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WWF 2002: The Brand Extension


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WWF 2002: The Brand Extension

An Awful-Idol production.

Monday Night Raw

March 25th 2002

Linda McMahon starts the show by reiterating the draft rules. Raw will be owned by Vince McMahon, and Smackdown will be owned by Ric Flair. Tonight they will choose ten wrestlers each with the rest being drafted on WWF.com afterwards. Anybody under contract is eligible except for WWF Undisputed Champion: Triple H, WWF Women’s Champion: Jazz and the WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy & Chuck. Those three Champions are in turn able to compete on both shows and defend the titles. Once their reign has ended, they will become a member of their successor's brand, and the successor is then able to compete on both shows and so on. The New World Order will count as one draft selection. Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon are ineligable from the draft on Raw due to their triple threat match with Triple H tonight. Steve Austin is also not available as he is having some contract disputes yet to be resolved.

Tazz defeated Mr Perfect.

The draft began. With Vince McMahon’s Raw winning the coin-toss last week, he got the first choice. He chose none other than the most successful thing apart from Wrestlemania that he ever created: Hulk Hogan. Just after Ric Flair chose The Rock, the music of the New World Order hit. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac came out and whispered something in Vince’s ear. Vince nodded before proclaiming his second choice was the New World Order.

In the backstage area after the break, Vince McMahon was with The Hardy Boyz (and Lita) and The Dudley Boyz. With the Tag Team gold being defended on both brands, it would be fitting if at least one team was guaranteed survival. So tonight it would be the two teams in a #1 contender’s match, with the winners being guaranteed to be drafted as one pick. Kurt Angle barged in afterwards, pissed off that Vince didn’t choose him. Vince promised he would be the next pick.

Christian & Booker T defeated Edge & DDP.

Ric Flair came out after the match, proclaiming he had chosen the next member of Smackdown… Kurt Angle. Backstage, Kurt destroys the backstage area, pissed off!

Vince McMahon responds in his dressing room by saying he wants his roster to be bigger and much better than Ric Flair’s. He says he has Hulkamania and the New World Order, two famous franchises on his roster. Now he wants a third one: The Undertaker. Kurt charges in the room and demands why the New World Order was picked over him, to which Vince replied: “Why do you think?”

Trish Stratus defeated Ivory.

Smackdown makes its next choice after the match to even things out: Edge. Ric Flair exhales a “WOO!” to end the segment.

Back from a commercial break, Hulk Hogan and The Rock are backstage talking about The Rock’s upcoming match with Scott Hall. They say it’s a shame that they’ve been split up – and promise someday, somehow, they’ll have Hogan vs. Rock II.

Vince McMahon and Ric Flair came out to the rampway again. Vince chose Rob Van Dam, taking the Intercontinental Title with him. Flair took William Regal and his European Championship. Vince, angry that Flair took a title then takes Kane. Ric Flair’s response: The Big Show. Now both sides have chosen five wrestlers each.

In the backstage area, Kurt Angle continued to complain non-stop to Vince McMahon until he was forced into a match later on tonight…… Against Kane!

The Rock defeated Scott Hall by DQ. Hogan and The Rock clear house of the nWo afterwards. They hugged and shook hands one last time.

The Dudley Boyz defeated The Hardy Boyz to become #1 contenders to the Tag gold, and in turn cemented that they would stay together as a team.

Immediately after the match, Vince named The Dudley Boyz as his next draft pick. Ric Flair took Booker T on the basis of being a five-time WCW Champion! Hearing Booker’s name reminded McMahon of a certain someone, a big rival of Booker back in the day, none other than Chris Benoit! Ric congratulated him on a good pick before taking Jeff Hardy. Vince decided not to do the obvious and take Matt Hardy. Because he’s such a nice guy, he’ll let the random drawing decide whether or not The Hardy Boyz will stick together instead. Seven choices have been made each so far.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was interviewed by Terri. She spoke as if tonight she would become the Undisputed Champion, furthering the wedge between the "alliance" between herself and Chris Jericho.

William Regal vs. Stevie Richards didn’t even get underway when Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) destroyed Richards in the middle of his entrance.

This beatdown impressed Vince McMahon so much, he chose Brock Lesnar as his eighth pick despite not even wrestling a match yet. As a response, Ric Flair picked the only man he thought looked stronger than Lesnar – the World’s Strongest Man: Mark Henry. Vince promised that the draft would be completed after the next match.

Kane defeated Kurt Angle in a Wrestlemania 18 rematch. Angle tried to escape mid-match, but Edge ran down and threw him back in the ring straight into a beatdown plus a chokeslam.

The final part of the draft… McMahon continued the big-man theme by choosing Rikishi. Ric Flair reminded his co-partner that there were still titles to be claimed, so he took Tajiri and his Cruiserweight Title. Vince McMahon got the final title: the Hardcore belt belonging to Maven. The twentieth and final pick of the night was Ric Flair’s, and he chose Trish Stratus.

Finally in the main event, Triple H defeated Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon in a triple threat match to retain the WWF Undisputed Title. As a result, Jericho is not allowed any more title shots, and Stephanie McMahon is FIRED from the WWF.

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>>WWF WORLD CHAMPIONS: (Non-Brand Exclusive)


>>THE RAW BRAND: (Exclusive Champions, Draft Results)


1. Hulk Hogan

2. New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac)

3. The Undertaker

4. Rob Van Dam

5. Kane

6. The Dudley Boys

7. Chris Benoit

8. Brock Lesnar

9. Rikishi

10. Maven

RAW's Lottery picks: Matt Hardy, Goldust, Mr. Perfect, Big Boss Man, Diamond Dallas Page, The Godfather, D-Lo Brown, Raven, Hugh Morrus, Stacy Keibler, Val Venis, Mighty Molly, Tommy Dreamer, Hardcore Holly, Terri, Stevie Richards, Justin Credible

>>THE SMACKDOWN! BRAND: (Exclusive Champions, Draft Results)


1. The Rock

2. Kurt Angle

3. Edge

4. William Regal

5. The Big Show

6. Booker T.

7. Jeff Hardy

8. Mark Henry

9. Tajiri

10. Trish Stratus

Smackdown!'s Lottery picks: Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Scotty Too Hotty, Christian, Ivory, Tazz, Test, Albert, Al Snow, Faarooq, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Lita, Bradshaw, Billy Kidman, the Hurricane, Torrie Wilson, Funaki, Crash Holly, Spike Dudley, Shawn Stasiak, Jacqueline, Perry Saturn

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Since this officially marks a new era for RAW and the WWE as a whole we get a new opening video set to the sound of Union Underground's "Across the Nation." Once that airs, the NEW Raw logo comes onto the screen and we go live to the arena. The set has been changed up a bit as the Titan Tron is now angled, and the set looks of broken metal. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype that tonight we will see the New World Order's Kevin Nash take on Kane, and that tonight free agent "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will choose a brand!


After the pyro burst "The Game" hit the PA, and the WWF Undisputed Champion, Triple H made his custom new entrance into the arena, only now instead of carrying the old WCW and WWF Titles over his shoulder, he has one - the new Undisputed Championship title Belt. It's a bit of a mish match between the two belt styles, and isn't that bad looking at all. "The Game" gets up on to the apron, and after taking a swig of water spits it out mistfully. He enters the ring and is soon handed a microphone.

Triple H: So, what do you guys think, huh?

*He holds the new belt up for the fans to see, most approve.*

Triple H: Not so bad if I do say so myself.

*He places it once again firmly on his shoulder.*

Triple H: Now, according to the rules of this "Brand Extension" - In holding this Undisputed Title, I am eligible to compete on both RAW and Smackdown. That I know. But'ya see... what I don't know is who will the next guy will be to walk down that aisle and face me for this title at Backlash. I don't know if it's gonna be a RAW guy, I don't know if it's going to be a Smackdown guy... well I DO know it won't be one Smackdown guy and that's the former Champion, Chris Jericho who lost his chance at challenging me again for this title when I pinned my ex-wife's ass in this ring last week, and sent her out the door!

*Hunter looks pretty pleased with that announcement.*

Triple H: So I know it won't be Jericho, but that still leaves the question; who's it gonna be? ...

"Keep Rollin'.. Rollin'.. Rollin'!"

*And just like that, The champion is cut off with the sounds of Limp Bizkit's hit song and the "American Badass," The Undertaker roars out on his custom bike, stopping only to park it at the bottom of the ramp. After getting into the ring, Taker takes out a microphone from the pocket of his jeans.*

The Undertaker: You wanna know who's next, Hunter? Well I don't think there's any damn question about it. It's the guy whose yard yer' standin' in right now.

Triple H: Really, Taker? Then fill me in her, what makes you think you, over everyone else, deserve the shot at this title?

The Undertaker: How 'bout the fact, that you can't beat me, boy? I proved it at WrestleMania 17, hell I've proved it each time you've stepped into my yard! And given the chance, son - you bet'cher ass I'll do it again!

*Taker's stare is cold and calculated, but his words are enough to set Triple H off as he rips off his jean jacket and gets right into "Big Red's" face.

Triple H: You see this right here!? (pointing to the title) I've got 15 pounds of gold on my shoulder that says you can't do it again!

The Undertaker: (chuckling to himself) Well then... I guess we're on...

"Not so fast, hold on there boys!"

*The voice belongs to the owner of the Smackdown! brand, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, who has a microphone and smartly keeps his distance at the top of the ramp.*

Ric Flair: It's a damn good thing I'm here tonight to get Austin to sign to Smackdown, because I'd hate to have anyone else let the Undertaker down when they tell him, there ain't no way in hell he's challengin' for the title at Backlash, WOOOOOO!

*Flair's words make his bitter enemy grow irate.*

The Undertaker: Just what in the hell do you mean, I'm not getting my shot at Backlash?

Ric Flair: What I mean Undertaker is... (he holds up a piece of paper attached to a clip board) that this contract right here states that at Backlash, the Undisputed Champion Triple H will put the title on the line against one of my guys, a Smackdown Superstar!! WOOOOO!

*The news is enough to make The Undertaker flip his lid, but instead he keeps his cool.*

Ric Flair: So since you are contractually obligated to RAW, Undertaker.. I guess you'll just have to wait your turn!

*Taker stares at Triple H, and then Flair before going back to Triple H.*

The Undertaker: Yer a deadman! But tonight, you can bet your ass that someone's gonna pay for this!

With that a happy "Nature Boy" struts to the back and RAW goes to commercial.

Smackdown gets the first shot - 76% Rating

Triple H lost 2 points of overness

The Undertaker lost 2 points of overness


As Monday Night Raw came back on the air, Tommy Dreamer was already in the ring, hunched over with his arms resting upon his knees and looking focused. His opponent, the WWF Hardcore Champion Maven was out next to a modest reaction. As Maven tossed the title over the top rope and slid into the ring, Dreamer picked up a kendo stick from the mat and quickly laced the back of the young Tough Enough Champion with stinging shots. Tommy then placed the stick across the throat of Maven, and hit a russian legsweep. Cover, and the "Innovator of Violence received a two count. Dreamer whipped Maven into the ropes, and looked to hook him up for a spinebuster, but the Hardcore champ caught the ECW mainstay with an elbow to the top of the head. It stopped Dreamer dead in his tracks, and Maven delivered a dropkick that sent Dreamer through the ropes and to the floor. This point in time could have been the defining moment where Maven could have mounted a strong offensive lead in the match, key words: could have been. Before Maven could even see it coming, Justin Credible slid into the ring behind him, armed with a steel chair. He tapped Maven on the shoulder, and the blasted him with the chair as Maven turned to face. Credible made the cover, 1, 2, 3! Credible was the new Hardcore Champion!

His reign wouldn't last long though, because Dreamer had returned to the ring. So when Justin Credible demanded his Hardcore Title Belt, he got it - right in the face courtesy of Tommy Dreamer! Tommy quickly covered, 1, 2, 3! Tommy Dreamer was now the Hardcore Champion! The new Champion though, would be met with an immediate challenge from Raven who pushed a cart full of foreign objects to the ring. Raven came out Dreamer with a cookie sheet, and smashed it against his skull so many times it was almost unrecognizable. Raven set up the chair that Credible had brought into the ring, and went to whip Dreamer into the ropes for his trademark drop toe hold into the chair, but Dreamer countered and whipped Raven over the top rope and out to the floor! Dreamer turned around and attempted to catch his breath, but instead caught a Missile Dropkick to the chest, courtesy of Maven! Maven quickly rolled on top of Dreamer and scored the victory! He had regained his Championship!

Maven p. Tommy Dreamer to become the NEW Hardcore Champion - (OR:58%, CR:59%, MQ:59%, *1\2 rating)

The Hardcore Title gained in image

Without wasting any time, Maven quickly scooped up the Hardcore Title belt and raced to the back. He'd had enough "extreme encounters" for one night.


WWF Monday Night Raw cuts backstage where the brand’s owner, Vince McMahon stands in the center of his office. As always he has that look of an evil genius on his face, and stands in a way where he’s expressing himself.

Vince McMahon: Tonight is the beginning of a brand new era… Vince McMahon presents: Monday Night Raw! ‘N while I’d rather have network television, at least I can do what the hell I want on cable! So in that very ring tonight – I’m gonna put Stacy and Terri in a Bra ‘n Panties match. That's right, nothin’ says Raw more than two women stripping each other of their clothing!

*The camera pans over to the right to reveal Stephanie McMahon, who has been standing there all along. She doesn’t seem as confident as she normally does.*

Stephanie McMahon: That’s... good Dad, but I don’t think a bra ‘n panties match affects me. I’m here to talk to you about my, ahem, (she does her best to look innocent) employment.

Vince McMahon: Why, what do you mean, Stephanie?

Stephanie McMahon: Remember? I lost last week ‘n got fired.

Vince McMahon: AGAIN?!?! But you only just got fired last November when the WWF kicked the Alliance’s---

Stephanie McMahon: ---That’s fine, Dad. Look, I’ve made bad mistakes in the past: marrying Triple H, selling my stock to Ric Flair ‘n all that – but please! Daddy. Can I have my job back?

Vince McMahon: Huh, I'd almost forgotten you and your brother were responsible for the Flair thing. Look, I’ll give you a job again… But until you learn a little something called responsibility, its not gonna be as glamorous a job as what you once had!

*Stephanie gives her Dad a big hug, happy enough.*

Stephanie McMahon: I’ll take it, thank you Daddy!

Vince McMahon: You can start next week...

With that, Stephanie leaves the office. The scene ends with a close-up of Vince smiling.

Stephanie McMahon gets un-fired in record time – 83% Rating

Vince McMahon lost 2 points of overness


Steven Richards came down to the ring looking less than happy, the reason revealed in his opponent: The man who attacked him in his match last week against William Regal, the debuting monster Brock Lesnar. With Paul Heyman screaming orders at the big man – Lesnar obliterated Richards with a clothesline from the get-go. The clothesline is the weakest move in the end, as the ECW veteran also fell victim to powerful Goldberg-esque slam variations throughout the bout. Brock charged Steven to the corner and thrusted his shoulder into Stevie’s ribs several times. After an overhead belly to belly suplex, Richards was finally put out of his misery with an amazing TKO like maneuver, Only he tossed Richards body in front of his own, instead of behind. The pinfall afterwards easily got the three count.

Brock Lesnar p. Steven Richards – (OR: 52%; CR: 36%; MQ: 68%; ** Rating)

After the match, Paul Heyman gets in the ring and celebrates. Lesnar meanwhile stands above Richards, coldly staring down at the man he just destroyed.


Backstage, the New World Order has just entered the building. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac walk down the corridor in an unorganized fashion. They stop when X-Pac sees a random member of staff backstage. This person is holding a cup of coffee.

X-Pac: Milk and two sugars?

*Before the guy can even nod, Pac steals the cup. The nWo walk on with X-Pac drinking. He makes a horrid look on his face and throws the cup away. Meanwhile*…

Kevin Nash: Woah, hide your wives, its Jonathan Coachman!

Raw interviewer Jonathan Coachman appears, microphone in hand.

Jonathan Coachman: New World Order – I’ve got a question that the wrestling world wants to know.

Kevin Nash: Is it whether or not I’m going to pose for Playgirl? Sorry but no. Its more issues with money, yadda yadda yadda…

Jonathan Coachman: No no, the question is what did you say to Vince McMahon last week to make him choose you guys as his second draft pick.

