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World Pro Wrestling

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A Strong Bond


"Goddamn phone.."

The man once known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the man on the top of the World Wrestling Federarion, or World Wrestling Entertainment as it's known now, got up and picked up the reciever, wondering who in god's name could be calling at this hour.


"Hey, Steve! It's Bill. Hey, do you think you could meet me in about a half hour down at the North End Bar? Nash is here with me, we'd really like to talk to ya."

"Really? About What?"

"Well, it seems me and Nash got this idea about coming up with some money and starting our own fed you know, and we kinda need a third guy."

"Sure Bill, I'll be there."

"Great! I think this could really get somewhere. Nash is already talking to Hall about it."

"Ugh, Scott?"

"Yeah Steve, but don't turn him down just yet. I think he's come together with everything, and could be good for us. Anyway, I've put my Japan work on hold for this, because I have faith. All we need is you. And you know, I think we really could be some main players if we get dealt the right hand."

"Alright Bill, I'm good for it. I'll Be there. But I've gotta go get ready, I'll talk to you there."

Click. Austin hung up the reciever and slumped back into bed. He closed his eyes and began to imagine all the sucess they could have with this thing, or how badly it could fail. He was willing to take the risk. Atleast he knew he wouldn't be without a job.

NEXT POST: Fed Info.

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<center>user posted image</center>

Name: World Pro Wrestling

Run By: Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg

Size: Global, 10%

Money: 15,000,000 (Each individual put up 5,000,000 dollars of their own money)

Television Shows: N/A

Risk: 70%

Based In: America

<center>user posted image</center>

* = Unsackable

*Kevin Nash

*Bill Goldberg

*Steve Austin

Scott Hall

Randy Savage

Adam Windsor

Buff Bagwell

Joey Matthews

Justin Credible

Michael Shane

Mike Sanders

Sean Waltman

Steve Corino

Teddy Hart

Scott Steiner

Paul London


Andrew Martin

Tommy Dreamer

Sean O'Haire

Chuck Palumbo

Johnny Stamboli

Jonny Storm

Alicia Webb


Billy Kim

Trent Acid

Johnny Kashmere

Jeff hardy

Jerry Lynn

Doug Williams

Bob Sapp

<center>user posted image</center>

WPW World: ???

WPW Tag Team: ???

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New Offices

(Fast forward about two months, to September 1st, 2004.)

"This is nice Bill, really damn nice."

Austin continued to stare at the brand new headquarters for WPW. He was still in awe at what he was saying, when he was snapped out og his trance by Nash.

"Yo Steve, our secretary just ran by me that we got some applications for some guys that wanna work for us. They're coming in pretty soon for a meeting. We'd better get to the offices."

"Yeah, C'mon guys."

Goldberg signalled Nash and Austin to come with him. They made their way through hallways, offices, meeting rooms, until they finally came to their one, joined office.

"Hey Nash.." Goldberg piped up. "I'm reall liking this joint office deal, really works for me so we can do everything together, like partners."

"Partners" Nash chimed in.

"Partners" Austin also said with the group.

They all laughed a bit and threw their hands up together, signalling a bond, a friendship. A Partnership. They were in it for the long hall, and nothing was going to stop them.

"Hey Bill, we really need to be looking for a network to get our TV show on. I think we are big enough to have one, and ah we should be able to get one. You should get someone to go on the internet and start putting out the word for us, if they haven't heard of us already."

"Will do Steve."

They were riding high, and it was only a matter of time before they hit the big time.

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*waits for HBK, Trips and Sean Waltman to appear in the fed*

*waits for Sting to appear*

*waits for wife beating scenes from austin*

Looks good but.. I'm not judging till I see a show.

Actually, I'm planning to keep it realistic, and not hire a bunch of workers that are over. I am going to hire some lesser knowns, and turn them into my own stars, but I might have the occasional known guy here and there, but it's definitely not going to be a jam packed fed. :smug:

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Contract Negotiations with Randy Savage

"Listen Savage, we want you in here as much has the next guy, but we can't afford to pay you that much."

Randy didn't like this very much, and you could see the sneer on his face as he turned his head.

"Then what are you willing to pay me, Austin? Goldberg? Nash?"

Nash, Goldberg, and Austin all looked at eachother, and it was Nash's turn to take the floor.

"300,000 per month is a little much for us, and we cannot afford it, as Austin has just told you. But what we are willing to pay you is about 240,000 a month. That's only a 60,000 dollar difference, and atleast you'd have a job."

"Alright fine, I'll sign with you. But while I'm here, I want a guaranteed world title run, and full medical coverage, understand?"

Austin shook his head in disbelief, and Goldberg took notice of this. He tapped Austin on the shoulder, indicating Austin to look at him. Then, Goldberg faced Savage and began to speak.

