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New Star Soccer 3


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This is part 'has anyone played this?' and part 'go and play this'.

Basically, in looking at reviews for Soccer Life and Lets Make A Soccer Team, which were both, as expected, shit, I saw one of the reviews recommend this game. Type it into Google (I'm too lazy to find the link >_>), and download it. What it basically works out as is a Sensible Soccer-esque game, where you control only one player, the player you create. From there, you also run your lifestyle, from what you buy with your money, contract re-negotiations, press conferences, how you deal in certain situations, whether you get a girlfriend, how much training you do and what kinda of training you work on and so on and so forth.

The game itself is pretty good anyway, and the added aspect of actually working your footballer up to an international megastar is awesome. Download the trial, you get 10 games before you have to register the game. Its $19.95, so its about a tenner for UK'ers, so cheap, and potentially worth it.

Yeah, check it out.

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Yeah, I played this a while back. Fairly good game for a while, but then the novelty wears off. I did about a full career on it starting at:

Morecambe for 2 seasons, got promoted to League 2

Sheffield Wednesday 4 seasons, promoted to Premiership

Chicago Fire 1 season

Colorado Rapids 1 season won the MSL

Jubilo Iwata 3 seasons

Napoli 3 seasons won Serie A and Euro Cup

Marseille 1 season won French League

Celtic 2 seasons won SPL and Euro Cup

Morecambe 3 seasons won promotion to League 2.1 and Championship

despite all this only got about 8 caps for England.

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The only problem with the game is that if you don't play attacking midfielder or center forward, you won't win because your team won't score any goals. But it is a good game with some nice details (like the contracts with nike and adidas for your boots among others)

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Liam intrigued me with this post so I downloaded the demo and played the ten matches. Decided to go all awesome and start my career off in a second division Brazilian side where I would eventually get scouted and move my way up but... Being a striker was bollocks because I could never get the ball properly in the early going, and I realised this is only a 10 match trial and I'm not exactly going to make my way to Barca in that time so I may as well just start again with a team I liked. Tried it as an attacking midfielder for Bristol City but the cunt kept dropping me so I tried again with Weymouth and played every game. Finally got the hang of this game towards the end.

So now I'm liking this but I don't think I'm ready to depart with a tenner just yet.

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Pah, Let's Make A Soccer Team is great. Except for the transfer market being shite. And injuries lasting twelve times as long as the report states it will. And training having absolutely no effect whatsoever. It's still fun, especially if you're not into the sport enough/not got time to get into all the figures and in-depth strategies and whatnot.

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I actually decided it was worth me plonking down a tenner for.

I had pretty much led Blackpool to contend for the League One title, when Crystal Palace decided to try and buy me, and since they are top of the Championship, I thought 'no brainer'.

Shame that my player is nowhere near up to the standard to play that kinda football yet >_>

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Yeah. Mine had a season in Division one with Gillingham and by the end I was banging them in and looking good. We got promoted to the Championship and we're lower midtable and I'm hopelessly outclassed. I got offered a Premiership club but turned it down as I need at least one more season in the Championship to get my stats decent enough to perform in the Prem.

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