Kevin Nash: Ugh... The simple fact is Coach in that first draft pick, they split up The Rock and Hogan, those two little play buddies. Personally I don’t give a flying crap about The Rock. Instead, quite simply, we’re taking out the legend of Hulkamania brother!!! for being a traitor. Y’know people seem to forget that in 1996, it was me and Scott that created this New World Order deal. Hulk “Hollywood” Hogan decided to join us after OUR promises of fame and money, ‘n yet everybody thinks he was the creator and leader of it. What kind of crap is that?

Jonathan Coachman: But why did you get yourself placed into a match with Kane of all people later on?!

Scott Hall: Hey chico, you suggesting Big Kev can’t mow over the Big Red Machine?

Kevin Nash: ‘s alright Scott, I got this. Coach, you’re an idiot. Kane has been getting into the nWo’s business a bit lately, so we’re taking him out, leaving Hogan all by himself. Who else is gonna help, huh? Austin?!? Let me tell ya somethin’, he’s signing to Smackdown coz he knows and the whole world knows he’s past his prime. We take out Kane, we take out Hogan – and finally Monday Night Raw becomes the property of the New World Order.

The scene cuts after that to another section of the backstage area where…

The New World Order: open for business – 74% Rating

Kevin Nash lost 2 points of overness


Backstage, The Dudley Boyz are standing in front of the camera in their military duds. Both D-Von and Bubba Ray share a seriousness in the expressions, as they stare deeply into the camera.

Bubba Ray: Last week, my brother D-Von and I earned the right to be able ta' still call ourselves a tag team when we beat The Hardy Boys - a team that had been no strangers to us in the past. A team that put it all on the line in that ring with us, who gave their blood and sweat. A team that like my brother and I loved competition, a team that loved calling themselves Tag-Team Champions. Well The Hardy Boys, are a team no more...

*Bubba pauses for a moment to let it truly sink in with the fans that last week possibly could have been the last time the Hardys would ever wrestle together.*

Bubba Ray: You know, they say in life there are rarely second chances. Well what do you call last week? When we beat The Hardy Boys, we were guaranteed to be able to stay together and fight another day. However, perhaps more importantly - we earned the right to challenge once again for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles. Last week the Dudley Boys not only earned the right to stay together as a team, we not only earned the right to challenge for the titles, we earned the right for a second chance. A second chance, a whole new chapter in the book that is the greatest and most decorated tag-team in the history of our business! Billy and Chuck, you two run around here in your pleather shorts, with your bleached hair and your "stylist," and you act like its all fun and games - that holding those titles is a joke. Well allow me be the first to tell the two of you, that at Backlash - the joke is on you!

D-Von: Ooohhh my brotha'..... TESSSSSSSTIFYYYYY!!!!!

The Dudleys are ready for Billy & Chuck - 65% Rating

With that, Monday Night Raw heads to a commercial.


When the show came back on the air, it was the moment that all of the males had been waiting for - Mr. McMahon's promised Bra and Panties Match. Terri skipped down the ramp making her little "She-devil" horns and wearing a pair of pink short shorts and a matching halter top. Her opponent, the "leggy" Stacy Keibler came out in a black skirt and a longer sleeved tight fitting shirt. The bell rang, and Terri raced towards Stacy, going right for her skirt. Stacy promptly shoved Terri to the mat and then hopped onto her and "choked" her out a bit. they rolled around a few times until finally Stacy mounted Terri with authority and grabbed hold of her top. She ripped at it fiercly and within a few moments it was off. Terri, "shocked" - grabbed at her chest and then got back to her feet. They clawed at each other for a few more moments, with teases of attire being torn off but nothing really coming of it. Then, as Terri raced toward Stacy, the leggy diva stepped out of the way and Terri came chest first into the ropes. The impact sent who bacwards, and Stacy rolled her up in a school boy like maneuver before pulling off the busty blonde's shorts for the win!

Stacy Keibler def. Terri in a bra & panties match - (OR:49%, CR:67%, MQ:10%, DUD)

Stacy, who was still fully dressed, twirled Terri's shorts around on her finger and tossed them to the outside. After having her hand raised, she goes to step through the ropes but...

8 - NOT SO FAST...

"Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up!" The familiar sounds of the former Too Cool song strikes up and brings out perhaps the only man capable of coming out to it on RAW, the massive Rikishi who sports a top hat and shades. Stacy looks puzzled and steps back into the middle of the ring while Rikishi makes his way in and gets a microphone.

Rikishi: Now Stacy, this is Monday Night RAW, baby! So how about you an' I give these fans a little sun'tin' they wanna see, huh?

*Stacy looks confused, as to what Rikishi is implying.

Rikishi: Hit the music...

The music hits once again and the dance lights come on. Rikishi starts a movin and a groovin, and soon enough the once apprehensive Stacy joins in for a feel good moment. That isn't all though, with Rikishi's urging, Stacy gives the fans exactly what they want to see as she strips down to her bra and panties for the crowd. With Stacy and Rikishi having fun in the ring, Monday Night Raw heads to another commercial break.

Rikishi dances, and Stacy strips - 73% Rating


The next match on Monday Night Raw was a huge opportunity for Matt Hardy, seven days fresh from the Hardy Boyz splitting courtesy of the draft, as he had a shot at Rob Van Dam for the coveted WWF Intercontinental Title. It was no easy task as displayed in the opening collar and elbow tie-up, RVD’s better agility and maneuverability getting the best of Matt. Matt was determined to show his potential as a singles performer though, and had to cheapshot Rob with a punch to the face to get things started. Hardy’s offence was cautionary, kicks and stomps, with an occasional body slam and vertical suplex. It was this careful nature that made it hard for Van Dam to counteract due to the tightness and linked nature of the moves. RVD eventually found a way to reverse his fortunes however… He slipped out of a headlock and executed a roundhouse kick to the challenger’s head. Despite the moment of losing control, Van Dam was still fairly confident in winning the match, pointing the trademark thumbs at the fans. Matt got himself up, but was slammed to the ground again, this was when RVD did the Rolling Thunder! A pinfall only got the two count. Van Dam picked up Hardy and pointed to the thumbs again only to be punched in the stomach. Van Dam ate a Side Effect! Matt made the pin… But got a close two count only. Matt unintentionally set up the finish for the match when he took Van Dam and lifted him up to the top turnbuckle. Getting up in hope for a superplex, Matt wound up slugging it out with the champion, exchanging numerous punches. Van Dam won the fight as Matt splatted to the canvas. Suddenly Rob Van Dam executed the Five Star Frog Splash!!! The pinfall afterwards got the three count!!!

Rob Van Dam p. Matt Hardy – (OR: 72%; CR: 68%; MQ: 76%; **3\4)

The Intercontinental Title gained in image

Rob Van Dam received the belt from the referee as his music played. He pointed his thumbs: “ROB… VAN…” Suddenly The Undertaker booted him in the forehead!!! Where the hell did he come from?!?! ‘Taker picked up the groggy Intercontinental Champion and chokeslammed him with force!

While Van Dam laid unconscious in the middle of the ring, the Red Devil departed looking emotionless. As the referee attends to RVD, Jim Ross asks the question everybody’s thinking: why did The Undertaker attack Rob Van Dam?!


It was time for the main event match of the evening. The numbers game was immediately apparent from the get-go: Kane was by himself while Kevin Nash had X-Pac and Scott Hall with him. Despite this fact, Kane was dominant from the get-go, unleashing several moves including an uppercut to Nash. Pac leapt up onto the apron to complain only to get an uppercut himself. Big Sexy retreated out of the ring to regroup with his stable mates. At the eight count, Kev climbed back in. As possibly planned outside the ring, Nash raked Kane in the eyes and pushed him into the corner. There he delivered striking knees to the gut three times, before topping it off with a mocking DX crotch-chop and a striking elbow. Big Sexy tried a Sidewalk Slam afterwards, but the Big Red Machine was too heavy for him. Instead he ran to the ropes, the intention of doing what to remain a mystery as Kane delivered a big boot out of nowhere! Kane grabbed a grounded Nash by the throat and squeezed until his opponent stood up. He whipped him to the corner and delivered a crushing clothesline, one that caused Kevin to stagger into the centre of the ring and fall over. Kane went to the top rope, and kicked Scott Hall off the apron as he tried his rendition of interfering. Nash stood up straight into a flying clothesline. Kane motioned for the chokeslam, a gesture which made X-Pac climb onto the apron to distract the referee. Scott Hall slid into the ring with a chair, only for him to get a big boot in the face. Nash though got up, picked up the chair and slammed it into the Kane’s back. Kane went down like a ton of bricks. Kev slid the chair out of the ring and went for the pinfall, just as the referee became “conveniently” undistracted again: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! Kevin Nash picks up a tainted victory (surprise surprise).

Kevin Nash p. Kane – (OR: 73%; CR: 81%; MQ: 56%; ** rating)

X-Pac and Scott Hall enter the ring to celebrate with their fellow stable buddy. Just as they taunt the fans, Kane suddenly sits up. However he is beaten down, three against one too much even for a man like Kane. X-Pac picks up the chair and smashes the object into Kane’s side several times until…

“Real American” plays!!! Hulk Hogan trots down to the ring, pointing at a panicked looking New World Order. He climbs up the ringsteps and into the ring. X-Pac lunges at him but gets punched away. The crowd cheer like crazy as Hulk Hogan goes at it with both Outsiders by himself with some success. The attack is short-lived though, Pac low blows Hogan, causing the legend to fall down onto his knees. Hulk is attacked like Kane, beaten down by three men at once, even receiving several chair shots to his bad knee that was only surgically repaired last summer.

The segment ends with the New World Order departing the ring, celebrating on the ramp and assessing the damage in the ring. Raw fades into a commercial break on the bodies of Kane and Hulk Hogan, laid out in the centre of the ring.


Back from the final commercial break, the ring has been decked out with a red carpet.

“No Chance In Hell” hits, bringing out the owner of Monday Night Raw: Vince McMahon. Strutting down to the ring with him as per usual, he noticeably has a red clipboard in his hand, the brand new Raw logo decorated on the back of it. He gets into the ring and gets a microphone from Liliam Garcia.

Vince McMahon: Tonight here exclusively on my Monday Night Raw, you will see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin do the right thing by signing onto this very show. Now Stone Cold may’ve not officially made his decision yet, but I know how the Rattlesnake works. He WILL sign to Raw, and its all because of me. Y’see despite being enemies over the past several years, it’s become pretty obvious to me that Austin, quite simply, needs Vincent Kennedy McMahon. What is this rebellious, beer swilling, loud mouth SOB without the authority of me to go against him? The Rattlesnake needs something to pray on, to bite out. You can’t expect him to go to a place where the owner, in this case Ric Flair, wants to be all friendly. That’s not what Stone Cold is about at all!

“WOOOOO!!!” The trademark 2001 music brings out Ric Flair, owner of Smackdown. Dressed in a smart suit, he styles and profiles all the way down to the ring. Like Vince, he has a clipboard too – only this one is blue and with the Smackdown logo on it.

Ric Flair: Vince McMahon! WOOOO!!! This maybe Monday Night Raw, your show and you can do what you want with it. I get the same privilege when I run Smackdown, Thursdays on UPN by the way---

Vince McMahon: Woah, if you wanna advertise your product, you have to pay Spike TV just like everyone else.

Ric Flair: The point is, any sales pitch to Stone Cold should be while we’re both here, and it should be to his face. It’s his decision at the end of the day…

*Glass shatters*! The Raw crowd catches fire as the one and only “Stone Cold” Steve Austin marches his way down to the ring. Dressed in his DTA shirt and cut-off jeans, he rolls into the ring and proceeds to take five minutes posing at every corner of the ring. As the music eventually fades, McMahon forcibly smiles and claps.

Vince McMahon: Stone Cold, ladies and gentlemen!

The crowd are in full “WHAT?!?” mode, yelling it at every pause Austin makes.

Steve Austin: Shut yer damn hole! Y’know somethin’… I was in the back… Having a beer… Having another beer… Watching you two go on about me… And y’know what… I like Ric’s idea… I ain’t decided on what brand I’m gonna go on… [To the crowd] I said I ain’t decided yet… [Turns back] So why don’t we have ourselves a lil’ sales pitch session… The best guy t’yammer on ‘bout me gets me on their damn show…

Vince McMahon: Well sure I---

Steve Austin: I ain’t finished talkin’ y’mealy mouthed son-of-a-bitch!

Loud cheers from the crowd. Vince looks embarrassed.

Steve Austin: Coz of that, I’m gonna make y’go first Vince... Well go on… What are you waiting for?

Vince McMahon: Okay then. [Coughs] As I was saying before---

Steve Austin: That speech almost brought a tear to my eye, your turn Ric!

Vince McMahon: [Absolutely livid] Now wait just a damn minute. I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and I deserve the respect of---

Kick! Wham! Stunner! Flair smiles as Austin gets down on all fours and trash talks the now unconscious owner of Monday Night Raw. A few moments later, Steve regains his composure.

Steve Austin: As you were saying Ric?

Ric Flair: Stone Cold, lemme just say first off, it’s always good t’see Vince get beat like that! WOOOO!!! Now Stone Cold! Unlike Vince, I actually know what you want, and sure as hell ain’t to hold your hand. What I got on offer is a contract to Smackdown, a chance to retain your moniker as the best of the business. It ain’t gonna be through anything except for your own abilities and your own actions, just like it should be, simple as that!

Suddenly there is a surprise interruption. The music of the New World Order plays, bringing out Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac. Nash has the microphone in hand, all three members are looking pretty cocky after winning their double-altercation in the last segment.

Kevin Nash: Hey Austin! If I were you, I’d make the right choice and sign onto Smackdown! In case ya didn’t hear me earlier, it seems pretty obvious to everyone including yourself that you’re past your prime. 1998 ended a few years ago, Austin, you ain’t the toughest SOB anymore… So if I were you, I’d take the old folks train to Smackdown with the Nature Boy there, and leave Raw in control of Vince McMahon and the New World Order. Don’t be stupid Austin – coz if we can destroy a big red monster and Hulkamania in the space of five minutes in that very ring, imagine how easy for us it’ll be to stamp on a Rattlesnake!

Steve looks at Ric Flair. Flair already knows the outcome of what’ll happen.

Ric Flair: Steve, I know what you have to do. Good luck.

They shake hands. Flair leaves the ring, Smackdown contract still in his possession and exits the arena via the side of the ramp. Austin meanwhile grabs the Raw contract from beside Vince (who’s still knocked out) and signs it. He then holds it up at the nWo.

Steve Austin: Y’know… Stone Cold may be a redneck, but I ain’t that stupid… You want me on Raw so you can take me out too… Look at the contract… The dotted line… It reads: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and it gives me the license to tell you boys to c’mon down to the ring so I can unleash a can of whoop ass!

Kevin Nash: You wanna fight?! YOU WANNA FIGHT, HUH?!? Well you’ve got it big boy!!!

Nash, Hall and X-Pac charge down to the ring as Austin stands in one spot, waiting to attack. Pac gets a bit too excited and winds up sliding into the ring before his stable matches! Stone Cold swings the clipboard at such force at X-Pac’s head, it has the force of a steel chair! Pac dizzily falls back onto the ropes, springs off and falls straight into a Stone Cold Stunner!!!. The place goes nuts over the move.

Austin yells at Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who have remained at ringside, to come into the ring. The Outsiders however opt not to, walking back up the ramp, loudly saying: “Some other time!” They don’t even bother to try to retrieve X-Pac from the middle of the ring!

Monday Night Raw ends with Austin celebrating with the fans again, this time with cans of beer at his disposal. JR screams that Stone Cold is now a member of Monday Night Raw as we fade to black.

Steve Austin signs for Monday Night Raw – 96% rating

Quick Results:

- Justin Credible p. Maven to become the new Hardcore Champion

- Tommy Dreamer p.Justin Credible to become the new Hardcore Champion

- Maven p. Tommy dreamer to become the new Hardcore Champion

- Brock Lesnar p. Steven Richards

- Stacy Keibler def. Terri in a Bra & Panties Match

- Rob Van Dam p. Matt Hardy to retain the Intercontinental Championship

- Kevin Nash p. Kane

The Numbers:

Overall Show Rating: 71%, Television Rating: 6.41, Attendance: 7002

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I'm expecting good things from this. I heard only good stuff about your WCW diary, which I never read for a few reasons. 1) It was already quite far in by the time I read it. 2) I didn't watch WCW much then and was pretty unfamiliar with it.

