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WWE Day Of Reckoning (GCN) Final roster

Guest Anti-Hero

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Guest Iron Mary

August 06, 2004 - THQ is just about ready to release the anticipated wrestler WWE Day of Reckoning for GameCube. And naturally, the title is packed full of superstars, divas and legends from the popular entertainment sport. But who really is or isn't in the final cut of the game? We have the answer to that question for wrestling fans today.

Below, the official full roster for WWE Day of Reckoning:

SmackDown! Talent

• Kurt Angle

• The Undertaker

• John Cena

• Rey Mysterio

• Eddie Guerrero

• Big Show

• Charlie Haas

• Chavo Guerrero

• Hardcore Holly

• Rhyno

• Doug Basham

• Danny Basham

• Booker T


• Mark Jindrak

Raw Talent

• The Rock

• Triple H

• Chris Jericho

• Kane

• Randy Orton

• Shawn Michaels

• Christian

• Val Venis

• Garrison Cade

• Batista

• Matt Hardy

• Ric Flair

• Chris Benoit

• Lance Storm

• Shelton Benjamin

• Edge


• Molly Holly

• Victoria

• Trish

• Stacy


• Andre the Giant

• Brett Hart

• Greg the Hammer Valentine

• Roddy Piper

• Brutus the Barber Beefcake

Non-playable Talent

• Mike Chioda

• Paul Heyman

• Coach

• Eric Bischoff

• Vince McMahon

There it is. Simply put, if a WWE wrestler isn't on this list, they are not in the game.

... OK... no London, Kidman, DUDz (quite surprisingly), Dupree, Eugene, La Rez... the list of omissions goes on. I can accept that as the GCN's more limited disk capacity.

But what about some of the dodgy inclusions? Mark "Narcissist 2004" Jindrak, Garrison "What've I achieved so far" Cade, Lance "I'M FREAKIN' RETIRED NOW" Storm, Val "The Attitude Era just called..." Venis, Hardcore "Sparky Plugg" Holly... and worst of all, newly-proclaimed WWE legend, Brutus "The Barber-Bootyman-Brother Bruti-Disciple-Zodiac... with No Name!" Beefcake. My God... Piper, Hart, Valentine and Andre are legit, but a man who only had a job in wrestling because he had a good pal named Terry... that's plain wrong.

Still, I'm buying this game. Just sucks that the roster is kinda average compared to what SvR's will be.

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I am also quite dissapointed with the roster,very plain, too bad though, because the game is actually coming along nicely.

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I'm VERY leary of this game due to years of empty promises from THQ about the Cube games. It's obvious they don't care about the Cube at all and merely shit a game out every year just to make cash off the people who don't have a PS2. They do the same thing with Xbox. I'll rent this, but I'll wait to buy the new PS2 game since those have actually been improving every year.

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I'm VERY leary of this game due to years of empty promises from THQ about the Cube games. It's obvious they don't care about the Cube at all and merely shit a game out every year...

Oh how right you are....

*looks at WM-X8 game*

I want my $80 back <_<

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Empty promises..? :huh: I don't really see any, for this year at least. I mean, it's not like it's that hard to look at the screens, the vids, etc. and see whether you like it or not..that's sort of like the people who complained about buying TEW, but didn't play the demo first.

No need to buy it and complain if you didn't 'read up' and/or rent it first.

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Empty promises..? :huh: I don't really see any, for this year at least. I mean,  it's not like it's that hard to look at the screens, the vids, etc. and see whether you like it or not..that's sort of like the people who complained about buying TEW, but didn't play the demo first.

No need to buy it and complain if you didn't 'read up' and/or rent it first.

Come on dude, you can't deny that THQ totally shafts Xbox and Cube in favor of the PS2 every year. Don't give me a cop out reply to that like "well PS2 has the bigger installed user base." Doesn't excuse it. WMX-8 was the biggest slap in the face to every fan of wrestling games ever. I could put up with the crappy IYH games because there wasn't a huge demand for wrestling games then. Warzone and Attitude were pretty bad, and we knew long before that Nitro would suck. But WMX-8? My God, the biggest bunch of bullshit ever spewed out from THQ. They totally screwed the fans, claiming fans of the AKI games wouldn't be disappointed with the grapple system. The only similarity there was the R and L buttons reversed and blocked! The most stripped down CAW of all time, completely inexcusable considering the insanely deep Smackdown CAW. Even more inexcusable because Warzone had a deeper CAW than X-8. Why THQ gave up AKI, I'll never know.

So THQ promises Cube fans huge overhauls and we get to beat up security guards in shopping malls to get revenge on Vince McMahon! AWESOME!!

Now THQ shows off this gorgeous game, except we get half the wrestlers of the last Smackdown game. What the fuck? No Dudley Boyz, who were the SD Tag Champs while this game was in development? No Kidman and London, current Tag Champs. No Eugene, the number one face on RAW (though in all fairness, he probably won't make it in any games this year, if ever), No Rene? A bunch of friggin jobbers on the list though. Fifteen guys from each brand? You gotta admit, that's weak. The career mode sounds incredibly bland when compared to Smackdown, and I doubt the CAW will even be 75% as deep as Smackdown. I don't understand why THQ just doesn't port Smackdown to all the systems like other sports titles. They'd make a hell of a lot more money and fans wouldn't keep turning away from their products more and more every year. I understand the GC has less memory than the PS2 or Xbox, but I'm sure they can adjust accordingly.

