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I, Robot


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It seems surprising that nobody from EWB (except for GoGo) has posted anything about I, Robot. To me, it seems decent enough to be another film where Will Smith is the focus and (from what I've heard) the best part of the film.

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the movie looks so much like matrix meets terminator (+robot moddels that did not get used at star wars) i recently bought asimoves colected robot storys, i guss i am of way better with the book.

Actually i don´t realy know how the movie works out, is there a story called i, robot ? are the colected storys called i, robot in english ? (i have seen some english book i,robot tht had like 150 pages (it was old enough to not be the movie book), non of my short storys is that long, but overall all the short storys are much longer, and they have some continuete throu time i was tolled)

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I saw it yesterday. It was a pretty good movie, had a decent amound of action, had some funny parts in it, basically everything you could want in a Will Smith movie. I would give it a 7.5/10 :)

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Guest Future Shock

I really liked the movie. It's the definition of a really friggin good summer movie. You see it expecting to have a decent waste of a couple hours, but it was really entertaining.

Smith owned in the movie too.

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