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WWE 2007: The Evolution of the 'E


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Let’s be honest… wrestling over the last few years have sucked: especially in the WWE. No where has this been more clear then on its ‘flagship program’ WWE: Raw. There has been a mass exodus of talent, whether it is because of retirement, death, injury, or choices to either wrestle in other companies, or give acting a shot. The golden days where the roster was filled with guys like Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and other big name stars are long since gone.

That is why over the past few months, fans have been screaming for the WWE to create new stars out of fan favorites like CM Punk and Carlito, or at the very least give guys like Randy Orton or Shelton Benjamin another shot at the top. Instead of developing these stars however, the WWE has chosen to push two 40-year old men who love to show their ass, and a 60-year old man who loves to have his ass be kissed. Their franchise champion of now two years is constantly booed out of arenas, and the brutal fact is that Raw only really has one wrestler (Triple H) who fans would accept as a ‘legit’ World Champion. That is why the news that came down today was so terrible….


DATELINE: Wednesday December 20, 2006

WWE Headquarter Press Room

-The scene opens up to the Press Room at the WWE Headquarters. The room is jammed packed, after hearing the news that the WWE will be making a major announcement this afternoon. All of a sudden WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon enters the room along side daughter, Stephanie, former World Champion, Shawn Michaels, and son in law, and the ten time World Champion, Triple H. Vince McMahon takes center stage, behind the microphone.-

VINCE McMAHON: Thank you for joining us at such short notice. We um…. We have some sad news to report, but at the request of Triple H, he would like to be the one who announces this. So Hunter please step up to the mic.

TRIPLE H: Thank you Vince…. I don’t really know where to begin with an announcement like this so I am just going to come right out and say it. As some Internet sites have reported, I am here to announce my retirement from the sport of professional wrestling. This retirement was not planned, and is not something I wanted to happen for at least another year or two. However last Monday on Raw during the main event, I re-injured…

-The room begins to stir as the most decorated wrestler in the modern era breaks down after reading this news. His wife Stephanie, and best friend Shawn Michaels step up the stage and turn him away from the cameras, shielding them from capturing the proud warrior showing a moment of weakness. After a few moments Triple H turns back towards the cameras and finishes his speech.-

TRIPLE H: Sorry…. I re-injured my surgically repaired knee, and Dr. Andrews tells me that the chances of being able to repair the knee a second time, and get it in the condition to be able to with stand a work load, such as the one that I endure in the WWE is out of the question. For more then a decade and a half I have gave my heart and soul to this industry, and to this company. In return they gave me a wife, and the opportunity to realize every dream that I had as a child growing up. As a kid growing up, I thought being a WWE superstar would be pretty cool. I now know it is the best damn thing I could have ever done, and to everyone who helped make this possible I thank you. I want to thank all the fans of the WWE who have stood beside me throughout my entire career… I want to thank all my friends… especially my best friend Michael Hickenbottom…. My wife Stephanie, and most importantly my father in law, Vince McMahon. I don’t really know what to say, so I will end it saying once more thank you to all of those who have cheered me… and booed me. It was a pleasure performing for all of you, and achieving a life long dream. Thank You.

-HHH, HBK, Stephanie, and Vine all leave as the press conference comes to an end.-


And so that is where this diary will begin. January 1… the first Raw of 2007 and the first ‘LIVE’ after the news of Triple H’s retirement. The WWE will have no other choice now but to develop new characters, see which of these new young stars has the ability to be the next Triple H… Steve Austin… Rock… Mick Foley.

OOC Notes on this diary:

OK, first off I know the excuse that HHH used to 'retire' with may be weak, but I didn't want to do something extreme like give him AIDS, or kill him off. I may/may not use him in the diary, but felt like for the diary to achieve what I need, that there doesn't need to be that reliable champion in the company. I assure you that I have plans and ramifications for these actions. This will make sense before its over, so please bare with me. As for how I will handle this diary. I will do recaps similar to the styles of FOURSTARFIZZLE for Raw/Smackdown, and then go all out for pay per views. It may take a couple shows to become comfortable with the recap style, so please give me time if I struggle at the onset.

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WRESTLING NEWS & NOTES: 12/21/06: News on ECW, Smackdown, and HHH Now More Powerfull!?!?!?!

  • As has been reported for the past few weeks, CW has pulled the plug on Smackdown heading into the spring season. This news really doesn't come as a shock to the WWE, since the new CW network warned them about this move if their ratings didn't improve.

  • To correct this problem, the WWE has elected to replace Smackdown in the place of the struggling ECW product. Smackdown will now appear on the Sci-Fi network, with Joey Styles and Tazz taking over as the voices of the program. The ECW workers will be split up between the Raw and Smackdown brands over the next couple of weeks.

  • The word is that the WWE still is not 100% sure on what they want to do with Triple H. While he will not appear in the ring anymore, his backstage influence is not expected to be reduced, if it will not increase now because of more time to devote to the product. Many have thought all along that it would be Triple H who would take over the booking aspect of the WWE after Vince retires, this may be the first step in that becoming a reality.

  • Tonight's Raw will be a highlight show, basically recapping the entire year of the WWE. The first live RAW will return Jan 01, with Smackdown debuting a LIVE broadcast the following night on Sci Fi.
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[align=center] SMACKDOWN! ROSTER

WWE Champions

World Champion: Dave Batista

United States Champion: Chris Benoit

Cruiserweight Champion: Greg Helms

Tag Team Champion: Paul London & Brian Kendrick


Dave Batista

At this point in time, he probably the move over established face in the WWE. While some have questioned his 'fire' since coming back from his injury, no one denies that he is still one of the most dominating forces in the WWE.

King Booker

He is at the tail end of a year long push, that many people have felt he has deserved since entering the WWE. One of the most liked and respected superstars of our time, Booker finally got his shot at the big tie and took advantage of it, winning both the King of the Ring and the World Championship in the same year.

The Undertaker

When you think of the WWE, one name comes to mind. The Undertaker. He is the consistant force that has been with the WWE since... well forever. He is the largest fan base of any active superstar and the respect of everyone.

Chris Benoit

The greatest techincal wrestler alive, period. True, he may not be Mr. Personality, but this isn't a beauty pagant. This is a wrestling company, and wrestling skills are all that matter. On the mat, no one is better then the Crippler, and if you slip up once against him, he will show you that his name isn't hype, like the name... the nickname is REAL.


The little brother of the Undertaker, this former WWE Champion stands over seven feet tall and owns victories against everyone in professional wrestling it seems. His combination of size, speed, and power is only matched by those who share his gene pool.

The Rest of the Roster

Ashley Massaro


Brian Kendrick

Chavo Guerrero

CM Punk




Gregory Helms

Hardcore Holly

Jamie Noble

Joey Mercury

Ken Kennedy

Matt Hardy

Mark Henry

Paul Heyman

Paul London


Rey Mysterio

Scott Taylor




The Sandman

Theodore Long


William Regal


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[align=center] RAW ROSTER

WWE Champions

WWE Champion: John Cena

IC Champion: Jeff Hardy

Diva Champion: Mickie James

Tag Team Champion: Edge & Randy Orton


John Cena, WWE Champion

John Cena is now a three time WWE Champion, and without question one of the most controversial champions in the history of the sport. I konw thats a term that is tosses around losely, but Cena has earned that title by being booed out of nearly every single arena he has entered over the last year or so.


One of the most respected wrestlers on the roster today, from the fans point of view. Many people dub him as the next Shawn Michaels, and is well on his way to achieving that, already having two WWE Title reigns under his belt.

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Carlito is one of the most charsmatic superstars in the WWE today. From the moment he stepped into a WWE ring, he had a cult like following that has only grown with his exposure. A second generation wrestler, Carlito is one of the most promising superstars on the Raw roster today.

Randy Orton

One of the most disappointing.. and misused wrestlers in maybe the industry's history. A third generation wrestler, Randy Orton has bounced from brand to brand, causing trouble everyone he goes, however this former World Champion will never be denied the fact that he is one of the most talented superstars alive today.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is a shell of what he once was, after serious back and knee injuries, however a shell of today's HBK is still better then 85% of the industry at full strength, and he can still put on a show with anyone. While many doubt he will ever be a World Champion again, the idea of another title reign still drives the man of faith.