I really liked this time in the WWF, it had so many possibilities. Not sure if your doing split booking as with your WCW, or you've taken a brand each. Either way I shall be following. So lets take a look at your first show yeh?

RAW April 01 2002

- Okay,well played opening segment. Good that Taker would want to be right in the title picture, and you've given a good reason why he won't be right away. You have the characters down well so thats a bonus and I like the fact you've switched the owners, Vince having RAW seems to make much more sense considering history. Okay time for a little rant, also concerning history. You have Taker claiming that Triple H has never been able to beat him, when The match at X-7 was all about HHH saying Undertaker hasn't been able to beat him in the past. Which was actually wrong on their part too 'cos Taker had beaten HHH on an episode of Smackdown! in 2000 when Kurt Angle interfered. That bugged me then, so this is probably going to bug me now. Rant over.. an overall well done segment.

- I love me a bit of multiple title change hardcore fun. Always been a fan of Credible, Raven and Dreamer as midcard acts in the WWE, especially as part of the Hardcore division. Letting Dreamer walk out with the belt was good, as he hadn't really done anything in the WWE prior to this if memory serves correctly. Hopefully Maven won't just fade away though because if anyone, you two can make something wortwhile out of him.

- Stephanie back as Daddy's little girl, and Vince making a pointless match for his own sick entertainment. Stupid, but typical McMahon stuff. And to be honest you can't have the WWF without the McMahons. Vince is best in a semi face comedy role. So I'm hoping he gives Steph some real funny jobs, toilet cleaner maybe?

- The Lesnar push is inevitable, and there was nothing wrong with it in real life, so why wouldn't you do it here. Glad you still have Heyman with him... just because. Poor Stevie... but he's so damn good at getting squashed. Maybe he'll get a nice Hardcore run later on. But yeh, I have high hopes for Lesnar.. as I'm sure you do.

- Gotta love the nWo, and the reasons for wanting to take out Hogan are clever, especially the 1996 thing. You had X-Pac look the geek at the back, which is how he should look. Again, you have Nash and Hall down well and I can totally imagine them saying those things. Oh and anything involving Coach looking a fool is true comedy, make sure you keep plenty of that. Loved the 'hide you wives line' Genius.

- Another top promo in the form of the Dudleyz. Between your backstory and this show, you've booked the tag division brilliantly. The fact that they are non brand exclusive is great, since theres not that many teams to go around. You kept the APA and The Dudleyz together and split the Hardyz, complete opposite of real life and a much better decision. Hardyz both are good as singles guys, where as the other two teams are better as that. Teams. Especially during this era.

- Couldn't really care less about Womens wrestling, or a B & P match where I cant see anything :pervert: Make me care about Women's wrestling in your diary.. I dare you. And of all people.. Rikishi is the one who can get Stacy to strip? Hmmm. Nice introduction to RAW for Kish though. Hopefully you'll give him a decent role, I always though he was better than most people gave him credit for.

- Nice idea pitting Hardy against RVD, it'd make for a decent match. Undertaker attacks afterwards, probably setting a PPV match up, maybe to see who gets a title shot at Judgment Day? Pretty dumb that JR asks why he did it though. Big Evil blatantly said earlier 'someones going to pay for this' As if Undertaker needs any more reason than that to kick someones ass.

- Big main event match, good thing with the nWo keep getting involved. Not sure what X-Pac got onto the apron to 'complain' about though. Nash wins in true nWo screwjob style which is good booking. A couple of mark out moments with Kane sitting up and then real american playing. But the n.W.o coming out on top is the best way to go. They needed to look dominant from the offset if you're going to make them an important part or RAW. If Hogan OR Kane had gotten the better of them then the would've looked weak because at the end of the day if 3 men can get beat up by 1 man, then they suck.

- I was not looking forward to the contract signing. I thought it would be boring. How pleasantly surprised I was. Austin was a complete bad ass, Vince was Vince and Flair... well I think he maybe said a little too much, but no biggie. Vince gets stunnered.. of course he does. Flair 'knowing what Austin had to do' was a nice touch indeed. And of course X-Pac gets the crap beat out of him yet again. A good main event feud to be going with as Austin has recent history with the nWo and extensive history with McMahon.

All in all it was a damned good show. If you carry on how you started then this is going to quickly become my favourite diary.

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Like RAW on Monday Night, the draft has brought about change for Smackdown! as well as we kick the show off with a brand new video package set to a remix of Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People." The new Smackdown! logo that looks not too much different from the old one shows up on the screen before the show goes into the arena where Tazz and Michael Cole welcome everyone to the show. Tonight, The Big Show and Edge will team up to take on Kurt Angle and Booker T, and Spike Dudley will challenge Tajiri for the Smackdown brand exclusive Cruiserweight Championship. Tazz also makes it official that he has hung up his boots in turn for a seat at the commentary table, but also notes he'll put them back on as quick as they came off if any of the superstars have beef with him.


No sooner than Tazz stopped talking, the sound of "The Game" by Motorhead roared over the speakers - bringing out the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H to a tremendous pop from the crowd. Hunter was in jeans and a new t-shirt, with the new WWF Undisputed Title belt over his shoulder.

Triple H: So this is the "new" and improved Smackdown, huh? New set, new song, [looks over to Tazz] and hell - even a new color guy. So with everything being new, let me ask you guys something... Is this still the "people's show?"

*He looks out to the crowd who roar in approval, obviously it still is.*

Triple H: So, since obviously this is the People's show, don't the people want to know who the next guy is that is gonna step into the ring with "The Game" for this title at Backlash?

*Yes they do, as the response from the crowd is approving to say the least.*

Triple H: Well, it's gonna be a Smackdown guy, I know that much. I learned it last week when the owner of this show, the "naitcha boy" Ric Flair came out to the ring and denied the Deadman the shot. It's not gonna be Taker, and I sure as hell know it's not gonna be Chris Jericho - so who it it gonna be? The people want to know - hell I want to know, WHO is it gonna be!?

"You know I got'cha... BREAK THE WALLS DOOOOOWN!!!"

*Triple H isn't at all impressed as the familiar music interrupts, and none other than the former Undisputed Champion himself, Chris Jericho appears at the top of the ramp.*

Chris Jericho [mockingly] Hahaha, I sure know it's not gonna be Chris Jericho, hehe...

*The mocking expression is soon replaced by a sobering look of anger.*

Chris Jericho: It's freaking hilarious, isn't it Haitch? The most talented, and gifted - not to mention the drop dead sexiest beast in all of Sports Entertainment today is denied what is rightfully mine - another shot at the Undisputed Title!? You didn’t pin me last week, you pinned that sleazy ex-wife of yours.

*Jericho continues down the ramp, and into the ring.*

Triple H: Sorry Chris, I must've missed something, why are you out here? I wanted to know who was challenging me for the title, not who couldn't!

Chris Jericho: Oh, you're just full of the spunk tonight, aren't'cha Jacko? Let me remind you of something pal, I was the very first Undisputed Champion that this industry has ever seen. Years from now, no CENTURIES from now, next to the names of the wrestling gods like Frank Gotch, and Lou Thesz will read the name of the Ayatollah of Rock... [waits for the crowd to chant along; gets no reaction] and Roll-ah, Chris Jericho! I'm the original baby, and no one, NO ONE can ever, e-e-e-ever! Take that away from me, junior!

"If You Smell-l-l-l-l-l... What The Rock, is cookin'!"

*If the opening line wasn't enough indication, the "People's Champion" himself, The Rock walks out from the back to a thunderous response. He walks confidently to the ring with shades covering his eyes, and once inside - he grabs a microphone.*

The Rock: Finally!

*Triple H and Jericho both look at The Rock as he does his trademark routine.*

The Rock: The Rock has come back... to Rochester!

*The crowd roars in approval once again, and some even begin chanting The Rock's name.*

The Rock: Chris Jericho, you little jabroni, who in thee blue hell do you think you are, coming out here to the Rock's ring and running your little jabroni mouth?

Chris Jericho: I am....

The Rock: It doesn't matter what you think!

*Jericho is pissed at the lack of respect shown.*

The Rock: Chris Jericho, the only thing that matters is that you are in the people's ring running your little jabroni mouth, and boring the people - The Rock's people! So Y2J, The Rock asks you this; since you obviously have no business being out here to accept Triple H's challenge, just what in the blue hell ARE you doing?

Chris Jericho: I'm showing the world that Chris Jericho is not a joke, you sanctimonious son of a bitch!

*BAM! Just like that, Jericho takes the butt of the microphone and whacks it over the skull of the "great one." Rock staggers back for a moment, and it becomes an all out brawl as Jericho and The Rock attempt to tear each other apart. Triple H just stands by and watches as the show cuts to commercial with the security guards rushing to the ring to pull Rock and Jericho apart. That still leaves the question though, who will challenge Triple H at Backlash!?*

Rock and Jericho brawl into commercial - 89% Rating

When Smackdown does return, we are shown footage of what happened during the break with security pulling Rock and Jericho apart. Tazz and Michael Cole also announce that during the break, Ric Flair announced tonight's main event as Chris Jericho will go one on one with The Rock!


As Smackdown headed back to the ring, Tazz and Michael Cole informed the viewers that the winner of the following match would face Jazz for the Women’s Title at Backlash. Ivory stood back and watched Trish Stratus and Jacqueline go at it – until the two ladies realised her game plan and double teamed the opportunistic diva. After a double suplex, Jacqueline pinned Ivory, to which Trish naturally intercepted. Jacqueline seemed pissed at this for some reason and aggressively put the boots to Trish before slamming her shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle and went back to fighting Ivory. Ivory got the initial upper-hand, and after a bodyslam and elbow drop she almost got the pinfall. Jacqueline turned things around though, delivering a vicious boot to the head. Getting on top of Ivory, she punched her until the referee counted up to four. Suddenly Trish recovered, picking Jacqueline up and throwing her out of the ring. Trish and Ivory got into a quick exchange of kicks, punches and failed vertical suplexes. In the end, Stratus was able to execute the Stratusfaction on Ivory for the three count!

Trish Stratus def. Ivory; Jacqueline to become #1 contender to the Women’s Title – (OR: 53%, CR: 56%, MQ: 47%, ½* rating)

As the crowd cheers for Trish’s victory, she gets her hand raised by the referee. On the outside, Jacqueline looks totally pissed off with what has transpired. The commentators don’t notice that though – instead hyping how Trish could potentially regain the Women’s Title at Backlash against Jazz.


Smackdown goes backstage where Jeff Hardy is standing with Lita. They’re talking to each other in a private conversation.

Jeff Hardy: It sucks that Matt’s on Raw. I mean, I knew we’d have to go our own ways someday, but I wish it was on our own terms, ya'know?

Lita: I just don’t get why Ric chose you and then didn't choose Matt…

Jeff Hardy: He was too distracted responding to Vince’s draft picks, I guess it just slipped his mind.

*At this point, Test, Christian and Lance Storm walked up to Jeff and Lita. The Canadians are smiling, clearly out to cause trouble.*

Christian: Well well well, what do we have here? Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend...

Test: Wait, that ain’t his blow-up doll… That’s Matt’s! And where is he tonight? Oh yeah, I forgot, he ain’t gonna be ‘round ‘ere no more!

Jeff Hardy: [ticked off] What do you guys want?

Test: Seeing as you’re available, Lita, I was wondering how much you were. [digs into the pockets of his jeans] Should five bucks cover it---?

*Suddenly Jeff hauls off and punches Test!!! Test tries to lunge forward in response, but gets restrained by Lance and Christian. Hardy meanwhile stands tall.*

Jeff Hardy: You wanna talk like that about my friend huh?! Well I’ll see you in the ring later tonight! [To Lita] Let’s go.

Hardy and Lita walk away while Test continues to look livid.

Jeff Hardy vs. Test made for later tonight – 58% rating

Jeff Hardy lost two points of overness

From there we get a video package with footage from The Arnold Classic, and WWF superstar Mark Henry's dominance in the event. Even The Terminator himself has nothing but good things to say about the "World's Strongest Man."


Once the package ended, the show went back to the ring where former Alliance member Shawn Stasiak stood awaiting the arrival of his opponent. The look on Stasiak's face was that of pure horror however as the "World's Strongest Man" himself, Mark Henry made his way out in a blue and silver singlet with his logo on the sides. Once Henry took his corner, the bell sounded and Stasiak threw caution to the wind as he went right at Henry with stiff rights and lefts that would have rocked any normal man. However, he wasn't dealing with a normal man - he was dealing with The World's Strongest Man, and Henry reminded him of that fact as he wound up and nearly took the second generation star's head off with a lariat. From then on Henry displayed his dominance and power as he lifted Stasiak up over his head and capped off a few reps before tossing Shawn aside. Following a powerbomb that looked as if it had concussed Stasiak, Henry signaled that he was going to finish him off and lifted Shawn up into a Torture Rack. Looking for a submission, he was not however as the mammoth of a man leaped up and then dropped onto his ass for a move Cole dubbed the “1-Rep Max” - sending Stasiak's body crashing awkwardly onto the mat. Henry placed a foot on top of Stasiak and received the three count in a display of sheer and utter dominance.

Mark Henry p. Shawn Stasiak - (OR: 56%, CR: 51%, MQ: 61%, *1/2)

Henry's music plays once again over the public address, and he slowly makes his way to the back.


From the arena, things head backstage where Smackdown! brand owner Ric Flair is shown in his office, leaning back in a chair with his feet on his desk. It appears peaceful, that is until the door flies open and in storms Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: What in the hell are you doing Flair? Booking me in the main event tonight against The Rock? Without so much as asking me first? Do you know who in the hell I am?

Ric Flair: [interrupting] No Jericho, I don't think you know who in the hell I am! I'm the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and I run this show!

Chris Jericho: Oh, is that right?

Ric Flair: That's right, and for as long as you're a part of my brand, you will do as I say! So I suggest that you go back to that locker room and lace up your boots, because as I said earlier - you're in the main event!

*Jericho stares at Flair with a less than happy expression on his face.*

Chris Jericho: [mumbling] Whatever...

*Jericho leaves the locker room, and with Flair looking quite happy with himself, the show goes to commercial.*

Jericho argues with Flair - 99% Rating

Chris Jericho gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Ric Flair gained 2 points of overness from this segment.


Test was surprisingly without his Canadian team-mates, the look on his face during his entrance told why that was: he was overly confident. It showed in his wrestling as well, using his clear height and weight advantage to beatdown Jeff Hardy half-heartedly. Test punched Jeff into the corner and began to choke him with his boot. Hardy eventually stumbled towards Test after the move was relinquished, missed a punch and landed into a full nelson slam! Test made the pinfall, but got the two count only. This dominance continued for two more minutes until Test tried to render him unconscious with a bearhug. Lita shouted and hit the ring apron to get the fans behind Jeff… Hardy got out of the move after somehow powering his way out. He got whipped into the corner again, but this time Jeff leapt onto the top turnbuckle and executed the Whisper In The Wind! Hardy tried the pin, but got a two count! Doing a legdrop to the groin, Jeff headed up to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb afterwards. Hardy looked towards the Smackdown stage to see Christian and Lance Storm walking towards the ring. Test was able to stand-up during this time. Hardy leapt at him anyway but got caught. Test smirked towards the fans, looking to do damage with Jeff in his grasp. Suddenly, Jeff hooked Test’s neck and legs for a small package! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! Jeff Hardy defeated Test!

Jeff Hardy p. Test - (OR: 65%, CR: 66%, MQ: 66%, ** rating)

Before Jeff can even stand back up, Christian and Lance charge into the ring and attack, stomping Hardy so he remains on the ground! A pissed off Test makes his way to the top rope, yelling at a pleading Lita at ringside to “shut the hell up!” Christian and Lance restrain Jeff before hitting the top rope elbow drop! Afterwards the Canadians celebrate, holding their arms in the air and intercepting Lita’s attempts to get into the ring to help her friend. Cole yells about the travesty of three men picking on a man who hasn’t even got any allies to help him.


Backstage, Spike Dudley is shown walking backstage and Tazz and Michael Cole announce that coming up next, the now solo Spike Dudley will have a shot at gold as he takes on the Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri. However, as Spike walks toward the ring, he is suddenly attacked from behind and seemingly out of nowhere by chair wielding World Tag Team Champions, Billy and Chuck. A chairshot from Billy to the back is enough to knock the much smaller Spike down to the ground, but Chuck levels him once more for good measure. Staring down at the fallen Spike, the Tag Team Champions look satisfied as their "image consultant" Rico walks into the scene.