Sure you can read what they tell you, but no one expected a shitty roster like this, just like no expected the incredibly lame Revenge mode, or the incredibly horrendous WMX-8. This game is going to be horribly average just like their previous installment while Smackdown continues it's slight improvements.

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the basic idea of the story mode in this game is very interesting, i never thought someon would try this out with a hard focus like this in the US. I always liked the ASPW3 idea of builind your wrestler in a story mode, i bet that most WWE fans will hate it though sinc they can´t kick ass with the wrestlers they mark for and wen you look at the smackdown topic people certainly could get reached a pice of shit and like as long as i alowes you to win some officialy wwe title implanted in an official game with an official undercarder so i see this as a dead end for manny.

Of cause the basic idea dos not make it a good mode, but considering that it is only build around you plaing your CAWs and there is nothing different in the game they realy must have tryed hard to screw it up in a manner that makes it barly standebell (like some stuff in the horrid smackdown season mode)

I never had a chans to play anny of the NGC games simply becaus i know no one that owns a NGC and i am not willing to yield out monney for one as long as i don´t even have the time to finish the PS2 games i want to play.... so i don´t know about the gameplay of this series.

@zero, the smackdown CAW issent realy deep, it has a lot of stuff but wen you eliminate what you cannot use becaus it looks shit you get left with very very very limited choises.

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Guest Iron Mary

Decent sounding career mode and decent gameplay (not up to AKI standards by a long shot though) that is detracted from be a fairly ordinary roster selection. WM X-8 was a massive disappointment, WM XIX was passable (but hampered by that god-awful revenge mode) and it seems that DoR should be an average game with a slight improvement.

The best thing that they did was minimize the bloody divas. Even female marks prefer to play as the men, and the only reason that divas are in the new games is that so some schmoes can get their kicks by seeing polygonal titties in the bra and panties matches (which I absolutely detest... if you really want to get your jollies, for Christ's sake rent a freakin' porno). Remember how last year before the release of HCTP, the main focus was on the newest match type. No silly, not the long-awaited Elimination Chamber. The Bra and Panties match!!! You could see how much effort was placed into the EC as compared to Bra and Panties, and it was just sad.

I'm all for the divas place in the WWE as both talent and eye candy, but putting them onto a game at the expense of more over and talented male superstars that people actually want to play as is just wrong.

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How much space does the game take up on the memory card?

32 blocks

Can female CAWs be used in the School of Hard Knocks mode, or in the bra and panties match?


Is RVD’s music in?

In this version, no, it might be in the final version sold in stores.

Tried Create An Entrance?


Multiple attires for wrestlers?


How many CAWs can be made?


Is the Royal Rumble better?

It’s mainly the same.

Is the roster IGN posted the final roster?


Can you put the ref through a table?

Unknown, he can be knocked out though.

Can you do flying moves through the announce table?

Yes, with a ladder nearby.

Can you score a pin or submission in the cage match?


Can you slam foes into the side of the cage, or leap off of it?

Not known


What does the match detail option mean?

It lists what needs to be done in story mode

What titles are in?


Refs stay down, but for how long?

Depends on how hard they are hit.

Can you focus on the ref?


Can you pin on top of the cell?


Currency in story mode?

SD dollars, probably

Jukebox to turn off or change BGM?


Shop Zone item areas?




Are there backstage areas?

None have been seen yet

Is there booing during entrances?


What arenas are unlockable?



No Mercy

survivor series,


Royal Rumble,

No Way Out,



house show

What attire does Piper have?

“Hot Rod” shirt (first time in a game), kilt - entrance

Blue trunks - in-ring

Decent weapon selection?


Can you fight on the stage?


Can you throw folks off the top of the cage?

No, you can pull them off, however.

Is the French tickler in?


How many breakable cell panels on top?

As of now, two.

How many flying moves are in the CAW mode?

12 standing

19 down

+ Unlockables

Are Edge’s hands messed up?


Can cutscenes be skipped?

Story mode ones can be sped up

Bleeding ones can’t be.

Are there group entrances, like for Evolution?


Different sharpshooters in CAW?


How many CAW attires are there?


Massive amount of TNA moves in the game?

N/A, the Styles Clash is in, and there are tons of puro ones

Full Credit to: http://www.gamingring.com

Q&A from a guy who has the 98% complete version of DoR

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Here's a vid from gaming ring..I'm currently watching now, so don't really know what it's all of, but it starts with Victorias entrance..and WOW. Her entrance looks great..it's sucky..for what it is..but it's just like real life lol..It's her little 'stripper' dance..surprise they added that in.


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Just watched the latest videos at gamingring. Two things i noticed.

1. The referee properly attacks you if you knock him down. I'm not sure if it depends how many times you knock him down, but in the video, he was knocked down once, and the referee spent the rest of the match attacking the guy that knocked him down. Looks like that could be very annoying.

2. It was a TLC match, same video as above, and i noticed that there ended up being 3 ladders pulled from under the ring, plus a table. This means there are no limits on the type of weapon you can use, probablly limits on the amount of weapons though :).

And if these are already known, then i didn't know them so meh :P.

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Im really looking foward to this and after watching some of the vids I really can't wait, unfortunatley the roster is in some cases a little lack luster but still good enough.

I hope they add a few more matches in, so far all I have is heard is that Bra and panties will be the only new match besides the ones that were in XIX anyway. I also read somewhere that you can have 4 way tag matches so hopefully it will be more that 4 on a screen, or it could just be a normal tag match then one team looses another comes out and takes their place.

The story mode looks really good but it's a pitty they couldn't have come up with something to include the normal WWE wrestlers.

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