- Rest of the Roster -

Armando Alejandro Estrada

Big Show

Bobby Lashley

Charlie Haas

Chris Masters


Gene Snitisky


Jeff Hardy

Jerry Lawler

Johnny Nitro

Lance Cade



Melinda Perez

Mickie James

Ric Flair

Rob Conway

Robbie McAllister

Rory McAllister



Shelton Benjamin

Stevie Richards


Trevor Murdock


Val Venis




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I do have to say man, i like the concept of this diary and my god on the off occassion i do watch RAW nowadays, Triple H is the man lol i've always liked him, heel Triple H is god but anyways. I'm looking forward to see where you go with this.

The RAW side seems stronger then the Smackdown so that will be interesting also.



PUSH TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck man.

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WRESTLING NEWS & NOTES: 01/01/07: News on Raw, Punk/Benoit, and Spirit Squad Members!

  • WrestlingExposed learned today that the spirit Squad was informed that they would be sent back down to OVW for repackaging. There is no word yet on whether or not this has anything to do with the HHH injury, which occured as the Spirit Squad was beating up DX on Monday Night.

  • Tonight's Raw is suppose to pay tribute to Triple H with guys like Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, Ric Flair, and others paying tribute to Triple H's career.

  • Teddy Long has announced that he will put Chris Benoit through another grueling Best of Five Series... this time with newly aquired ECW Extremist, CM Punk! The series will begin this Tuesday on Smackdown.
Show Previews for the Following Week

RAW: No single man has meant more to the developement of Raw, then 'The Game', Triple H. Tonight his peers will honor him with praise as the most decorated wrestler of his generation will officially retire. In his honor, the man who holds the same belt that Triple H wore for an amazing ten times, WWE Champion John Cena will defened his belt against Umaga. Will Cena overcome the odds once again, or will the undefeated Samoan Submission Machiane capture the richest prize in all the industry? In other action, Jeff Hardy will put his Intercontiental Championship on the line against the King of Cool, Carlito.

SMACKDOWN!: All will not be well in the kindgom as King Booker and Fit Finaly failed to defeated Batista and John Cena at Armageddon. How will the King respond? And will it effect the World Champion, Batista? Plus, the 'Best of 5' series kicks off this week between the Champion, Chris Benoit and former ECW extremist, CM Punk.

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The Game is Now OVER.....

No one man has meant more to the Raw brand then Triple H. Since the brand separation, no man has held the World Championship more then ‘The Game’. He was the cornerstone on which the flagship program of this company was built around. He is without question the most accomplished wrestler of his day, and as Raw starts up they show a video package of his career, which spans five minutes highlighting nearly every single major feud, from Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mick Foley, to Scott Steiner and Henry Godwin. As the video footage culminates, you hear the sounds of female moaning erupt out of the public address system. ‘The Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels steps out onto the stage and walks down the ring. HBK is the most charismatic superstar in the WWE’s history, and as usual he is wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Even a blind man can see that this trip to the ring is one he never wanted to make. Shawn steps into the ring, taking his spot in the center of the ring. He tells the audience how much Triple H has meant to his own career, and credits him for being the reason that he is still in the bussiness today. He then admits that even a man as cocky and prideful as himself, would be foolish if he didn’t recognize that Hunter was the greatest wrestler in the industry today. He reveals that now that his “buddy” will no longer travel the road with him, that it may be time for HBK to hang up the wrestling tights too, but that would come at a different time. Tonight was his friend, Triple H., the greatest professional wrestler the WWE had ever seen. He thanked Hunter for being a friend, and the toughest competitor he ever faced. Hunter came out into the ring, and the two men embraced right before the first commercial break.

The show returns with Eugene in the ring holding a microphone. He says ‘Triple H is my favorite wrestler, and it makes me sad that he is retiring. HHH, I…. I am GONNA DEBATE this match to you”. I’m guessing he meant dedicate, but whatever he meant to say after that, we’ll never know because he is stopped in his tracks when the stages erupts with pyros and the sounds of marching drums are heard. Bobby Lashley emerges through the pyros, and the look on the face of Eugene is priceless. He doesn’t move an inch, as Bobby Lashley slowly makes his way down to the ring, never taking his eyes off his opponent. Lashley rolls into the ring, and stares at the fear frozen Eugene. He gives a cocky smirk, then explodes with a SPEAR moments after the bell sounds. The crowd erupts as Lashley springs to his feet and signals for the end. He grabs Eugene by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, DOMINATOR! 1-2-3! Lashley wins in less then 30 seconds. After Lashley celebrates for a moment, the scene switches back to Maria who is standing next to Carlito. The “King of Cool” starts off by saying how bad it suck to be Eugene, and not because he just got his ass kicked by Lashley. He then asks who it doesn’t suck to be. Maria just gives that cute deer in the headlights look, so Carlito answers it for her. He says ‘Carlito, because not only is Carlito a hunk of sexy, all wrapped up in a Christmas package, but here in a few minutes, Carlito is going to be yet again the W-W-E Intercontinental Champion… and being a champion… now DAT’S COOL”.

Raw returned with Carlito heading into the ring with the Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy already in the ring. The two battled back and forth for about four or five minutes, before Jeff Hardy finally was able to connect with his sit down, jawbreaker. With Carlito now flat on the canvas, Jeff Hardy would climb to the top rope. The Intercontinental Champion would leap off the top rope and execute his Swanton Bomb on an empty canvas, because Carlito rolled out of the way at the last moment. Hardy would spring up to his feet, and grab his back in pain. Carlito would seize the moment, and execute his ‘BackCracker’ then pick up the 1-2-3! ‘The King of Cool’ is the new Intercontinental Champion! The crowd eats it up, as Carlito rolls to the outside and celebrate with his belt.

The scene would fade back to Raw with a video clip of Randy Orton talking about Triple H. He would say that he obviously doesn’t like the ‘son of a bitch’, but does give him credit for helping him get to where he is today, both positively and negatively. He then wishes that Hunter could have stuck around a bit longer so that it could have been the ‘Legend Killer’ who finally put the nail in the coffin of the biggest legend of them all, Triple H. With that out of the way, the scene fades to the ring where we see Shelton Benjamin in the ring, and then followed by the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge and his sex pot Lita. The two make their way down to the ring, and the match is underway. Edge and Shelton exchange advantages for a long time before Lita finally helps her man seal the victory when she grabbed the leg of Shelton, distracting Shelton long enough for Edge to hit the SPEAR on Benjamin and pick up a 1-2-3! Edge would roll out with the stolen victory, and the victorious couple would escape up the entrance ramp, no doubt in a hurry to go have victory sex.

We return to Raw unfortunately not watching the victory sex between Edge and Lita, but with a nice consolation of Armando Alejandro Estrada standing in the middle of the ring. Just saying that name is fun… Armando Alejandro Estrada, anyways he is on the stick and talking about how Umaga is the greatest thing since pockets on a shirt. He ends by telling John Cena…”My Umaga, he is gonna KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU!”. The fans react negatively; obviously realizing they are taking this rip off way past the extreme at this point. However their negative reaction is turned into a mixed reaction with John Cena’s music starts up and out walks the WWE Champion. Cena comes in guns blazing, but the power of Umaga finally takes over. The Samoan Submissions Machine dominates most of the remainder of the match, teasing a title change, however at the end John Cena begins to take over control of the match, hitting the five star shuffle, and appearing moments away from hitting the FU, when Armando Alejandro Estrada jumps up on the apron with a steel chair. He tosses the chair into the ring, over the ref’s head, but Cena snatches it. With Armando Alejandro Estrada distracting the ref, the WWE Champion takes this opportunity to brush up on his swing, and smashes Umaga over the head with a steel chair. Of course the ref has turned around by this point, and immediately calls for the bell. Cena argues through a cocky smirk, acting as if the ref should just let it go. Armando Alejandro Estrada pulls his client out of the ring, and screams it isn’t over as his client is given the victory through DQ. Cena continues to argue with the ref through a cocky smirk as Jim Ross hypes that the next will the final time we see Triple H in a WWE ring. We see Triple H leaving his locker room and heading towards the ring as the scene fades to commercial.

“ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME” erupts through the arena for the final time as the arena explodes. Triple H emerges through the curtains with his suit, shades, and trademark water bottle. He makes his way down to the ring, taking time to notice a ‘Thank You Hunter’ and ‘Game is God’ sign. Hunter finally does make it to the ring, where he takes his place in the center. He grabs the stick and thank everyone for their reaction, saying that while normally he honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass what you had to say, that the over whelming reaction meant a lot to him. He admitted that any other time, he didn’t give a rat’s ass what you thought of him. He didn’t care if you booed him, or if you cheered him. All he ever wanted to do was make you care enough to do something when you saw him face, or heard his music. He said after winning ten championships, and defeating nearly every single man in the industry, he has done it all. He begins to say something else, but is cut off by ‘WORD LIFE’. The crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. John Cena says that the night isn’t over with yet, that there is still one more man who wants to ‘chime in on the greatest of the Game’. Cena then says that the Game is a fraud, and tells him that after he popped his knee, he couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. Funny. He says that he is the most over-rated wrestler in this industry’s history, and the only reason that he is got to ten world titles, isn’t because of talent like Flair, but because he bangs the owner’s baby girl. After receiving boos from the crowd, Cena calls everyone a hypocrite, and claims that everyone has said the exact same thing at one point. HHH is about to explode after hearing this, and Cena only adds fuel to the fire, when he tells Hunter to wipe that stare off his face before he ‘beats his crippled ass’. Before Hunter can clean the clock of Cena one final time, the two men are interrupted by, “NO CHANCE… That’s What you got.. NO CHANCE!”. Of course this signals that the WWE Chairman is making his way into the arena. McMahon never fails to appear, and soon walks through the curtains, appearing on top of the entrance ramp. McMahon says that he will ignore the comment Cena made about his daughter, but claims that Cena isn’t the last man who wants to chime in on the Game. In fact, Vince wants to apologize to Hunter. Tonight was supposed to be his retirement party, not his funeral. He said that it’s true, Hunter is his son-in-law, and since apparently since he missed the memo about how you were suppose to treat a ‘retirement party’, as a funeral… he came bearing gifts. No it wasn’t a car, or a boat, or even a house. No, it was a job. He said it was fitting that Hunter be the man who leads Raw, since he is the man who built it. Hunter takes the job, and everyone loves it…everyone except for John Cena. Now realizing that he is talking to his new boss, The WWE Champion jumps on the mic and admits that he should have acted better, and since he acted poorly, he wanted to make it up. Since he bring a gift a for ‘Hunter’s Retirement Party’, he wanted to be the first man to congratulate him on the new job. He says welcome aboard, and offers a handshake. Triple H cautiously receives it, but surprisingly John Cena doesn’t do anything. The Champ shakes the hand of his once bitter rival, and goes to leave, but pauses in his tracks. He pulls the mic up and says ‘Screw that, let me give you a proper welcoming… BOSS!’ Cena then proceeds to scoop up the new GM of Raw, and dump him with a FU as Raw fades!


Bobby Lashley def Eugene

Intercontinental Championship

Carlito def ©Jeff Hardy

Edge def Shelton Benjamin

WWE Championship

Umaga def ©John Cena, VIA DQ

(FEEDBACK appreciated as always)

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‘These Are My Confessions… It’s All Your Fault’

For months now the Kingdom has been a thorn in the side of Dave Batista, however ever since Survivor Series, it appears the tide has turned. No matter what King Booker or Fit Finlay do, Dave Batista seems to have an answer for it. Armageddon™ may have been the last straw as Dave Batista, along with WWE Champion John Cena, defeated the Kingdom in tag team action. As we begin the first ever Tuesday Night Smackdown on Sci-Fi, clips are shown from this bloody battle. The scene then fades in and we hear Joey Styles and Tazz mark out like crazy over the new channel, and the event that was Armageddon™. Soon King Booker makes his way onto the stage, and makes his way down to the ring with Queen Sharmell. Booker takes the stick and says that at Armageddon Batista didn’t prove a damn thing. The King says that he was on the verge of beating the ‘Dream Team’ of Batista and Cena until Finlay screwed everything up. Booker reminds us that it was Finlay who was pinned, and all that happened at Armageddon was that Batista proved what everyone knew…Finlay is a loser. Of course this brings out everyone’s favorite Irishman, Fit Finlay. He says something, but it’s difficult to make out because of Finlay’s rough Irish accent, and the fact that since he’s Irish, and that probably means, he is hammer out of his mind. Though apparently he said something pretty bad, because Booker drops the mic and two begin to fight. However it is soon broke up by the theme song of your World Champion, Dave Batista. He steps out onto the stage with a huge smile. He grabs a stick and says that he is glad to see that the things are the way they should be. He is wearing the belt, and you two are fighting over who really wears the pants in this relationship. The stale joke doesn’t go over with the fans either. Batista then says that he knows where this is going, but he doesn’t want to face both of them again. However, he will face ONE of them, one final time, at the Royal Rumble. Which one? Well, that’ll be determined with both of them face off in tonight’s main event. Everyone in the arena loves to hear this… well maybe except Booker and Finlay.

We come back to Cruiserweight Title action. In the ring is everyone’s favorite redneck, Jamie Noble, who is taking on the man who has held the belt for forever and three days, Gregory Helms. The match is actually pretty good, as are most Helms matches. In the end, Helms wins with hitting the shinning wizard on Noble. The Champ celebrates with his belt some as the scene fades back to show Hardcore Holly and Test warming up. Test pokes fun at the Tag Team Champions, when he wonders if they had to order Youth Gone Wild, who are Brian Kendrick and Paul London, new tag team belts in children’s sizes after they won them. Holly cracks, then says he is going to break Kendrick in half. The scene fades back into the arena where the before mentioned Brian Kendrick is heading towards the ring. Holly then comes out and joins the co-holder of the tag team championships. The bell begins and the match is under way. The two actually have a competitive match up, as the brute force of Holly is given a ‘yin-yang theory’ with Kendrick’s quickness and speed. The match turned when Kendrick hit a standing enziguri, which caught Hardcore solid. Kendrick bounces off the ropes, but Hardcore explodes with a STIFF clothesline, that sends Kendrick head over heel, and crashing HARD on the back of his neck. Hardcore picks up the 1-2-3! Medics rush out onto the scene when Kendrick fails to move after landing on his neck awkwardly. They tend to him as the scene fades to commercial.

Smackdown comes back from commercial as we see Teddy Long out with the medics as they load Brian Kendrick onto the stretcher. They begin to wheel him out, as Teddy Long stays in the ring with his head slumped saying a silent prayer. However his prayer is broken by the sounds of ‘NO CHANCE! That’s what you got! NO CHANCE!’ Of course this sound ushers out the chairman who explodes through the curtains moments after Kendrick disappears through them. McMahon charges down to the ring and joins Teddy Long in the ring. McMahon takes the mic and says that he is going to get right down to bussiness. McMahon says that the job that Teddy Long has been doing on Smackdown is very good, but he isn’t looking for a very good general manager, he is looking for someone who is willing to push the bar and challenge Raw as the flagship of this company. Long says that he has done the best with the circumstances that he has been given, citing the death of Eddie Guerrero, injuries to Batista and JBL, and the departure of a certain someone who will remain un-named. McMahon says excuses are for losers, and while he was just going to warn Teddy originally, after heading excuse after excuse, he has no other choice but to FIRE Teddy Long! The scene fades with Long’s expression of shock.