Billy: He went down fast, huh?

Chuck: Sure did.

Rico: Nah... I've "gone down" faster.

*Rico nudges the two with his elbows and they life at the "queer" joke before walking away. With that Smackdown! heads to commercial, leaving the question; what about the Cruiserweight Title Match up next?*

Billy & Chuck beatdown Spike, and send a message to the Dudleys - 54% Rating

Billy lost two points of overness

Chuck lost two points of overness


When Smackdown! returned to the air, the WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri was already standing in the ring, with the belt unstrapped from his waist and Torrie Wilson at ringside. With Spike Dudley effectively out of the match, it appeared it would be any man's opportunity and soon enough the challenge was answered by none other than the former "Houdini of Hardcore" himself, Crash Holly. Crash raced down the aisle and slid into the ring. He hoped that he'd catch Tajiri off guard with a fast flurry of offense, but had perhaps under-estimated the equally fast champion who fought until he was in control, and nailed Crash in the head with a staggering kick. The most decorated champion in WWF history would not back down though and kept the fight coming as he reversed Tajiri's powerbomb attempt with a hurricanrana for two. Holly kept the pressure, but after whipping Tajiri into the corner and going to follow it up - Tajiri dodged his way out and Crash hit face first into the pads. It was enough to stun Crash and allow Tajiri to lock on the deadly Tarantula hold until the referee forced a break. The match lasted a few moments more, but the effects of the hold had paid their toll and Tajiri smacked Crash with a Buzzsaw kick to score the three and defend his strap.

Tajiri p. Crash Holly - (OR: 59%, CR: 47%, MQ: 71%, **)

With the win, Tajiri's hand is raised, and Torrie Wilson comes into the ring and celebrates with her man while holding the Cruiserweight Championship.


Backstage in the locker room area, Booker T is looking in the mirror stroking his hair. Kurt Angle enters the room and is about to speak when he gets weirded out by Booker’s apparent preparation for their upcoming tag team match.

Kurt Angle: Uhhh Booker, what are you doing?

Booker T: I’ve bin thinkin’ man, just how the hell did that no good sucka Edge get the shampoo gig?

Kurt Angle: Not the shampoo thing again... Book, its freakin’ shampoo, get over it.

Booker T: I got beat by Edge man. If you were in my position, you’d be mad too.

Kurt Angle: ‘s that true, huh? Well let me tell you something… If I was auditioning for the shampoo advert, there’d be no way in hell Edge would beat me! Its scientific fact, my hair is damn smoother and shinier than his! And if they’re hiring based on looks, who better than an gold medal winning Olympic athlete?! These adverts want champions like myself representing the product, not guys like Edge who have a hard time belonging in one of these “Bob Zombie moshing pits” or whatever the hell they’re called.

Booker T: Yuh man…

Kurt Angle: And y’know what else these adverts have a lot of…? Orgasms! And mine’s a lot better than Edge’s – y’wanna hear it?

*Unsurprisingly, Booker is totally disgusted/speechless. His mouth is wide open in shock.*

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that!!!

Kurt Angle: What? My orgas---

Booker T: What’s wrong wit’ you? I don’t wanna hear nothin’. C’mon man, we gotta match.

*Booker exits. Kurt stays behind momentarily, still confused to why Booker reacted in such a way.*

Booker and Angle talk about shampoo - 79% rating


Both teams began the match by trying to elect who would start. Booker T started for his team. When it became obvious Big Show was also starting, Booker tagged to Kurt Angle – to the shock of the Olympic gold medalist! No matter what technical moves Kurt tried, Show’s size meant it had no effect. Show bodyslammed him very hard before doing a huge legdrop onto Angle’s throat. Surprisingly this didn’t get the three count. Show tagged out to Edge (to many cheers from the crowd). Edge ran in, whipped Kurt to the corner and did a spear/shoulder barge. Edge got on top of Angle and punched him ten times. He let him go until Kurt staggered into the centre of the ring. Edge walked behind him and executed the Edge-O-Matic. A pinfall only got a two. Eventually Kurt tagged out to Booker T. Booker too was dominated from the get-go, until an illegal eye rake anyway. Edge held onto his face before eating a Harlem Sidekick. Booker and Kurt started to tag in and out quickly; making sure Edge couldn’t get anywhere near his 500lbs partner. Kurt and Booker’s shortly put them in a position to finish off Edge. Book tried this with a Book End, but Edge slipped out of it and did an Implant DDT out of desperation! Both men were near-dead on the canvas, only reacting to their tag partners yelling at them to crawl over and make the tag. Kurt got tagged first. He desperately tried to run over to Edge… But it was too late; The Big Show was tagged in!!! Big Show caused huge destruction, throwing both Kurt and Booker around like ragdolls. Booker received a Showstopper, and got pinned despite not being the legal man. ONE!!! TWO!!! Kurt, in a ballsy move, grabbed Show’s ankle and put in the Ankle Lock! The move wasn’t in for long; Edge speared Kurt with such force that it took himself and his opponent to the outside! Meanwhile still in the ring, Big Show picked up Booker. With the referee distracted with Kurt and Edge, Booker suddenly low blowed the giant! Booker rebounded from the ropes and hit the Axe Kick! He made the pin: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! Booker just picked up a huge win over the 500lbs giant!

Kurt Angle & Booker T def. Edge & Big Show – (OR: 79%, CR: 82%, MQ: 73%, **3\4)

After the match, Booker runs for his life away from The Big Show, who is quickly up and snarling towards the 5-time WCW champion! Edge and Kurt Angle meanwhile continue to brawl on the outside until Big Show grabs Angle! Hoisting Kurt into the ring, he delivers a chokeslam to him out of rage. Booker looks scared over his actions while Big Show and Edge moodily celebrate their efforts to the fans.


The time had come for the match that everyone had been waiting for, the first main event of the new era of Smackdown! In a surprise no one expected, the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H made his second appearance of the night as he came out and sat next to Tazz and Michael Cole at the commentary table. Chris Jericho was out first and still looked quite unhappy about the whole ordeal of Flair signing this main event tonight, and he even spent a few moments mouthing off to Triple H in the ring before The Rock's music hit and the "Great One" came out to another huge pop. Rocky though wasn't with his usual jovial attitude - he still had unfinished business with Jericho from earlier and he rushed to the ring to get the match started right away! The bout started off with the two superstars decking it out, a far cry from the type of match that we'd been accustomed to seeing from Jericho. The fans however, were really into it and the atmosphere in the arena was something of beauty. As the Rock spent the first moments of the match beating some sense into Jericho, a well timed low blow was all that Jericho needed to turn the tide back in his favor.

As The Rock focused on his throbbing jewels, Jericho took the opportunity to mark his offensive that including stiff stomps, clenched fists, and an array of technical holds that worked over the People's Champion's legs. But as quickly as Jericho turned things his way, the tide would once again turn as The Rock escaped Y2J's attempted Lion Sault and proceeded to plant him with a massive spinebuster, Jericho was set up perfectly, and Rocky tossed the elbow pad into the crowd before attempting "The People's Elbow." Jericho though, smartly rolled out of the ring and attempted to gather himself. This marks where Jericho's attention turned as he dug under the ring apron and pulled out - a sledgehammer! Triple H's patented weapon of choice was in the hands of Y2J, and "The Game" took offense, going as far as getting up out of the seat at commentary and trying to stop Jericho. What Triple H got instead, was a taste of his own medicine so to speak as Y2J smashed it into his ribs!

The look on Jericho's face was that of a man far from sane as he turned his attention from the fallen WWF Champion to the Rock in the ring. Rocky's never say die attitude though prevented him from doing what any normal man would have done; flee the scene. Instead he motioned for Jericho to bring it. Bring it, Jericho did, and swung wildly - but missed. The Rock battled at Y2J with all that he had, backing Jericho all over the ring. He couldn't see the low blow coming though, as Y2J once again sank to the same low as earlier and then picked up the hammer for a second time. He stalked The Rock, almost maniacally until he finally got up. And then it happened, at full speed - Jericho charged The Rock and landed a blow with the heavy foreign object, knocking The Rock out cold.

The Rock def. Chris Jericho by DQ - (OR: 91%, CR: 96%, MQ: 82%, ***1/2)

The reception that Jericho is now getting seems as though he is the most hated man on earth, and perhaps he is. Finished though, is something that Jericho is not. Instead, he stands over The Rock's body like a man possessed and clenched the hammer with the Stone over Rocky's chest. Then it happens, Y2J brings the hammer down, and Smackdown! goes black.

Quick Results:

- Trish Stratus def. Ivory and Jacqueline (#1 Contender Match)

- Mark Henry p. Shawn Stasiak

- Jeff Hardy p. Test

- Tajiri p. Crash Holly (Cruiserweight Title Match)

- Kurt Angle and Booker T def. The Big Show and Edge

- The Rock def. Chris Jericho by DQ

The Numbers:

Overall Show Rating: 69%, Television Rating: 5.36, Attendance: 7041

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Time to write.

Smackdown! - 4th April, 2002

Well you've gotten me in a good mood already by reminding me of the opening sequence they had back then. The video was awesome and you can't beat a bit of Manson with your wrestling.. although I always wondered why they didn't use 'Fight Song' instead. I dare say its a little more appropriate. Anyway, enough off that.. lets talk diary.

- Well once again you've portrayed all the characters brilliantly, especially The Rock. He's one of those people whos promos you just HAVE to get right, otherwise the whole thing sucks. So kudos on that part, and its always good to see heels with a mean streak rather than just being cowardly.. especially when they're that big (in size).

- Yeuch, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Womens wrestling bores me most of the time, especially reading it in a diary. The match quality here agrees with me it would seem. Anyway hopefully now you've got a number one contender, you'll keep the Womens matches to a minimum until the eventual title match. Trish was the obvious winner here, so no problems there.

- Nice you've actually made a point out of Jeff being alone, since its quite a big change for him. Interesting that you sent Lita along with him instead of leaving her with Matt. Hmmm. I like Test. Christian and Storm are good too. I'm looking forward to see if you go the way of 'one man against the odds' or 'Jeff pulls together some allies to fight the Canadians' Either way should make for some good stuff.

- Well I love Mark Henry (for some unknown reason) and I've never been a fan of Stasiak. So it looks like your pushing all my buttons with this show ^_^

- I don't think its already been mentioned (if it has then oops) so I think that was a good way to let people know what the main event is. It also reinforces the fact that Flair IS the boss, he IS the good guy and he will NOT be taking any shit from 'the bad guy' in Chris Jericho. Maybe could've been a little longer, but then again thats a cut scene for ya.

- Hardy picks up a win to get off to a good start, and after reading the match afetrmatch I think its definitely going to be about who Jeff can get on his side to help him out. Oh and Test using his top rope elbow is good, hopefully he'll use that, and his Boot in equal amounts as both are kick ass moves. From him anyway.

- Poor Spike, but unfortunatly hes like the Steven Richards of this brand (see my last post). Basically he gets beaten up for the benefits of others. While I'm at it I have to say that I'm impressed with the overall booking. Just about every match and segment seems to have a reason for it and it all makes sense without totally reeking of 'matches and angles that don't mean anything but continue the story for the sake of it' ala some recent WWE stuff.

- Nice cruiser action, would've maybe been a little better with some kind of vocal explanation as to why Crash is challenging. I know its obvious but meh. I guess Crash and Tajiri aren't the worlds greatest on the mic, but Flair could've just come out and announced the replacement challenger.

- Awesome. Thats all Im saying about the Angle/Booker T skit. Awesome.

- Huge win for Booker here, which is nice cos in real life he didnt do anything or months at this point. Hopefully you'll continue Booker/Edge for abit instead of going the oh so popular Edge/Angle route. I thought their mania match was 'average' and I belive the pair of them could've done much better. Hopefully the feud can turn more personal than being about shampoo.. and Show vs Angle, if thats the way your going, is a match I always like to see. Big Show kicks ass after the match.. of course he does, hes a dominant giant.

- I liked the way the main event played out, despite usually hating DQ's and the like. When I heard this was the main event I immedietly knew it'd be good, after all Rock and Jericho had one of my all time favourite matches (No Mercy 2001). Its really clever, you've made Jericho into the uber heel, taking out both the Undisputed champion, and the potential challenger. Yet he isn't aloud a title shot. You can bet he won't stop until he gets one though. And thats the way it should be for a guy like him.

Another top show I thought and I look forward to the next weeks worth of shows where hopefully you'll get a few more of the lower carders onto the shows, particularly William Regal as he is your European champion, and he hasn't been seen. That was the only dissapointment really, it was something you'd done different to real life, and I'd assumed you had a good plan for him... but nothing. Well I'm sure you two will pull something good out. Keep up the top work.

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- Opening segment was fun, I'm looking forward to a 'Taker-HHH feud, also interested to see how you book HHH, this was really the time period where he kicked the "Ric Flair-lite" stuff into high gear, which is something I kind of hated.

- That hardcore title match was everything I hated about the WWF's "hardcore title" era all rolled up into one. Interesting enough though to see all those ECW guys coming after poor little Maven's title - could be an interesting thing to see Maven, who's not exactly known as the most hardcore guy in the world, trying to avoid losing his strap to all these "masters" of extreme wrestling.

- Steph and Vince stuff.. all I ask is no incest.. please..and if you do go that route, please make Linda McMahon a major character in it.... errr... forget I said that..

- Ouch.. tough draw for Stevie, he never really had a chance.

- That fucking bastard X-Pac, stealing people's coffee. NOW I KNOW WHY I HATED HIM! nWo segment was cool and I'm glad you kept Waltman's mic time to a minimum.. more Nash and Hall is always good.

- The back-to-back-to-back booking of a Dudley's interview, Bra and Panties match, and Rikishi dancing segment would have made me change the channel if I was watching in real life, but I digress..

- Nice to see RVD pick up the win over Hardy, Undertaker's attack after the match hopefully leads to a feud, because those two can have some kickass matches together - very random attack though.

- Kane was kind of screwed from the get-go, obviously. He put up a valient effort nonetheless. nWo getting the best of both Kane and Hogan there really put them over nicely, as 99.9% of the time in that situation Hogan would come in and clean house.

- The irony of Kevin Nash calling someone past their prime.. g'yeah, that got a chuckle out of me. The ending was really good, Austin beating up X-Pac but Hall and Nash not bothering to go in and save the little scrub was really nice and something I can totally see happening in real life. The Austin/Kane/Hogan alliance against the nWo should be surreal, to say the least.


- Opening segment was pretty swank. I'm totally down for a Rock-Jericho-HHH threeway. Plus, the verbal exchanges between Rock and Y2J were always classic, and if tonight is any indication you seem to have that down pretty well.

- I hate women's wrestling.

- Test, Christian and Storm totally rule - interested in seeing how you book Jeff Hardy as a singles, please don't do the predictable thing and have Lita turn on him after like two shows though.

- I can dig a Mark Henry push, the guy was watchable in his last Smackdown run and if booked properly can be a very believable main event monster heel.

- Once again, the canadians rule - I'm glad Test was the one that jobbed and not Christian or Storm.

- Booker and Angle's segment was great - those two could make a great comedy duo ala Goldust and Booker - obviously both guys deserve to be in more high profile storylines than that, but it could be a really fun thing for a month or so.

- Tag match was a lot of fun, I really enjoy the Edge/Big Show team and that could make a fun little "Brains and Brawn" type of team. Edge uses his smarts to get waht he wants and Show does all the dirty work.

- Main event was just AW-E-SOME. I really like where you're going with Jericho, he's a great comedy character but giving him a little bit more of a serious, maniacal edge could be a really good thing. That three way match is gonna be fun as hell if you end up doing that, which is where it seems to be heading now.

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Well boys, lets get this thing started...I was trying to read the old WCW diary a while back and I had written some feedback out on it but never got around to finishing up on catching up.


- I really like how the first couple picks for each brand were really polar oposites. Raw with the old, proven talents and Smackdown with a younger approach, with young stars or up and coming stars. Pretty realistic choices all the way through if the draft were a shoot :P

Raw, April 1st

- I'm glad to see the HHH character quickly turned in the segment once Taker came down. It seemed at the start of the promo he was a face, it was kinda boring to be honest. Taker was written well though.

- I always enjoyed the 24/7 rule for the Hardcore title, glad you're working with it. I'm really enjoying it thus far.

