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Drawn Together


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So, I've started watching this again, got Benji addicted and have realised that it is the most fucked up thing I've ever watched, hugely politically incorrect, gross at points and just a gigantic wtf at most times.

It starts off as a cartoon of The Real World, with cartoon characters instead, but now just has the main house as a place where the characters live and has distanced itself from being a reality TV show.

So, yeah, watch them, and then discuss.

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I fucking love it. Sometimes it is just trying to out South Park South Park, but most of the time it's hilarious. Referring to the Princess' genitals as her "whites only washroom" is funny, no matter which way you slice it.

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I have watched the first few episodes of season one (because of this thread) and have come to the conclusion that this show rocks. Hard.

More people should check this show out, especially if they are like me and enjoy watching Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, etc.

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