The scene returns with Styles and Tazz speechless about what just happened. They talk about it as CM Punk and Chris Benoit both make their entrances into the ring. Once the bell sounds however, all the focus is on Chris Benoit and CM Punk who put on a wrestling clinic. The two men battle back and forth for nearly twenty minutes, before Chris Benoit explodes out of nowhere with the Crossface on the unsuspecting Punk and picks up the first win in the best of five series. Tazz notes that this is Punk’s first loss, and a rarity, by submission. The scene fades backstage where Ashley is getting a cup of coffee. Into the set walks the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. He offers Ashley the chance to be with a real man… a man who knows how to carry around gold. Of course, Ashley says no, but Helms is persistent. Finally onto the scene bursts Matt Hardy to ask if there is a problem. Helms tells Hardy to go find something that considers him. He says matters that concern his woman, do concern him. Always being a cocky man, the champ says that he will put the title on the line next week against Matt Hardy, just to show Ashley how much more of a man he is then, Matt.

We fade back in with Finlay and Booker already in the ring. The two men begin the match and wrestle a fair decent match. In the end Finlay connects with a piledriver to Booker, but as he goes for the pin Sharmell pulls the ref from the ring. Finlay is furious, but since the ref isn’t looking he grabs that sleigh. He splits Booker between the eyes, NO MISSES! Booker ducks, and connects with the BOOKEND! 1-2-3! Booker is heading to the Royal Rumble to face Batista! Booker rolls out of the ring and celebrates with his queen. However he his celebration is quickly interrupted by the sounds, not of the World Champion, but of another sound. The sounds were a band named Alterbridge, with a song called ‘Xtreme Revolution’. The crowd rises to their feet in curiosity when Paul Heyman appears on top of the entrance ramp! Heyman pulls out the stick and introduces himself in classic Heyman fashion. He then informs everyone that he is back in charge of Smackdown. He says that he is the man that represented what Vince wants in a General Manager. He will push the envelope. He will challenge Raw. He is that someone who will revolutionize Smackdown! The scene fades as Heyman soaks up the spotlight on his first night back as GM of Smackdown!


Cruiserweight Title

©Gregory Helms def Jamie Noble

Hardcore Holly def Brian Kendrick

Match #1 of Best of 5 Series

Chris Benoit def CM Punk

World Title Shot at Royal Rumble

King Booker def Fit Finlay

(FEEDBACK appreciated as always)

Edited by MikelSweeten
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I have a feeling that you only started the Best of Five with Benoit/Punk just got the near-GUARAN-DAMN-TEED kickass matches they'll put on?

Eh. Can't blame you; I took Punk out of ECW in my WWE 2007 game and put him on SD, and then immediately placed him in a US title feud with Benoit.

I ended up having Benoit win the feud after an incredible WM match, but Punk cheated to regain the belt so that Benoit could move on to face King Booker...

And I just realized that Booker's title reign in-game, if I wanted to count from the real-life GAB, I've almost given Booker a year-long WHC reign >_>

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WRESTLING NEWS & NOTES: 01/08/07: News on Possible Storyline, Teddy Long's Firing, and New Talent at RR!

  • It was brought to our attention that this past week the WWE copyrighted the name 'Konfederacy'. Yes, that is spelled correctly with a 'K'. We are not quite sure yet why they trademarked this term, but word has it that we will know very soon.

  • The reasoning behind the removal of Teddy Long as Smackdown's GM was thought to be one, not of poor performance, but rather just to attempt to try to inject some life into Smackdown. It is believed that Long will stay on, though it is unsure of what role.

  • There are rumors floating out there that the WWE has BIG plans in store for the Royal Rumble that could include the return of a former WWE Superstar. Many in the industry are wondering who it could be. The Rock? Chris Jericho? Kurt Angle? The WWE hasn't said anything, but many believe, where there is smoke there is fire.
Show Previews for the Following Week

RAW: Last week the WWE Champion John Cena gave new Raw President, Triple H, a warm welcome aboard when he FU'd his new boss just moments after 'The Game' recieved the job. In response to that attack, The Game has demanded that John Cena put his WWE Title on the line against Randy Orton!

SMACKDOWN!: One week after taking back control of Smackdown, Paul Heyman has already started to make his prescence felt by making a main event for the ages this week when Kane takes on Ken Kennedy! Also Matt Hardy will fight for the honor of his woman, and try to win the Cruiserweight Championship at the same time, when he takes on Gregory Helms! All of this, plus the second match up, of the best of five series between CM Punk and Chris Benoit!

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January 08 ‘ Lessons Offered, and Lessons Learned’

As the show opened up it showed highlights from last week’s Raw. We see where Triple H was about to finish up his ‘retirement party’, when John Cena interrupted the show. We then hear Vince McMahon name Triple H the new Raw President, and the clip ends with John Cena welcoming HHH to Raw with a FU! The scene fades and Raw begins with the sounds of EVERYTHING HAS COME TO LIFE! Edge and his sexpot Lita walk out and down to the ring. He grabs the stick and says that 2006 was the year of Edge! He starts naming off all of his accomplishments, such as winning the WWE Championship twice, defeating legends like Ric Flair, and Mick Foley at Wrestlemania. He then tells the world that 2007 will even be better, because not only is he going to win the Royal Rumble, and go on to headline Wrestlemania, but he will win the Royal Rumble in dramatic fashion… by throwing out all 29 other superstars in the ring, because he is demanding to be the first Raw superstar in the Royal Rumble!

The show returns with Triple H showing up to the building. As he enters the building he finds none other then A.A. Estrada waiting for him. Estrada bursts into brown nosing mode, by telling Triple H that Vince made the right move by naming him the new President, and how no other man would be as good of a choice as him. In fact, it is a total shame that John Cena had to ruin such a historic moment in Raw’s history! He says that John Cena should be taught a lesson, and if HHH will allow it, he wants his ‘Undefeated Samoan Submission Machine’ Umaga to do the teaching. Triple H informs Estrada that he has already booked Cena in a match for tonight, against Randy Orton! The opening match on Raw is Johnny Nitro taking on the former Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy. The two men battled it out for a few minutes, before Jeff Hardy appeared to have everything in control. He went up top and connected once again with his Swanton Bomb on an empty canvas. This time however, it wasn’t because his opponent moved out of the way, but because Melinda Perez pulled Johnny Nitro out of the way. With Hardy dazed, Nitro rolled to the apron, then climbed to the top rope to execute the ‘Money Shot’, and pick up the 1-2-3! Johnny Nitro and Melinda celebrate!

As we return to Raw from the commercial break, we see Johnny Nitro and Melinda Perez still celebrating backstage after their win. Nitro runs into the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Nitro pops off about how since he knocked off the number one contender, that he should be next in line for Carlito’s belt. Carlito just shrugs and goes to walk off, but Nitro persists, telling Carlito that Nitro is just too hot for Carlito. The King of Cool can’t let that go, and pops off about what’s hot about a man named JOHNNY? Johnny is the name of old crappy late show hosts, and seven-year-old little boys, who wants trains and legos for Christmas. Is that what Johnny wants for Christmas? A train? ‘DAT AIN’T COOL!’ says Carlito and walks off. Back in the arena Trevor Murdock and Lance Cade make their way down to the ring to join the Highlanders. The two teams battle it out for over ten minutes, going back and forth in a classic tag team battle, which ends with Murdock hitting a top rope bulldog on Rory McAllister.

As Raw returns we find Chris Masters talking about how he is the most physically gifted man in ALL of the WWE. He tells everyone to look at him! He’s a MASTERPIECE! He then claims that no one else can match up to him, however he is soon proven wrong because as soon as these words exit his mouth, the pyros explode from the stage and ‘DOMINATION’ starts up! The crowd explodes as Bobby Lashley emerges from the fireworks and makes his way down to the ring, not taking his eyes off of Chris Masters the entire way down to the ring. Lashley rolls into the ring, and goes jaw to jaw with Masters, who still will not shut up about how dominate he is. Chris screws up and gives Lashley a slap across the face of the former ECW Champion. Lashley pauses for a moment, possibly out of shock, but then before anyone realizes what happened, Lashley explodes with a SPEAR! Lashley pops up to his feet and signals for the end of the match. He snatches up Masters, then drops him with the DOMINATOR! 1-2-3! The fades quickly backstage where we see the Diva Champion, Mickie James talking on her cell phone. She tells the person on the other line that she can't wait to see them next week, however the conversation is brought to an abrupt hault when Victoria takes the phone from her and turns it off! Mickie screams at Victoria that she just hung up on her boyfriend, to which Victoria laughs and remarks that her boyfriend it totally fictious. Mickie says her man is too real, and next week her man is going to prove to be a better man then Victoria's former boy toy, Stevie Richards.