- I'm enjoying the nWo thus far, based on the promo. Hall and Nash are two of my favs of all time, so I'm expecting some good stuff from them. Hopefully they stay around for a while.

- Austin signing on Raw was as obvious as you wanted it once the nWo hit. I like it, though...it does give Raw alot of the "washed up" talent that the nWo did discuss. Maybe not washed up, but older stars who are could be on there way out.

- Overall a solid start. I'm liking the way many of the characters are going, nWo, Taker, RVD and the Dudleys off the top of my head. Along with the way the Hardcore title is being put on display, in true and realistic fashion.

Smackdown, April 4th

- And then HHH seems to be face again... :ohwell: I guess you might be going for a tweener thing so he can fight either alignment...still, I'm really not feeling him right now. I enjoyed the parts with Rock and Jericho however.

- The Anti-Americans, hopefully nothing but good things will come from them being used. I would like to see Christian move on to singles at some point though and really develop his E&C character on his own quicker than it was in real life.

- Booker and Angle are being written well to their characters, good job.

- Jericho is being booked really well, Man on a Mission, doing anything to get the gold. I'm looking forward to what seems to be the three way feud/match over the title. Hopefully it will play out well, I'd rather not see Triple H go over though. I'm just not digging him.

- I enjoyed this first of for the Smackdown brand. Honestly, not as much as I liked Raw. It wasn't a large margin victory for Raw, though...Smackdown was just missing something. I really don't know what, but there was something that just didn't allow it to fully click. Now, in the same breath...neither are anything I think they can be. It's just the first week though...I'm looking forward to see more.

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Raw Review:

-- Always good to kick off a show with the champion. Funnily enough, I'm watching an old 98 Raw and it starts similarly. Makes me feel all Attitude'ed. Anyhoo, the HHH promo was decent. It was too generic for my liking, but HHH himself is a pretty generic promo so it evened out. Heel Taker is great and I hope you run with the possibilities there. It's a shame that Flair had to interupt and ruin it, but I'm sure you have a decent name in mind. The promos were all generic, but they served their purpose.

-- I misread the intro, and thought that Maven was out to face molestation. I'm almost disappointed that I read it wrong. Anyhoo, the usual overbooked Hardcore match, which is nothing bad. Far from. Nice to see Justin Credible in the hunt - he was always vastly underrated I felt.

-- Boo to the massacre of the "Fired" gimmick. I don't see how Steph serves any purpose on the show, and she even said herself she's been fired twice now. What's the point? She should have remained gone.

-- Lesnar squashes make me happy. Anyone getting squashed by a monster makes me happy.

-- The nWo segment was funny. Nice to see Nash steal a Joey Styles line. I also like they're they're focusing their efforts on Hulk Hogan. Shame that Hall didn't speak more, but he was merely an afterthought at that point. Hopefully you can do something with him.

-- The Dudley Boyz segment was interesting. It came off more ECW-ish than normal WWE segments do. Not that its a bad thing. It adds to the realism, and Bubba was beliavable in talking of the second chance they had received.

-- The Bra and Panties was what it was. Cool to see Rikishi returning to his roots. By roots, I mean his post-Sultan roots :)

-- The Intercontinental title match was very good. It made both men look competitive, and didn't really harm Matt in the long run. The Taker attack was out of nowhere, but should have been expected. Unpredictable, in a good way.

-- The main event match was odd for me. The write-up was good, and the match itself seemed solid. It's just wrapping my head around what the main parts of the show are supposed to be. Undertaker, Kane, nWo/Hogan, Austin etc. There's a fantastic top-line there, but I'm curious as to their placings and such. I guess it's a good thing, and you have enough talent to work with. Loved the Hogan attack. Anytime Hogan is beaten up, I smile inside.

-- Quick nitpick: TNN became SpikeTV in 2003. Aside from that, the contract signing was as expected with Austin remaining on Raw. I like the way it played out though, with the nWo almost forcing his hand. You can imagine Vince somehow being behind it, if the "poison" storyline is still in place. It did what it had to do - kept Austin strong, and made him the brave soldier facing the enemy. Now I expect nWo vs. Hogan, Austin and Kane, which would be huge, especially for the Hogan/Austin interaction.

The show was strong, and progressed a lot of bits. It's a shame that HHH didn't get much time, but if he's facing a SmackDown guy at Backlash then it makes perfect sense to put your main focus on Raw's own feuds, particularly with the nWo. The Lesnar push didn't need changing, and you didn't do so. The RVD/Taker feud had been done, but I expect an IC title feud between the two would be very interesting. The only downside, really, was the Stephanie angle. It's just typical WWE to waste a stipulation like that. I know that was probably the aim, but you showed that you could mix things up with the Dudley promo, so why not here where it mattered more?

SmackDown Review:

-- Again with the Triple H intro. I will say, don't overkill it. The last thing you need is the same promo opening TWICE a week. Once is enough. The Jericho interuption was a letdown, but expected. I don't know if it's the way Jericho prounounces it or not, but it's Aitch, not Haitch. Or so my English teachers always told me, anyway. I didn't expect The Rock to intervene, mostly because I completely forgot he had signed to the brand. Again with feuds we've already seen here. I loved the Jericho/Rock feud, but it's been done.

-- Glad that Trish won the #1 contender match. Ivory and Jacqueline are awful. Just so bland and boring.

-- Interesting that you've pulled the Canadians stable out early. Lita/Jeff will be very interesting, and I'm sure you'll play on it at some point.

-- Mark Henry owns all. I'm always happy to see him pushed, especially over Staziak. Surprised he wasn't fired by that point.

-- Jericho/Flair interaction was realistic. Not much else to say on it, really.

-- I like the idea of the mid card feud you have going here, with Hardy and the Canadians. It's obvious that he'll recruit help at some point, but it'll be interesting to see who. I can see one immediately that springs to mind, but it's the third guy that has me a little iffy in terms of not knowing.

-- Random attack on Spike Dudley makes me happy again. It's nice to see Billy and Chuck given a little air time, and it makes sense since the Dudleyz issued their challenge on Raw. A nice spot of continuity.

-- The usual WWF-style cruiser contest. Crash is too WWF-ified a worker to have decent cruiser matches to the level that we know, but he lost so its ok. Tajiri makes me happy as champion.

-- The Booker/Angle skit was great. Typical goofy Angle. The Bob Zombie and orgasm references were great, and you're obviously foreshadowing to the hair vs. hair match.

-- The tag match screwed over my prediction on who was gonna team with Jeff Hardy. Oh well. Cool to see Show get a little bit of a monster push, but he deserves more in my opinion, especially since SmackDown is less top-heavy than Raw. The Edge/Angle feud is fine, but Booker/Show? Not very interesting, sorry to say.

-- More HHH is a good thing. I thought you'd nearly forgotten about him. The sledgehammer spot was slick, and Jericho needed it in fairness, since the WWF had killed his title reign. Going crazy on HHH and Rocky was great. Certainly makes him look strog for a rematch. It's just a shame that I still don't yet believe he's strong enough for you to put the title on him. The ending is intense, and very close to a sledgehammer spot I've ALWAYS wanted to do, only not quite. Still, a great climactic SmackDown.

Both shows made good movement in building the main feuds leading into Backlash. You differentiated the small feuds from the ones that'll make PPV and there's a lot of great stuff there to make Backlash worth watching.

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3. Postwhoring/Bumping

Neither is allowed. Again, it seems pretty basic, but let's go over it together.

Postwhoring is makeing a post that adds nothing to a discussion or the thread/diary. "Good show" and nothing else is postwhoring. "Push Raven" and nothing more is postwhoring. We want you to feel free and encourage you to reply to the diaries, it is important to a lot of our posters, but we don't want you to say nothing meaningful at all and move along. All that does is boost your post count, get you a bad reputation as a postwhore, and piss people off. Your post count is only important to you, not the rest of us. Don't punish us because you want to feel important. It is not allowed, and warnings will result.

How do you Bump a diary? By postwhoring. Bumping is saying nothing to get the diary you are in moved to the top spot on the first page. It is not allowed and will result in warning.

From The Rules Of The Dome. Read it dammit. QUIT POSTWHORING!

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I always like these type of 2002 diaries, and since there is only 2 shows, should be easy for me to leave feedback.

Raw Thoughts:

- Undertaker is screwed out of a WWF title shot, just like in real life IIRC. You better had Taker attack RVD randomly though, because I cannot see him going for the second rate IC Title.

- It seems like you are going for a Kane/Hogan/Rock Vs NWO feud, good. I always thought that they should have had it end at Backlash instead of free TV.

- The Dudleys promo was pretty well done, but I am disappointed that we did not see anything from the champs. I think you could have left out the Rikishi segment for that.

SD Results

- The ME was great, I am excited to see that Jericho is still the contender for the title. I hope that The Rock isn't included though, what Jericho really needs is a proper feud with Trips.

- Nice to see that you are recalling the shampoo commercial with Angle, should tie in nicely for later on if you are sticking with real life on this one.

- I am sure that I don't need to comment on Lita/Jeff.

- Billy and Chuck got some air time and attacked Spike. Still, there should have been some kind of response on RAW. Ah, well.

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Underground’s “Across the Nation" ushers in the second episode of the "new" Monday Night RAW as the video package ends, and the logo appears on screen. From there, the show cuts to the arena where fireworks explode and the fans cheer like mad.The camera zooms towards fans’ signs such as: “WHAT?!?” and “nWo 4 Life.” Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler introduce us to the show. Tonight: what will happen now that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is an official member of Monday Night Raw?


Strangely, Raw immediately cuts to the backstage area where Vince McMahon is standing in his office, looking straight at the camera. He smiles in his usual sinister way.

Vince McMahon: Hello everybody! My name is Vincent Kennedy McMahon and I am owner of the number one sports entertainment brand in the world: Monday Night Raw! Now as you all saw last week, I did the impossible by signing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin despite our… “Past differences”. But while signing him, he thought it would be highly comical to humiliate me and give me a Stone Cold Stunner right in the very middle of that ring just like "old times."

*The segment cuts to a replay of last week’s main event segment. Steve Austin interrupted Vince McMahon, and Vince got pissed off. The proceeding stunner is about to be shown when…*

Vince McMahon: Cut that crap off! If Stone Cold expects another several years of making my life a living hell, he can forget it! I’m gonna make sure the Rattlesnake learns his place here on Monday Night Raw. Tonight, in that very ring, it’ll be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin taking on the New World Order’s Scott Hall in a Wrestlemania 18 rematch! May I remind you, this is the same nWo that caused the “unfortunate” accident last week and took out Hulk Hogan and Kane within mere moments of each other. And with Hogan and Kane out of the picture, there ain’t nobody to help ol’ Stone Cold tonight!

*Vince is about to walk away when he turns back.*

Vince McMahon: Oh and one more thing… With the nWo knowing well in advance about this match anyway, I'm not giving Austin two hours to prepare for this match… He’s got forty-five minutes! Now - with that said, I hope you all enjoy Monday Night Raw tonight as much as I will!

From Vince’s grin, Raw cuts back into the arena. JR, as always, is disgusted and points out the numbers game between Austin and the nWo.

Vince McMahon books Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall to top hour one – 90% rating


The first match-up of the night saw WWF Hardcore Champion, Maven defending the stap against a former WWF European Champion, the always smiling Diamond Dallas Page. The "Hardcore" was dished out in the early going as DDP waffled the champ with a trashcan lid, and then followed it up with a russian legsweep onto the can itself. That series of moves earned DDP a two count, but Maven - never the quiter kicked out. He came at Page with rights and lefts, and then whipped Page into the ropes. As Page rebounded Tough Enough winner landed his trademark dropkick and went for the pin. 1, 2, - Raven crashed a stop sign over the back of Maven!

Out of nowhere it seemed, Raven had hit the ring. Maven, still feeling the effects of the shot from the sign, stood back up and Raven was waiting - his arms in crucifix position. Raven kicked the Champion in the gut and followed it with the Evenflow DDT! He quickly made the cover, and scored the victory! Before he could even think about heading out of the ring though, he too was met by attack as DDP flattened him with a Diamond Cutter! 1, 2, 3! Page had secured the title for himself! But Maven would not be counted out as he spun DDP around and again met him with staggering rights and lefts. He then whipped DDP into the corner hard. As Page stumbled back, Maven picked up the Hardcore belt and decked the former WCW Champion with it! He quickly covered, and once more was the Hardcore Champion!

Maven p. DDP to become the NEW Hardcore Champion - (OR: 66%, CR: 68%, MQ: 64%, ** rating)

Maven lost 1 point of overness

The WWF Hardcore Title gained in image

Maven quickly grabs the belt and rolls out of the ring. Inside, Raven is getting back to his feet and now Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible rush down the ramp. Maven, wisely hops into the crowd and runs for the hills with his title intact as Monday Night Raw heads to commercial.


Backstage, the WWF World Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck are shown talking with their "stylist," Rico.

Billy: So I was thinkin' Rico, how about we cut off about an inch or so and go with the blue pleather with the white trim?

Rico: Ugh... see, you guys... this is why you hired me! Blue with white trim? So you guys wanna look plain, tired, generic? I told you, its red and gold silly, it shows off the stuff so much more...

Chuck: Hold on guys...

*With Chuck's warning, the camera pans back a bit to reveal Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley walking towards the Tag Champs.*

Billy: Well look what we have here, Chuck... I don't suppose this visit has anything to do with Smackdown, now.. does it?

Bubba Ray Dudley: [infuriated] You're damn right it does!

*Bubba quickly lunges for the threesome who are ready and waiting, but D-Von holds him back.*

Chuck: Come on big boy, don't let your brother hold you back!

*Chuck calls Bubba on, but instead he stands back.*

Billy: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Bubba Ray Dudley: What you thought? I know what you thought, hell I'll tell you what you thought! You thought that attackin' our little brotha' Spike over on Smackdown las' Thursday night would lead to us comin' back here tonight an' fallin' to those numba' games that you guys like'ta play, huh? Well guess what, we ain't as dumb as ya think!

Chuck: Really, 'cuz by the looks of things here you two are back here with the three of us...

Bubba Ray Dudley: Hold on just a minute sally, I don't want'cha gettin' your panties all in a bunch with the thoughts of a little three on two action - I know thats what you sickos are int'uh...

D-Von Dudley: We ain't back here ta' fight... yet!

Bubba Ray Dudley: Yeah, we've got a little announcement for ya. We get ourselves a little match made and tonight it's gonna be me going one on one with you!

*Bubba points his finger*

Billy: Whatever, You got it!

Bubba Ray Dudley: No, not you... YOU!

*This time Bubba points his finger very clearly.*

Rico: [shocked, ecstatic] Muh... ME!?!?!?!?!?

Bubba Ray Dudley: That's right sissy boy, and by the way, everyone's BANNED from ringside!

D-Von Dudley: O-Oooooh muh brotha, TESTIFFFYYYYYY!!!! Haha!

With that, The Dudley Boyz walk off leaving the threesome a bit shocked as Rico continually asks, "Me?"

Rico versus Bubba Ray Dudley for later tonight - 66% Rating

Back in the arena, The Godfather was making his way to the ring with four of the city's finest ladies by his side, and having a rather grand time. Soon enough though, a hard beating theme replaces his and the young monster Brock Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman at his side.


From the get go, J.R. and The King put over The Godfather's accomplishments in the WWF, being a former World Tag Team, and Intercontinental Champion. Experience seemed to be on Godfather's side in the opening minutes, but after missing a running avalanche in the corner things turned around, as Lesnar shook out the cobwebs from the initial off-guard onslaught. From then on Lesnar dominated the Pimp with variations of suplexes, including a release over the head belly-to-belly. When it seemed as though The Godfather had enough, Lesnar wouldn't just put him away. Instead, he delivered a powerbomb. One wasn't enough though as he kept ahold of the big man, lifted him back up and powerbombed him again! The strength of Heyman's monster was truly unimaginable! Finally, after the TKO like maneuver (now dubbed the F-5 by J.R.) Lesnar made the cover and put an end to a match that was nothing short of total domination.

