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The EWB Chart Wars 3 Mod.


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Okay, so in all likelihood, most of EWB won't give a damn about this, but I've decided to make an update to add more variety to Chart Wars 3. So for the two of you who do play it (calling LL and Tarheels), any good bands and styles to add to the game? I'm busy working on the indie stuff, but any rock bands and rappers to add (since there are oh so many missing)?

ROC Update 07 Link.

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YAY! It depends on who you've already got added in. There are quite a few I've wanted in for a while though:


From First To Last

My Chemical Romance

Flogging Molly

Dropkick Murphys


Motion City Soundtrack

Rise Against

Coheed & Cambria

Bullet For My Valentine

The Decemberists

The Killers (don't remember if they're in there or not)

Jack's Mannequin

+ 44

Angels & Airwaves

Jack's Mannequin

and I'm sure theres others I've forgotten. It seems like the only decent mod out there gives me a runtime error now.

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You said Jack's Mannequin twice. >_>

But I'll be looking to put those in there. I think I'm gonna have to find a weird way to break up Blink in order to put the two side projects in there, and it probably wouldn't fit the timeline much, either.

Oh, and I'm starting from the regular installed update, not the SteriogramIdiot update.

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I've been looking for a good mod to get me back into this game. I'd love to see more country artists and bands in the update along with bands like kittie and etc. Tried adding them myself but I suck at using the editor

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So, I've got a small mod update created. This is more of a test run to just show the little bit I've made so far to either make people aware the project exists or to just see if it works on other computers. While I tested it quite a bit, do make sure to back up your game data before installing, just in case.


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