Raw™ returns with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hyping up the main event, however the sounds of ‘EXTREME REVOLUTION’ can be heard and Paul Heyman enters a Raw™ ring! Heyman takes his place in the middle of the ring and introduces himself in typical Heyman fashion. He says that if anyone doesn’t know, the Royal Rumble is coming up in a few weeks and he has a problem. You see, both Raw and Smackdown are given both a number one spot in the Royal Rumble, however there is only one last spot awarded. He wants a chance to EARN this spot, and proposes a match, a match between a Raw Superstar and a Smackdown Superstar at the Royal Rumble, and the winner would receive the 30th SPOT! ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! The place explodes as the Raw President, Triple H makes his presence felt. He says that he likes the idea, but he has an idea on top of that. Not only will the winner of the match receive the last spot, but the lower of the match would be the 3rd entrant into the rumble. Heyman says that he likes the way the Game thinks, and the two men shake hands, making the match official.

MERCY DRIVE, starts up and the former WWE Champion Randy Orton emerges from the back and takes his classic poses as the fireworks fall down all around him. Randy marches out and down to the ring. WORD LIFE… erupts from the arena as John Cena emerges out from the back with a vibe we haven’t seen from him in a long while. He doesn’t seem to care that half the arena is booing the hell out of him, all he is focused on is Randy Orton. Cena rolls into the ring as the match up begins. The two men wrestle a typical Raw™ main event, where both show off their offense arsenal. Cena looked to have things well in hand, after hitting his ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’. However when he lifted up Orton for the FU, Randy’s legs smacked into the ref, knocking him out. Cena would hit the FU, but no ref to count to three! Cena would go irrate, and try to wake the ref up. As Cena accomplishes that, he turns back towards the ring where Randy Orton drops him with a RKO! RKO! RKO! The arena explodes as Orton slowly covers Cena, but the ref is still motionless. Out from the back burst the Raw President, Triple H! HHH slides into the ring, and makes the cover…1-2-NO! Cena gets a shoulder up at the last moment! Orton can’t believe it, but HHH has to inform him it was only two. Orton accepts it, and calls for another RKO. He waits till Cena pulls himself back up to his feet, and goes for a second RKO, but this time Cena shoves him off, and connects with a FU! Cena makes the cover, but HHH won’t count to three. He just shakes his head in defiance, but from the other side, the original ref counts the 1-2-3! Cena retains the title in dramatic fashion! HHH cannot believe what has happened. He grabs the mic and tells Cena that at the Royal Rumble he will face Umaga… IN A NO DQ MATCH! Cena just shakes his head in disbelief, as Estrada and Umaga emerge from the back. Raw fades with Estrada smiling from ear to ear, telling Cena that his days as WWE Champion are numbered!


Johnny Nitro def Jeff Hardy

Trevor Murdock & Lance Cade def The Highlanders

Bobby Lashley def Chris Masters

WWE Championship Match

©John Cena def Randy Orton

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January 9 ‘ Keep Your Friends Close... But Your Enemies Closer! ’

Smackdown opens up with the second match in the best of five series between CM Punk and Chris Benoit. The two put on another wrestling clinic for all of Smackdown Nation with both showing off their amazing wrestling abilities. In the end however, it was Chris Benoit exploding out of nowhere with the ‘Crippler Crossface’ for the second week in a row to score a tap out victory over CM Punk! Benoit rolls to the outside and celebrates, as he has a dominant 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series over the Punkster! We see Benoit celebrating for a moment, and then the scene fades backstage where we see Paul Heyman arriving to his office to find none other then William Regal waiting for him. Regal tells Heyman that he isn’t happy about the way he has been treated lately, and wants to be more of a value to the new Smackdown product. Heyman says this is a new day, and spots are earned not given; however if Regal wants to earn a spot, he has just the chance for him! Starting next week, William Regal will start competing in the ‘Freak Tour’, which will showcase the unique characters that Smackdown has to offer. Regal agrees, but says he had something else in mind. Possibly something with a bit more competition. Heyman assures him that this ‘Freak Tour’ has plenty of competition, and it will begin with none other then the BOOGEYMAN!

Smackdown returns with the lovely punk rocker, Ashley apologizing to her boyfriend Matt Hardy over the mess she got him into. Hardy says that she didn’t do anything wrong. The one who is wrong in all of this is Greg Helms, and he will pay with not only a beat down, but the loss of his Cruiserweight Championship! The scene fades into the arena where we see the Cruiserweight Champion making his way to the ring. He points to a sign in the arena that reads “Ashley Wants Helms”. Helms praises the fan who holds the sign, however you soon hear burst from the speakers… OOOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Matt Hardy explodes out from the back with the lovely Ashley and the two make their way down to the ring to start off this Cruiserweight Championship match. The two men exchange rapid paces of offense, however Hardy is finally able to slow the pace down and take control of the match. Hardy moments away from winning the Cruiserweight Title, when he has Helms set up for the Twist of Fate, but Gregory pushes him off and into the ropes. Hardy grabs the ropes and holds on as the champ flies into the air with a dropkick attempt. Helms sells a knee injury which grabs the attention of the ref long enough for Ashley to drill MATT HARDY with the Cruiserweight Title! Hardy falls to the canvas lifelessly, which brings the Champ to a miraculous recovery! He crawls over and covers up Matt for the 1-2-3! Helms retains! He rolls out of the ring where he and Ashley Massaro celebrate their victory over Matt Hardy much to the shock of the Smackdown audience.

When we come back, we see Paul London storming around backstage. He burst into the locker room of Hardcore Holly and Test. The spunky Tag Team Champion shoves Hardcore back into his locker and accuses him of purposely injuring his tag team partner. Hardcore says that he didn’t injure him on purpose, but something like that was bound to happen one day since Brian Kendrick was out of his league. London would not hear anymore and challenged Hardcore to a match! Hardcore however declined, saying that he didn’t want to be responsible for single handily putting both of the Tag Champs on the injured roster. Test however was more then willing to fight Paul London, and the match was agreed too. The scene faded back into the arena where Joey Mercury and Psychosis were already in the process of their match. The two men exchanged rapid offenses, with Mercury dominating the majority of the match up. In the end it was Mercury who would win the match after rolling up Psychosis. Mercury would celebrate the victory as Smackdown went to a commercial break.

Upon our return, we find the new couple of Gregory Helms and Ashley Massaro backstage celebrating their victory over Matt Hardy. Paul Heyman soon interrupts the party, and tells them that what they did to poor Matt Hardy is sickening! Helms mocks Hardy, saying that he had it coming, and Ashley asks Paul do you really blame her? I mean look at Matt Hardy? He’s a loser. Gregory Helms is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in the industry’s history! Heyman interrupts Ashley, and says that he has to disagree. That he knows someone who just may have a claim to that title, but Helms will hear none of it. He says that he is the greatest of all time, and is willing to prove it. Heyman says that is great news, because at the Royal Rumble he will face this man, and then leaves without telling the Champ who he will be facing.

