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British drama serieses

Lord Nibbler

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I'm sure if British writers were told "here's a massive budget, now just make up whatever shit seems like a good idea at the time", they could do something like LOST too. ¬_¬

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My liking of Stokerino just dropped several notches. No hilariously worded sentance will earn your forgiveness.

Doctor Who is a fucking awesome show. With the odd bit of downright silliness, but that's not the point >_>

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We do Crime Drama's, nothing more, nothing less. Waking The Dead > *.

Oh and Hustle rocks.

And as previously said, it's all to do with money and budgets. The TV industry here isn't anywhere near as huge as in America. Hence why there's lots of these comedy shows, as they're pretty cheap to make and typically British.

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Surely the BBC has a bit of cash to splash around? Can't cost much to do "Ready Steady Cook" and "In It To Win It with Dale Winton".

How much did Robin Hood cost to make? Because that's awful. I seem to remember it being touted as a "big budget" series.

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Wikipaedia on BBC finances

Seems like total BBC TV expenditure is roughly £1.5bn, with BBC 1 taking just over £1bn of that. Since a season of Lost costs something like $70m, seems like the BBC has the resources to splash the cash every now and then, if they so choose.

EDIT: Robin Hood cost £8m apparently.

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I'm sorry, but Robin Hood is a total pile of shit.

For older series, who can forget Jonathan Creek!?

And Crime Traveller, though I've only ever met two other people who liked that, and we all accept the acting was mostly dire.

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I think a lot of the problem is that us British like gritty realism. A whole lot of the American shows need some kind of suspension of disbelief due to fantastical elements they put in - and these elements are only put in when its something like Doctor Who and its more family friendly. Another example that springs to mind is Hex. Anything but family friendly, it was the only show I could remember where there was a witch who never used magic, but the way a lot of British people are, seeing characters do a Sabrina The Teenage Witch once every two minutes would be a turnoff.

Another problem is simply does a budget of £35 million like Lost justify ratings of anything less than several million (and the only things to get that is to be in primetime shows on BBC 1 or ITV, and most of the shows in place already are permanent like the soaps). It's a bloody shame but its the reality of it.

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