Brock Lesnar p. The Godfather - OR: 59%, CR: 64%, MQ: 50%, * rating

Godfather didn't sell much

Godfather is losing overness from his (Pimp) gimmick


The time had come for Mr. McMahon's "master plan" to come into fruition as the sound of the nWo's music, and its seizure enducing screen effects brought out the fearsome stable. Stone Cold got the second antrance, and it became all too clear that he'd be working against the numbers in this one. Steve Austin got distracted by Kevin Nash and X-Pac as the bell rang, leaving Scott Hall able to ambush him. Hall delivered punches and kicks until Stone Cold was on the ground. He distracted the referee while Nash dragged Austin’s head to the ring apron and delivered a crushing elbow to the surgically repaired neck. Scott continued the assault with a clothesline into a pin attempt, two count only! Hall picked up Austin into an Atomic-drop. Scott rebounded himself from the ropes, only for Stone Cold to leap up into a Thesz Press!!! Austin punched him countless times until Scott somehow escaped to the outside. Not caring about Nash or X-Pac’s presence, Austin followed Hall. He punched X-Pac in the face, but got restrained by Hall. Kevin Nash went for the big boot, only for Austin to dodge out the way, hitting Hall instead! Nash then got whipped into the steel steps! When Stone Cold and Hall got back into the ring, Austin still had the advantage, executing a back body drop. He went to the middle turnbuckle and tried a driving elbow drop, but Scott got his foot up. Austin stumbled in a daze until Hall and placed him in a Fallaway Slam. Scott did the move and went for the pin yet again – ONE!!! TWO!!! THR- NO!!! Austin barely kicked out. With the New World Order fully recovered and cheering for him at ringside, Scott cued for the Outsider’s Edge. Picking up Austin and placing him on the middle turnbuckle, he set up the cross and moved towards the centre of the ring… Suddenly, Austin slipped out of the Outsider’s Edge, turned Hall around and did the Stone Cold Stunner!!! The crowd went crazy as Austin went for the pin: ONE!!!!! TWO!!!!! THR--- Kevin Nash entered the ring and landed an elbow drop on Austin! The referee calls for the bell, and eats an X-Factor for his troubles.

Steve Austin def. Scott Hall by DQ – (OR: 83%, CR: 90%, MQ: 69%, **3\4 rating)

After the match, the three members of the New World Order stomp down on Steve Austin several times each. Hall instructs Nash to get up Austin, the eventual result being the second attempt at the Outsider’s Edge! Scott gets him into the centre of the ring when again, Austin slips out of it!!! He tries to fight all three but gets beaten down once more. The crowd chant: “AUSTIN! AUSTIN! AUSTIN!” in hope of the Rattlesnake recovering.

Suddenly Hulk Hogan and Kane run down to the ring, steel chairs in hand!!! Although bandaged up, they aren’t as taken out as Vince gave the impression of. They storm into the ring and deliver chair shots to all the nWo members. Two shots send Nash and X-Pac to the outside… Scott Hall isn’t lucky enough for that though. He gets a chair shot. Then when he stands up again, he gets a Stone Cold Stunner, a chokeslam AND a legdrop!

Austin kicks Scott Hall out of the ring as the New World Order looks on in rage over the apparent alliance currently in the ring. Austin though looks a bit weary as he looks at the "Big Red Machine," and the "Hulkster" who have come to his aid tonight. The fan reaction is clear though, who better to neutralize the nWo’s poison than Austin, Hogan and Kane?


Back from the commercial break, Monday Night Raw heads backstage where Steve Austin, (Who still doesn't look very enthused over what just went down) Hulk Hogan and Kane are walking side by side away from the entrance to the arena. Interviewer Terri intercepts them, microphone in hand.

Terri: Stone Cold, Hogan, Kane – I was just wondering---

X-Pac: Hey, is that all you got?!?!

*The three wrestlers turn around to see Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Scott Hall standing several yards away from them. They look a bit battered from the events a few moments ago, but not enough for them to call it a day. Terri, unsurprisingly, escapes from the scene.*

Kevin Nash: Let’s see what you got without those steel chairs!

Hulk Hogan: You’re on, brother!

*Suddenly they go at it!!! Kane fights X-Pac, Hogan fights Nash, Austin fights Hall, all six men brawling, exchanging punches back and forth in a fast and violent manner. Kane throws X-Pac against a nearby wall; Nash knees Hogan right in the gut. Before things can get even worse, every single referee, road agent and member of security possible charge in to separate the two teams. There is still a huge struggle though, one that sees Austin slip past and land a right hand to Kevin Nash. Nash isn’t able to respond though, his arms being held back by road agents.*

Kevin Nash: You’re dead, Austin!

*With tensions nowhere near easing up, Raw owner: Vince McMahon enters the scene.*

Vince McMahon: Stop this crap right now, damnit! Any more fighting and heads are gonna roll!

*Things begin to quiet down while Vince gives out the following speech…*

Vince McMahon: Well, well, well, what a surprise we got here. Austin… Hogan… Kane… As always, causing all the trouble ‘round here! You wanna start fights with the New World Order? As the old saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for, coz it might just come true”. I’m making a match for WWF Backlash on April 21st right now. In one corner, it does gonna be the New World Order… And in the other corner, it’s gonna be [turns to Hogan, Kane and Austin] you three in a six-man tag team match! And seeing as you guys wanna fight, we’re gonna have two-thirds of that match in tonight’s main event: Nash and X-Pac, two-on-two versus Kane and Hulk Hogan! Until then, [to the guards] keep ‘em separated, separate locker rooms, whatever the hell is needed.

The scene ends with Vince McMahon walking away while there is some more (this time mild) struggling between the New World Order, Austin, Kane, Hogan and the officials holding them back.

Raw main event and Backlash match are made – 86% rating


Back in the arena, it was the time that certainly one man had been dreading. Inside of the ring, Rico was pacing back and fourth, still not quite sure how he'd gotten where he was. Bubba Ray Dudley came out, and stepped right into the ring. He looked over at Rico who was sort of cowering in the corner, frightened presumably for his life. Bubba leaned over and called Rico on, he even said that he'd let Rico have a "free shot." After a few moments of thinking about it, Rico walked up - and SLAPPED Bubba Ray across the face. Bubba looked shocked that instead of a stiff kick or a hard right, instead Rico chose to open hand slap him across his face! Or maybe he shouldn't have been so surprised. Bubba responded by promtly tucking Rico's head between the bigger Dudley's legs, and powerbombed him hard. Rico acted as if his back had exploded on impact, but Bubba couldn't care less as he shouted, "Your boys think they can mess with my family and get away with it?" After Rico's attempts to use the ropes to get back to his feet, Bubba promptly placed him in a full nelson and delivered The Bubba Bomb before covering the stylist and scoring the three count!

Bubba Ray Dudley p. Rico - (OR: 63%, CR: 49%, OR: 77%, **1\2 rating)

*With the match over, D-Von Dudley slides into the ring to congratulate his brother, but instead of accepting the congrats, Bubba chooses to push D-Von back.*

Bubba Ray Dudley: D-Von! ... GET THE TABLES!!!

*The crowd response is loud, as they want nothing more than to see the flamboyant stylist "Get Wood." D-Von returns to the ring and sets up the table. He then grabs ahold of the stumbling Rico and whips him into the ropes as the crowd chants "3D!" - but Rico doesn't return!*

Instead, he is outside of the ring with the WWF Tag Team Champion, Billy and Chuck who had pulled him out of the ring right before his certain doom. The Champions and the contenders have a few words before the show heads to the back.


In the backstage area, the always sexy Stacy Keibler is shown standing and smiling. The camera zooms up close to her; she is talking while having make-up applied to her face by the make-up lady.

Stacy Keibler: We’ve only been going out for a short while, but oh my god! He is such an amazing boyfriend! He’s so romantic, funny, we have the same interests. But that’s not the best part… He is so totally a monster in the bedroom. I mean, I’m still trying to recover from last night! …So how’s things going for you anyway?

*The camera pans back to reveal the make-up lady is in fact Stephanie McMahon. She looks much different than her rich daddy’s little girl self, wearing cheap looking clothes, devoid of make-up. Stephanie is unhappy through a mixture of this seemingly demeaning job, and having to hear about Stacy’s sex life.*

Stephanie McMahon: I’ve been... better. You’re all done now.

Stacy Keibler: Thank you! By the way, my boyfriend should be here in a moment, he needs a touch-up before his match.

*Stacy walks away.*

Stephanie McMahon: Okay then… [under her breath] Bitch!

*Stephanie rearranges some of the make-up until Stacy's "boyfriend" enters the scene.*

"Hey Steph, did Stacy warn ya I was comin’?"

Stephanie McMahon: Uhhhh... yeah

*The camera pans back to reveal that the voice belongs to none other than Rikishi.*

Stephanie McMahon:[analysing Rikishi’s face] Whereabouts do you need the touch-up? The cheeks?

Rikishi: …You could say somethin’ like that!

*Rikishi takes off his robe and turns around, revealing his incredibly large, dimply ass! Stephanie McMahon looks totally horrified!*

Rikishi: Can ya do a general "touch-up" of the area?

*Stephanie looks like she’s about to throw up. Reluctantly, she picks up a piece of cotton wool with make-up on and slowly targets it towards the ass. Eventually she touches it and starts to dab it. With the ever so lovely sounds of Stephanie’s gagging noises, RAW heads to commercial break.*

Stephanie McMahon dabs some ass - 68% rating


Rikishi was accompanied by Stacy Keibler for this one-on-one match versus WWF veteran Mr Perfect. Despite the experience factor, Perfect was on the receiving end of the assault all match. Perfect tried an atomic drop but was unable to pick the big man up, and several backhand chops had zero effect on the big man. What this left was Rikishi being able to execute all of his favourite moves. A belly to back suplex got a close two count. Rikishi whipped Perfect to the corner and crushed him with a four-hundred pound butt splash. Perfect slumped to the bottom turnbuckle! Stacy cheered Rikishi on as Perfect got a stinkface!!! After recovering, Perfect angrily charged at Rikishi – only to receive a superkick for his troubles. Rikishi dragged Mr Perfect over to the corner, got onto the second turnbuckle, bounced up and down before slamming his body ass-first onto Perfect’s chest. The referee counted the pinfall for the victory.

Rikishi p. Mr Perfect - (OR: 67%, CR: 72%, MQ: 58%, ** rating)

After the match, Stacy gets into the ring and celebrates with her "boyfriend" (even the fans are beside themselves on this one) Rikishi as Monday Night Raw goes backstage once more…


Backstage, the always beautiful Terri is in the cutomary interview spot.

Terri: Hey everyone, Terri here and with me is none other than... The Undertaker!

*Sure enough, the camera pans back and The Undertaker stands next to Terri with a less than pleasant expression on his face.*

Terri: Now before I get to the interview here Undertaker, allow us to show a clip of what went down last week after Rob Van Dam successfully defended his Intercontinental Title against Matt Hardy...

*On the monitor behind the blonde interviewer we are shown the clip from last week with RVD celebrating after having pinned Matt Hardy. Then, seemingly out of nowhere The Undertaker hits the ring and lays Van Dam first with a big boot, and then a choke slam!*

Terri: Now that we've saw the footage, I have to ask, why did you attack RVD last week?

*Taker stares at Terri for a few moments, and makes her a bit uncomfortable.*

The Undertaker: Let me get this straight, you want a reason why I did what I did to Rob Van Dam last Monday Night? Well let me tell you somethin', that ring out there.. that's my yard and I will do whatever the hell I want to in my yard! You want justification? RVD wants justification? How about the fact that last week, Ric Flair disrespected The Undertaker? How about the fact that last week I was denied my shot at the WWF Title?

*Suddenly mid-sentence, RVD walks right up and in front of "Big Evil." He has his Intercontinental Title over his shoulder, and an almost uncharacteristically intense expression.*

The Undertaker: Can I help you, boy?

*Van Dam continues to stare, and now The Undertaker grows impatient.*

The Undertaker: Ya deaf?

*SMACK! RVD hauls off and knocks one side the head of The Undertaker. Taker's furious, but he doesn't return fire for some reason.*

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, you can help me! How about you and me at Backlash!?

The Undertaker: [removing his hand from his jaw] Yer death warrant boy...

Rob Van Dam: I'll see you there.

With that, Van Dam walks off and it it's Main Event time!

RVD versus The Undertaker signed for Backlash - 73% Rating

Undertaker lost 2 points of overness


Surprisingly, Steve Austin didn’t accompany Hulk Hogan and Kane to the ring like Scott Hall did for Kevin Nash and X-Pac. Kane began the match against Kevin Nash. Both hosses were evenly matched; neither men could gain momentum thanks to the back and forth punching and kicking. Hall distracted the referee enough for Nash to get in a low blow on Kane. He followed this up with a sidewalk slam. Nash tagged in X-Pac, who scurried over like a rat to pin Kane only for the big man to sit-up! X-Pac cowered backwards, but got caught by Kane. X-Pac got flung into and rebounded from the corner straight into Kane’s own sidewalk slam. Picking Pac up by one hand, Kane tossed him into the corner Hogan was positioned. Hogan tagged in. Hulk channelled his Hollywood persona with illegal eye gouges and chokes. Hogan backraked X-Pac causing much pain before tagging Kane in again. Kane did a massive big boot and headed to the top rope. Much like last week, Scott Hall leapt up to intercept the impending clothesline. This time it was actually effective, X-Pac was able to stand and punch Kane in the stomach. Nash was tagged back in as Kane sat there stunned. Big Sexy mockingly measured Kane up momentarily, before giving a single huge elbow smash to the side of the head, causing the Big Red Machine to trickle to the outside. Hulk tried to run in to even the sides, but the referee held him back. While this was happening, Scott Hall whipped Kane head first into the steel post and rolled him back into the ring. Kev went for the pinfall, but only got a two count.

Unknown what to do next, the nWo member locked Kane into a sleeper hold. Clutching tight, Kane’s face went red. Hogan slammed his hand against the turnbuckle, getting the fans to support the Big Red Machine. Eventually Kane came to, standing up, elbowing his way out Big Sexy’s grasp! He ran to the ropes…… Only to receive another big boot! X-Pac was tagged in. X-Pac went for the sleeper hold too strangely. Barely wrapping his arm around Kane’s neck, it was no surprise Kane got out the move easily. Kevin Nash tried to get into the ring, just as Kane tagged Hulk Hogan in!!! Hogan punched X-Pac, but the referee told him to get out of the ring! The referee never saw the tag. As Hogan reluctantly stepped out again, X-Pac tried to do a spinning heel kick on Kane only to be caught. Kane slammed him to the ground and then finally made the tag. Hulk Hogan ran in, punched X-Pac, punched Kevin Nash, punched Scott Hall who tried to interfere. Hulk tried to clothesline X-Pac, but he ducked, and Hogan caught the referee instead! The crowd booed as Scott Hall got into the ring and made it three on two versus Hogan and Kane, assaulting them until they were helpless on the ground again like last week. Suddenly “Stone Cold” Steve Austin charges to the ring! Fists a blazing, he punched all three members of the New World Order. He clotheslined Scott Hall out of the ring, before delivering a Stone Cold Stunner to Kevin Nash!!! Austin goes to wake the referee while X-Pac, the only man remotely conscious, received a chokeslam and a legdrop from Kane and Hogan respectively. Hulk Hogan made the pinfall. The referee slowly counts: ONE!!!!! TWO!!!!! THREE!!!!! The New World Order has been defeated!

Hulk Hogan & Kane def. Kevin Nash & X-Pac (OR: 67%, CR: 80%, MQ: 37%, 1\2* rating)

With the camera shooting all three members of the New World Order laid out and/or knocked silly – Jim Ross yells that tonight they have tasted their own medicine thanks to the equalizer role of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In the ring: Stone Cold, Kane and Hulk Hogan celebrate. Will this be the same result when the six man tag happens in thirteen days time at WWF Backlash?

WWF Monday Night Raw ends as Austin begins a beer bash, celebrating by drinking with his future tag team partners.

Quick Results:

- Raven p. Maven (WWF Hardcore Title)

- DDP p. Raven (WWF Hardcore Title)

- Maven p. DDP (WWF Hardcore Title)

- Brock Lesnar p. The Godfather

- Steve Austin def. Scott Hall by DQ

- Bubba Ray Dudley p. Rico

- Rikishi p. Mr. Perfect

- Hulk Hogan & Kane def. Kevin Nash & X-Pac

The Numbers:

Overall Show Rating: 70%, Television Rating: 6.87, Attendance: 7533

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Nice to see another show up already, but its also nice that you're not pumping them out at a ridiculous speed... cos I'd never keep up.

RAW 8th April

- Typical Vince anti Austin promo, nothing wrong here. But I will tell you what I do like. The fact that you booked the match to top hour one, as apposed to 'later on' or 'the main event' I think the WWE has totally discarded the RAW/Warzone that they always had going on. Booking a match that big at the halfway mark just shows how big the whole show is. Good booking.