Smackdown returns for its main event, between Ken Kennedy and Kane. Kennedy is in the ring and giving his normal introduction when… BOOM… Kennedy is interrupted with the red pyro explosion from the entrance. Kane walks out and down to the ring. The two men go at it, battling in a tough contest with Kennedy showing that he can be as tough as any Smackdown superstar, however in the end it was Kane who would seal the deal with a ‘Chokeslam from Hell’ to Kennedy and a 1-2-3! Kane would stand up and celebrate, but the sounds of ‘Extreme Revolution’ would interrupt the post match victory celebration. Out from the back marches Paul Heyman, who congratulates Kane on the victory and says that with this win he has earned the right to compete for the 30th spot in the Royal Rumble. So next week, he will face another fellow Smackdown Superstar, and the winner of that match would go on to the Royal Rumble, where they would have a chance to earn the right to be the last man in the Rumble. Kane nods his head in enjoyment. Heyman then tells Kane that he has a great shot of winning, because he is very familiar with his opponent next week. Heyman cracks that evil smirk, as Kane looks on confusion. Abruptly, the lights quickly turn off in the arena and the entire arena explodes when the sounds of bells tolling can be heard…



Match #2 in Best of Five Series

Chris Benoit def CM Punk (Benoit Leads 2-0)

Cruiserweight Championship:

Joey Mercury vs Psychosis

Ken Kennedy vs Kane

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Okay, this is a pretty rad diary, but why is Umaga the Samoan Submission Machine? That nickname belongs to Samoa Joe; Umaga is the Samoan Bulldozer. It doesn't help that I don't think I've ever seen Umaga use a submission hold that isn't, say, a rear chinlock. Great job so far, but seeing Umaga labeled a Submission Machine so often just started to irk me after a while. It's like referring to one of the Highlanders as the Scottish Washing Machine.

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WRESTLING NEWS & NOTES: 01/15/07: News on Umaga/Joe Controversy, Konfederacy , Ashley Massacro, Plus Mickie James' Boyfriend REVEALED!

  • Some fans have noticed that the WWE has gone way over board with their comparision between Umaga and Samoa Joe. Jim Ross kept calling Umaga the 'Undefeated Samoan Submission Machine' on Raw, and the similiarities between Umaga and Joe are un-mistakeable. While fans seemed to be outraged over the copying of one of the most marked out superstars in the industry today, the 'E has stated they will not change their treatment of the Umaga character, in fact some backstage such as Johnny Ace believe that it is helping Umaga get over.
  • On last week's Raw, Mickie James spoke about the debut of her 'boyfriend' against Stevie Richards next week on Raw. This on screen boyfriend is none other then OVW superstar, DeShaun Christian.
  • WrestlingExposed.Com has learned the story behind the trademarking of 'Konfederacy'. Apparently the name is going to be the name of a new tag team, featuring former Spirit Squad Members Kenny... who will now go by 'Andrew Glenn Wright', and Mitchell, who will go by 'Kodi Wright'.
  • Ashley Massacro's turn this week was something that has been planned for some time, and done to try to give Gregory Helms more of an edge.
Show Previews for the Following Week

RAW: The battle between Triple H and John Cena continues to rage on after Triple H announced this week that Umaga would be in line for another shot at the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble! What will the Doctor of Thuganoics have in store for his boss? Plus Carlito will put his title on the line against the man he beat for it... Jeff Hardy. All of this, plus the debut of Mickie James' boyfriend, DeShaun Christian!

SMACKDOWN!: Paul Heyman dropped a bombshell on Smackdown last week, when he announced that Kane would face his brother, The Undertaker this week for the right to earn the last spot in the Royal Rumble! Who will win in this battle of the Brothers of Destruction? Plus, can CM Punk find a way to aviod the Crossface, and aviod being swept in the best of five series with Chris Benoit?

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January 15 ‘ The Last Stand of the Heartbreak Kid’

This week’s Raw™ starts off with the sounds of females moaning, and the music of SEXY BOY. HBK emerges from the back, looking almost depressed, as he makes his way down and to the ring. Shawn takes his spot in the middle of the ring and says how life has changed so much for him over the past few years. He questions whether or not he has the ablity to be the man, and says that he wants one more shot to see if he can shine on the biggest stage in this industry. This gives the que to play ‘ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME’, and out marches Raw President, Triple H. H-Cube tells Shawn that he is the best friend anyone could have, but he wouldn’t be a good President if he just gave his best friend a shot at the World Title. However, Shawn has earned the right to “earn” that spot, and he will have the chance to do just that when he enters the Royal Rumble in just two short weeks. H-Cube also informs Shawn that his chances of winning may be greatly improved if he can earn a victory tonight, because the winner of tonight’s main event will represent Raw™, and battle for the last spot in the Royal Rumble. HHH tells Shawn that he has a supreme confidence in him, but tells him that he is going to need ‘Gods Help’ because tonight he will be facing this man… which cues his music, WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW. Big Show emerges from the back, and exchanges death stares with Shawn Michaels.

Raw™ returns with Estrada in the ring with his angry Samoan, Umaga. Estrada tells the World just how brilliant Triple H is for giving Umaga another shot at John Cena, and how the ‘Undefeated Samoan Submission Machine’ is going to destroy Cena at the Pay Per View. He rants on and on, and ends up telling Cena that he has a secret, that at the Royal Rumble Umaga is GONNA KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU! This brings out a heavy doze of boos from the crowd, which wraps up the segment. Stevie Richards emerges from the backstage area, as Jim Ross hypes the debut of ‘The Playboy’ DeShaun Christian. BETTER VERSION starts up as DeShaun Christian emerges from the back, with wacko girlfriend Mickie James. Stevie Richards welcomes DSC to the ‘E by attacking him before the bell, and taking control early on in the match, however DSC proved to be too talented as the match wore on, taking control of the match, and dominating the latter portion of the match. He hit his ‘Playboy Splash’ in the corner, then connects with an old school Rocker-Dropper, that he calls ‘Lust at First Sight’ to score the 1-2-3!

We return to Raw™ to find DSC and Mickie James celebrating his debut victory. The two are making out, when Victoria interrupts them. The ‘E craziest diva tells Mickie James that tonight didn’t prove a thing! We all knew that Stevie Richards was a loser. That is why she got rid of Stevie Richards a long time ago, and next week she will take that Diva Championship from the biggest LOSER in the ‘E, Mickie James. The Champ doesn’t seem worried and goes back to celebrating with DSC. The scene fades back to the ring where we see Charlie Haas warming up in the middle of the ring. DOMINATION hits over the speakers as pyros fall from the ceiling. Bobby Lashley emerges from the back and stomps down to the ring as the fans begin a soft chant of ‘LASHLEY, LASHLEY’. Lashley rolls into the ring, and explodes out of no where with a SPEAR that tears Charlie Haas in half! Lashley rolls up to his feet and signals the end. He grabs Charlie Haas by the hair, and drops him with a ‘Dominator’ for a 1-2-3!

We return to Raw™ with the sounds of MERCY DRIVE. Randy Orton emerges through the golden pyros and slowly makes his way down to the ring. In typical Orton fashion, he says that he was screwed out of his destiny last week by poor officiating. He says the only reason he isn’t the WWE Champion right now is because the incompetence of the referees in the WWE. However, last week was only a hurdle, and not a stopping point. He declares that he is going to WIN the Royal Rumble, and he wants to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is the greatest wrestler alive today, so he is telling Triple H that he wants to be added to the main event tonight. EVERYTHING HAS COME TO LIFE, screams out from the speakers and out marches his Tag Team partner, Edge. He informs him that the Royal Rumble will be the night of the Rated R Superstar, not the Legend Killer. Orton says that they will just have to agree to disagree, and the two agree to that.

Raw™ returns with ‘I SPIT IN THE FACE …OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE COOL’. The King of Cool, Carlito walks down to the ring where Jeff Hardy is already in. The two men lock up, as their Intercontinental Championship rematch is underway! The two men actually put on a wrestling match that is worth watching for about 15 minutes, that draws a lot of heat from the crowd. Carlito went for his ‘BackCracker’ but Hardy flipped out of the way, and Carlito landed on his back. Hardy quickly climbed to the top rope and went for his Swanton Bomb, however Johnny Nitro made his presence felt when he pushed Jeff Hardy from the top rope, causing him to go flying off the top rope and into the first row of fans! The ref would throw the match out, giving the win to Hardy, but Carlito would retain the title. Hardy would not get up from the fall, and had to be carried out on a stretcher.