"Well uh, we had other plans for you besides being in the ring, which means you wouldn't be wrestling, and you wouldn't have a title run."

Savage was definitely not liking where this was going, and he almost spit out the words with disgust.

"So what do you have planned for me then?!"

"Well, we'd like to have you on board as a manager. I'm sure we could find some young, talented, charismatic son of a bitch out there just waiting to make it into the big leagues. So what I am offering is 240,000 a moth pay, Full medical coverage, and you'd work for us, as a manager."

They almost sat there for a minute, in dead silence while Savage sat in the office chair and twirled his thumbs. He was about to make his descision, and NAG (Nash, Austin, Goldberg) were about to call it quits.

"Alright, I'll sign. Hand me the contract. Just to let you guys know, I better not be misused, or I'll fucking quit, right on the spot. YOu can sue me for all you want, my legacy with not be destroyed."

Nash ran his fingers through his hair (He's the only one who actually has hair, mind you) and sat back in his chair. Savage got up, and as he was leaving they informed him that he will be contacted when the first show will be held. Everyone let out a big sigh, and it was back to the railroad. Time to try to scout some more talent.



- List the top 5 guys you'd like to see in WPW, while keeping it realistic to the story, finances, and general relationships with the owners.

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Ditto to hajjhowe's comments.

With the poll, I'd like to see X-Pac join (friendship with Nash I presume), and along with him goes Chyna. For the other 3, I'd go with some rookies, but seeing as I don't know much about the wrestling business apart from the WWE and some TNA, I have no idea who.

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Fun diary so far! My top 5 guys eh... well here's some, in no order

Michael Shane - related to HBK, so maybe he'll have some pull with Nash? Plus I like him as a wrestler, which is a plus.

Teddy Hart - If he's as much of a hotshot backstage as is said, he might add a bit of HBK-esque feel to the diary. Could be fun to have his ego clashing with some of the owners.

I'm guessing with the guys in your diary so far, there will probably be a bit more of a WWE "Big Guy" mentality to your roster though. Maybe all the light indy guys aren't the best choices.

Raven - Raven rules all. I don't know what his relationship is with the owners of your fed, or if he's under written contract to TNAW... but still.

Steve Corino - He's just plain cool.

Well, really, I don't have any great suggestions. I'm not that fluent in the world of wrestling. I just think your owners have a lot of personality, so having their relationships develop with the talent would be cool. You know, pushing their friends, personality clashes, stuff like that.

I'm sure your diary will be great, I'll be reading.

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Guest MuRd0K

W00t, looking cool, I'll bookmark this so I won't forget about it

Who may join your promotion? let's see....

I see Mick Foley coming in....

I also see Scorpio coming in....

I see Bill GoldbergSean Waltman coming in....

CHRIS CANDIDO! Shane Douglas! or not....

Let's see, I see Shark boy coming into the promotion, and the same goes for Buff Bagwell.

Edited by MuRd0K
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W00t, looking cool, I'll bookmark this so I won't forget about it

Who may join your promotion? let's see....

I see Mick Foley coming in....

I also see Scorpio coming in....

I see Bill Goldberg coming in....

CHRIS CANDIDO! Shane Douglas! or not....

Let's see, I see Shark boy coming into the promotion, and the same goes for Buff Bagwell.

Silly rabbit, Goldberg is already a part of his federation ;)

But yeah, Bagwell may be a good fit in there. I mean, I don't think the guys running the fed are going to be looking for the best technical indy stars out there... they may be looking to make another WWF.

But yeah, who knows?

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Disgruntled Employee

[A tall, balded headed man with a large goatee walked through the office doors leading towards Nash's, Austin's, and Goldberg's office. Many of the staff members working at the headquarted immediately recognized the man, and wondered exactly what the hell he was doing at the WPW headquarters. The same could be said for the 3 honchos that run the joint, because that's exactly what they were thinking as soon as he was lead into their office by the secretary.]

Steve Austin: "A-Train?! Hey man, how's it going?"

A-Train: "Ah, you know Steve. Same old, same old. Listen, I know what you guy's are probably thinking. What the hell am I doing here right? Well, I would just like to inform you guys that my contract with the WWE expires here pretty soon, and quite frankly I am sick of them sons a bitches. I have been treated unfairly ever since I got there. Well, I heard you guys had this going for you, and figured it would be a great opportunity to get myself a new name, start fresh."

Steve Austin: "Well, this is great to hear man. We are looking for some new talent, and I think you'd be waht we are looking for. But we are going to have to do something about your name, since A-Train is a copyright of WWE. Shit, I'd be able to use Stone Cold if it wasn't for them sonofabitches. Anyway, we'll probably just have you go by your real name then. Anyway, so you're just gonna let your contract expire huh? Good deal, because if you do that, you can come and work for us right away, won't have to deal with that 90 day no compete clause shit, but WWE shouldn't find out about our talk, ya'hear? Because they'll cut you loose like that, and I don't think we can afford that right now, right Bill?"