- Despite other peoples criticisms, I love me some WWF Hardcore Title antics. DDP getting TV time is also a bonus. Its this kind of thing early on which lightens the mood leading into the more serious stuff later on. Another benefit of the Hardcore division is that you can turn it 'serious' anythime you want. Yay for DDP adding a second title to his WWF resume too.. even if his reign was for a few seconds...

- Haha love Billy and Chuck and Rico, gotta use them as much as you can. Great fun to read. Although you spelt 'white' wrong and wrote 'while' :P I'm sure i'll forgive you as you set up a nice little match for later.

- While Godfather can be entertaining.. sometimes, the match rating tells a story of him totally sucking. So hopefully him falling to Lesnar is the last we'll see of him, at least until another new star needs to squash someone.

- Well written match between Austin and Hall. Was entertaining and serves its purpose as far as storylines are concerned. VERY glad you had Hall be the one who got beaten when Kane and Hogan ran in and not the seemingly obvious X-pac. Having Hall be the one who gets beat up makes the faces seem like much more of a threat to the nWo, cos lets face it. Every man and their dog could beat up X-Pac if they wanted to.

- Wow, your doing a great job of pushing this as your main RAW feud. Continuing the fight backstage is great, showing how personal its become between the two teams.. and the PPV match is good. I dont usually like 6 man tags on PPV's especially when they contain a bunch of main event guys. But in the case of stabels like the nWo facing their combined opponents, it works great. Not to mention its a good way to get a lot of people onto whats going to be a pretty full card.

- Nice match between Bubba and Rico, two personal favourites of mine. Adds some importance to the tag title match and fuels the fire of the rivalry. When I was reading it I randomly thought that when 'Bubba pushed D-Von back' he was actually about to turn on him :wacko: Not sure where I got that idea from. Whether the Dudleyz win the belts or not Its only going to be a matter of time before Rico goes through that Table.

- I liked this bit, it was a nice break from the mega serious rivalries. I first thought 'make up lady' wasn't really good enough for Steph's job... should be cleaning the toilets or something. But when the Rikishi thing happened I realised just how clever you two are. Its one of those moments that aren't important, but probably would've goteen a pop from the crowd. Oh and i have no problem with Rikishi beating Perfect, and no problems at all with a Rikishi push of some kind.

- RVD came off looking pretty cool and I'm glad you didn't have him just say 'Im RVD.. Im high and I talk like a retarded teenager, lets smoke pot and fight later on' Well, you get the point. It should be a good match, and for some reason I've always been a fan of secondry champion facing main eventers in non title PPV matches. IE Kennedy vs Taker and JBL vs Rey last year.

- Not much to say about the main event, faces going over balances out the feud for now. Austin running in later is a good thing 'cos it gives it more of a bang. Not to mention him accompanying them to the ring wouldn't have done much for his 'loner' attitude.

All in all a top show, and not much to critisice about. The only complaint is that I think having so many segments about the nWo vs Austin/Kane/Hogan feud was a little bit of overkill. I know its technically 3 feuds in one, and having more TV time than a regular 1 vs 1 feud is fine. But I think there was a little too much going on that could have been left till next week.

Anyways, I am enjoying so KIU.

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Okay, I've attempted to leave feedback on the first two shows, and incidently, I was called into work before getting to each of them. Co-Incidence or have you two cursed me? Good thing I have to work tonight, cause now I don't have to worry about being called in. So let's get down to some feedback, but I'm going to stick with the last show due to time restraints.

So it looks like we're going with another Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold feud, but this time McMahon actually has soldiers working for him. Reminds me of the days when The Corporate Ministry were around. Too bad this is a seriously neutered version of the nWo, but even so, just Hall and Nash would be great. The Outsiders (w/Vince) vs Steve Austin. That would be great.

When was it that the Hardcore Title was changed from 24/7 back to being a regular title? I know there was a point when Vince came out and declared that this crap wasn't going to go on any longer? Was it soon, and do you have plans to do the same because this constant interference in matches and the fact that you're using 2 or 3 slots per card just for the Hardcore matches could get rather bothersome.

For some reason I always liked Billy and Chuck. Rico did much better with his gimmick after the split of these three, but that's okay cause Billy and Chuck are ratings gold, not to mention in the ring they're not to shabby either. Rico's reaction after the match was announced was golden.

Lesnar continues to dominate, which is no real shock. This is a bit better then the way he did it in real life, attacking The Hardy's. Let's face it, he's bigger than both Hardy's put together, although I wouldn't mind him feuding with Jeff Hardy if Jeff was built as the guy who would take a lot of punishment and then keep on coming. Not sure if that's the route you go though.

Will The Outsiders ever be booked strong in the WWE? Yeah they dominate when they have the numbers game but one on one and they usually get the hell beat out of them. I know Austin's a machine and all but so were The Outsiders at one point. Ah well, guess you can't allow the WWE creation (Austin) to get his ass kicked by the technically WCW creations (Outsiders).

The entire main event situation continues to heat up with the big brawls, which reminds me of the 96 WCW where the nWo would just attack people in the parking lot, except this happened in the back of the building and they got here as good as they gave.

Would have liked to see a surprise upset here, but I guess that would make Bubba look quite weak in context with the way you’ve been making this out to be. While most people hated Rico’s over the top Adrian Street gimmick, I quite enjoyed it and felt they could have pushed him quite a bit more than they did.

Nice little comedy break, but eww, I don’t even want to think of Rikishi and Stacey in bed. That’s just vomit worthy. Stephanie having to apply make up to those ass cheeks made me chuckle though, and regurgitate as well.

As a fan of Hennig/Perfect, it saddens me to see him completely obliterated in this match. Sure he was never as good as he once was after his back injury, but he’s Mr. Perfect! That’s gotta mean something.

Undertaker to dominate and pick up the win. Rob Van Dam to take the punishment and gain The Undertaker’s respect....after a few beatings of course.

Hogan sticking around just gets to me. He’s never been any good, but at this point he was just sucking up the spotlight when there were too many guys who could have used it at this time. Out with the old, in with the new, so to speak. But again, I’ll sit back and wait to see what you two have in store for us. Ultimately this is another great diary, which should only get better as it continues.

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Smackdown kicks off with clips from last week's Main Event, depicting Chris Jericho's heinous use of the sledge hammer on both the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H and The Rock. The package ends the same way as the show did last week with Jericho bringing the hammer down on Rock's chest. After that it goes to blackness into the usual Smackdown opening package to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People."

From there, Tazz and Michael Cole welcomes everyone to the show. They inform the viewing audience that last week The Rock suffered serious injuries and his return is not yet known.


As Tazz and Cole deliver the news about the Rock, the countdown begins on the Titantron and the man responsible for his condition, Chris Jericho makes his entrance to a mass response of boos from the paying faithful. Jericho basks in the fans' dissatisfaction as he climbs into the ring and takes a microphone.

Chris Jericho: [arrogantly] Not only am I the very first Undisputed Champion this industry has ever seen! ...

*The fans boo, Jericho pauses with a slight smile on his face.*

Chris Jericho: Not only am I the sexiest beast on network television! ...

*The fans again give him the same reaction*

Chris Jericho: A huuuuuuuuge Rockstar!

*More boos.*

Chris Jericho: I am also the guy, who in one night was able to do something that no one else has ever been able to do! I did something that even the so called [makes finger quotes] "Poison" of the WWF, the New World Order couldn't do. In one single night I took out The Rock! Because of me, it's going to be a long time before you all see that ridiculous eyebrow again!

*Leaning against the ropes, Jericho is quite proud of himself. The fans chant "Rocky" loudly*

Chris Jericho: Chant all that you want, ass clowns! It won't change anything, right now The Rock is lying in a hospital bed and Triple H is probably in the back getting his rubs taped up. Oh yeah, don't for a minute think that I've forgotten about him. None of this would have happened if I had just gotten what I wanted; a fair rematch for MY Undisputed Title!

*Jericho's face becomes angered as he looks into the camera.*

Chris Jericho: But they just wouldn't have it that way, instead his bottom feeding trash bag ho of an ex wife cost me what was mine! My Undisputed Title! Mine! Mine! [manically he starts ripping at his hair] Mine! Mine!


*The familiar tune hits, and the fans come unglued as Triple H comes out shirtless and in a pair of blue jeans. His ribs are heavily taped from the sledge hammer shot from Jericho last week, and the Undisputed Title over his shoulder. Triple H's face is intense as he brings a microphone up to his lips.*

Triple H: Jericho you son of a bitch… You can try to talk sense of your motives all you want but when you smash a sledge hammer into my ribs, I take it personally!

*Triple H is pissed. He storms toward the ring, but Jericho quickly cuts him off.*

Chris Jericho: Wait just a damn second, jerky! I'm not stepping foot in a ring with you again until I get what's mine!

Triple H: If a title shot is what it's gonna take to get my hands on you Jericho, then you've got the shot at Backlash! But make no mistake about it, it will be your last coz you ain’t gonna live to see the day after!

With that, HHH slides into the ring and immediately the two begin to go at it. Finally, the main event for Backlash has been announced! As a slew of officials rush the ring to break Jericho and Triple H apart, Smackdown goes to commercial break.

Triple H versus Chris Jericho signed for Backlash - 83% rating

When Smackdown returns, a highlight package airs recapping Test, Christian and Lance Storm's taunting of Jeff Hardy and Lita last week as well as Hardy's surprising victory against Test in singles competition.


Paired off against the numbers game once again, Jeff Hardy squared off against Christian and took an all or nothing mentality as he dove into Christian and hammered him with hard rights and lefts. Whipping Christian from post to post, Hardy was seemingly on a roll until Christian lifted a foot and caught Hardy with it as he charged into the corner. Christian repped off a few stiff kicks to Jeff's side as he clawed his way back to his feet. Christian choked Jeff out with the ropes - his knee to the back of Jeff's neck. As Christian tugged on the middle rope for extra torque, Test hammered a cheap shot to Jeff's face. Already falling to the numbers game it would seem that Hardy was all but out, but he fought back. After some back and fourth action, Christian nailed Hardy with a Reverse DDT. Lita cheered Jeff on, but soon stopped as Test stalked her around the ring. Christian went for the Unprettier only for Hardy to counter with the Twist of Fate! With the fans cheering him on, Hardy called for his signature move and climbed to the top rope. The Swanton Bomb... wasn't to be seen tonight though, as Lance Storm knocked Hardy off the turnbuckle. Christian got back up, and this time the Unprettier connected. The Canadians stole a victory!

Christian p. Jeff Hardy (OR: 72%, CR: 68%, OR: 76%, **3/4 rating)

After the bell, Test and Lance Storm hit the ring and all three men take a few turns at kicking Jeff while he's down. Lita rushes in and covers Jeff. The heels snicker callously, and as the ultimate insult - Test digs into his pocket and then tosses five bucks at Lita.


Backstage, European Champion William Regal is dressed and ready for action. His usual disgusted expression adjourns the Brit's face, and he takes a quick left turn into the locker room. In there, there is a chalk board with the scheduled matches to take place tonight. Regal's expression soon changes.

William Regal: [reading board] Mark Henry?

*He turns and turns back to the board to check once again.*

William Regal: What in high heaven has that wretched toe rag done to get a shot at the European Title? What in the bloody hell is going on around here?

*Regal storms out of the room, and down the hall. On route to wherever it is that he's going, Regal bumps into Perry Saturn and Shawn Stasiak (who has his head heavily taped presumably from the horrid beating at the hands of Mark Henry last week). They seem to be deep into conversation.*

Saturn: So you hopped an asteroid from where?

Shawn Stasiak: Planet Stasiak... where else? So anyway, after I boarded the asteroid I thought I was free, but of course not...

Saturn: What happened!!?? Martians?

Shawn Stasiak: Worse!

Saturn: Worse?!

Shawn Stasiak: A Space Dragon!

Saturn: Space Dragon!!?? No way!!

Shawn Stasiak: And not just any Space Dragon, this one breathed ice...

*Turning back to the European Champion, the camera catches Regal in a state of confusion, shock and horror seemingly all at once. If a beating at the hands of Mark Henry can cause Shawn Stasiak to think he hails from “Planet Stasiak”, what’s in store for Regal tonight?

Regal versus Mark Henry tonight - 79% rating


As Smackdown! returns to air, Kurt Angle is standing in the backstage area with his apparent friend Booker T. Positioned next to the corner/end of a corridor, they’re plotting some kind of evil plan.

Booker T: I dunno man, ‘s all seems a bit over-the-top.

Kurt Angle: Over-the-top?!? People supporting the Arizona Cardinals, now THAT’S over-the-top… Besides they used to do this all the time back in the old NWA territory system.

Booker T: Whatever, if ya say so. What’s the plan again?

Kurt Angle: It’s so simple… We wait until my Backlash opponent Edge arrives. And when he turns ‘round this corner…

*Kurt picks up a steel chair from the ground. He holds it up in a position ready to strike it, which makes Booker nervous just a bit.*

Kurt Angle: [continued] …he’s gonna have a meeting with Mr Chair.

Booker T: But why dis corner?

Kurt Angle: Isn’t that totally obvious? Anyway ssshhh, its not gonna be a good trap if he can hear us.

*Kurt and Booker stand there, ready to attack. The intensity on Angle’s face is unparallel. Booker looks rather bored though, staring at his watch for the twenty seconds or so of silence.*

Booker T: Is he even in the arena yet?

Kurt Angle: What am I? Freakin’ psychic?

*They return to waiting there in silence ready to attack. Waiting and waiting and waiting.*

Kurt and Booker plan to take out Edge – 78% rating

Kurt Angle lost two points of overness


Back in the arena, the pace was set to be quickened as Crash Holly and Chavo Guerrero stood in the ring. This meant only one thing: it was time for some Cruiserweight action. Their opponents were The Hurricane and the WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri who was accompanied as always by Torrie Wilson. Michael Cole and Tazz took us back to last week, where Crash Holly stepped up and replaced Spike Dudley in a match for the Cruiserweight Title but ended up short in his efforts against Tajiri. Chavo and The Hurricane started the match off, and after a series of exchanges it became all too clear to the "Super-Hero" that Chavo's time off screen hadn't been spent on a couch. Chavo twisted and cranked Hurricane's limbs, but proving his heart - The Hurricane tapped out to nothing. Crash and Chavo then decided to keep Hurricane segregated to their corner and used quick tags to keep both men fresh. As Crash had Hurricane in a reverse chinlock, the superstar dressed in green and black looked for the fans to aid him back to his feet. They got behind him and he powered out of the hold. Hurricane caught Crash with a drop toe hold. He then bounced off the ropes and nailed Crash with the Shining Wizard! With Crash virtually out of it, the tag was made to Tajiri who came in and delivered kicks to both Chavo and Crash. Chavo bounced off the ropes and charged full speed, but Tajiri side stepped and sent Guerrero through the ropes! The distraction was seemingly what Crash was looking for as he hooked Tajiri up for an underhook DDT, but Tajiri countered and one Buzzsaw Kick later, received the victory!

Tajiri and Hurricane def. Crash and Chavo - (OR: 71%, CR: 58%, OR: 85%, *** rating)

As Tajiri, Torrie and The Hurricane celebrated the victory at the bottom of the ramp, Crash Holly pounded the mat with his fists in frustration. Chavo looks disappointed and kicks the barricade as Michael Cole and Tazz hype the Backlash card so far including Triple H versus Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Title!


In the Smackdown divas locker room, Trish Stratus and Jacqueline are standing at the mirror doing vanity stuff. They don’t interact; although Jacqueline seems to be agitated over how much Trish is rearranging her cleavage (as in trying to reveal more of it). Meanwhile Torrie Wilson enters, just returning after managing Tajiri in the last match. She looks very happy.

Trish Stratus: Hey Torrie, congratulations over Tajiri’s win.

Torrie Wilson: Thanks Trish.

Trish Stratus: Are you--- are you and Tajiri going out to celebrate?

Torrie Wilson: [smiling deviously] More like staying in. I just hope he didn’t take out all his “aggression” in his match.

Trish Stratus: Oh really? [whispering] What’s he like… Y’know?

Torrie Wilson: He’s unbelievable. He’s the most energetic, amazing guy I’ve ever been with – and I can’t believe how turned on he gets by a certain something.