After the break, we open up to Johnny Nitro’s locker room where Triple H explodes into the locker room and questions why Nitro was out in the match. Nitro said that he should have been the one who faced Carlito, not Jeff Hardy. HHH says that no one in this bussiness knows more about rematch clauses then him, and Jeff Hardy had every right to be in that match. The Prez says normally, he would just award Hardy another shot at the Royal Rumble, but since now Jeff Hardy is injured; he has no choice, but to award Johnny Nitro a shot at Royal Rumble. However he isn’t going to award Nitro a free title shot. If he wants Carlito to put up his title at the Royal Rumble, Johnny Nitro has to put up something of his in return. Nitro says he is fine with that, and tells the Game to name anything. HHH says that is great news to hear, but it won’t be him to names the clause. It will be the man he injured, Jeff Hardy!

Raw™ returns for its final segment with Triple H heading back towards his suite to watch the Main Event. HHH passes long time friend Ric Flair, and offers the Nature Boy the chance to watch the main event with him. Flair says that he already has plans to watch the main event in the bathroom. Triple H questions, why the bathroom? Flair replies that he likes those ‘pieces of shit’ better then Hunter. WOOO! Flair walks off, as the Game is irate! ‘WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW’. The scene fades back into the arena and we see the Big Show walking down towards the ring. He steps over the top rope, and does his hand jester for the crowd. His music dies down as the sounds of females moaning, and the music of SEXY BOY start up. HBK emerges from the back, looking almost full of life, as he prays in front of the exploding pyros. Shawn makes his way down to the ring as the match begins, but Big Show takes control of the match early. Show dominates the match, showing off his power edge. Michaels is able to mount a few offensive spurts, but nothing lasting too long. Big Show finally goes to wrap up the match, when he grabs Shawn for his ‘Chokeslam’, however HBK wiggles out from Show’s grasp moments after being lifted up in the air, and is able to executing some ‘Sweet Chin Music’ for the 1-2-3! Michaels will represent Raw at the Royal Rumble! The show ends with Michaels celebrating the victory.


Bobby Lashley def Charlie Haas

Debut Match

DeShaun Christian def Stevie Richards

Intercontiental Championship

Jeff Hardy def Carlito© ...Via Interference DQ

Shawn Michaels def Big Show

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January 16 ‘ Ink It Fellas... ’

Smackdown™ began by showing the highlights from last week. It showed Kane beating Ken Kennedy, then Paul Heyman informing him of his involvement in the match tonight. The final clip shows the lights going out, and the revealing that the other party in tonight’s main event would be none other then the Undertaker! Smackdown™ begins with the first week of the ‘Freak Show’, and we see William Regal marching down to the ring. Soon there after none other then the Boogeyman follows him to the ring! Regal and Boogeyman lock up and the match begins. Both competitors go back and forth, taking control of the match. The Boogeyman appears to have Regal beat, but stops to grab a bite of protein, in the form of some worms. While the Boogeyman is chowing down, Regal reaches into his tights and pulls out some brass knucks. He blasts the Boogeyman across the skull, and is able to pick up a 1-2-3, without the ref catching the illegal object.

Smackdown™ returns from its break to find Paul London in the ring. ‘THIS IS A TEST’ starts up and out marches Test, with tag team partner Hardcore Holly. The two mock London, who lost his tag team partner a few weeks ago at the hands of Holly. The match up begins and Test totally dominates the match, over powering London. The Tag Team Champion is able to get in a quick bit of offense, however Hardcore Holly gives a pull on the leg of London, distracting him long enough for Test to level London with a ‘Boot to the Face’. The ref begins to scream at Holly, and threatens to DQ Test on the spot. Test is covering London, but to no avail, since the ref has his back turned. Out of nowhere comes Brian Kendrick! Kendrick leaps off the top rope with a leg drop, catching the un-suspecting Test perfectly. Paul London has enough wits about him to roll Test over and pick up the 1-2-3! The crowd loves it, as ‘Youth Gone Wild’ escapes up the entrance ramp. Hardcore Holly gets on the mic and demands that next week the two ‘midgets’ put the title on the line against them. YGW gladly accepts!

When Smackdown™ returns, we find none other then Raw Diva, Maria walking backstage. She enters the locker room of CM Punk, who greets his real life girlfriend warmly. Maria wishes Punk good luck, and says that Punk better avoid the Crossface. Punk seconds that, and Maria questions why doesn’t Punk reverse it? Punk laughs at the stupidity, and after kissing Maria leaves for his match. We fade to the arena where Chris Benoit is in the ring. ‘WELCOME TO CHICAGO, MOTHERF*CKER’ starts up as CM Punk walks out to the ring. The two men put on a wrestling clinic for the third week in a row. Like in the first match up, Punk appears to have everything under control, but after going for an enziguri, Benoit explodes out of nowhere with the Crossface! Punk refuses to tap, and after a few minutes of struggling with the hold, reverses the hold into a modified roll up, in which Benoit can not escape before Punk picks up the 1-2-3! Maria comes down to the ring and celebrates with her man, but Punk realizes he is still down 2-1.

Smackdown™ returns with the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms and his new mistress Ashley. The two are in the ring, feeling up one another, and making everyone uncomfortable. Finally the grab ass session stops, and Helms tells the world that he is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time! He says he isn’t scared of anyone who Paul Heyman throws at him, however as soon as he says this ‘6-1-9’ explodes, and out walks Rey Mysterio! Mysterio doesn’t say a word, but motions for the title belt, indicating that he is the man who will face Helms at the Royal Rumble!

Smackdown™ is now ready for its main event! Kane is in the ring, and ready for his brother. The lights go out, and the bells toll… DUN-DUN….DUN-DUN. The crowd explodes as the Undertaker makes his way into the arena. The two brothers exchange in the match, and the main event lives up to the hype, showing both men to be the monsters that they are. The Undertaker finally is able to execute a ‘Last Ride’ on Kane, and score a 1-2-Kickout! Kane rebounds from that and scores a ‘Chokeslam From Hell’ that nails a 1-2-3! Or at least, that is what he thinks, however ‘Taker is able to get a shoulder up at the last moment. Kane doesn’t realize this, and when Taker sits up, Kane is celebrating. Taker spins his brother around and drops him with a Piledriver, sealing his brother’s fate with a 1-2-3! The Undertaker will go on to the Royal Rumble to represent Smackdown!

Smackdown™ returns with the ring covered in carpet and a desk in the middle. ‘KING OF THE WORLD’ starts up as Booker T comes out to join Paul Heyman in the ring. ‘UNLEASH THE BEAST’ sounds up soon there after, and out marches the World Champion, Dave Batista! Paul Heyman informs both men, that they are about to sign a contract that states that this will be the final time that either man faces one another for the World Championship belt. Both agree. Booker grabs the stick first and says that he is done playing ‘King’. He may be royalty, but at the Royal Rumble he ain’t gonna face ‘King Booker’. He is going to face the man… the SIX-TIME WCW Champion, Booker T. Now can Batista DIG THAT? Booker signs the contract. Batista says that he is glad to know that he doesn’t have to listen to Booker speak in old Britain tongue anymore, but he doesn’t really care who he faces at Royal Rumble. Royal Booker. King Booker. Or the Local Booker, Batista is still going to be the Champion walking INTO the Royal Rumble, and walking OUT of the Royal Rumble. Batista goes to sign the contract, but is drilled from behind by Fit Finlay! Finlay lays out Booker T, for good measure as well, then directs his attention back towards Batista. Finlay grabs the World Champion and piledrives Batista onto a steel chair, splitting the World Champion wide open! Finlay then grabs the World Title belt lays it across the chest of Batista, before leaving.


William Regal def The Boogeyman

Paul London def Test

Match #3 in the Best of 5 Series

CM Punk def Chris Benoit

The Undertaker def Kane

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-The scene opens up with Kris and Nick playing Xbox on the sofa in the entertainment room. Tamara is sitting on the sofa next to Kris, who are wearing matching black shirts, with a large white cross across the chest. Kelly enters the room, stumbling, and half drunk from the previous night.-

Kelly: You guys are such wastes of spaces…

- Kelly says this as she walks past Tamara, and sits between Kris and Nick on the sofa.-

Nick: Oh yeah?

