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XBOX 360 Pro Question


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Silver membership lets you download content from the Xbox Live marketplace (game patches, dashboard themes, gamer pics etc.) whereas a Gold membership lets you play online against others. I don't think the Silver membership ever runs out, whereas a Gold one will after a set amount of time (ie. 12 months if you buy a 12-month subscription).

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Silver = go online and access the XBox Live Marketplace. You can download videos, demos and so on. You can chat to others and stuff like that. Silver is free.

Gold comes in 1 month, 3 month I think, and yearly subscriptions. Gold can do everything Silver can, but you need a Gold account if you want to play others online.

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Stupid question here, but does every premium bundle come with X-Box live (silver specifically, that's what I'm most interested in).

I'm getting one today and going to Sam's Club for it.

The package I'm getting

That's the package I'm getting, comes with two wireless controllers and some other gear so it seems like a solid deal. It comes with the ethernet cable and headset so I can assume it has X-box live? I'm not sure because it doesn't explicitly state "yes this comes with X-Box live".

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For all intents and purposes, Silver doesn't actually exist. You don't have to pay for it, or do anything special in order to get it. X-Box Live Silver is just another way of saying "You don't have Gold".

To put it another way, Silver is like being an EWB member. You can do most things any other EWB member can do for free, but you don't have access to the Donators forum (online gaming) or custom titles (the other little extras) unless you donate (buy Gold).

The only difference is, unlike accessing the donators forum, Online gaming is 99% of the reason 99% of people buy X-Box Live in the first place, so that analogy kinda falls apart there, but yeah...

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