*At this point Jacqueline is more agitated, this time over the conversation she doesn’t really need to be hearing.*

Trish Stratus: What’s that then?

Torrie Wilson: Me dressed in a schoolgirl’s outfit.

Trish Stratus: Wow! [friendly sarcasm] The thought of that even turns me on. haha!

Torrie Wilson: [winking] Maybe I should take a Polaroid next time and show you?

Jacqueline: [mumbling] You two make me sick.

*Jacqueline storms out of the dressing room, slamming the door behind her.*

Trish Stratus: What’s her problem?

*Fading from Trish and Torrie, the Smackdown music plays. Michael Cole hypes that Trish will team with Jacqueline against Jazz and Ivory next!*

Torrie/Trish talk to Jacqueline’s disapproval – 68% rating

Jacqueline gained one point of overness


The first match for the Women’s Champion Jazz in this Brand Extension era saw her standing out at ringside as Trish Stratus and Jacqueline were a surprisingly cohesive in isolating Ivory. Despite Ivory becoming weak enough to pin through several body slams, an elbow drop and some double teaming – Trish Stratus let her willfully tag in Jazz, wanting a showdown with her continual rival. Jazz got surprised by a couple of rights but came back quickly; the muscular woman manhandled Trish. Going for Trish’s neck and shoulder area, the apex of her attack came with the painful Jazz Stretch move. Trish was able to get the tag to Jacqueline though after a rare mistake from the champion saw Stratus able to avoid another Jazz Stretch. The tag format broke down from there with all four women going at it. Jacqueline tossed Jazz to the outside after a quick scrap while Trish did the Stratusfaction on Ivory for the second week running! Trish, despite not being the legal woman, got the pinfall victory for the team!

Trish Stratus & Jacqueline def. Jazz & Ivory – (OR: 53%, CR: 54%, OR: 53%, * rating)

The #1 contender: Trish Stratus gets her hand raised by the referee. Trish encourages Jacqueline to join in the celebrations, but she is pissed! Pointing at Trish, Jacqueline complains: “You stole the win from me!” before making her departure. A confused Trish begins to exit after that.

Jazz meanwhile gets in the ring. Livid that her team lost, she suddenly locks the STF on the grounded Ivory. The champion looks like she’s about to snap her neck in two when Trish runs back in again for the save. Jazz exits without being touched though. She walks away smiling evilly while Stratus stares her down.


Backstage, Smackdown Owner Ric Flair and WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H are shown in Flair's office. HHH looks livid as Flair talks to him.

Triple H: What do you mean take the rest of the night off?

Ric Flair: Look Hunter, all I'm saying is that you're in no condition to be out there in that ring tonight. Go, rest up and have it out with Jericho when you're at 100%. Jericho's already booked tonight anyway. Seeing as he seems to wanna get in a fight, he's got Edge in the Main Event.

Triple H: I'm not gonna let this die...

Ric Flair: I'm not trying to make this thing die Hunter, it's not that at all. Just go, rest up those ribs, get ready for Backlash...

Reluctantly, Triple H enters and Smackdown heads back into the arena.

Edge versus Chris Jericho for tonight; Triple H still wants to fight - 90% rating


William Regal looked uncomfortable walking down to the ring, seeing the 400lbs World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry there, ready to kick his ass. Regal was unable to gain the advantage from the get-go thanks to Henry’s size and immovability. A key example of this was when Regal tried a tie-up, only to be pushed halfway across the ring with ease. Henry flattened Regal with a clothesline, knocking the champion stupid. William’s first and only streak of momentum came after raking Henry’s eyes and block chopping him down to size. Several stiff shots to the head later, Regal applied a criss-cross strangehold. This again barely affected Henry as he easily stood up, grabbed Regal and did a hiptoss. Mark whipped Regal to the ropes and went for the vicious bearhug on the way back. The European Champion nailed Henry in between the eyes to avoid the move. Regal rebounded himself from the ropes, only to wind up in the World’s Strongest Slam! Mark Henry made a signal to the fans, it was time for the 1-Rep Max!!! However when Henry turned around, the champion had rolled to the outside of the ring. Clearly dazed, Regal took his championship from the lap of Tony Chimmel and headed to the backstage area. Getting booed by the fans, he gestured at a furious Mark Henry that he had enough of wrestling him. Eventually the referee counted the ten and awarded the victory to Henry. Due to losing by countout, Regal keeps the title.

Mark Henry def. William Regal by countout – (OR: 60%, CR: 62%, OR: 57%, *1/2 rating)

Mark Henry gained 2 points of overness from this match

The WWF European Title has gained in image

In the ring, Mark Henry is declared the winner of the match but Obviously that’s no consolation for being screwed out of the European Championship. As Mark leaves the ring, WWF Smackdown heads to the backstage area…


We’re back with Booker T and Kurt Angle. Despite over an hour passing since their first segment, the two are still waiting for Edge in that same corridor. Angle still looks determined, ready to pounce with the chair. Booker is slumped against the wall though, half asleep.

Booker T: It’s bin an hour, won’t it be easier to go find ‘im?

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle never gives up. Imagine if I gave up coz of a lil’ thing like, say, my broken neck! I’d have no Olympic gold medal. In fact I’d never have signed with the WWF. ‘N without fans watching the WWF to see me and me alone, we’d still have to put up with that piece of crap Dubya-See-Dubya. Uh, no offence or anything.

Booker T: Non’ taken.

*Suddenly Kurt puts his finger over his mouth, telling Book to shut up. Kurt leans his ear forward, hearing something around the corner. Unseen by the camera, the sound Kurt hears is clearly Edge and Big Show talking.*

Edge: I betta go for my match against Y2J.

Big Show: Good luck man!

*Footsteps can be heard, getting closer and louder by the second. Booker springs onto his feet and snatches the chair from Angle.*

Kurt Angle: Whatta you doin’?

Booker T: Teachin’ Edge for stealin’ my shampoo gig!

*A man turns around the corner. Booker swings the chair ferociously, splatting the chair upside the head of…… The Big Show?!?! Show is stunned, but nothing more. Angle and Booker look shocked.*

Kurt Angle: What did ya do that for?!

Booker T: I thought it were Edge!!!

*Big Show’s face turns to thunder. He stares at Booker and Angle. He’s ready to cause some pain!*

Booker T: Lets get outta ‘ere!

*Angle and Booker dash for their lives. The Big Show walks in the same direction, giving chase!*

Big Show: I’m gonna get you two sons-of-bitches!

Kurt and Booker’s plan is executed on the wrong man – 82% rating


The Smackdown main event pitted the former Undisputed Champion, the ultra cocky Chris Jericho against the up and coming Edge who had been on a hot streak as of late. Jericho, being in his own world according to Cole - took Edge lightly from the get go. This proved to be an ill fated decision on Jericho's part as Edge surely came prepared to compete, and shined against the Wrestlemania headliner. Jericho though would use underhanded tactics to turn the match back in his favor with a well placed low blow. "Y2J" then began to work over the back and legs of the former multi time Intercontinental Champion, without question he was softening him up for the Walls of Jericho submission. But Edge showed his heart and stayed in the running. Jericho attempted to put Edge away with the Lionsault - but Edge rolled out of the way forcing Jericho to crash to the mat. He followed it up with a Spear, and pin attempt. 1, 2, Jericho got his foot on the ropes!

Frustrated, Edge tugged at his hair - and realized that Booker T was walking down the ramp, spouting off unflattering words. What Booker T didn't realize though was that The Big Show was walking down the ramp behind him! Booker stopped walking and talked smack, and then felt the imposing stature of the giant behind him. With wide eyes, he turned around and received a stinging chop from the big man. Forgetting about Edge, Booker hopped the barricade and took off with Big Show behind him. In the ring, Edge laughed and turned around - right into the Angle Slam from Kurt Angle. Angle had snuck into the ring as the referee was distracted with Show/Booker! Jericho was back to his feet and told Angle that he'd "take it from here." That he did as Angle hit the hills, and Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho submission. With nowhere to go, Edge was forced to tap.

Chris Jericho def. Edge (OR: 87%, CR: 88%, MQ: 85%, ***1\2 rating)

The bell rings, but Jericho refuses to release the submission. A slew of security rushes out, and still Jericho keeps it applied.

All of a sudden "The Game" rips through the speakers once again and Triple H rushes into the ring. Opting not to take the night off, and instead go for round two - Triple H and Jericho brawl in the ring. As Smackdown leaves the air, the referees and security are unable to control them as chaos ensues between the two.

Quick Results:

- Christian p. Jeff Hardy

- Tajiri and Hurricane def. Crash and Chavo Guerrero

- Trish Stratus & Jacqueline def. Jazz & Ivory

- Mark Henry def. William Regal (count out) (European Title)

- Chris Jericho def. Edge

The Numbers:

Overall Show Rating: 72%, Television Rating: 5.60, Attendance: 7526



The Godfather has been suspended for a month by WWF officials for badmouthing the company during a radio interview.

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Smackdown 11th April

- Okay first of all assuming The Rocks off filming, nice to see your keeping it realistic in that sense. Good way of writing him out of the show, while putting Jericho over at the same time. Good promos by H and Jericho as usual and its great that Jericho gets a rematch. Also Triple H giving him the shot is the only possible way you could have (logically) overwritten the stip of him not having a title shot again so well done with that. Not to mention it makes H look a total bad ass.

- I'm liking the way the Canadian stable vs Jeff story is developing and it could be good mainly 'cos I like all the guys involved. Hopefully you'll give Jeff a decent push (as he was apparrently in for one at this time until he went and messed it up) and don't just make him the Stable's first 'victim' Oh and the Test tossing Lita money was a nice touch. I'll say this, things like that are not important in anyway, but they make diaries all that much more fun to read.

- While I never liked Stasiak, a bit of comedy is never a bad thing. Especially when William Regal is around. Gotta love his facial expressions. A future team maybe? Planet Stasiak and Perry Saturn? That could work. Especially considering they're both crazy... Stasiak thinks he's from another planet and Saturn used to be in love with a Mop... need I say more.

- Angle and Booker T are two men with enough charisma to pull off a goofy heel duo type angle without looking like idiots and just making it funny instead. This 'plan' of theirs is soooo going to go wrong though.

- Interesting that you don't seem to be going the route of Tajiri being the womaniser, although I could swear that angle had already started by now. Anyway no complaints from me if your going to make Chavo your main Cruiser heel. Also Crash is a nice addition as he's not a typical Cruiserweight (I know he was Light Heavyweight champ once) and he usually either plays Hardcore wrestler or midcard jobber.

- I hate Women in the WWF mostly, and I challenged you to make me care about it. You may have just taken a step in the right direction. Instead of Trish and Jackie being generic women faces, you've already developed their charcters quite well in that one segment. In Trish you have a typical girl who likes to talk to her friends about guys, and with Jackie you have the tomboy who just wants to fight and get down to business.

- Right. I'm going to have to critiicize your booking here. You had a Cruiser tag match, then essentially the same match, but for the womens division. It seems odd, and especially from two of the least important parts of the company. Not a real big problem but I just didn't like it. On the good side, the result of the Womens match further developed their divison as far as characters are concerned.

- The Flair segment seems pretty pointless to me, and the only good thing to come of it that I can see is that Triple H is sent home, he runs in later anyway furthering his 'bad ass' status. Also you needed to use Flair much more on your show.

- If your serious about pushing Henry, a feud with a good technical guy like Regal should help him get over in the ring and get some decent matches going. I wouldn't say no to Henry being Euro champ either. It'd be nice to see you utilise a less talented guy like Henry with a serious push. Considering the finish, assume (and hope) that you'll continue a mini feud between the two men.

- Th Angle and Booker T plan failed just as I called earlier, and you did it in a good way. The best part is the fact you used it to set up a quite elaborate, yet brialliant finish to the main event. Every comes out of the angle/main event looking strong.. except maybe for Booker T. All he did was mess up the 'plan' and then run away. Im confident you'll do something to keep him strong though.

Good work guys.

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Feedback Time!

~So it looks like Jericho's going insane with his inability to capture the Undisputed Title again, which could actually be a very good angle. I'd actually love to see Jericho become a desperate man in his quest for the gold. Remember Triple H when he first joined the Corporation? That's what I'd love to see from Jericho at this point.~

~So are we working with the Jeff Hardy can take a beating angle here? The number game continues to go against him, so either Hardy's going to be the lone warrior in his struggle against the numbers, or he's going to get some back up that nobody cares about. Hopefully it's the first one because that will actually make me care about Hardy.~

~I love Regal, and his facial expressions during this segment would have been golden, especially running into the conversation between Stasiak and Saturn. Hopefully you can do something with him that actually sends him further up the ladder because he sorely lacks any real push in any other diary I've seen.~

~Another great comedy segment here and again, I could picture this happening. Booker asking whether or not Edge is even in the building yet would have been classic. The slow turn of Angle and then his reaction. Yeah, I like to picture it in my head, sue me!~

~Basic cruiserweight action which never really saw much in the way of development, but puts the champion over.~

~Torrie and Trish's discussion seems like something that would go on during this time, yet seemed way over the top for my liking. Can't fault you for being realistic though. Jaqueline being upset again is realistic, and I can't help but side with her on this one because while I don't mind picturing Torrie in bed, Tajiri on the other hand just makes this weird.~

~See, with this match, to me, you're inadvertantly turning Trish heel and Jackie face in my opinion. I can completely understand Jaqueline's frustration over Trish hogging the pinfall. She seems to be becoming a spotlight hog, and I know you're going the route of Jackie vs Trish with Jaqueline being the heel, but it's almost turning into a Mickie/Trish situation from WM.~

~The good old "send him home" angle which I admit to using way too liberally. How many people think Hunter's actually going home. Okay, you in the corner, smack the guy with his hand up~

~Could you actually be pushing Mark Henry as the monster he should have been? While Henry was never that great in the ring, he always had the potential to be a monster in the ring. Unfortunately WWE always had a plethora of guys who could fill that role, which is mainly why I think Henry got lost in the shuffle. Somehow I think a monster for each division could work. Kane and Lesnar are the heavyweight monsters, and Henry could be the midcard monster, and maybe in line for a bigger push down the road. ~

~Angle and Bookers screw up is classic heel formula here and also kick starts what could be a short or long feud between Booker and Big Show. ~

~And wow, that's definitely some overbooking right there, but it leads to a nice visual on the ending with Triple H hitting the ring. For some reason it seems like a little too much for Smackdown, but this goes to show that you're looking to keep both Raw and Smackdown on an even keel, so good job there. You two never seem to disappoint, and that's why I keep coming back.

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I guess I'm an exception to most diary readers in that I've always been a fan of a decent women's divison. That said, I'm definitely not a fan of what I'm seeing from the women's division so far. Trish turning heel at this point doesn't make much sense, so why is she suddenly acting heelish? Not only that, but you've got not one but two women in two weeks talking about sex with their midcard limbo boyfriends? Not exactly original, and it doesn't make you interested in the characters at all. Maybe play against the stereotype a little and I might care about the pairings, but right now, both Torrie/Tajiri and Stacy/Rikishi are just wastes of time. Especially since the idea of Stacy and Rikishi being more than friends is beyond gross.

The main event scene has been great, and I love the comedy lower midcard aspect that was a lot more prevalent at the time, but the women's division can only be interesting if anybody cares about the people in it, and nobody is going to care if the women are characterized as generic sluts.

Also, be careful with Booker's dialect and comedy sidekick role; the last thing UPN wants to do is piss off the ACLU. Raw can get away with more because they're not on network television, but UPN would be getting heat for Booker's current gimmick.

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I don't want to sound like a dick who can't take criticism, because that's not my intent but I'm just unsure on a few things;

"Trish turning heel at this point doesn't make much sense, so why is she suddenly acting heelish? Not only that, but you've got not one but two women in two weeks talking about sex with their midcard limbo boyfriends? Not exactly original, and it doesn't make you interested in the characters at all."

All I can say here is let the storyline pan out a little bit before tossing it aside with discuss, we never make a decision that isn't backed up with a purpose, and soon you will see the direction we're going.

Also, be careful with Booker's dialect and comedy sidekick role; the last thing UPN wants to do is piss off the ACLU. Raw can get away with more because they're not on network television, but UPN would be getting heat for Booker's current gimmick.

This one confuses me, what is so risque about Booker's gimmick thus far? He's been paired with Angle, and they play off of each other's personalities, and his dialogue hasn't been filled with profanity...

Edited by Idolshizzle
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