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Just got a call from VH1


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So about two months ago, me and two of my friends signed up to be on the World Series of Pop Culture. We filled out our applications and never heard anything back, figured it was done and over with.

That was until five minutes ago.

VH1 just called us and said they had a last minute cancellation and invited us out this Friday to Orlando to audition for the show!

Wish us luck.

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Our team name is kinda cheesy, but we're all comic book nerds. It's Toby's Freeze-Rays. Toby is our team captain, Frese (pronounced Freeze) is another team member's last name and my name is Ray.

Although Ben Affleck Experience is great since one of the guys looks like Ben Affleck.

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So any idea when this'll be on TV?

Strictly auditioning at this point, no guarantee we'll even make it to TV. I'm confident in our pop culture knowledge though, so if we do make it, tapings begin in March.

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Zero, you are officially my hero. I've been jonesing to get on that show ever since I stumbled across one of the first-round matches late at night.

And...um...if either of your teammates should have to cancel, consider me as a replacement, wouldja? I'd kill at the game and I'm in Gainesville, just a couple of hours from Orlando.

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Just got an e-mail from them, here's the breakdown of the weekend:

Friday: Each member of the team must take a written test. If we pass, we move onto day 2.

Saturday: Team meets with the show's casting director.

Sunday: Winner of the Orlando auditions is selected and automatically goes onto the show. Ten runner-ups get picked to go into the Wild Card.

So it's definitely going to be tough. I need to read up on my teenage melodrama.

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I didn't realize they were doing another one. Cripes. I would have loved to enter, I watched a couple of episodes last year and on average got seventy to eighty percent of the questions correct.

EDIT: Also, Zero, FIGHT FOR EVERLASTING PEACE. I have faith in you.

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