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The Lion King.


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He presumably meant in the UK.

Disney are constantly re-releasing their movies, so for short periods of time any number of them will seem curiously unavailable before returning amidst fanfare for the Xth ANNIVERSARY EDITION a couple of months later. Perhaps The Lion King is at that stage in the cycle.

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No because then there just regular DVD's .. they make more money with there LIMITED RELEASE FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY dvd's.. 'cause they can bump the price up

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Tried to post this like an hour ago, but EWB just wasn't playing...

Disney has a rotation policy on their movies - they make them available for a short time then they go back in the "Disney Vault" for a few years (maybe 10 years) before they're rereleased again. In that time no shops can buy them in which will be why you can't find any new copies anywhere (I think it was last released in 2003 or so).


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Maxx, that one is a Region 1. Not everyone has region free players. Even the Region 2 versions have huge markups though. It might not be hard but it's expensive.

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Though this June would be the 15th anniversary of the film and seemingly a perfect time to throw it out to the public, wiki says otherwise

Disney has yet to announce a date for the Blu-ray Disc release, although the studio showed clips of the film on Blu-ray at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008.[55] It is worth noting that since Disney has announced all future Platinum Edition titles until 2010 (Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 and Beauty and the Beast)[56] , a Blu-ray release/DVD re-release of The Lion King is not expected until 2011 the earliest.
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