[Austin turned around just in time to catch a beer being thrown by Goldberg. He cracks it open and takes a seat in his chair.]

Bill Goldberg: "That's right Steve, so Train, come see us as soon as that contact of yours is done, and then we'll talk business."

A-Train: "Okay, see ya guys."

[Everybody turned to face A-Train as he was walking towards the door.]

Kevin Nash: "Later."

[A-Train was out the door and walking with an extra step in his stride. The boys smiled as Goldberg tossed everybody another round of beers.]

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<center>user posted image</center>

Hello Everybody! WPW's first show has been announced! WPW will come at you live on September 28th on PPV. No matches have been confirmed yet, but we'll tell you this folks: 1/3 owner of the WPW Kevin Nash will be in action! Also, it's been confirmed that the WPW World Title will be on the line! Don't miss this amazing show! WPW doesn't even have a full roster assembled yet? Will they be ready for the ppv? Either way, the PPV is coming atcha live! Be There!

(From WPW.com)

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<center>user posted image</center>

Hello again everybody, and welcome to WPW.com! WPW owners Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, and Bill Goldberg have just signed a massive ammount of youthful talent. Among the people they have signed are Michael Shane, Teddy Hart, Steve Corino, Justin Credible, Mike Sanders, Sean Waltman, Adam Windsor and Joey Matthews! Now some of these guys have been sent down to the WPW Training Camp for some fine tuning, but they should be back on the active roster in no time! Check back here for all your WPW needs!


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I like it. But if A-Train doesn't get a huge push, I'm leaving! Ima kidding, I like what you've done and like the signings you've made, hope to see you do well with this.

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Who Betta Den Kanyon?

Bill Goldberg: "Just get in the fuckin' back Nash. You drive all the time."

Kevin Nash: "That's because I can drive a helluva lot better than your ass."

[Nash unwillingly climbed into the backseat, pissed off that he was not the one driving.]

Steve Austin: "Hey kids, will you settle the hell down so we can get the show on the road? We don't even know if the guy's home. Just drive Bill.

[They arrived at his house at about eleven o'clock in the morning. Nash, Austin and Goldberg hobbled out of the car and walked to his front porch. They saw tons of knicknacks and general things even a poor person wouldn't even buy. Nash knocked hard on the door, and it took him a few minutes to get dressed and answer.]

Chris Kanyon: "Hello?"

Nash: "Yo, Chris. How you doing man? Listen, listen. You're probably wondering why three of the biggest guys in wrestling are standing at your doorstep. Well, we got a job offer for you. We want you to come work for us, the WPW, and we'll make sure you're treated well. Are you in?"

[Nash, Austin and Golberg all eyed down Kanyon in a way that says "C'mon, you know you want to". Kanyon looked at each of them, and cracked a smile.]

Chris Kanyon: "I'll do it. But here's what I want in return. I want to be taken care of, no bullshit. If something happens to me, I want it coming out of your pocket, not mine."

Steve Austin: "Fine. Just sign the damn contract."

[Austin reaches into his back pocket and grabs the contract for Kanyon to sign, while Goldberg hands Kanyon a pen.]

Bill Goldberg: "First show is on September 28th, it's the first PPV to kick things off. After that, we're gonna try and secure a TV show, but if we can't we might have to go for monthly PPVs, which might kill us financially, but we're willing to take the risk. We'll call you soon."

[The boys turned around and headed for the truck. Nash gave a huge wave to Kanyon as they got into the truck and sped off.]

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Awesome, you got Kanyon, another great addition but make sure A-Train gets the biggest push ever, well, not really, but use him well cause he used to be good before WWE forced him on us, anyways thats a different story.

You got a reader in me. Still awaiting the first show :)

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Awesome, you got Kanyon, another great addition but make sure A-Train gets the biggest push ever, well, not really, but use him well cause he used to be good before WWE forced him on us, anyways thats a different story.

You got a reader in me. Still awaiting the first show :)

Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated. Although I will be waiting a bit for my first show. One, because I'm not even at the date in game time yet, and Two because I am trying to realistically assemble a full roster, then I am going to announce a couple matches, and probably let the readers decide on what other matches should be booked.


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<center>user posted image</center>


We have some earth shattering news here at WPW.com! It has been discovered that five former WWE superstars have just been released, and have signed new contracts with WPW! There superstarrs are..

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Now obviously, to avoid copyright issues, former WWE superstar Test will not be able to use that name, because it is in fact copyrighted by World Wrestling Entertainment. However, he will be able to use his real name, Andrew Martin.

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