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The Real World: Denver


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So yet another season begins and this has to be the quickest group to become sexual with one another. Within 12 hours girl-girl kissing and a hook-up (at least that is what they portrayed it as), and within 48 hours a three way kiss is added, as well as the Alex guy somewhat, but not really, cheating on the Clorie girl with the Jenn chick. Then Jenn puts the kiebosh on the deal because of her.

And we also have the first drama with the conservative man, and the gay kid.

On the season outlook I notice the gay guy wanting to fight the huge black man for some reason, probably because he is gay and he doesn't agree with it or something. Which is fine to stand up for your own preferences, but if it is going to get you beat down it'd be much more beneficial to let it go as neither person will be changing their minds on the subject.

Looks to be a better season than some of the past few however.

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Just out of curiosity, if anyone knows, has the show ever had a season without someone who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual?

(I haven't watched since New Orleans, but am watching the Real World\Road Rules challenge some)

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Denver? Sounds to me like they're running of towns. Can't wait for Real World: Eugene, OR

Don't hate on Denver...

Actually, Denver is an ok city. Bars are fun and it's definately a different scene than Boulder.

Meh, whatever :pinch:

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I watched a re-run of it just because I was bored, and I've got a few observations:

The interaction between the religious black guy and the religious gay guy could get way too preachy; frankly, I'm sick of overly religious people saying gays are going to Hell because they're gay and that being gay is a choice.

The crap with Brooke wanting to live with someone gay was just plain stupid, most of it should have been cut out because I think everyone got the point right away and they didn't need to show her repeating it later, and I'm beginning to think she *may* be the airhead in the group.

Nice that they've already established that two of the three women may be sluts.....NOT.

The thing with two of the women kissing in the hot tub then one of them saying `its a girl thing' = bullshit.

Looks like there's going to be a fight next episode. I wonder who gets kicked out?


Btw, you know why I quit watching the Real World a long time ago? Because I think some of the shit is actually scripted.

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