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Cactus Drags

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Someone get on MSN and give me their friend code so I can use your hairdresser (I don't have one as I've only had the game since Friday). ...please. My stupid friend let me use his hairdresser, and now I've got gay ginger hair, and his internet has gone down.

EDIT: This is for Wild World on the DS.

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Can we turn this into an official Animal Crossing topic as the adverts may have influenced people to purchase it.

Anyways, I'm currently waiting until 4 so I can catch the last 3 beetles I need, after that I only need 2 more bugs and 9 more fish.

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Massive.. shameless... bump.

I've been playing this for the past couple of days, I was wondering if J - you were still playing it perhaps? If you are, I'll add you on MSN as I have a few things I could maybe use, perhaps we can work something out?

If you have a bee, that would be fantastic. I'm really struggling with them, other than that I can leave a list of bugs and fish I need and want.


Loach, Stringfish, Sea Butterfly, Football Fish, Hammerhead Shark, Shark, Coelcanth


Peacock, Oak Silk Moth, Bee, Orchid Mantis, Lantern Fly, Banded Dragonfly, Ant, Mole Cricket, Ladybug, Scarab Beetle, Dung Beetle, Jewel Beetle, Giant Beetle, Atlas Beetle, Elephant Beetle, Hercules Beetle, Flea, Spider

It was the first time I've played in 12 months when I picked it up some 4 days ago, so I've missed the good bug season which is summer and will need to wait a while before I do it again. If anyone has any help, mainly with the freaking bee can you gimme a message and we'll work something out. Good boys.

And I urge everyone to pick up this game and play again. It's so fun.

EDIT: Actually come to think of it, is it even possible to trade bugs and fish? Come to think of it - I don't know if it is, is it?

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I have started playing on/off again of late while waiting for City Folk. Alas, you can't trade bugs/fish with players. You can only give them to your residents and then perhaps buy them back.

(e.g. I could give a resident interested in bugs in your town a Bee, and then you could buy it from them next flea market, but it might be on of the three items they don't give away)

Is it bees that you're having trouble with or honeybees? In regards to bees (the ones that chase you) you can trick them. If you see them come out, run away and then run in a circle, then carry on running straight. The bees get confused and whirl around where you looped.

May take a few attempts but it's the easiest way to get them, without having to figure out their flight pattern (where when equipping your bug net, you see how many loops they do on your face, before they fly over your head, and then try and exit out of it at the right time to press A and capture them).

If anyone's keeping count, I still need that Giant Beetle I was missing last year, due to not playing at the right time this year.

By the way, my friend code and stuff are in the Online Thread.

So in an hour or so, it may just become July 2009 in my town for a little while so I can get that last fucking insect.

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Yeah it's the bees that chase me that I have the trouble with.

For the record I've got the spiders caught, and I have the football fish.

That leaves just six left for me to get my golden fishing rod, need it to rain or snow soon though and then wait till summer to finish up. Will give the bees a bit of a go again later, but I don't know if there are any left to come out though. It's a right pain, I've tried a few tricks to get them so... still trying.

Oh and if anyone wants to wi-fi sometime and just.. I dunno, piss about - fish/catch whatever - lemme know.

EDIT: Is there a quick way to get pictures? Like.. does sending them letters or getting them furniture and the sort increase your chances? I've already had to persuade Agent S not to leave and I'm desperate for her picture. So any help would be awesome.

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I can WiFi once I get this last bug in the future, and then come back to the present.

On the pictures issue. There's a 'cheat'. Your residents only understand a few words in letter form. The one of these that gets you the most 'friendship boost' is the word friend. You can only gain a certain boost per letter, so the biggest boost you can get is by sending a letter like this:

friend friend friend friend friend

Always attach a gift of at least 100 Bells.

You can always send lots of letters and 'force' the mail, so that all your letters and replies to your letters are sent out straight away.

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So, I finally caught the Giant Beetle so I'm now back to 23rd November. Only bit of cheating I've had to do in the game, and now I have a gold set of items. (Gold shovel and all that). So I can WiFi with people now if they want.

I also have some letters to send now too.

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Y'know I don't think I've even come close to getting either shark or a coelcanth at all recently. Bugs wise the Bee is still pissing me off and just the awkward ones to catch like the mole cricket, which are just too time consuming and stuff like that. I'm actually looking forward to summer and just going nuts with my bug catching again - I can often stumble across the awesome ones semi-regularly. Make for a nice pay day.

Also come summer I intend on expanding my fruit tree collection, as it stands right now I can take in not short of 100,000 bells for a fruit haulage I reckon. Summer time I intend on increasing that by quite a lot, awesome source of bells. Plus I'll need Pelly and Phyllis' photos eventually won't I?

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Been sorting out my room and filling my catalogue in Wild World in preparation for City Folk. (It's called Let's Go To The City here, but fuck it, it's City Folk) Hoping there's somewhere in City Folk to sell all my junk after 11pm, or that Nook's stays open 24 hours.

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