Kelly: Yes! All you have done recently is play on your little playstation…

Tamara: Actually it’s an X-Box 360.

Kelly: Whatever… you boys are both dorks. Whatever that stupid thing is called.

Kris: That’s fine. I’m a dork, and you’re a whore. Your point, princess?

-Awkward pause.-

Kelly: I’m a whore?

Kris: Who else would I be talking too?

Kelly: You know, you’re an asshole!

-Kelly storms off into the kitchen, where we find Rachel cooking up some brownies.-

Kelly: Ugh, Kris is an asshole!

Rachel: Funny… he’s always nice to me.

Kelly: Yeah, but he’s an asshole to me!

Rachel: Oh… sorry, I guess?

Kelly: He’s even worse now that THAT WHORE has been hanging around with him.

Rachel: Whore? You mean Tamara?

Kelly: Yes!


Rachel: Isn’t Tamara on a church mission? I thought she was all good and Christian and stuff…

Kelly: You can still be a whore and go to church.

Britin: It’s true.

-Into the kitchen stumbles Britin, who is still hung over from the night before.-

Britin: I always attended church growing up, and it didn’t affect me any.

Rachel: Funny, I never took you as the church going type.

Britin: What can I say? Growing up, I always had a thing for alter boys.

Kelly: You should have been a Catholic priest then.

Rachel: Anyways, Kelly, I seriously doubt that Tamara is a whore. She is a very cool girl.

Britin: Yeah, she’s totally white bread. There isn’t any fakeness there. She is as boring as Kris is.

Rachel: Totally... wouldn’t they make a cute couple?

Kelly: No!

Britin: Who the hell wants the headaches that come with relationships?

Kelly: Totally, relationships are over rated. That is why I don’t date.

Rachel: I love my Billy. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Kelly: Ugh…shoot me now.

Kelly, “I swear to god. If I have to listen to Rachel talk about Billy any more during the show, I am going to hang myself. Billy this…Billy that… she talks about him as if he walks on water or something. It’s annoying as fuck!
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April 09, 2006

The show opens with its new theme, “Fight Music”. The crowd goes nuts as the camera spans the arena, showing off all of the fans’ signs in attendance. The word “LIVE” appears across the bottom of the screen, and we join Joey Styles and Ernest “The Cat” Miller.

Joey Styles: Welcome one and all to Sunday Night Heat! We are just one week removed from the Grand Daddy of them all, Wrestlemania 22!

Ernest Miller: Joey, Wrestlemania lived up to all of the hype, brother. It was without question the biggest wrestling event in history, and I already can’t wait till next year to see if Wrestlemania 23 will be even BIGGER!

Joey Styles: I am sure it will partner, but we have a pretty good show for you tonight as the brand new Intercontinental Champion, Samoa Joe, will put his championship on the line against the large freak Gene Snitisky.

Ernest Miller: That brother just freaks me out, I’m not gonna lie.

The sounds of “Hello Ladies” start up and out from the back marches Val Venis. The crowd gives him a nice response as Val makes his way down to the ring, dressed to compete with Matt Striker who is already in the ring. Val enters the ring, removes his towel for the ladies, then asks for a microphone.

Val Venis: Hello Ladies….

The girls scream.

Val Venis: Tonight on Heat, the Big Valbowski is going to show why he can bring the heat to any situation, whether it’s in the bed room, or its…

Val Venis stops as something grabs his attention on the entrance ramp. Goldust has stepped out onto the stage, and is looking down into the ring. Val waits for Goldust to do something, but Matt Striker attacks him from behind as the bell sounds to start the match.


Despite Matt Striker taking advantage of Val being distracted in the early moments of the match, Val quickly regained control of the match, and made short work of the former New York school teacher, connecting with a northern lights suplex, and then climbing to the top rope and hitting the Money Shot. After the match, Val looks back up at Goldust. The Golden One just looks down at the ring, almost stalking Val.

Ernest Miller: You know how I said Gene Snitisky freaks me out earlier…well Goldie here does the exact same thing. He gives me goose pimples.

Joey Styles: He is strange, but I wonder why he was out here watching Val wrestle?

Ernest Miller: Who knows. Why don’t you go up there and ask him?

Joey Styles: I’d rather not, thank you.

: Commercial Break :

We return from a commercial break to the locker room of Carlito and Chris Masters. Carlito is angrily taping himself up, when out from no where walks Chris Masters.

Chris Masters: Carlito, we need to talk?

Carlito: Why? You want to hit Carlito again for no reason?

Chris Masters: Bro, that was an accident. You know that.

Carlito: Accident? BAH! You cost Carlito the tag team championships… at Wrestlemania no less!

Chris Masters: Dude, it was an accident. I’m sorry. Besides, I cost myself the titles too, ya know?

Carlito: Yeah, whatever. Just don’t do it again… idiot

Chris Masters: No worries bro. I promise, it will never happen again.

Carlito walks off as Masters looks happy to have the whole situation behind him.

Joey Styles: I like Carlito as much as the next guy, but he is acting childish.

Ernest Miller: Childish! That fool Chris Masters cost Carlito the tag team titles. How is Carlito acting childish?

Joey Styles: He didn’t mean too! Besides, last time I checked Chris Masters also lost at Wrestlemania.

Ernest Miller: Yeah, but Masters is a loser. We expect him to lose.

Joey Styles: That’s not fair.

Ernest Miller: Life isn’t fair Joey Styles. Look at me, I am pretty, smart, and loved. You are…

Joey Styles: Yeah?

Ernest Miller: Lets just go to the ring.


The match started off hot with all four members in the ring battling it out. Masters soon took control of the match, with his strength advantage. He tossed Lance Cade over the top rope, and then locked Trevor Murdoch in his Master Lock from behind. However Lance Cade was able to get back into the ring and break up the hold before Trevor submitted. Carlito was tagged in after Masters took a vicious lariat, however Carlito had no problem fighting off both Cade and Murdoch. Carlito was sizing up Murdoch for his BackCracker from behind, when Masters came back into the ring and tried a lariat of his own. However Trevor ducked out of the way, and Masters hit Carlito with his lariat! Murdoch dumped Masters out of the ring, and covered Carlito for the pinfall.

: Commercial Break :

Heat returns with Chavo Guerrero sitting in front of a blank backdrop. He has a dress shirt, which is left unbuttoned on the top three buttons. Still sporting the blonde hair, though a much lighter shade of blonde, he sits in a chair in front of the camera, staring straight into the lens…looking as if he is looking each and every single viewer square in the eyes.

Chavo Guerrero: You know, I know Eddie was technically my uncle, but in reality was my brother. He was the older brother I never had, and I was the little brother he never had. And ya know… I’m grateful he was apart of my life because growing up a Guerrero was definitely different. Eddie and myself didn’t get into wrestling because it looked cool on TV. We got into wrestling because it was what we were supposed to do. It was our heritage. It is what Guerrero’s are suppose to do, and Eddie… he did our family name proud, and last weekend at Wrestlemania, I was able to see exactly what it meant to be a Guerrero. I stood out there and watched as 40,000 fans cheered my uncle. They didn’t cheer him because there were suppose to. They cheered him because they respected him, and like me, they loved him. And you know, even though he has passed away, he is still being a big brother to me, because it was at that moment I realized what being a Guerrero was all about, and I realized what I had to do to earn that respect.

Chavo looks up.

Chavo Guerrero: Eddie, I love you bro, and I promise. I will not let you down. I will carry on the Guerrero name, and make you proud.


As Samoa Joe walked to the ring, the roof nearly blew off the arena for the brand new Intercontinental Champion. Once in the ring, Snitisky took the fight right too Samoa Joe, but the champion made short work of his large challenger, exploding out of no where with a few stiff kicks, thrust, and hitting an enziguri kick out of no where. Moment later Joe connects with the Muscle Buster, and picks up the victory. He demands his championship belt, and ends the show by placing it over his shoulder, and looking out into the crowd victoriously.

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