heard, period. I think my early exposure to them was at a younger age, before I could appreciate music that went beyond the whole "Raw, fuck you whore, I'll eat your cunt" variety. Now when I listen to it, I hear one of my favorite Irish music influenced albums ever, and that's a pretty lofty claim to make.

Battalion of Saints A.D. - Cuts

My initial reaction to this album was one of apathy. I didn't hate it, but I felt it was a big step down to the album the original Battalion of Saints recorded in the early 80s. Fortunately, I was smart enough to give the album another crack and I ended up falling in love with it. It's really brilliant if you like intense hardcore with smashing guitar riffs and blood curdling vocals. I mentioned this before about this album, but I'll say it's no brilliant masterpiece, but just a fucking awesome kick you in the face album.

Destroy All Monsters - November 22nd, 1963

Another one that felt sort of bland to me at first. I checked it out because it features former members of MC5 and The Stooges, so they're quite clearly a Detroit band. I was sort of dissapointed initially in the album, but I didn't really give it an honest chance. It was one day on the way home from work that I listened to the whole album and I was blown away. I couldn't believe how great this band, and this album were. I was saddened that this was the only album available by this group because they capture the Detroit rock sound brilliantly. They are probably my favorite band led by female vocals, and probably one of the best bands that the masses will never hear of.

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